100 thoughts on “Trying Everything on the Menu at NYC’s Best Barbecue Joint (Ft Brad Leone) | Bon Appétit

  1. I had to stop watching because I was so hungry , I’m eating now and watching again . I made it through the sides but lol

  2. You know this place lost the best BBQ in NYC contest that was judged by the top two BBQ experts in Texas ( Aaron Franklin and Daniel Vaughn), or the NYC Rib fest contest or the Staten Island BBQ competeition which is judged by a KC panel. So according to whom is this the best? I mean it makes regularly the top 10 list and is one of the better ones, but never makes the 1 slot. As a NYC local and BBQ fan, just saying.

  3. If they don't do an episode of It's Alive! Goin' Places to that biodynamic vineyard guest starring Delany I'm gonna be so bummed out. That's Bon Appetit Gold.

  4. This place is pretty expensive, 18 bucks for half a chicken dang. Definitely not somewhere id go again, even the pickles are 10 bucks. 30 bucks for a single beef rib too cause the bone weighs a ton

  5. usually Carla's show is the premier show for celebrities, but after watching this episode Delaney is also great in case BA wants to mix it up and want celebrities to show up in some of the other series. Being Alive is great for this too.

  6. “What language are you speaking man…”
    “Well you can tell if you’ve had a couple of kids 😂”
    “No… that’s my vocabulary level”

    Honestly love this dynamic here i’m 💀💀💀

  7. 6:20 "I am a finely chopped , creamy kind of slaw guy."
    You are a monster.
    Long strand slaw with minimal mayo is food. Your preference is a garbage tray.

  8. Ya'll should do an episode about how to pair wines to food (and maybe how the rules aren't that stringent?) or have the group try different wines blindfolded.

  9. The camera angles swapping so much and so rapidly really put me off. I feel like it would have been more natural / better with just 1 center camera and some closeups.

  10. Delany is really into the concept of this show… everyone else just wants to eat and chat but he keeps trying to get people to follow the format.

  11. Budget wise, its a pricey BBQ joint. John Brown Smokehouse in Long Island is just as great as Hometown and it's better on your wallet. A meat and 2 sides runs up a minimum 20 bucks and if you want soda $2 dollars unlimited refills.

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