Trying Instant Desserts from Germany

Trying Instant Desserts from Germany

[Music] welcome back everybody to another international taste test we’re gonna be trying out some instant dessert mixes from Germany thank you to the Oviatt family for bringing these to us it’s perfect because right now we are in the mood for some dessert so without further ado let’s get started I’m gonna start off with something called kaiserschmarrn and this is a shredded pancake dessert or meal I I googled it and it says that people in Austria and Germany eat this as a light meal or a snack this was very easy to prepare all we needed was one egg and some milk we mixed it up we fried it up in a frying pan we flipped them over it cut them into small pieces and this is what we got we finally sprinkle some powdered sugar on the top looks like a bunkie it does but you know cut up like this for some reason it looks like none you know the Indian none I feel like there should be a bowl of curry I’m looking forward to this you know we both love pancakes and if you guys didn’t know we have a lot of pancake recipes try them out please because subtle makes like the world’s this pancake ever come on it’s actually quite fluffy it’s a little bit sweet not so sweet a little bit the egg taste I like this I like this a lot nice combination mm-hmm I can see why people would eat this for a light meal because it’s quite substantial really I think there’s like berries in here too Oh kind of the berries just between deserts on the meal mm-hmm no this will be perfect with some hot tea in the morning the next one if Helen claimed it’s cream and chocolate this is the mousse type Oh looks like a mousse type or a cream type dessert Miss Helen claim if German pudding it’s made with cream chocolate chip and run oh that sounds my favorite type of dessert yeah it is my pudding image is custard pudding yes it’s like a crown like like so different it’s totally different yeah oh it’s so creamy and so much chocolate shavings or chips in here okay doll like you moss mmm I can definitely taste that rum so yeah alright agent is that young that’s a rum yum rum very smooth I love this mmm super smooth hmm no don’t like beets mm-hmm Nilla rum chocolate chips I mean it doesn’t get any better than these guys you know they do have instant pudding mixes in America mm-hmm jello bran is the one that I usually have um this one is not as sweet I think as that one oh yeah this is pudding but this is almost like compared to that you know simple jello graham pudding this is like an elevated form of pudding the next one is also the same brand of pudding but this is a schwa Zelda Kirsch cream ona alcohol which means no alcohol included and this is black forest black horse flavor my first favorite so far is black cherry some chocolates I think that looks good for some reason it looks exactly like yogurt to me yes like strawberry yogurt really do you okay give it a go hmm definitely chewy like a tart yet sweet cherry mm-hmm – yeah there’s some time with shavings in here oh there is a lot of cherry bits in here mm-hmm this chili taste it wow it’s really good it’s good isn’t it mmm yeah that was a good one good well hmm I really love this guy’s I don’t know which one I like better hmm I’ll decide later on the last one is been in stick creme pudding been a stick bee sting cake piston cake please an interesting game made with East almond vanilla custard buttercream or cream I see and this is a traditional German these are very interesting I wish I could try the real beast in game just to see what it is and how it compares to this instant pudding mix let’s give this a go like mouth Oh almond bit mmm YUM I got all members immediately this one is a very gentle tasting dessert paneer are ye vanilla ye the most of our media taste for me in this 3d really really familiar what what does it remind you of I can’t remember but I know thanks a lot okay so solution we’ve tried three instant puddings and we’ve tried one instant panglang which one is your favorite my favorite one was a hidden claim the herring crab Ellington oh the one with the rum and the chocolate yes vanilla yes oh well that was delicious that really was it was the point the point is a rum how about you black boys the pudding black forest pudding you haven’t decided no you know I’m very decisive person especially when I like everything it is actually between the black Bart’s pudding you’re half right or the starter pancakes and I really can’t decide which one I like better so today I choose both I want both choose mom she’s once mom you’re mean you listen to me okay my favorite today is the Black Forest pudding I love the flavors in this one so I would thank you so much guys for watching this video we do hope you enjoyed this short but sweet video which one was your favorite let us know in the comments down below and for more videos like this one please click right up there because have a whole list of international taste tests for you guys thanks for watching and see you guys next time bye bye [Music]

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  1. Welcome home!! Everything looked so good brothers! We were shopping at Aldi yesterday. There were many different desserts from Germany. I will definitely look for these brands next time. Aside from loving peanut butter and chocolate, my other fav is chocolate covered cherries…….I agree with brother Shinichi—the Black Forest Pudding would be my pick.

    I’m soooooo looking forward to seeing you both on tomorrow nights’ live feed!

  2. You guys are funny. Yes I love desserts from Germany. I spent eight years in Germany in the military and we used to live next to this bakery and ohhh the smell of it when I would get up early in the morning is divine. Fresh German desserts is the best. You all should visit there and video it and they have a lot of candies with liquor in it, oh so good. Aloha guys

  3. Thanks to Uwe Simons and family for these delicious desserts! I especially wish I could try the Schwarzwälder-Kirsch-Creme! That is such a good combination of flavors. Schwarzwälder-Kirschtorte is my favorite German dessert, and I even used to make it at home. It's amazing. So delicious! Thanks for the great video, and welcome back home! 🙂

  4. Mmmmmm, I choose all of them!!!! 😉 I loved that Shinichi! "You're so mean" bahahaha! <3 I love you guys so much! Great review and much love to you both! <3

  5. Those looked yummy – and similar to something in the UK called Angel Delight (only this doesn't have any fruity chocolatey bits).

  6. We get Dr. Oetker (I know I spelled that wrong) instant deserts here in Canada too, but more Americanized in the desert selections.

  7. I've got some stuff i'd like to send but in your about me section it says to send an email to the address below but there is no email address, I don't use the Facebook or twitter or any of that nonsense.

  8. Our local bakery makes Bee Sting Cake. It's really tasty and features cream, vanilla and almonds as well as honey, which is, I think, the bee sting part. The comparison with Jello Instant pudding was helpful and now I want to try these German pudding mixes.

  9. 面白〜い!日本のフルーチェみたいですね!ドイツにもこういうのがあるんですね。美味しそう!さとしさんのパンケーキも食べてみた〜い!

  10. As usual this was a fun video. Love watching you two. I subscribed because food is your topic but I like you two so much I'd watch you for any topic!

  11. Omg I love puddings and I need ALL OF THESE in my life 😆😆😍😍😍 Satoshi this chequered shirt looks very cute on you!! I really enjoyed this video, those close up shots were super lovely! Lol Shinichi trying to interpret Satoshi's remarks 😅😅

  12. The best use for German instant pudding for me is to make cake! Yes, there are many German cake recipes that calls for instant pudding ( I personally don't like them prepared as is, but I understand the appeal! I have not tried the pancake and I'd love to!

  13. Nice Video again but You should search for the Original Recipes and coock them From Scratch without all the shitty ingredients like preservetives and flavor enhancers and the things that make them more Durable

  14. Hey~ Glad you enjoyed it! I'm always happy if people enjoy my home culture and cuisine! 😀
    Greetings from Bielefeld, the city where Dr. Oetker is from ^^

  15. A bit dissapointed by the variety of dessert they send you. Everything is from the same company and everything (except one ) was in a pudding texture even tho puddings arent that popular ( or traditional ) here. The Bienenstich or Schwarzwäder Kirsch Pudding are traditionally cakes. I would have liked it better to see the original way than a pudding version of it. But still a nice video.

  16. Hi, great video. Try to do Kaiserschmarrn or the other deserts without a mix – they are not too hard to make and taste even better! Lobe to watch you guys!

  17. Bienenstich is a portmanteau of Bienenhonig and Eierstich.
    The first being bee honey and the second a mass of eggs that was traditionally used but has been largely replaced with pudding cream these days.
    It's a two-layered cake filled with pudding and covered in honeyed almond leaves.

    As an aside: the package of the Schwarzwälder Kirsch-Creme stresses the absence of alcohol because the cake it is fashioned after must by law contain a cherry spirit as a defining ingredient.
    Thinking about it, many German cakes and desserts use alcohol.

  18. I'm German and I would never eat instant deserts. I don't like the consistencyand taste. Not to mention the tons of sugar in it.
    Kaiserschmarren is easy to make from scratch and you usually fry it like scrambled eggs.

  19. I am German and I never heard of a Bienenstich-Creme. Of course we have our traditional Bienenstich (a yummy cake with pudding and an almond-honey crust on top). But there is no distinct traditional desert called Bienenstich-Creme.

  20. Kaiserschmarn is a light meal? Well i must have it done wrong all the the time 😂
    Its so heavy and the best what you can eat after a long hike or skiing al day 😀

  21. I've never heard of any of those creams to be honest. I know Kaiserschmarrn but I only had it like two times in my life. You should have tried Rotweincreme, Weißweincreme or Waldmeister-Wackelpudding^^

  22. If you like the black forrest cherry cream you should try the black forrest cherry cake, where it originates from 🙂
    Also nice to look at so here is a picture

  23. BTW Bienenstich is only a normal fluffy cake with almondsplits who are covered in honey&caramelsugar on top…

  24. Its interesting how you mention Kaiserschmarn to look like a pancake. That is basically what it is. The story behind the dish is that a cook tried to make a great meal for an emperor (Kaiser), he wanted to make pancakes but messed up flipping them over. Running short on time with a hungry emperor waiting for his perfect meal the cook just served him the messed up pancake calling it his new speciality. The Emperor loved it and it was named Emperors Choice (Kaiserschmarn)
    It is a german saying and probably not true. But it is indeed basically a messed up pancake 😊

  25. Hallo, im from Germany and im a Cook (i Hope i write it right 🙂 i know al of this Instant Desserts… and i wish for al of you that you somtimtes get the Real meal! Its a mich better! Thanks for like our dishes:) ps i Love American candys

  26. It has been said before, but your pronunciation is actually incredibly good. Did you practice it? It sounds so close to a native german speaker that I almost can't believe it.

  27. Diy Herrencreme: cook a normal Vanille Pudding and stir a healthy Portion Rum in. Put clingefilm on top while it is cooling that there is no skin forming. Whip Heavy Cream and fold it under. And now the Herren-Part. Herr means man. You use really dark bitter chocolate. Chop it up and layer it on top of your rum-cream-Pudding. The chocolate is called Herren-Schokolade. Herren means men. And the Herren-Schokolade is so dark and bitter that it is mostly eaten by men.

  28. I think the reason the guy on the right said familiar taste is because Bienenstich tastes very similar to those mochi-like treats rolled in sesamee and drenched in honey but i think they are thai if im not mistaken.

  29. I just stumbled upon your videos and i have to say.. you two are so cute. You are entertaining, funny. Keep on doing your videos. 🙂

  30. Schwarzwälder Kirsch Torte and Bienenstich are 2 VERY traditional and Classic Types of Cake in Germany. You will get them in any good german or austrian "Kaffeehaus" = Cafe.
    Here is what they look like:

    Schwarzwälder Kirsch Torte ihas multiple layers of Whiping Cream and the dough is a bit like gingerbread, also it contains Alcohol typically Cherry Brandy (in german "Kirschwasser" = Cherry-Water).
    It has a very specific aroma.

    Bienenstich (Sting of a Bee) is mostly a sheet cake with a Vanilla Creme Filling and roasted Almonds on Top.
    Again, very common in Germany.
    It looks like this:

    Best Wishes from Germany!

  31. Bienenstich is actually a sheet cake mostly produced for a nice afternoon tea or coffee and very often eaten in summer. With a soft sugary coating it must have attracted a lot of bees so the cake got it's name 🙂

    The pudding just resembles the taste

  32. There are instant mug cake mixes from the same brand too. You pour in a certain amount of milk, stir and microwave it. Its really quick and delicious, but you dont get a lot of cake for your money.

  33. As a German I was just generally interested how good those instant dessert cremes were before I go and buy them, thank you for reviewing. And your German pronounciation was really good!
    To the Kaiserschmarrn I can definitely say JA, IT'S DELICIOUS. Eggy – not too sweet – fluffy …😍 and just like you guys guessed: I always eat it as a full meal and many do too.

  34. you guys should try the real kaiserschmarrn stuff, but in austria instead. it's actually beyond tasty, if you could handle the sheer amount of sugar of course. ^^

  35. I guess you should have beaten the dessertcreams with an electric mixer for about 2 to 3mins so it would get a bit more of a mousse consistency, but I'm glad you enjoyed them. A Bienenstich is a traditional cake. You have a yeast cake layer, not to sweet, with caramelized almond flakes on top. The cake is cut in half and filled with a thick vanilla cream layer. It's super delicious when kept really cool and my family always cut very thin strawberry slices to place on top.

  36. In the Kaiserschmarn are dried grapes , it's soooo delicious when you eat it with aple puree (this is how they eat it in Austria – Vienna) becaue Kasierschmarn come from Vienna.

  37. in austria we eat kaiserschmarrn with "Zwetschkenröster" which is a type of plum "sauce" or "Apfelmus" which is made from apples.

  38. You should try to mix the Herrencreme not by hand but with an electrical mixer (or beat it really hard by hand in a large bowl). It has added gelatin which makes it super fluffy when beaten simillarly to an eggwhite. Won't change the taste as much but the texture! So great.

  39. Kaiserschmarn: traditionally it is Austrian. Named accidentaly Kaiserschmarn because Emperor ( = Kaiser )Franz Joseph I. of Austria and Hungary ( von Österreich und Ungarn), so his official title, had loved it. The original name had been Kasschmarn – Kas, because it had been done in a pen for kasmaking. 🙂 He had eaten it with preserved fruits. Wonder what he might have thought here about Curry 🙂

  40. Allow me to present to you this German series. It's excellent. I hope you guys like it.

  41. Ah kaiserschmarrn, pretty well known thing around the former Austrian influence countries. Most of the time people in Hungary seem to make Kaiserschmarrn out of semolina instead of flour (or they think they're making kaiserschmarrn, but anyway), which makes it less like chunks of pankake and more like something grainy. It is eaten with jam and maybe powdered sugar (depending on how sweet you want it).

  42. That instant Herrencreme is good – in case you can't prepare the real thing at home (and most Germans can't – me included). If you liked that one (and the video suggests you did) then you MUST stir together the real thing with fresh ingredients, that will blow you away because it's sooooo good. Thanks for this video – and for all the others 😉

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