Turkey Rice – Thanksgiving Leftover Special – Food Wishes

Turkey Rice – Thanksgiving Leftover Special – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes
comm with turkey rice that’s right welcome to another annual installment of
what the heck do I do with the rest of this leftover turkey and for me what
really makes a recipe using leftover holiday turkey great is that of course
not only should it look and taste good but it should also be very simple to
make and not have a lot of ingredients plus and just as importantly it should
be different enough so as not to remind us of the meal where the leftovers came
from and this simple but amazing turkey rice Chex all those boxes so with that
let’s go ahead and toss whatever leftover turkey we have in a soup pot
which for me were a thigh and a leg and a few assorted scraps of white meat and
then to this we will add four cups of chicken broth or stock or of course
turkey broth or stock which reminds me if you’ve already picked all the meat
off the bones and made a proper stock you can obviously skip ahead to the
cooking the rice part otherwise we’ll go ahead and toss in a diced onion and then
bring this up to a simmer on high heat and by the way if you’re wondering if I
pull the skin off that I and wrapped it around some stuffing and ate it like
that yes I did good yes and then what we’ll do once
things start to bubble is back our heat down to medium level at which point
we’ll cover this and we will simmer it for about an hour or until our meat is
pretty much fallen off the bones and because we don’t have a ton of liquid in
this and the meat is not fully covered it’s never a bad idea about halfway
through to uncover this and maybe turn those pieces over so I did that and you
probably should as well and I don’t know about you but it’s tough for me to just
let something sit on the stove for an hour and not touch it or do something to
it so even if this doesn’t make a huge difference to the final product I’m
still a fan of the maneuver and that’s it we’ll simply cover that back up and
let it continue simmering for another half hour or so or until like I said
that meat is pretty much falling off the bone and once we do reach that stage
we’ll go ahead and remove our meat and bones to a bowl which I did mostly with
these tongs but a better tool would be something called a spider which is what
we call in the business one of these round long handles strainer things and
if there’s a foodie in your family that doesn’t have one of these that would
make a great gift but anyway once we remove our me
well go ahead and let that cool at least enough so we can pull it off the bone
and cut it up and then what we’ll do while we’re waiting for that is bring
our liquid back to a boil over high heat at which point we’re gonna stir in about
3/4 of a cup of white rice and this time I’m actually using a medium grain rice
but I usually use long grain which works beautifully as by the way would a short
grain rice the only difference being the cooking times which you will of course
adjust but anyway once that’s been stirred in we can go ahead and season
this up a little bit with a little bit of freshly ground black pepper as well
as a little touch of cayenne and of course a big pinch of salt and then what
we’ll do at this point is lower our heat to medium and we’ll let our rice cook
for about 10 minutes to give it a little bit of a head start before we add our
turkey back in speaking of which while our rice is simmering for that 10
minutes we can go back and pick that meat off the bone and of course as we
pull that meat off we always want to be looking for small bones cartilage and
assorted tendons since those things are a lawsuit waiting to happen and that’s
it once we have a nice pile of meat we’ll go ahead and chop that up as big
or small as we want and right here you’re gonna get a great look at how big
I wanted my pieces and at this point we’ll head back to the stove to check
our rice which after about 10 minutes is not going to be cooked yet of course but
as you can see it has started to plump up and at this point we are free to go
ahead and stir in our turkey meat and if we so choose
maybe another splash of stock or broth and of course that’s gonna depend on how
thick you want this alright I do sort of want this kind of thick when it’s cooked
but not super super super bend the spoon thick so yes I did splash in another
splash since after stirring and observing I thought it needed another
splash but of course you’re gonna take a look at yours and decide for yourself
I mean you are after all the Curious George of your turkey rice porridge
which by the way really is what this recipe should be called but it’s not
because I don’t know much but I do know that not that many people are gonna
click on a link for turkey rice porridge but anyway once we have everything
stirred in we will adjust our heat to somewhere between medium and medium-low
and cook this stirring for another I don’t know 10 or 15 minutes or until
that rice is as tender as we want and we can do that from anywhere between just
barely tender all the way to absolutely soft and
fallen apart and in case you’re keeping score at home I like to go somewhere in
between and then what I like to do while my Bryce finishes cooking is take some
green onions some sliced hotter sweet red chilies and
a little bit of freshly picked or black cilantro and I like to make this sort of
quick colorful vibrant salsa for the top and what we’ll do first is slice our
onions and then once those are broken down we’ll toss on our peppers and we’ll
continue chopping until we have those into a fairly fine dice at which point
we will toss over our herbs and continue chopping until this is as fine as we
want and why I’m really hoping you do this technically optional step is
because great dishes are so often about contrast and when you consider what
we’re going to be serving up which is something that’s hot and soft and rich
and kind of sticky and as we mentioned kind of porridge like what better
contrast then topping it with something like this so to summarize take the extra
five minutes and make this and that’s it we’ll head back to the stove where as
you may remember our rice and turkey is cooking until we think it’s done as
judged by you and besides deciding when it’s at the
perfect texture we’re also of course gonna taste for seasoning since this
might and probably will need a little more salt so I went ahead and adjusted
mine and deemed it absolutely perfect and exactly how I wanted it which means
we can go ahead and serve that up and hopefully a warm bowl and then top it
with whatever we’re calling our onion pepper herb mixture I mean I guess it’s
a salsa but it’s also sort of gremolata like so maybe it’s actually a salsa Lata
but anyway we will top that off and then grab a spoon and dig right in and there
are literally thousands of things you can make with leftover turkey but this
my friends besides a sandwich might be my favorite it is just so simple and
warm and comforting and addictively sticky but not sticky from the starch in
the rice all right a little bit from that but sticky from all the gelatin
produced by all the connective tissue in that dark meat all right that really is
what makes this so satisfying and delicious and again topping it with
those freshly chopped flavorful bits really elevates this to a whole other
level and of course we could also use this as
a catch-all for any leftover veggies we might have around as well but you know
what this is so absolutely perfect just like this I don’t really think I want
any chopped up green beans and sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts in this
all right it’s called turkey rice not turkey rice and stuff so my official
recommendation is to eat it just like this oh and one last thing I should
mention here I enjoy this with a very high ratio of meat to rice all right
this is almost literally half in half which is why earlier we didn’t use a ton
of liquid to simmer our turkey in so for me that’s another key I kind of want
this to be a meat with rice dish not a rice with meat dish
Bob regardless of how much meat you put in I really do hope you give this very
simple easy comforting and very delicious turkey rice recipe a try soon
so please follow the links below to get the ingredient amounts a written
printable recipe and much more info as usual and as always enjoy you

100 thoughts on “Turkey Rice – Thanksgiving Leftover Special – Food Wishes

  1. I'm not from the USA but I got the chance to study in Ohio for an year.
    Let me tell you, Thanksgiving it's perhaps my favorite American holiday.

  2. In the south, we make chicken and rice throughout the year. Something I've never seen in the restaurant yet. That to me says home… And love. 💖

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  4. Let me start by saying I love your videos and they are addicting. But I’m not impressed with this recipe. But On the other hand, I’ll be making it Friday night. lol.

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  6. Leftover turkey (or chicken) + cream of mushroom soup + ramen noodles (no flavor packet) + corn = a very tasty dish that my family calls Dog Food (my brother named it when he was very young)

  7. We're doing a duck for Thanksgiving in my family this year, and I'm really excited to try this out with it! It's almost risotto-like and that's one of my favorite things to eat. Can't imagine how good it would be with duck. Even have a lovely duck stock to go with!

  8. Turkey rice is actually a dish served in Taiwan year round, except it is over rice drizzled with chicken fat and has fried shallots on top!

  9. I'm gonna do this, too but I love my turkey soup lol. I add rice into my turkey soup…because I'm half Asian. We love rice.

  10. was thinking about making turkey gyros like they have at Arbys with the leftovers but this looks easier. but then again never got a turkey cause too much was/is going on the past couple of weeks and don't have time to prepare one.

  11. This would be a million times easier and carefree, if you just add a rice cooker step instead of a stovetop step. Well, that is what I have done in the past, when it came to making "porridge" like this. Still, great video,

  12. I make a similar recipe with chicken stock quite often, and add a little parmesan after cooking which gives it just a bit more of a earthy flavor. It's great!

  13. This works anytime during the year with chicken too. You can either boil the chicken in the pot like this or you can bake it first and use the juices to make the rice. After you pour off the juices, put the chicken under the broiler to have the best of both worlds.

  14. We always made cream turkey it’s like sausage gravy but with turkey for breakfast the next morning it’s served with biscuits

  15. I made this last night with leftover chicken… I'm dry brining my Turkey in the fridge right now. And I'll definitely be making this one day this weekend.

  16. Chef you brought back such great memories my grandma used to make this using a yard chicken that was not laying or a olé mean rooster she called it chicken mush or mushy chicken rice. Very little rice was eaten in Mississippi back then. Thanks for memories

  17. a little more liquid and this is not far off turkey congee which is pretty popular with Chinese families in the US/Canada that do the whole turkey/thanksgiving thing.

  18. I make a Thai style chicken and rice soup that's very similar to this turkey rice. I garnish with fried garlic, fried shallots, chopped cilantro, chopped green onions, Thai chilies, dash of soy sauce, and a squeeze of lime juice. So good on a cold Michigan day.

  19. Your videos have ignited a fire in my soul that can only be quenched by more cooking. After all, I am the Chef John of my gourmet Won Ton

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  21. A sandwich is my absolute favorite way to eat my turkey! I made homemade dinner rolls and homemade kings Hawaiian rolls this year. I’m excited for tomorrow! Happy Thanksgiving Chef John!!

  22. I would strain the initial broth through cheese cloth to catch all the small bone pieces from the turkey pieces boiled to “falling off the bone” consistency. I do the same exercise with a Costco rotisserie chicken. The broth is gold. Gold I sez.

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