Turned into human-tangerine after eating tangerine! [The Return of Superman/2019.12.15]

Turned into human-tangerine after eating tangerine! [The Return of Superman/2019.12.15]

Which family is visiting this place with nice sunlight and air? – William. / – Yes? Where are we? – What? / – We are in the countryside. – It’s a rice paddy. / – A rice paddy. It’s the perfect opportunity to inhale some fresh air. (He stretches his body.) (Sneaking) – My goodness. / – What is that? – How cute! / – It’s called a foxtail. – He is ticklish. / – What is that hat? (Heave-ho!) Where are you going? (I want to step on the soil.) – Do you know what it is? / – Yes. What is it? – Sand. / – Wrong. What do you think grows here? – In this field… / – Pasta. – Pasta! / – Pasta. – It does look like pasta. / – Pasta? It’s fascinating. How did he think of that? Are they in Italy? (Is this the pasta world?) – Dad, we are in the countryside. / – That’s right. The air is clean in the countryside. It must be nice. What is that? (Whirring) What is that? (An airplane is flying.) It’s an airplane. Even in the countryside, they can see an airplane. They are fascinated. (His eyes are fixed.) – What is that sound? / – He looks serious. Is that the KTX train? Train. Goodbye. Did you see? Where exactly are they with the airplane and the train? – There are airplanes and trains here. / – Yes. Dad, this is the unique countryside. (Nothing is missing.) – He wants to know where he is. / – Let’s go. (They begin to look around the countryside.) Dad. – He wants to hold his dad’s hand. / – Grab my hand. Pasta. – What? / – Pasta. Pasta. Pasta. (Pasta forest, hello.) What? What? – What is that sound? / – What is that sound? (What is that sound?) – He is startled. / – He is startled. (William and Bentley are unnerved by the wilderness.) (It’s a dairy ranch!) Those are dairy cows. It’s a dairy ranch. (It’s nice to meet you!) – Bentley copies the sound. / – Shall we go closer? I am scared. Children aren’t used to seeing such big cows. – That’s right. They’re very big. / – I’ll touch a cow. – No! / – Why not? He doesn’t want his dad to touch a cow. – Come here. / – What is he going to do? No, Dad! (Dad, come back!) The cows are bigger than Sam. – That’s right. / – Dad! They are just cows. I don’t have to go. I just thought I should say hello. – My goodness. / – They froze. They froze. What? What? – How cute! / – I thought they were cows. What? The puppies came out to entice them. (Cute puppies) There are puppies. Hello. – How cute! / – Goodness. – I’m melting. / – The small ones see each other. (Gosh, look at them!) (Meow, meow.) (Come here.) – The puppies are upset. / – Yes, they’re upset. “How could you meow at us?” (This puppy turns its back on them.) Puppy. That’s right. It’s a puppy. Wow, that’s a smart puppy. – Puppy. / – It’s a puppy, right? Come here. Come here, baby. A baby is calling a puppy “Baby”. Baby. (I am sorry that I meowed at you.) “Sorry.” Hello. (Their cuteness makes him stamp his feet.) How cute! – How cute! / – You are cuter. Who is cute? (Let me tell you who is cute.) Puppy. (Clear) “Puppy.” – Did you just say “Puppy”? / – He speaks well. – Hey. / – His speech improved a lot. Right. Puppy. I love you. They are so cute. (Moo!) Puppy. (They are puppies.) (They naturally move closer to the barn.) At this rate, they’ll stand before the cows. Isn’t Bentley scared? (William.) Bentley is leading William. Bentley doesn’t scare easily. (Bentley rides an airplane that is his dad) (and flies over to the cows.) He went close to them. (Hello, Bentley.) – What? / – M… What? M… – What? / – M… – Meat? / – Yes. – No, they aren’t meat. / – Goodness. These cows produce milk. (Sticking out his tongue) (Try this.) Give it to the cow. (Thank you.) It ate. (It stuck out its mouth like this.) It ate, right? Bye-bye. (It’s time to say goodbye to the cows.) Thank you. – He thanked them. / – Please give me delicious chocolate milk and marshmallow milk next time. (Give Dad some too.) Does he think they produce chocolate milk? Give me – little white milk. / – He doesn’t like white milk. Bye. Bye. – Bye. / – Let’s go. (Bentley waves them goodbye.) – “We will visit again.” / – Bye. My goodness. Thank you. See? Cows aren’t scary. What is this place? This place… (Let me tell you about this place.) It has Bentley’s favorite fruit. Fruit? Bentley’s favorite fruit? That’s right. Let’s go inside. – What is this place? / – It’s nice. (Wow!) There are so many tangerines. – Tangerines? / – Why? They aren’t on Jeju Island. Is there a tangerine farm in Gyeonggi Province? Goodness. I just realized they are wearing – tangerine hats. / – There are so many tangerines. Today, we need to pick a lot of tangerines. We will give them to the elders in the neighborhood. We received a lot of love this year and we wish to repay that love. We will pick tangerines diligently and donate them. – Really? / – It’s a good thing. Yes. We should do a good deed – at the year-end, okay? / – It’s meaningful. – Hello. / – Hello. It’s nice to meet you. – Hello. / – Hello. This isn’t Jeju, but there are so many tangerines. We harvest about two months earlier than Jeju Island. How do I pick these? This is how you pick a tangerine. Grab the fruit first and snip the branch at about 1cm above the top. The dad can use scissors and the children can grab the branch – and pick the fruits. / – Children can pick the fruits – without scissors. / – That’s right. (Hold on.) Why are you touching that? As you can see, – the fruits could be dirty / – It must be heavy. – It must weigh 2 or 3kg. / – because of the bugs. To be exact, it’s bug secretion. You can wash it off with water. If you look carefully, you will find some friends. What? Friends? Friends? What is that? What… What is that? – Geez. / – What are those? (They are gross.) Bentley isn’t scared. – Why are those larvae so big? / – What? – He picked… / – He picked up all three larvae. Hey. Why are those larvae so big? – Don’t give me that. / – One for Dad, one for William. (William, look at these.) (Stop, Bentley.) He is stepping back. (Staring intently) (Why are you staring at it?) (Is it jelly?) No, no, no! – Did his lips touch it? / – This larva is alive. – I know. / – Right? It’s going into the earth. Look. (Wriggling) (It’s hiding.) (Concentrating) (Sam gets cheeky.) ♪ Ice cream, ice cream ♪ My goodness. – Dad! / – I am sorry. – I’ll stop. / – Of course. Dad, let’s go and pick tangerines. Okay. Who can pick the most number – of tangerines? / – Children can be competitive. Ben, can you pick many tangerines? (Quiet) Can you eat many tangerines? Yes. He is the best at eating. – That’s right. / – Let’s pick many tangerines. Go. (It’s their goal to pick many tangerines today.) – Bye. / – All right. Let’s go. (Have fun.) Dad, it’s a mirror. A mirror? What is this? When the sun shines and sunlight hits this, what will happen? It bounces off. Then the fruits at the bottom can enjoy the sunlight. The children’s faces look softer. Do I look pretty? Look at me. I look different, right? (Dad, please stop.) I will pick tangerines. Careful. (Picking) – He did it. / – How is he so good? He’s startled. He startled himself. It’s the first harvest in William’s life. (Wow!) (One tangerine) (Picking tangerines is easy.) Baby, look at this. (He picks another one.) Do it like me. – You are good. / – He spins the fruit expertly. I will continue to pick them. Tangerines, the vacuum cleaner is here. ♪ I’ll pick tangerines ♪ He’s so happy, he’s singing. (He already picked 10 tangerines.) He is good. Where is Bentley? (Forget about tangerines. I am exhausted.) (My goodness!) Bentley is happy-go-lucky. He will live well no matter where he goes. (Hold on.) (Would it look bad to lie down by myself?) (I should get up, right?) (All right.) (I should get up.) He is torn. – He’s in conflict with himself. / – That’s right. (I should just ask.) (William!) – He wants to sleep together. / – Right. (William hears news and enters.) (Let me try lying down.) He has the right form. (His legs are crossed.) (He also reveals his plump belly.) (He stretches his arms.) – It’s nice. / – It should be nice and warm there – since they’re in a greenhouse. / – That’s right. – I’ll let you rest your head on my arm. / – Goodness. (Really?) (Then should I rest my head on your arm and sleep?) (Bentley ruins the mood.) Is that how he rests on his arm? (I’m sorry. I was joking around, William.) – Siblings who are a year apart are so cute. / – I know Baby, let’s take a nap and go. No. (We shouldn’t do that.) That’s right. They have a purpose there. (Falling back) He forgets about the purpose. (It’s hard to turn down the comfort of the straw bed.) – It must be soft. / – Of course. (One-man play for Bentley, “Good Morning, William!”) This is a bed. (Hopping) Oh, it’s a chair. Let’s sit down and watch TV. Let’s watch TV. Gosh, it’s no fun. I will take a nap. He seems to be copying someone’s behavior. – Probably his dad’s. / – Right. It’s morning. I will eat breakfast – and go to school. / – Goodness. – The story is in his head. / – Yes. (Eating) It’s time to go to school. I will get my backpack. Baby, let’s get our backpacks – He is busy. / – and go to our schools. What are you saying? – The one-man play ends. / – Hello. (It ends with them going to school.) (We’ve played hard. Now we should pick tangerines.) (I will give it a try.) (My goodness.) What happened? (Did I pick a tangerine?) – He picked a tangerine. / – Did he? He did. (He plays tug-of-war with the tree.) (Bentley wins!) (I won.) (Then I will reward myself.) That’s right. He should eat. – He picks one tangerine and eats it. / – Goodness. (Exclaiming) It must be sweet! He looks like a tangerine eating a tangerine. I know. (He enjoys the sweet and sour tangerine.) (Every time he takes a bite, juice comes out!) His facial expressions are lively. His shoulders are dancing. It’s tasty. (Bentley babbles excitedly.) Look at that. (He lies down excitedly.) (I will lie down and eat.) – He laid down naturally. / – Goodness. (I will become one with a tangerine.) (Is he filming a tangerine commercial?) Uncle, these are sweet. – Who is the tangerine? / – Me. – Ben said, “Me.” / – “Me.” Me! – It looks like a commercial. / – Tasty. (He splits it in half.) How did he peel it in one go? (He puts the tangerine in his mouth.) He is good. (Electrifying) His eyes crinkled. (Electrifying) – Sweet. / – It must be sweet. – It must be sweet indeed. / – Tasty. What are you eating? Did you finish it? (William, try it.) He gives William a bite. Gosh, it’s sweet. – The response was automatic. / – I know. William is getting ready to eat in earnest. (Bentley is already drunk on the taste of tangerines.) They aren’t here to peel tangerines. At that rate… How did he fall? Did he step on the basket? – But… / – Did you fall? He continues to eat. – You are ridiculous. / – Wouldn’t most people – use their hands to break the fall? / – Stop eating. (I am Bentley!) (I am getting obsessed with tangerines.) He is in a good mood. (The sky is yellow.) (Bentley is absorbed in the taste of tangerines.) Didn’t they come here to pick tangerines? These tangerines are so tasty. I will finish them. (I am already on my second one!) – They might eat everything. / – I finished peeling it. (The tangerine goes straight to his mouth.) – It looks delicious. / – He uses various ways to eat. He peels and sucks on it. He is practically juicing it. (Give me a bite.) Although he has a tangerine in his hand, he wants a piece from William. He saves what’s in his right hand and eats what’s in his left hand. (Sam continues on diligently.) Sam has no choice but to work. (He works nonstop.) Kids, are you picking tangerines? They are in trouble. – Yes. / – Goodness, he answered right away. What will he do? (Bentley is absorbed in tangerines.) What will he do? He can’t stop eating. Should I eat one more? Kids, what are you doing? – He got caught. / – He got caught. What are you doing? – He shows a smile first. / – I peeled a tangerine. – You peeled a tangerine? / – He gives an excuse. (You rascals!) No, William. Listen carefully. We aren’t here to eat tangerines. You guys are too much. – You are too much. / – Next, – he shows resentment. / – I am too much? Why? – These tangerines are too tasty. / – It’s a face-off. – We’re picking tangerines / – “We have to taste them!” to give to the elders. (Oh, I forgot.) Do you know what will happen if you keep eating tangerines? – What will happen? / – Yes, what? I will become full. (His logic is sound.) That’s true. If you keep eating, you will turn into a tangerine. – What? / – A tangerine? (Dad, I am four years old.) No. A person can’t turn into a tangerine. – He is too old to be fooled. / – That’s right. – He knows better now. / – Your face will turn orange. Your hands and feet do turn yellow if you eat too many. Don’t eat anymore. He resumes working. (He renews his resolution.) He renews his resolution. I want to eat tangerines. Shall I eat one? – Shall I eat one? / – My goodness. – Oh, no. / – No. Shall I eat a tangerine? – He can’t hold himself back. / – No. What is he going to do? – Hold back. Oh, no. / – It looks tasty. Oh, no. – He peeled it. / – He’s peeling it. He ended up peeling another one. William. Hello. What? (Here comes Bentley, the tangerine!) Baby, why did your face turn yellow? – He became a tangerine. / – His face is too yellow. You became a tangerine! (Here is what really happened.) It’s tangerine powder. You can add it to dishes or water. I will give it to you for free. I see. Thank you. Since William didn’t believe Sam’s words… – It’s food, so it’s safe on baby’s skin. / – Right. Ben is yellow – after eating tangerines. / – He’s startled. – He fell for it. / – I told you. – You’ll turn into one. / – Ben is too yellow. Are you eating tangerines again? No! No! Stand up. Stand up. – Did you peel one or not? Tell me. / – He did. (He puts a bit of tangerine powder on William’s face.) – I peeled a bit. / – Just a bit. – What? / – I peeled a bit of it. – He’s secretly putting it on his face. / – Furtively. Your face is tangerine-colored too. – Take a look. / – It’s a mirror. (Is that me?) He looks a bit like a scarecrow. Did I become a tangerine man? You are becoming one. Baby, look at me. The two of you look similar. – He put too much on Ben. / – We became tangerines. Tangerine brothers. – What will I do if I become a tangerine? / – Oh, no. – He’s becoming one. / – Then I’ll have to eat you. What will he do? Dad, don’t eat me. – Goodness. / – All right. I won’t eat you. – He is still innocent. / – He’s scared. Do you want to become a person again? Yes. – There is one way. / – His cheeks became plump. From now on, pick 10 tangerines without eating them. Dad, I can pick more. – Really? Are you certain? / – Yes. – I won’t be a tangerine. / – Okay. Baby, you need to hurry up and pick tangerines – or you’ll become a tangerine. / – He’s truly worried. (William, I have a situation.) (Let me leave for a second.) – Where are you going? / – Where… Okay, okay. Bye-bye. (Go on without me.) Bye-bye. All right, he is done. Is he done? Oh, he isn’t done. He is pooping again. He is pooping in various positions. (William, I’m done for.) He had too much fiber from the tangerines he ate. I see that tangerines have an immediate effect. Baby, are you pooping? Poop. – Let’s give him a moment. / – Yes, that’s right. – I will save you. / – William will pick them for you. He is a dependable brother. (William, thank you.) (I will protect my brother.) Six. – William. / – Yes? – Are you picking tangerines? / – Yes. (Bentley is becoming human again.) William is doing great. You should pick tangerines too. – I’m done, Dad. / – Are you done? – Yes. / – He picked Bentley’s share too. Bentley is human again. – It’s all thanks to William. / – You were amazing. (William, thank you.) – We don’t have much. / – It’s a bit disappointing. – I know. / – It will take two days to pick tangerines. Why don’t we pick together? – Together? / – Uncle, – help me. / – When he asks so cutely, – anyone would help. / – I will help. – That’s right. / – Thank you. All right. Let’s work hard. Dad. Bentley picked two tangerines. – He picked two tangerines. / – Dad. Good job. The staff members are helping. The tangerines will pile up in no time. The uncles are good at this. (While the uncles pick tangerines,) (Sam mans the camera!) All right. (Shaky) Good. (Uncles, thank you.) (I will help too.) (He turns on his tangerine radar.) (Target is spotted.) (Faster than anyone) – The bottom… / – He gets the ones at the bottom. He is good. William twists the fruit, but Bentley uses brute force. He doesn’t even need scissors. What? (I am busy!) Since this is for a good deed, – it’s nice that they’re all helping. / – I know. (The crates fill up quickly.) (They join forces.) The crates are getting filled up. They finished filling the crates. – They got three crates of tangerines. / – All done! Uncles, thank you. – He thanked them so sweetly. / – Thank you. Let’s go. They visited the community center for the elders with the tangerines they picked. (Peeking) He isn’t here to sell something, is he? Hello, I’m Sam Hammington and I’m from Australia. It’s nice to meet you. – Hello, I am William. / – He introduces himself well. – Say hello. / – Hello. They find him cute. (I have something to say.) How cute! – The elders must find them cute. / – I know, I’m sure. (Be careful not to catch a cold.) (Enjoy the tangerines.) Good job. (I picked it myself.) It’s more meaningful since the kids picked them. – Use both hands. / – It’s a good deed and meaningful. I know. Thank you. – How cute! / – They are distributing the tangerines. Here. Please don’t get sick. – How nice! / – How cute! In one, two, three. William and Bentley warmed everyone’s heart this cold winter.

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  1. Sam is a really good father…the activities that he does with William and Ben are always so educational as well as enjoyable..Hammington Family makes my day.💜

  2. anw i really appreciate how Sam teach WillBen for being effort to give tangerines… such a 'little' kindness but memorable❤🤗

  3. No one can scare bentley because :cow = meat and larva = jelly… He think food all the time.. Why scare of food when you food lover.. Wow

  4. Sam: do you know what will happen if you keep eating tangerines?
    William: i will become full! 😂

    OMG WILLIAM! 😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️

  5. You can see that they’re very well mannered
    they’re always greet “annyeong haseyo!” to everyone
    The parents did a very good job

  6. I love Sam, he is always teaching his boys a lesson. Today it was giving their time and efforts to pick tangerines for the elders. Giving service. What a great Dad. Love William and Bentley so cute.

  7. When William said "please don't get sick" I'm about to cry, and start thinking "Why this cutest boy could say like that" I don't want to find him grows a lot :'(

  8. Sam is a good human and a good father to his sons and what to say about my two boys they are so pure and good at this age.. William is gem as Bentley god bless you my boys wish you a merry Christmas and a very happy new year in advance…

  9. It's a 24 minute video but it takes me twice as long to watch because I keep replaying every moment. It's wonderful and cute. I want to watch more of William and Bentley.

  10. William and Ben.. they're really grown up to be good people. Will knows the proper way to ask help from staff members, even complimented them, and then thanked them in a sweet way. Ben also helped in the end with his two tiny hands 😭 Good Job Appa Sam!

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    Ben trying to put larvae in his mouth reminded me of another incident when they went for indoor fishing and similarly he was trying to put fish bait in his mouth. 😂

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    Then, Im curious how sam teach bentley when he is at the same age as william. I wish this family still join in until ben as old as sian later.

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  17. 19:38 Appa, don’t eat me. Why it sounds so sad but funny at the same time? This family is really entertaining, they make everyone smile easily. Sam is an amazing son, husband and dad while William and Ben are precious 😆

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