Twins share Chuseok rice cake with neighbors (FEAT.JungYonghwa)[The Return of Superman/2017.10.29]

Twins share Chuseok rice cake with neighbors (FEAT.JungYonghwa)[The Return of Superman/2017.10.29]

Seoeon, the security guard is over there. Let’s give him two. Excuse me. (What are the twins gifting him?) Are you here to see me? Thank you. During the holidays, it’s customary to gift rice cakes to people you’re thankful for. Who is the person you’re most thankful for? – The security guard. / – Good answer. – Hold on. / – He’s eating it. What are you doing? Rice cakes for sale. It’s not meant to be sold. Say, “Have a wonderful day.” Have a wonderful day. (Laughing happily) Have a wonderful day. Okay. See you. The twins circulate the neighborhood to show their gratitude. – Thank you. / – Is the rice cake for me? Thank you. Have a plentiful Chuseok. Thank you. Why are you giving these to us? Our dad told us to hand them out to people that we’re thankful for. How sweet of you. Thank you. We’ll enjoy the rice cakes. He’s so cute. Hey, Seoeon. Come over here. (They gaze at a building.) I think it’s this one. I think this is the one. (What is this place?) (They enter the building first.) (Looking around) Where is the entrance? Who are you here to see? Yonghwa. Hey, Seoeon. (They met by chance on a rainy day.) (He’s kind and handsome.) (He carried Seoeon, who was fast asleep.) Is Yonghwa here? Did you have an appointment with him? No, we didn’t make one. But we brought these to give to him. They’re rice cakes. Rice cakes? (He picks one up) (and tosses it indifferently to her.) Thank you. (She immediately calls to confirm.) All right. Head up to the third-floor workroom. The third floor? Thank you very much. (Thankfully, Yonghwa seems to be in.) This is the third floor. Where do we go now? (Something suddenly catches Seoeon’s eyes.) A certain poster catches Seoeon’s eyes. (It’s a poster of Yonghwa.) Seojun, do you think that’s Yonghwa? His hairstyle seems a bit different. Kids, that is Yonghwa. But he seems to have stepped out. (Hissing) It’s Dad. (That’s Hwijae’s signature hiss.) (Surprise!) (Gosh, that was startling.) What are you guys doing here? What brings you here today? (Yonghwa is glad to see them.) What’s the occasion? (Please receive a rice cake.) – What is this? / – Rice cake. Rice cake? Is this for me? Really? We’re giving it to you because we’re thankful that you kept us safe from the rain last time. You’re thankful? (These little munchkins are praiseworthy.) The Return of Superman, episode 203, “Bringing Warmth to One Another”. Seojun has returned home. He begins to change. (The little prankster begins to change.) Now he changes all on his own. Oh, no. That’s a T-shirt. (That’s a T-shirt.) Why is he taking so long to change? He primps himself now. (That’s not why. His pants aren’t fitting.) (He makes all sorts of efforts) (but eventually fails.) Why are you taking so long? (Smiling timidly) Wear these shorts. Hand that to me. He still needs a bit of help from his father. (He seems all grown-up, but he’s still a baby.) (Looking about) Seojun searches the house for something fun. (Is there anything fun to do?) (He digs into his dad’s backpack.) Seoeon, rummaging through someone else’s backpack isn’t right. Okay. But I’m not Seoeon. Seojun. But you’re not someone else. (You’re not just “someone else”, Dad.) Hey, don’t do that. That’s a real baseball. That’s very important to me. (It’s very important to you?) Just rest up, you two. As Hwijae leaves the room, the twins begin to move about busily. They’re making me feel a bit uneasy. (He carries Hwijae’s prized signed ball) (and slides it underneath the sofa.) (Goodness!) (And Seoeon hides one behind a door.) Seoeon and Seojun. What are you two doing? (He’s looking for a place to hide the last ball.) (Where is the place Seojun thought of?) (He places it on top of the bathroom cabinet.) (Risky) (He’s secretive enough to close the door.) (Stomping) (As soon as the door closes,) (it falls into the toilet.) (Oh my gosh!) That’s very important to me. (It just happens to fall into the toilet.) (He hesitates momentarily.) (He pulls out a tissue right away.) (He daintily places a single sheet on top.) (He attempts to save the ball with a tissue.) (Fail) (Second attempt, towel) Why isn’t it coming out? (It’s big enough to cover the toilet.) (It gets more stuck.) (He moves to find another tool.) (His presence in the kitchen is foreboding.) Oh, no. Don’t use a spoon. (He runs with the spoon in hand.) (Seojun mischievously uses the spoon.) (He barely manages to rescue it.) (Running) (It’s soaked.) Oh, no. His mother is going to be shocked. (He places the spoon right back.) He placed it right back. I hid your baseballs. You can’t. You can’t play with those. They’re really important to me. I’ll give you hints. They’re in the bedroom, playroom and living room. But it’s not in the toilet. What are you talking about? (I want to stay away from Dad right now.) Yes. (He finds the first treasure easily.) How many did you hide altogether? Three. Here it is. (He stumbles upon the second treasure.) You little rascals. This signature belongs to Oh Jaewon. He’s a huge star. (He boasts about his collection.) They’re invaluable. (The final ball remains.) He used his head to hide the last one. I found it. Hold on. Why is this so wet? This is precious to me. (He wipes it down without a problem.) Did you toss this into the water? Hey, this was signed by Choi Hyoungwoo, a very talented man. This is very precious to me. – But why is this so wet? / – Dad, if I tell you the truth, will you forgive me? There’s nothing wrong with it being wet. Why? Will you forgive me if I tell you the truth? (He wants to be affirmed.) Of course I will. Then follow me. – What? / – Come over here. Why? I placed it up here. But it rolled and fell in there. It fell into the toilet? Did you wash it? I didn’t. You didn’t? (Sighing) (He washes his little treasure.) You little rascals. How did you take it out? Did you use your hands? I scooped it out with a spoon. Where did you put that spoon? – The spoon? / – Yes. – To wash it? / – Of course. Did you wish your hands? Yes. (He managed to wash his hands.) Is it this one? Are you sure? – Yes. / – Gosh. (You can’t just wash that one.) Come over here. Listen well. Choi Hyoungwoo is Korea’s greatest homerun hitter. Dad, do you love me more or do you love the baseball more? Is that even a question? Of course I love you much more. I can do anything for you, Seojun. Can I drop the baseball in there one more time? Where? The toilet. You didn’t drop it there on purpose, right? It was a mistake, right? Then it’s okay. (It was really a mistake, Dad.)

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  1. I'm laughing all the time specially when Seujun trying to save the baseball from the toilet. I'm laughing so hard because of them

  2. Yongha is the cutest!!! What an adorable human beinggggg. And ofc the twins???? Mygahd these two are so smart and cute!

  3. Eeee yikes!! It's not safe for him to stand on the toilet like that. He could slip and really hurt himself.😨 They shouldnt let him do that if they see him try again.

  4. Giving rice cakes to pretty girls and accidentally threw dad's beloved item into the toilet then scooped it out with a spoon is just so freaking funny, they are natural comedian, even without a script they can make funny moments happened 😂😂😂

  5. Awww they went through the building jst to meet yonghwa to give the rice cake. Yonghwa really made a good memory to the twins. Hope youll be the best appa soon for your kids!

  6. Yonghwa is too handsome for words to describe .waiting impatiently to see him back ok n tv and drama……❤❤❤❤❤❤

  7. 4:02
    When a kid has a more muscular and fit body than you do 😫😭🤦🏽‍♀️ see I'm not lazy, I'm just protecting my six pack with a sack of fat.

  8. I know this is so unrelated but…. I winder how would BTS handle the kids?? I wish they would come to this show. Since they like kids, I bet the kids will like them too. But their schedule is too packed I guess.

  9. The security guard looks exactly as the 5 siblings building security guard. 😄 Do they live at the same bldg or am I seeing things? Lol.

  10. Hahahahaha
    Watching again this makes me laugh out loud,,,😂
    Baseball mistake, "really funny one,,, haahaha,, using spoon then putting it back, here comes Mr. Lee taking the used spoon to washed without thinking that the used spoon might tangled to the others,,, u really can't have any other concern if your stuff was being swifted 😂….

  11. OMG..Every time these twins make me laugh from heart )))))))))) They're so sweet. It's the second day that I watch their videos :***

  12. Créeme sé lo k es eso. Cuidar dos a la vez. Mis sobrinos. Comían a la vez,lloraban a la vez😅🙃🙃

  13. what is the name of the cake they are giving out and does anyone know where I could buy some? they make it look good eating it!!!!!!

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