Ukdiche Modak – उकडीचे मोदक | Steamed Modak | Recipe by Archana in Marathi

Ukdiche Modak – उकडीचे मोदक | Steamed Modak | Recipe by Archana in Marathi

I am very fond of desserts that are kept
as offerings to the God. We prepare them with the usual method.. ..but when we offer it to the God,
it tends to enhance its taste. I don’t know the reason for it! So, today I will show you a famous sweet offering.. ..and that too is a favorite of our Lord Ganesha,
‘Ukdiche Modak’ (sweet stuffed dumpling). Since we are making ‘Ukdiche Modak’, we have
to start with the ukad (covering of the modak). So, let’s begin with the preparation of the ukad. Let’s switch on the stove. Let’s take 3 cups of water. Now, let’s add salt to taste. 1 tbsp of ghee (clarified butter) or oil. And then, let it come to a boil. The water has come to a boil,
let’s switch off the stove. Now, let’s take 3 whole cups of rice flour. Mix it nicely. Now, this is mixed nicely.
Let’s cover it with a lid and wait for 5 minutes. The wait is over, now let’s remove
the ukad in a bowl and let it cool down. Meanwhile, let’s prepare the (sweet) filling
until this cools down. Let’s add 1 tbsp of ghee (to the saucepan). This is 3 cups of grated fresh coconut. And, for 3 cups of grated coconut
we need to add 1 and half a cup of jaggery. I have grated the jaggery as well. Now, let’s mix it thoroughly. This is almost done, let’s add
some cardamom (elaichi) powder to it.. per your liking! Now, let’s mix it well again. Now, as it has dried,
let’s switch off the stove.. ..and take it out in a bowl to cool down. Ukad has cooled down, let’s knead it. Sprinkle some water.. ..and some ghee. Knead it well and check if you can form
a ball out of it. Yes, mine is forming. Because, if it isn’t kneaded well,
the modak tends to break. It is nicely formed into a ball. Though we have kneaded it well, make sure
to knead it again slightly on some base.. it then gets easier for us
to make the modak. So now, let’s use this chopping board. Apply some ghee to your palm. Now, let’s take a plate.. ..and grease it with some ghee or oil. And now, let’s form a ball. Using your thumb, press in the centre. Make use of both the thumbs and
make a cup out of it. Make it as thin as possible. After that, make pleats like this. Now it’s time to stuff it
with the filling we have prepared. And then, press it slightly on the top. Similarly, I will prepare the remaining modaks. You might be wondering.. ..that there is a fry pan here
with a red colored vessel in it. It’s a steamer. Now, let’s switch on the stove. I have poured some water in this fry pan
so that the base of the steamer is immersed in it. Now, let’s place the modaks in the steamer. Also, a banana leaf is placed in (the steamer)
and it is slightly greased with some oil. Now, let’s place the other container on top. Let’s cover it with a lid.. ..and wait for approximately 10 minutes! I can see the steam here,
let’s check if Ukdiche Modak are done! Make sure if they are ready
by checking that they don’t stick to your hand. They ain’t sticking, Ukdiche Modak are ready! Let’s switch off the stove. Lord Ganesha’s sweet offering is ready! And he will definitely be happy eating them! Your guests will be happy! And, you too will be pleased! And when you are pleased,
you will instantly subscribe!

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  1. तुम्ही खूप छान पद्धतीने सांगता….. अवघड recipies सुद्धा अगदी सोप्पे करुन….. Thank you Mam

  2. Archanaji very nice. I really learned to make these yummy modaks from you step by step. Really amazing.
    Just had a question can we make stuffing and keep. Please advise.

  3. स्टिमर मिळाल खुप छान आहे युज करायला थँक्यु ताई नवीन कोणत आणी असेल तर सांगा

  4. खूप सोपी पद्धत आणि खूप छान पद्धतीचे उकडीचे मोदक दाखवले तुम्ही थँक्स ताई

  5. Hi mam super recipe. Can you please tell me where did u buy your pan?? Which ur using to cook. The green colour pan??

  6. Thank you madam. Khoop chhan recipe share kelit. Pn tumhi je modak ukdnyna karita konte steamer vaprlet .aani te kuthe milel te sanga please.

  7. मावशी मोदक सारण माझ्या कडून कडक होतय कश काय

  8. In video you mentioned for 3 cups of fresh grated coconut 1 1/2 cup jaggery to be added but in description you have written 1/2 cup jaggery, Which one is correct ?????

  9. Dar varshi mi tumachya padhatine ukadiche modak banavate amachya ghari sarvana awadatat pan dusarya diwashi khayache mhantale tar modakache cover khoop kadak hote cover kadak hou naye Ani modak dusarya diwashi hi chan mau rahave ya sathi kahi karta yeil ka??

  10. Mi hach vidio baghun 1st time ukadiche modak banavle ani khup chan zale.ani societitil Ganesh festival sathi pan mi kele.Teva mala eka friend ne madakachi order i m very thankful to u mam ..

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