Ultimate Holiday Magic Kingdom Food Challenge: Trying All Of The Disney Treats

Ultimate Holiday Magic Kingdom Food Challenge: Trying All Of The Disney Treats

– Are we doing it? Didn’t you tell me yesterday that you could see my gray hairs? I’m still thinking about it. (laughs) Hi everyone we’re here at Magic Kingdom, some of you have been asking
for it for a really long time. We’re here specifically today
for a Christmas episode. I know, maybe you can’t tell? Uh, no, that’s a joke,
of course you can tell. We’re going to eat more
than 20 holiday treats throughout the park today. There’s nothing that could
stop the cheer of it all. I mean, it’s very cheery
here, can you tell? Right? It’s almost like
no one could ever be in a bad mood while they’re here. (clicks tongue) It’s going to be great, let’s go! (bright Christmas music) (bright Christmas music) (bright Christmas music) (bright Christmas music) (bright Christmas music) – This is the classic Mickey
cinnamon bun that you see just about everywhere in
Magic Kingdom regardless, but he’s ready for the holidays! I love his little hat! That’s a fantastic way to start the day. This is like VERY deep
pockets of cinnamon, because every like, bun on this
bun is individually rolled, if that makes sense, so you’re getting cinnamon in every bite! Well, I’ve only taken one bite, so I should keep biting and confirm. (groan of delight) I should bite his hat, shouldn’t I? There’s going to be white
chocolate in the crevice of my armpit for the rest of the day. That’s not an armpit,
that’s just an arm, oh boy. (bright Christmas music) It’s white chocolate, it’s delicious. Done, wrap, cut. (upbeat Christmas music) – Olaf’s Frozen Hot Chocolate, which I saw all over Instagram. It’s got a little white
chocolate Olaf head, some marshmallow Olaf body parts. That is buttercream piped on top of fluff. It’s chocolate pudding at the bottom, and a crunchy as hell rice
pearl right in the middle, woo! Are my teeth purple? – [Chelsea] Mmm… not yet. I’m a little wary after that. The Donut Bite Incident,
from Horror Nights, where you didn’t tell
me my teeth were black. – [Chelsea] I’m sorry. – No you’re not. (upbeat Christmas music) (upbeat Christmas music) (upbeat Christmas music) (upbeat Christmas music) – By my expert estimations, is a buttercream laden chocolate brownie. It’s so good, and it’s so sweet, and look at that just, that
straight sugar snowflake. That brownie’s fudgey though, it’s nice. We’re just ready for savory
at 9:30 AM, that’s all. (upbeat Christmas music) (upbeat Christmas music) (upbeat Christmas music) (upbeat Christmas music) (upbeat Christmas music) – It has a giant green marshmallow Mickey. Just want to be sure, just
pinch him a little bit. When I was reading through comments, because of course, you know, I continue to read through comments, people said you should
let me sit down more. – [Chelsea] No! – Uh yeah, I know now, just thought I’d share. Anyway… Whoa! It’s not quite vanilla! Or it is and I’m being
stupid, it could just be… It tastes like French Vanilla soft-serve, which is not something
I’ve ever had before, and I’m sure that’s not what it is. My palette is already tainted
by all the sugar I’ve eaten. Tastes floral. Floral
marshmallow Mickey, with French Vanilla soft-serve,
which is DEFINITELY not what’s happening here, but it’s delicious! – [Chelsea] Are you a good driver? – Depends who you ask. Oh, well she’s texting and driving, so, that’s a terrible idea. You going to help me finish it? – [Chelsea] Yeah. Just a bottomless (beep) pit. (laughs) (upbeat Christmas music) (upbeat Christmas music) (upbeat Christmas music) – I’m contemplating putting my hair up, which is generally the
beginning of the end, even though it happens like, the second (mumbles) of the day. I think we can hold out,
we’re going to finish our Christmas cookie sundae
and reevaluate from there. This is essentially what we just drank, in a slightly more solid form, though that milkshake was THICK, so that’s not necessarily true. It’s Christmas cookie soft-serve, and whipped cream, and sprinkles, and… white chocolate. I’m so cute, it’s insane. As I was saying, I just
like, drooled a little bit. Don’t zoom in, just, just
trust that it happened. I, and I cannot stress
this enough, HATE you. – [Waitress] Hi! – Hi, can I have a Deck the Halls please? THE Deck the Halls please? One Deck the Halls, please. – Here you go! – Thank you! – You’re welcome! – Whoa, what am I
supposed to do with this? (upbeat Christmas music) (upbeat Christmas music) (upbeat Christmas music) – Straw is, um, LONG. One might call it disproportional
to the drink itself but, #holidaycheer back at it. Okay, you get hit with
cinnamon, and nutmeg, and cream, I don’t know what’s in eggnog, but it’s, it’s delicious. I mean, I could honestly do
without the whipped cream, just give me that and… whatever the (beep) this is. – [Chelsea] Definitely a Christmas light. – Oh my God Chelsea, you’re
right, it’s a Christmas light! I do keep missing my mouth
with the straw though, but that’s not a critique of the drink, that’s a critique of my
mouth… eye coordination. – [Chelsea] I think it
might be time for a ride… You’re joking. I’m so sloshy. Okay Chelsea. Joke’s on you, I’m going to
unzip my pants on the ride and you’re not even
gonna be able to see it. I’m so tempted to put my feet up. (whimsical music) – Chelsea, this is fine. Okay, maybe not so much
Diet Coke next time, but… Ugh, Christmas Cookie Sundae. (laughs) Okay, nope. I changed my mind. This is not fun. I need a minute. (Chelsea laughs) – Just a bathroom stop real quick. (upbeat Christmas music) (upbeat Christmas music) (upbeat Christmas music) (upbeat Christmas music) – We came off the teacups,
we wandered over to Storybook Treats, we’re here
with a gingerbread sundae that looks and smells delightful,
but you really have to get your face in there to get
that gingerbread to the face because we are standing by a popcorn cart, and the cheddar smell
is wafting… REAL hard. Oh boy, we are NOT half way through. (humming) (humming) – Hoo, that gingerbread
is crisp, and it is spicy. As a good gingerbread
should be, one might argue. This is an Arendelle Aqua
Cone, another frozen treat. It it literally the most
gorgeous and (mumbles) treat I have ever seen in all
my time in Disney that’s not an exaggeration. I live in Disney World,
and I know my (beep). That’s an exaggeration. It’s a gorgeous like, lilac
color and periwinkle ice cream and I literally have no
idea what flavors it is, but I’m so excited to find out. Shall we? Cotton candy. Whoa, that’s fun, you got
little sugary snow bits. (groan of delight) – [Chelsea] (gasps) You heathen! – What? – Why? – [Chelsea] Who does that?! What do you mean “Who does that?” That’s the best bite of the cone! – [Chelsea] Yeah, but you, you wait ’til you’ve, you know you’ve gotten like, down a little bit more, and then, and
then you do that last… – Absolutely disagree,
do not fight me on this, that’s how you properly
eat an ice cream cone. I WILL not hear otherwise,
end of story, goodbye. Goodbye! Goodbye. Do you know how happy it
makes me to make you angry? – [Chelsea] Oh, it’s too much now…. I went too far. (upbeat Christmas music) (upbeat Christmas music) – In continuing our sugary
quest throughout Magic Kingdom, we’ve found ourselves at
Sleepy Hollow Refreshments. He’s very handsome, and I love him. Oh, I see some chocolate syrup
on top of a chocolate waffle. (groan of delight) Ooh! Did you hear that? – [Chelsea] No? – I bit REAL hard on a sprinkle. I love this combination, I’m really- I’m not such a big chocolate gal, but this mint chocolate
chip, is kind of like, putting me over that
I’m really just tasting waffle texture, rather than chocolate, because it’s really like a cold and chewy lovely plate. (upbeat Christmas music) (upbeat Christmas music) (upbeat Christmas music) (upbeat Christmas music) (upbeat Christmas music) – This is the Cherry Pistachio
Sundae that I have seen just about everywhere on the internet, it is beautiful, and you’ve got frozen hot chocolate on the bottom, which we’ll get to in a second, I’d like to handle
these soft-serves first. That’s delightful, ooh, that
might be my favorite so far! It tastes like- it tastes like cherry, and then pistachio, if you
mushed them all into one bite, What a treat! This is like, dipped in hot chocolate, that’s about as close as I’m going to get. You know what, I could do without it, I would eat POUNDS of this (beep), it’s well by itself, I
don’t feel like I need the frozen hot chocolate! We’re going to transition into Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party time. (upbeat Christmas music) (upbeat Christmas music) – It cooled down since we last spoke, it’s time for Mickey’s
Very Merry Christmas Party! For anyone who’s unclear about what Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is, it’s like, separate of
General Admission, like, the park closes down, anyone
who’s bought a ticket to that party is able to come
into the park from like, 4 PM onward, and there are
all these exclusive treats. Everything we’re trying from here on out is exclusive to Mickey’s Very Merry. Tastes like a very nice iced mocha. And very lovely whipped cream. (upbeat Christmas music) (upbeat Christmas music) (upbeat Christmas music) Really, the joy of this, is that you have something joyful, and you open it, and just,
the butter to the face. That’s really a Disney
experience, let me tell you. As predicted, it tastes like popcorn. (fireworks pop and crowd cheers) Oh. (upbeat Christmas music) (upbeat Christmas music) – Thank you. Ooh, ooh, ooh! Okay. That’s agressive. (upbeat Christmas music) Fun, bubbly mocktail
experience with some sort of frozen bottom, and boba type deal! I feel like this is going to feel… Like how it would feel if… Another human like,
hiccuped into your mouth. – [Chelsea] What? – No but do you know what I mean? Like it’s like “blub blub blub blub blub.” Okay, do it again, do it again. Sorry, I choked on a bubble. This is serious now. Okay, it’s up my nose,
but that’s really fun. It tastes like orange soda. I don’t know what the boba is, I don’t even- I can’t even fathom how you would get that boba. That hiccuping thing I said is so real. – [Chelsea] Do you wanna
try and get a boba? Fish it out with your hand? – With my hand?! Please
let the record show that Chelsea just asked me to stick my hand into my drink, and fish out a boba, probably then slurp it from my palm and suck it down my gullet, that’s what you just asked me to do?! I’m sorry, what gives
you the right, ma’am ? Yeah, I think blueberry, but… First time in Iconic Eats
history you’re going to watch me in real time
finish an ENTIRE item. Then you will know I do it all the time. I’m getting a mouthful
of boba in one second. Green apple. (coughs) (upbeat Christmas music) (upbeat Christmas music) – Really not what I was expecting, in that it is gigantic and
there is so much turkey on it. Thank you, Walt, for your generosity. I actually got a lot
going on in this sandwich, it’s not just like, straight turkey. You got gigantic slices of I think Gouda, you got strips of bacon
and some sort of… Whatever’s happening here. It’s delicious! I would like to make
this at home and bring it instead of my sad lunches du jour. My God, it’s like a very like, thick, hearty serving of turkey, the
bacon is crisp which like, it’s not something I
can say for most of the bacon I’ve eaten in theme
parks across this country. The Gouda is lovely and smoky,
and the Chipotle mayo is, not (beep) around with the Chipotle, what more could you ask for? (upbeat Christmas music) (upbeat Christmas music) (upbeat Christmas music) – I just heard from a happy
passerby that it’s only 7:30. You could have told me
it was 1 in the morning, and I would have believed it. There’s some antler breadsticks,
which is so delightful. I’m truly charmed, and
some sort of cheese dip topped with teeny tiny bacon bites! I’m going to load it all into one bite. (groans of delight) REAL doughy breadstick. You can only go two ways with
a breadstick: uber doughy, or like, crustiest piece
of bread of all time, so yes, this is like the former. This is a beer cheese dip,
and it’s savory as all hell, and I love it, and it’s
restoring all of my salt levels, and I’ve been just… just broken down all day, I just like, every part of
my body is crying for salt. Happy girl! (upbeat Christmas music) (upbeat Christmas music) – I love carrot cake, oh my
God do I love carrot cake, do I love cream cheese frosting, do I live for that cream cheese frosting, I love it, I love it, I love it! (groans of delight) That is luscious! Oh my God I’m gonna crush it, Gonna crush the whole thing! I’m gonna finish this while
I’m on line to get tamales, why I decided to eat my carrot
cake before I decided to eat my tamales, I don’t know but… (Christmas hip hop music) (Christmas hip hop music – Yeah, just figured
I’d chase the, uh – hup! (nervously laughs) can you imagine? (screams, then nervously laughs) I’m destroying this, this is
not how it’s meant to be eaten. Nice little, grab-and-go
kind of snack, I’m excited. It’s soft all the way
through, a little bit of heat, tastes like a tamale! I want my carrot cake back! – [Chelsea] Because I love you. You owe me, this is
the least you could do. There we go! What a life! I’m full, Chelsea. (Christmas hip hop music) (Christmas hip hop music) – This is a Kakamora
Float, Moana inspired. It’s a Dole Whip of sorts, but it’s not going to be pineapple. Coconut Dole Whip. Can you believe… what a chill, little fun PG Pina Colada surprise! Ooh, I love that a lot,
it’s not overly sweet, it is creamy, and smooth and- (groans in delight) There’s Blue Curacao syrup at the bottom, and there’s a little Kakamora piece of cakepop inside. I feel so deeply gross… and I don’t care. (whispers) I’m so sorry. A little bowling ball of chocolate joy, I don’t like chocolate,
I don’t wanna eat it. But I have to eat it. Okay, he’s good. He’s fudgey. Like, chewy
and fudgey rather than like, dense and stiff. Like, I don’t know what the opposite of chewy and
fudgey is, but, that’s great. Okay, I just got the syrup at the bottom, this like, soupy bit down here. And I was really just fully content with my coconut
happenings, until I got it. Mmm! It’s like a little sharp and limey. That’s a good time. Just leave me with my cold blue soup. We have one treat left. (electronic music) – Can I have an Orange Bird, please? (electronic music) (electronic music) He’s a tiny little delight, isn’t he? I’m just thinking the
weirdest possible things, As like if a tennis ball
were orange and also edible. (blows raspberry) I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.
I know it’s gonna hurt. I’m sorry and I love you. (groans in delight) It tastes like a Creamsicle! And you got a cakey bottom which is nice. Just for a little bit of texture, it’s not the softest
thing in the world, but, I don’t mind that given
that everything else is falling apart. Including me. (laughs and groans in delight) Done! Like and subscribe if you want
more of whatever this was! Oh, God! (laughs) (electronic music) (electronic music) (electronic music)

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