100 thoughts on “Ultimate Korean Street Food : Busan #KREATOR2016

  1. food channels are awesome i enjoyed it, i watched em before i have my lunch or dinner hehe. But lets not forget to leave our good manners behind when we leave the places we visited. Good for them and for u and the viewers. I don't say u did it but just a reminder for all! All the best and happy vacation! thx for the video btw! 🙂

  2. watching this in 2017 and remembering the boy saying 'busan boy' just remembers me about jimin and jungkook😂

  3. Haha, he (Haep) is so slurpy 🙂 And I agree with Sabayi, that is pretty cool that he just randomly hung out with you guys. But who wouldn't, right?
    Also, you wouldn't happen to know your mbti? You guys just strike me as maybe INFJ & ENTP…

  4. OMFG. you guys make me want to try korean street food so badly. I just can't watch anymore. I'm craving k-food so so so fucking bad

  5. im from busan and people say i have satoori when i speak hangul but when i heard it in the video i was lost???

  6. Only a recent subscriber but wanted to send you my thanks for the really useful videos that I am using on my current trip to S. Korea. Cheers!

  7. i really want to go to korea and try their food im from the philippine and i want to go to korea really bad😭😭😭😭

  8. does the korean guy (idk his name) have instagram account? he is so so so handsome. I think he looks like jo insung

  9. The very first video id watched…then the rest is history
    Craving for korean street food.
    This guys is not only having fan but making their videos very imformative…im impressed
    Haeppy is ❤❤❤

  10. When I moved too busan…
    I was like what????
    after few years I moved back to new zealand😂😂I'm used to satoori…there is where I fell in love with Kpop😂 and then I knew jimin-ah Satoori is daaaa best😂😂😂😂my grandpa is killin meh ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  11. I feel like koreans have so much more sophisticated food. Sorry if i spelled the word wrong. But all the food looks great and easy to access you dont have to walk in somewhere you can just walk up and ask for somthing.

  12. I keep watching this awkward, yet smooth transaction between Haeppy and Samcheon 7:19 .They didn’t know where to place their excitement on discovering such a wonderful food item so they either wanted to high five, hug, or duke it out. But the end result was a hug lol.

  13. I’m sorry but are there any army’s here that think when Haeppy said “Samcheon~” it sounded like when JIMIN used to call “Tony~” in the sweetest way.

  14. I really liked this video. It looked like you guys were having a great time. There was no whining or raunchy jokes from you guys. It was nice to watch.

  15. i love the guy that joined you two, "its not that spicy" haha. so awesome. love watching you guys. love from Maryland xoxo

  16. Damn this ahjummae was perfect for this video. What are the odds of picking the right person off the street

  17. Just one question , I've seen ur korean street food videos, I never seen any flies around, am I right? Because in our country I dont eat street food because of flies. What I do we buy it in the grocery and cook it at home. But its not the same though its nt street food anymore. Sometimes there is a free flie area then thats the time ill try it.. but while ur filming I never seen flies around.. thats a wow!!♡♡

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