ULTIMATE Mexico City STREET FOOD Tour + TACOS Challenge with ONLY $10 | Mexico Travel 2020 Vlog

ULTIMATE Mexico City STREET FOOD Tour + TACOS Challenge with ONLY $10 | Mexico Travel 2020 Vlog

Hey there world travelers. Hey there. I’m
Tanya, and I’m Dave, and we are Turn It Up World. Welcome to Mexico City! Viva Mexico! So that’s right, we are in Mexico City. We are back actually in Mexico City. We were here like seven, eight months ago
and we decided to come back here to really dive into some of the street food.
I mean we’re gonna go heavy this time. The last time we were here, and if you guys
haven’t seen that video you should definitely go check that out, the last
time we were here we actually did the taco tour with a chef of Mexico through
the city center. Now we’re gonna kind of step off and explore on our own for some
of the best street food here in Mexico City. We’re gonna attempt to try and only
spend about ten dollars each. That’s a total of twenty dollars, right, so we’ll see
if we can do it. I’m not sure because we like to eat and, all along the way, I’m sure there’s gonna be some good things to try. So we’re gonna do our best
to confine ourselves and stay within that budget.
Exactly, we’re gonna say, the conversion rate is about 200 pesos a
piece, so about 400 pesos total. Yes, so about 400 pesos, I hope we can do that. That sounds awfully tough for a girl that likes to eat. All
right so first up we are at a really hot and popular spot actually speaking of
first up, we’re first in line. Now the place is actually called La Esquina del Chilaquil and they’re really popular for their breaded like chicken
sandwiches with the green sauce and oh, my goodness gracious, famous tortas with the chilaquiles, really nice, yes, it’s actually run by two sisters Kristina and
Catalina, which is really, really cool. So, they own it. They run it. They actually, it
was passed down in their family. Their great-grandmother, I believe, started it
way, going way back into the 1950’s selling I think tamales or something, but in 1998
they started selling tortas here on this street corner and it just absolutely
blew up and now it’s an institution here. It’s really cool. It’s about what 7:20 now, or so. It opens at 8:00. Yes, so, and we got here probably about, about 7:00. First, of course, to try this I mean
there’s a lot of yummy goodness in there like if you get really into that there
you got the cream sauce there the cheese and the way she did it she just kind of
really whipped it in there and slapped it on, dropped the chicken breast in there, a
nice little flat chicken breast. Oh, I’m ready to dive into this. Dang, that is really good.
I mean, I wouldn’t expect to have chicken for breakfast but, oh man, it’s really
nice, flaky, it’s got a nice flavor and everything really caramelizes together
with the sauce. One thing I will say the bread is a little drying so you
definitely want to chase that with some orange juice or something, but dang
that’s delicious. So, I’m excited for this one, definitely want to try it out and
Tanya and I decided to share this for breakfast because, quite frankly, it’s a
pretty big torta and so for us you know this is actually a good size to share.
It was 45 pesos. So, we’re starting at 200 apiece, we have 400 total, got to take
45 off that, so this is starting for our breakfast before any coffee too. So, all in all, that was really, yeah it was
good, it was actually good, very good. One to share for the both of us was plenty. I think that was, yeah the lines are starting to get a little bit longer as the day goes on so, apparently,
it’s right, a very popular spot, definitely delicious, we recommend going for the one
with the green sauce, yeah it was really good. A little spicy. I think it’s really good comfort food, kind of warm, and the green chili is
really nice, a nice little spice to it. I liked it. Viva Mexico! So next up, is we’re at the Mercado de San Juan, which is the San Juan Market. It’s actually
kind of close to the the center of town, yeah exactly we’re down at the historic center,
or very close to it, and it’s a really interesting place. It has a lot of exotic
gourmet food, Gastronomia, yeah and, when we say exotic, we mean exotic, definitely things that we aren’t used to seeing. No, at all, I’m definitely excited to check it out. Exactly. So it’s great, so right as you walk in you’re kind of greeted with an assortment of snacks and treats and desserts, mushrooms and herbs and gifts
and pumpkin spices and everything nice but it’s just amazing to see all the
assortment of things as soon as you walk into this place. I’m just blown away. Okay, this market is just incredible, you have the exotic and the gourmet, you also have this amazing, amazing seafood as well. I
mean look at this, look at it, just the shrimp red snapper, everything looks so fresh too, I mean it doesn’t even smell like it’s just everything I think is really fresh. Look at the size of this prawn here. This is the extra-large, so we have a large,
extra-large, you can just feel the weight of this shrimp here, like hello I want to eat you, feed me. That’s wonderful. It’s really great, you kind of walk in and you see like the, the family sitting down. Their having
wine. There’s octopus. I think we’re actually right in this spot where, where
the Gastronomia place with the exotic things are located. All right, so we are up here checking out,
there’s a lot of assortment we’re noticing here, starting from the Scorpion
platter. It looks like they have chocolate coverage Scorpions. It’s very interesting
along with crickets here, it looks like these are ants of some sort. There’s even
a giant tarantula that you can certainly eat and try if you enjoy that type of
delicacy. These are, for one it’s 100 pesos, which, so that’s quite a bit, it’s very gourmet. And, I must say this, coming from Austin when we see Scorpions, I don’t think about eating them, I think about kind of moving them away. Yes, getting them out of the house, exactly not a big fan of that, that’s for sure. Now this here is actually
tequila with Scorpion in it, so that is interesting and you can notice that it’s,
it’s almost like seeing the tequila with worm, exactly, but this one is a
little more hardcore. So, what she was saying was basically it kind of ferments
and you get a little bit of the crunch to it as well and it’s just unreal, but that’s wow. All right, so I’m gonna try one of these here. He’s saying it has
like a little bit of a taste. I’ve never tried this before in my life ever. I’m a little nervous so you might want to stand back with the camera
once I put this in my mouth. You need a little Coca-Cola there to chase it down. Yeah, so what do you do with it, do you have like a shot of like tequila with it? So it basically just kind of has like a crunchy, a little bit of a bitter but not, kind of a smooth. All
right, here we go, on the count of three. One, two, three . . . Mmm, oh wow oh my gosh, okay,
that was actually quite tasty. There’s like a little smoky taste to it, a real
kind of smoky taste to it. You have the, it’s a light crunch. You don’t
really feel the vibe of that, the worm. I was thinking I was gonna have some the
legs going on there, but it does have a little stronger after taste, but it really
is kind of almost like, like pork. It almost tastes like I guess a
little bit of a pork smoky taste. Well very good, but that’s, that’s my limit. So it’s really an incredible market here. Oh it’s amazing, it’s amazing, you can spend
all day here. You can take a lot of time just like go check places out, eat at different
places. They have great place to sit down. You sit down, enjoy some wine and have some like
tapas. There’s other kind of stuff. It’s really cool. And, I can tell you, the people here are more than happy to help you out, sit you down, and give you some great food. Yes. They’re definitely looking for the business. Exactly, if you can’t decide, they will help decide for you. Exactly. Viva Mexico So we are now right in the heart of, La Merced Market. Exactly. It’s a huge market, and apparently
there’s about four or five different parts of this, yeah, I can’t tell you all of them but it has some of the most interesting little
shops all over the place here. You can definitely get a ton of food. Oh my gosh,
there’s like so many different places that you, oh it’s incredible and incredible
amounts of fruit. Yes, so much fruit. There’s so much fruit, so much options here. I would love to find a place where they actually have like a fruit drink or something. Oh my gosh,
that would be great. Let’s go in the fruit section, want to check it out? I think the fruit section was back that way. There’s just so much to explore. I will definitely tell you, you have to
pay attention these roads are narrow and the cars will not stop. See what I mean? It’s just interesting through this part of the market there’s a lot of fruits and vegetables going on. You can
smell all those herbs, all those spices. Wow, all the different things, we saw how
they’re making the tortas, how they press them out, they have quesadillas. It’s just unbelievable amounts of things going on here. I don’t know what to decide. Hopefully, we can
find a fresh juice spot somewhere, but not sure yet. That’s what I’m talking about.
It goes right into the hot oil, cooking up nicely, he rolls it up perfectly and
lays right on top. That’s one of the largest pork rinds I have ever seen in
my life. It almost like the shape of like a turtle
shell, really large and really massive. And it goes, oh, there it goes see, he puts the pork right into there, wow, and as that pork gets in there and really kind of sops into the oils, wow, wow look at them all and this is the final product Now, while Dave and I had a fantastic
time at both markets, the La Merced Market and the Mercado de San Juan, we were building up an appetite and we were told by several locals that there’s this
place that we should try for lunch. Now, don’t get me wrong, both of these markets look like they had fantastic options for lunch, we just had
this one place in mind and we were dying to get to it. Oh and, as we were on the
search to find the great smoothie spot, we unfortunately ran out of time and
didn’t find one to our liking, but we will be back, maybe next time, off to lunch. So we finally arrived at our next destination. It is a hot spot to be apparently. We are now at Taqueria el Albanico, and it’s somewhere in the downtownish area, so I’m assuming, but we made a lot of lefts and rights. It is definitely a great spot to be. Dave and I ended up getting the Carnitas de Costilla, for our first round. Yes, and basically it’s bone-in, I’ve never had this, it’s actually a bone-in piece of pork here, just looks amazing. It looks really great, so good and gonna be interesting to eat. Yeah, we’re gonna have to dress that puppy up nicely with some of the green
sauce, there’s a lot of sauces to choose from here, so we’re just gonna put
a lot of stuff on there to really add the flavors to this and we’re gonna try this out. And, each taco is 22 pesos, yes that’s a good point. So, not that expensive, not that expensive at all, so we’ll see, we’ll see, 22, so far so good we’re still in the cut for under 10 bucks. So, again, look at that, all that nice tender
meat in there for sure. Now, apparently, you can actually dissect the meat from the
bone, if you choose to, or in this case, we are just going to bite around
that bone, savor all that meat and juices. Dave says it’s a bit spicy. I do like spice, maybe not as much as Dave. Here we go. We’ll try this. Dang that’s good. Dang that’s really spicy. Wow, it’s a bit
on the spicy side. I think I put a lot of the green sauce on
there. I like the onions for sure, which really gives it like a
nice texture, nice flavor. It’s really tender. I mean it just falls right
off of the bone. It’s actually coming right out of the bread, as you can see here, but you
definitely want to have some of those sauces on there. I think the sauces really kind of bring it on home. Ah, oh wow, gracias. Gracias. Wow, wow, alright so up next here we got
something that is very popular. Actually, two folks that we were standing with over at the eating station said to try these. These are the Macizas. They have like the
really nice kind of chopped up meat there, they have the pork, it’s delicious.
We have two really hefty ones and we’re gonna try and put some different
condiments on there, but I’m gonna stick with the green sauce that is for sure, but
man oh man just look at all of that, wow. So this taco is incredible. I mean look at this, just full of just so much meat and you have these great fat pieces in
there too, kind of a blend of meat and fat, we’ve just, we put some potato on with
some green chili sauce and then some red onion, it has some habanero in it as well.
I don’t know if I can get all of this in here. Wow It just breaks apart. Oh, such great flavors, I
mean you really taste the pork. It’s so juicy with the fat as well. Unbelievable, everything’s really good. It’s a great explosion of flavors, just really good. And, when you come here, you’re gonna see a big line outside, but don’t be afraid.
That’s a line if you want actually to sit down and eat inside. If you want to actually
go and order from the window, there’s really no line at all. You just go right
up. They’ll help you really quickly and things move very, very quickly. So, now that we’re in a little bit of a quieter section, I just want to say you know even
if you don’t necessarily speak the native language here in Mexico City and
there’s a . . . almost got hit by a honey bee . . . even if you don’t
speak the native language, it’s perfectly okay. We do our best and they appreciate
the fact that we’re trying, sometimes they laugh at us, but hey that’s what
it’s all about. We’re learning. We’re in a new culture. They get it. We got the food that we wanted to and I think you should give
that a shot. Don’t be afraid to place an order, you know, if you don’t speak the
native language, because they understand enough. And if you speak, if you butcher it enough, you’ll get an interesting order, try something new. That’s right. All right so we finally made it to our
next destination. We decided to split this up a little bit and we’re gonna have a
little sweet treat. So this a really well-known spot for Churros. I think that was originated in 1933, 1935,
one of those years but it was and it’s still cranking today and boy is it cranking, so
we were coming in here originally just to have a churro. We we’re going to share it
because we’re kind of stuffed and a little bit of chocolate sauce, but man we ended up
getting the platter of four churros and we splurged a little. We’re gonna
have a frappe. We’re splitting the frappe so that makes it helpful, but I think
with this total, because the prices here are a little bit more expensive, I think
it’s around 114 pesos total what we’re spending in this one
spot. That’s gonna limit us to what we can have for dinner next. I’d say Americans need their sweets, just like everyone else. I gotta tell you I love chocolate ice
cream and so what they brought out here looks friggin amazing. I’m not sure
whether to drink it or I have to take the spoon and kind of eat out of the spoon.
It seems like it’s a blend of kind of milk and chocolate with jimmies on there, in Boston we say jimmies, so sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles for those not from
the Boston area, but I’m just gonna dive in actually with my spoon here and try
this out, oh yeah, this is so good. What a thick frappe this is. It’s nice having that with a spoon for sure. I
like the fact that it extra cold. It’s really icy. It’s almost like an icy chocolate. When they say ice cream, they mean ice. It’s very, very cold, very
icy, really nice though, really refreshing. All right, I’m just gonna dive right into this. Looks good. And, of course, you gotta have this with chocolate sauce. And, I don’t go light on chocolate sauce.
I go heavy. Dang, that is good. That’s really I mean, I don’t know, it’s
like the chocolate part hits you really first and then, all of a sudden,
the churro with the sugar and it’s not heavy at all like you think
because it’s like greasy goodness going on here because it’s fried and be heavy. It’s not heavy at all. It’s very good stuff though. You’ll really love it. So, we got lucky we’re actually here right now to witness what looks like a marathon. There’s a park with lots of music and
festivities going on, but it’s called La Carrera Panamericana and it’s
really interesting to be here, I mean there’s a crowd of people supporting. It
looks like there’s also it’s racing. Yeah, racing. There’s kids everywhere playing. Viva Mexico City! All right, so we are at our next spot,
boy, oh boy, I’m just getting more and more stuffed as we go along. So, this next spot is actually known for its fish tacos. Yes. El Pescadito. It’s a really nice, I mean from what I’ve seen it, from what I’ve heard,
they make some really amazing, yeah and they’re big tacos, and they’re big. They are big tacos. So, we are now I think where I’m not sure how much we’re, it’s full of fish, full of like
fried shrimp and everything on top of it. Oh, I can’t wait. It’s amazing. Put some of this lime on here, just to give
it a good douse of that citrus lime, which I just love that. Wow, and I’m gonna
need. It looks like it could be pretty damn spicy. Right, that’s a big taco. I don’t even know how to eat this. It’s just like so humongo. Dang, that’s good. That’s really good. This is probably one of the best fish tacos I have ever had, really it just it
has a lot of flavor, it was hot right off of that grill, the Marlin tastes
extremely fresh. It doesn’t taste fishy at all and I think for me I’m a huge fan of
the pickled onions, so the pickled onions with that
red sauce and I’m probably gonna have to get some more, because I thought it was
gonna be really hot but no it was more smoky than hot flavor, but it really
added to the dynamic of the taco. I am a huge fan. So that was absolutely
delicious El Pescadito in La Condesa was
delicious I mean in every way possible. It’s a really simple setup the way they
kind of have this little batter there were they make all the deliciousness they
chop it for the next station you sit down and you enjoy it, but we went a
little overboard. Oh no, not on the food, the food would have been fine but, I got to say, the last two places, yeah, when we had the churro we
got a little kind of frappe iced chocolate drink that, it was was a mess, that was really expensive, and then we, I got to say, we got two cervezas at El Pescadito, yeah, you have to, and so, I mean you have to, I don’t know, you can’t have fish tacos without
having a nice Mexican beer, so we ended up splurging a little bit, so fingers crossed. We’ll see if we make it. Yeah, I mean how much do we have left? We got 37 pesos left so [laughs] and I want to have some al pastor tacos so, and we have one more place to go before finishing this night, so I don’t know. Can we do it for that? I hope
so. I hope so. Let’s find out. I’m gonna give you, I don’t know how much of a history
lesson here, but we’re gonna give you a little bit of a history lesson about
this really cool park here, Parque España. Yeah, Parque España, it actually was commemorated in 1921 on the hundredth anniversary of the
Mexican War of Independence and, I got to say, it’s an absolutely gorgeous beautiful, beautiful park. Yeah. They did a lot of renovations on it too recently. Yeah, in 2008
they did like a nice massive renovation. They kind of added some playgrounds and,
in 2009, I don’t know who kind of dedicated this, but they kind of dedicated this
park as for music and poetry. Music and poetry park, so we’re gonna go inside and
check it out a little bit for sure and, yeah, I think we’ll just start doing some
rambling, you know, singing and randomly singing songs and do some poetry. That’s right up my alley, hopefully, there’s somebody playing some live street music cuz ya’ll know I
like to sing with the street musicians. All right, so it is now nighttime as you can
see. Yeah, we’re here in La Condesa, which isn’t too far from our Airbnb, so that’s nice, but it’s at Tortas al Fuego for the classic al pastor taco. And, we’ve had
them before, and we didn’t actually film it last time we were here when we had al pastor tacos, but we’re definitely filming tonight. We’ve heard really good things about
this place. We want to give it a shot. Now we’re in a bit of a dilemma. As we said
before, we have 37 pesos left and, if you look up at that sheet over there, you get
five small al pastor tacos, five of them, but for 45 pesos, so we’re in a dilemma. Do we stop and not eat anymore or do we fail. Well Dave, do we stop and not eat
any more, or do we fail? Oh, we’re failing. Fail. Fail. We are failing. Fail. So, we got five. Now I did, I did misspeak a
little bit. We could have got some single ones, but we wanted to go for the five. Yeah, we could have gotten the five, we could have gotten single ones. Could have been one for 10 pesos each, but 3 versus 5 for, ahh, I know, they’re not that big so we failed,
sorry folks, we failed. Once in a lifetime Those just look amazing, I put a little red onion, look it you got this gorgeous like slices here and then just the cilantro with the onions, I want to put some red onion on as well. Definitely put some red onion. Oh yeah, that would be good. Do you want some on that? A little bit on that. That’s nice. And I want to put some of this on. You gotta have the green sauce. I am really excited to try this. This
thing looks amazing and you know the al pastor looks incredible and you
look at just the green chile, the red onion and the pineapple in there, it’s
just gonna be just incredible burst of flavor and it’s gonna be pretty spice too, there’s habanero that came in the red onion, so I’m just gonna jump right in
here and give it a shot. That is really good. It’s a little spicy too. I taste the habanero. I’m gonna start sweating pretty soon, but this is good. I like it a lot. It’s interesting too because they’re just bite size tacos. It’s really, oh man, here comes the heat. Sorry about that it kind of got my larynx the heat and then when it gets in
there it’s hard to talk, but I gotta say these tacos are awesome. I love them. I want to
have more, just keep on piling the heat in and see how much I can take. So, I am gonna
try this just for the sake of it because David made it look so tasty and he’s
right it just seems like it’s jam-packed full of flavor. Let’s go for this. What is it hot? Too hot for yah? Oh my god, that’s really hot, that is really, wow, that is really spicy. I know Dave likes really spicy. I will say this though, that is definitely really spicy, but no, I think it’s nice having the pineapple in there, because the contrast
with the pineapple and the heat, the cold from the pineapple and the heat from like the peppers, really gives a strong dynamic and full of flavor, but it is
definitely hot, now I like hot, maybe not this hot, but dang it’s really
flavorful that is a good taco, dang that’s a good taco. So, we are back all where it started right back in our Airbnb to just take it easy unfortunately we failed, oh yeah, on this challenge but it wasn’t so bad. No it wasn’t so bad, I tell ya, it tasted good to fail, but I will say I
blame myself because I was going for the five al pastor tacos. We could
have had three, yeah, and succeeded, but I wanted those extra two. Yeah, it’s not just even him, we wanted those extra two. It was like I knew I was gonna taste one of them but
then I knew, once I tasted one, I’d probably want another and he may not have shared with me, if it was only three so I think we did a great job but, you know what, the grand total was four hundred and eight pesos, right, so we were only over
by eight pesos, which is equivalent to forty one cents, right, so for forty one
cents to be able to have that much of a jam-packed amazing day, meeting some
incredible people along the way, oh yeah, and oh my gosh the food was that, the food is amazing and it’s so inexpensive, yes, It’s amazing, you go to these street food places I mean, because we didn’t fail because of the food, we failed because of
the cerveza, which you gotta have sometimes, you have to have that, and the chocolate frappe, yeah, which we could have probably passed on but I think at the same time the
experience was kind of, well worth the additional forty one cents, yeah, so we
hope you guys enjoyed that video, we really had a lot of fun making today’s
adventures and we have a really exciting day tomorrow here in Mexico City. It may
involve some freaky deaky wrestling, freaky deaky wrestling! Are you wrestling? Am I wrestling? I don’t know. We’ll have to find out but we just want to say thank you guys so much for joining us we
really appreciate your time and if you haven’t already please be sure to hit
that subscribe button and that notification bell so that you get a ping
every time we post something new and exciting again thanks so much for joining us and
we look forward to seeing you . . . on the road.

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