UNREAL Korean Street Food Tour in BUSAN, SOUTH KOREA | Best local street food in Busan

UNREAL Korean Street Food Tour in BUSAN, SOUTH KOREA | Best local street food in Busan

we’re on one of the best food streets we
have ever visited, there is tons of good food on this street, we are in Busan,
South Korea get ready for some insanely delicious
Korean food we are taking you on a massive Korean street food tour of some
really local spots make sure you watch to the end of this video because there is
going to be some incredible food I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’re Chasing a Plate, we hope you’re hungry, let’s eat our first stop is for a bowl of kalguksu
knife-cut noodles and some mandu or dumplings, let’s head inside this restaurant makes all of their
noodles fresh out the front so it’s really spectacular to watch them making
the noodles and all the steam pouring out from the mandu being made my steaming bowl of kalguksu has arrived
and this is the perfect breakfast to be eating on a snowy day, so kalguksu are these noodles and they’re a wheat noodle and out the front
you can see the team rolling out that dough and then just roughly chopping it
with a knife and they’re just so thick and beautiful looking, they look really
bouncy, the noodles are just a languishing in this anchovy broth which
is quite watery, there’s a few spring onions, some dried seaweed in there and
also a sprinkling of toasted sesame seeds, let’s just give this broth a go
because it looks really good that is so tasty, it is so flavoursome, it’s
got a real depth to it quite a um strong fish flavour but overall
it’s just the perfect savouriness let’s just give some of these in noodles a go, god
they look so good alright, it’s time to slurp them up holy moly they are some good noodles,
they have a great bite they’re really slippery and they just are an
excellent texture, this is such a simple bowl of food but it hits the spot
in all the right ways you’ve got the crunch from the spring onions, that flavour of
the dried seaweed has infused that broth and then those toasted sesame seeds just add a really subtle aroma whoa this is one bowl worth eating I have a tray of mandu or dumplings now these will be pork dumplings and look how
beautiful they are they actually remind me of little
croissants the way they’ve been rolled together, they’re such pretty dumpling so a
wheat dumpling skin and then I think a pork inside but we need a little bit
of vinegar to go with that so we’ll get a little container we’ve got the vinegar right
here, let’s get a nice dollop of that and then we will dunk one of these beautiful
dumplings into that vinegar, right a good dunking to get that tangy flavour oh my god, mmmmm the skin is so light and perfect there’s
actually a glass noodle in there as well that you can see, it’s a pork filling it
has a very peppery taste and then there’s a green which I’d say is a chive
so a very simple filling, I’m gonna give that another dunk to get some of that
vinegar inside the dumpling now that I’ve eaten into it, let’s have another
bite these are unreal, wow they’re good,
they’re so light this skin is not gluggy, it’s not squishy, it just breaks
perfectly apart, the filling it’s quite loosely packed so it’s not a dense
rubbery meaty filling, it’s a very loose perfect filling because it’s got the greens
and that pepperiness so looseness just works so well, not being all jam packed
like a little rubbery ball like you sometimes find with dumplings, these are just so good
and they’re just so pretty to boot, what an awesome start there’s a pot of chilli paste on the table here so it’s made up of chillies and there’s some spring
onions in there, I’m gonna add a dollop of this to the bowl of kalguksu to liven
it up, give it a bit of heat, just gonna mix that all around, the colour of
the soup is changing so it’s got a really nice deep red colour to it let’s
just give it a go see what it tastes like ohhh yeah that chilli has added a really nice
fiery heat, it’s not overpowering, it doesn’t overpower the flavour of the
broth itself it just adds to it, that’s really good this street also has a market right at
the end so we’re gonna head into the lane ways of the market for our next
snack this market is incredible to explore
there is so much going on here fresh meat, fish, fruit and vege there’s
also food you can buy and we’ve stopped for a roll of gimbap, this stand behind me is
just incredible to watch they have one heck of a production line going on, now
gimbap is a seaweed wrap rice roll filled with all sorts of vegetables, some
pickled, some meat, all sorts of things going on inside and standing here
watching these ladies and the guy make it, is insane they’re just churning out
these giant rolls of gimbap but let’s get into this one that I’ve got in my
hand, so it’s been wrapped in tin foil and it’s still a little bit warm to the
touch from the rice coming out of the the hot rice pot oh look at that, it’s all been
cut for us, oh and the vegetables sticking out the end, it’s amazing, so you can see
poking out you’ve got a big piece of egg there’s some sort of green in there maybe some pickled chives, there’s some carrot, some ham, some burdock root let’s
just rip it in two cause there’s more in there oh look at that cross-section that
is gorgeous, so you can see all the things I’ve explained plus I couldn’t
see before, there’s some radish and some crabmeat in there as well or some surimi
that looks like everything that’s in there and then of course the rice and
that seaweed roll wrap on the end let’s grab a piece off it’s just so
pretty let’s go in that was a big mouthful, one minute, okay
I got that down, that is amazing the, the pickled vegetables have a little bit of
a tang and they’re really crunchy like just one pop crunch in your mouth, the rice
because it’s just a tad warm, just a touch warm it’s the most perfect
texture because of that, it’s still light and fluffy, it’s not too sticky, the
seaweed is really nice, a very subtle sea salt flavour and really easily breaks up
it doesn’t get all sticky and clumpy in your mouth like I can find sometimes
with seaweed rolls like this, that is great oh and I forgot about the egg, the egg
is a really soft light sort of almost creamy texture, just everything in there
works perfectly together and what an awesome environment to be able to eat this in so as we said this is right at the end of the street we’re doing all
the filming on today and it’s a tiny little street, so this market is part of
this incredible food street that we are on it’s stopped snowing so we’re back out on
the streets and our next stop is for some of the best fried chicken we have
ever eaten this chicken place is great, it is right
on the street front and the chickens are all lined up ready to go, but it’s been fried
once when you pop into the restaurant and order they will refry the chicken to
give it this ridiculous amount of crispiness I can’t wait to get into one of
those birds our plate of golden fried chicken has
arrived, check it out so it’s one whole chicken that has been ripped into pieces
and it is just begging to be eaten so the meal of chicken and beer is
called chi-maek so we’ve got our fried chicken we’ve also got a bottle of Cass
here to wash it all down, I cannot wait to get into this so a bottle opener is
always on the table waiting for you because I mean you just have to drink
beer with your fried chicken feast so I’m gonna open that baby up and then it’s
customary in Korea to not pour for yourself, someone always pours for you so
thank you Thomas and with this restaurant hahahaha I’ll just mop up the beer that Thomas
poured into the pickle, working a camera as well as pouring beer does not go
together, so this restaurant is super local and it literally just serves fried
chicken, beer and soju so this is chimaek at its finest, look at how crispy the
skin on this chicken is and that is because it’s been twice fried so you saw
all those chickens out the front they grab a raw chicken, they rub it
very lightly with a spice mixture then they dip it in batter and fry it for the
first time and then when you put your order in
they grab the fried chicken and then deep-fry it before they serve it to you,
once it’s done that ajumma literally rips it up with her hands puts it on a
platter and there you have it, it’s in front of you, so I’ve just got to get in
I’m gonna stop talking and just grab this drumstick and thigh and just give
it a big ole bite mmmm, mm mmm mmmm that is the crispiest, most tender fried
chicken ever, you crunch through that batter and it is so thin and then you
hit that meat which is super tender and it has just a tiny, tiny spice, it’s a
really small bird but the meat is so tender and juicy and honestly that
crunch of that batter and that skin it just is the perfect mouthful, we’ve also
got a little packet of salt and pepper seasoning mix here but honestly it
doesn’t need it and then some cubed pickled radish, actually I’m gonna try a little cube and see what it tastes like, oh it’s really
sweet and really tangy because it’s been pickled and it just cuts through that
deep fried flavour that’s in your mouth a glass of cold beer and a plate of this
fried chicken this is my idea of heaven I’m just going for one more bite mmmm, oh! I’m just lost for words this is so good there’s nothing tricked up about this if
you want sauce you can buy little pottles of sauce out the front but this
is just perfect as it is next up we’re gonna have a Korean favourite which is
Korean Street toast and remember everything we’re eating today is within
about 200 meters of each other it is all so close together this street is
incredible and remember in the description you can find details about
where this is we’ve grabbed some of the incredible
looking Korean street toast so it’s basically a very fried piece of white
thick, very thick actually, white bread and you can see it’s golden because it’s
had butter put on it and then that’s been fried on the hot plate and inside
is basically like a omelette so it’s a big egg omelette with it looks like
some green chives in there and I think some cabbage and then a very, very
liberal dosing of tomato sauce, the sauce went inside and all over the top and
then the special ingredient to these is sugar, they sprinkle some sugar on the
bread and they also sprinkle some sugar on it when it’s finished being put
together but let’s just give this glorious looking thing a bite, I’m
going to go for this big end piece so four bits of bread in one bite mmm, oh oh, it is delicious Wow the egg is super soft and light and
you can see in there all the layers cause it’s bread, egg, bread, egg, bread,
egg and you can see how yellow the bread is because of the butter that’s been put
on there to give it this beautiful crispy finish and the egg is so light
it’s such a fluffy omelette, let’s take another big bite I want to get lots of
that tomato sauce in there mmm oh, that was the saucy side it’s totally all over my face, oh that is so good, this is such a brilliant little snack, it’s quite
warming, it’s got beautiful crunch, a tiny bit of freshness but that’s definitely
not the overriding thing here it’s not about being fresh and healthy,
it’s about being super tasty and that is super tasty we’ve whipped back into the market to
grab a bowl of one of Busan’s most famous winter foods and that is a bowl
of dan patjuk or red bean porridge, let’s go and grab a bowl there’s a lineup of porridge vendors in
this corner of the market we just chose a random stall and we have got our
steaming hot bowl of patjuk in front of us, so it’s a red bean porridge and
it’s actually got grains of rice or cooked rice in it as well as what I
think are rice cakes so let’s just give this a go, this is the perfect thing to
be eating on a really cold day like this in Busan mmmm wow that’s so interesting I’m
really used to eating red bean porridge in a sweet version but this
one is actually very savoury, there’s just a touch of sweetness, the overall flavour is
a savoury flavour, let’s go again, let’s try some of this um tteok or rice cake hmmm that rice cake is sort of a little
bit gooey and it’s almost melted in the hot porridge, this is really hearty,
really filling, let’s try some more mmm it’s quite a thick texture it’s really interesting because it has that
savoury flavour, I’m just so used to having the sweet version, but what’s gonna go really
well is this kimchi so we’ve got some radish kimchi on the side which has got
some chilli and then I think maybe a raddish soup, it’s cold, let’s just give it
a go, it’s like a chilled tangy soup that’s really good and that’s gonna cut
through the thickness and heaviness of the porridge all of that like I said was within about
200 meters of each other, so amazing, unreal it’s such a good street to eat on, we had the best
time filming this one and trying all these foods so close together, thank you
so much for watching we really hope you enjoyed the video, remember to head down
below hit subscribe, hit that thumbs up button and we’ll see you next time

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