UNREAL STREET FOOD in Vietnam | Vietnamese SEAFOOD feast | Best street food in Ho Chi Minh City

UNREAL STREET FOOD in Vietnam | Vietnamese SEAFOOD feast | Best street food in Ho Chi Minh City

we’re in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam and
this video is going to be all about some of the best street food here in Saigon
we’ve got a bunch of hidden street food gems lined up to share with you Saigon
is a city that ignites the senses step onto the street and you’re hit with
delicious smells the hum of scooters and a city that’s awash with color this
is our fourth video from Ho Chi Minh City and we’re delving into the heart of
the food culture watch out for smoky betel leaf wrapped beef a local spot
serving up a soup filled with crab, brain century egg and tons more and a
delicious night time seafood feast in this Saigon series we’ll show you some of the
city’s best food from iconic street food to traditional Vietnamese dishes you
don’t want to miss this series get ready for some mouth-watering food I’m Thomas
and I’m Sheena and we’re Chasing a Plate we hope you’re hungry, let’s eat the street food culture here in Ho Chi
Minh City is insane there is food to be found on every street corner but with
this Saigon series we want to show you the best food the best places to eat in
Saigon we are starting with something that is really delicious one of our
favorite things to eat when we’re in Saigon and that is bo la lot which is a
smoky beef wrapped in wild betel leaf and cooked over charcoal the smell of the bo la lot is so strong
so this guy here is just grilling up over charcoal the bo la lot so these
parcels of beef wrapped in wild betel leaf and just turning over those hot charcoal
it smells delicious ngon qua whoa let’s go in and order I love the atmosphere of this little
family-run restaurant so we’re sitting in basically their front room of the
house or the garage so they’ve got the living quarters up there you can see
behind me there’s a shrine to their ancestors and then out the front they’ve
just got their makeshift grill where they’re grilling up the beef so this here
is the bo la lot the beef that you saw cooking up out the front so it’s
marinated beef wrapped in wild betel leaf and then they’ve just chucked a
little bit of mayo I think it might be over the top and then sprinkled a bit of
peanuts and then with the bo la lot you get this array of fresh vegetables and
herbs and sauces to go with it and it’s so characteristic of Vietnamese
cuisine like it’s so beautiful really visually attractive so we’ve got some
rice noodles which have been woven into a mat so a sheet of rice noodles we’ve
got some fresh vegetables so we’ve got some cucumber some bean sprouts I think
this here is star fruit and then underneath here we’ve got a whole lot of
lettuce and I think maybe mustard leaves for wrapping and then fresh herbs to go
over the top so I can see there’s Thai basil there’s fish herb there’s all
sorts in there and of course the dipping sauce is super-important so we’ve got a
fish sauce dipping sauce it’s also got I think vinegar and sugar in it some chilli
and also and some rice paper wraps to wrap up the bo la lot, eating bo la lot
starts with a rice paper sheet so you you grab your sheet you get some lettuce
and what I might do is just wipe the lettuce over the the rice paper sheet to
moisten it a bit because it’s quite crispy you can see the texture it’s almost a bit
like plastic and then I’m going to add all sorts of things on here so let’s get
a little bit of this rice noodle mat and then I’m gonna add
some of this cucumber and also the star fruit now the Vietnamese are so adept at
wrapping and rolling their food and I am really useless so you’re gonna have to
bear with me add a few of these herbs for some freshness and then of
course the bo la lot so the beef so I’m getting a little morsel of the beef dab
it in that peanut all right okay so now it’s time to roll
so I think we go like this all right I’ve got my roll and now it’s time to
dunk so I’m gonna add some of this chilli into my fish sauce dipping mixture and
then just go like this all right get that nice and coated mmm that is good it is amazing the beef
is so full of flavor and it’s quite sweet and it’s got a lot of herbs and
spices in it I can taste I think maybe there’s lemongrass in there and the the
betel leaf has a really beautiful flavour it’s quite subtle a
little bit like aniseed it’s not the betel leaf that you see people chewing
say in India as a stimulant it’s a different variety it’s perfect with that beef holy moly that is good it’s so fresh I love all the different textures
so you’ve got the crispy rice wrap and then the fresh herbs are really
juicy and moist and then the beef it’s just packed full of flavour next we’re in a part of town that we
have loved while we’ve being staying here in Saigon it is this amazing street
that is all action Sheena almost just got run over by that scooter you can see
all around me the flowers this is the flower market this street but as well as
being the flower market it’s all action with street food so it’s got this
beautiful smell of all these flowers but it’s also got these beautiful smells of
street food and we’re gonna have a soup here but it is no normal soup it
is a crazy soup with a heck of a lot of ingredients you’ve gotta check this
one out it’s down this little side street right in amongst all the market xin chao whoa sup cua? Sup cua wow so we found the little stall that’s famous for doing this crab
soup I’m so intrigued by this because it’s it’s not just crab in the broth
there’s something like ten different ingredients everything ranging from pork
brain all the way to century egg I believe so it’s looking really good it’s
this huge pot filled to the brim with this soup I can see actually the pig’s
brain floating on the top there so right here you can see the pig’s brain there
and there’s them also some quail eggs some mushroom it looks full of delicious
looking ingredients check out this bowl of sup cua so it
is a really good-looking bowl of soup I think probably the the thing that stands
out most is the the texture of it look at that gloop serious gloop going
on and that’s because the the base of the soup is made with tapioca starch so
you get that really gloopy texture there is a ton of ingredients in the soup so
I’ll just talk through the ones that are really obvious first probably the one
that stands out most is this so the century egg so that’s a preserved egg
it’s been preserved in ash and lime and so you get that beautiful jelly like
look to it and that color so a century egg obviously not cured for a century but
that’s been preserved in the ash to get it to that beautiful texture and color
and the other thing that really stands out is this huge chunk of brain so this
is a pig’s brain so a really big chunk of that and that is breaking apart as I
touch it look how creamy that is then we’ve got a little egg here so just a
quail’s egg a hard-boiled quail’s egg bunch of coriander on top and then
within this gloopy broth we’ve got chicken we’ve got crab I can see some
mushroom there to go with it on the table we’ve got some some chilli and some
soy sauce so we’re gonna put a little bit of those on top we’ll go chilli first
cause I want to give it a bit of a kick actually I’m just gonna have just a tiny
bit of that broth mmm oh that is good it’s got a real
freshness from the coriander oh that’s a beautiful soup but that needs that
needs the extras so we’re gonna put some chilli in there I think it needs to be
just really kicked up so get a couple of big spoons of chilli bit of soy don’t
want to go too crazy so you don’t want to over soy because you can get way too
salty on that and that can sort of ruin the bowl you can always put more you
can’t put less all right I’ve got a bit of everything there a nice big chunk of
brain oh that is so so delicious whoa that chilli is very spicy totally
changes the flavour profile the saltiness of the soy just lifted
everything a little bit ah that’s good let’s get into this um this century egg
as well break that up so you can see I’ve got a nice chunk of egg we want
some more brain oh and look some crab on there oh that brain is so creamy I can’t
even pick it up it’s so creamy all right a nice bit of brain this is lovely it’s really really good what I
love about it is the balance is perfect so there was pepper on top there was a
little bit of saltiness but I’ve added more by putting that soy on there and
then the the freshness comes from the coriander gives it a really fresh burst
an incredibly fresh burst that sort of sits on top of everything else as a
beautiful fresh flavour the brain is not too strong brain cooked badly can be
not the nicest flavour in the world but that is a beautiful flavour texturally
it’s amazing so creamy and then the soup itself is super creamy because of that
tapioca starch broth that it’s in sort of it’s not sticky in the mouth but it’s
got a beautiful texture to it and then everything else is just so subtle so
subtle flavour of crab you’ve got the sort of chicken flavour in the broth some of these setups for street food
here in Vietnam are great too so we’re eating in this little room over here but
it’s all being cooked on the street at this little street food cart so we’ve
got a little cart right amongst all these flowers we spoke about before as
well so it’s the smell of that beautiful broth and that soup cooking up and all
those flowers combined to make one of the world’s best smells it’s a very good
soup and a really neat little area of Saigon I love eating in local markets because
there’s always so much going on you’ve got all of these scooters hooning past
there’s life all around us I’m about to get run over
now we’ve walked about 20 minutes or 20 meters rather from our last stop to our
next street food and it’s a very popular Vietnamese Street food it’s a
rice paper salad muot thoi, bánh tráng chấm bơ number 10 is that okay? So this little
rice paper salad stand is actually just in someone’s house well out the front of
someone’s house and they’ve got all of these really delicious looking and
smelling ingredients in front of us so they do all sorts of different varieties
and different plates we’ve just gone with one which we’ve heard is really
good it’s got quite butter in it and it’s got some quail eggs and all sorts of
different sauces this looks like such an interesting and unique snack and
what’s really cool is the surroundings that we’re in we’re sitting in this
little lane way which is just around the corner, hi
around the corner from the main street of the market and then everyone’s just
sitting on these little stools at these tiny tables and tucking into their rice
paper snack so we’ve got two bowls here the first is this one which is
made up of cut up bits of rice paper which is just like we had earlier on in
the video and then we’ve got this special concoction so they had all
different types of sort of mixes on the menu this is just one of them and I was
really intrigued because it’s made up of this special secret recipe this dark
sauce here it’s got a blob of butter and then it’s made up of some quail eggs
chopped up quail eggs some spring onion and then also these crispies I’m
not really sure what they are maybe mungbean crispies not sure but
they do have a really beautiful sort of garlicky smell so the idea is that you
take the the rice paper so it’s just cut up bits of rice paper and it’s got such
a unique texture it’s almost like plastic and what you do is you just
scoop this mixture onto your rice paper and eat it like so so all right I’ve got
a huge dollop of butter and then some of that quail egg mixture on there whoa that is delicious this mixture is insane so I got a huge hit of that
creamy butter it’s a little bit sweet the black sauce is actually very sweet
too and then the quail egg was super creamy and I think that these are mung
bean crispy they’re really crunchy and they’ve got a garlic flavor this is such
a unique snack do you know what it reminds me of it reminds me of chip and dip so the chips
are the rice paper and it’s they’re quite crunchy at first but then when you
put them in your mouth they sort of soften up a bit so good I got a hit and sourness from that dark sauce in that mouthful so it’s sour it’s sweet it’s crunchy it’s
creamy it’s a great interplay of textures and flavours it’s really fun to
eat we’ve walked about 15 minutes to our
next stop and it’s nighttime now and what I love here in Vietnam when the sun
goes down it gets a little bit cooler people start to come out on the street
they just hang out chat out in the street it’s a really nice environment but
that also means a whole lot of food sets up in the street because you don’t have
the sun beating down so I can see just up ahead here the next places we’re
gonna eat so there’s a couple of restaurants right here in this lane and
they’re seafood restaurants but they specialize in sea snails so we’re
definitely gonna get some sea snails and just see what else they have on offer
we’re gonna enjoy this nice cooler air at night and have some seafood in this
lane xin chao look at all of this incredible seafood which is lined up there’s all sorts of snails look at these giant ones here there’s oysters crab claws all sorts let’s pick a few and dive in this lady
is trying so hard to help me with ordering I’ve got the Vietnamese menu
here but obviously can’t understand much of it but she’s pointing out all the
different types of snails and how they can be cooked okay so what’s really neat about these snail restaurants is that the cooking happens right on the street and in front of all the
diners so here they’re cooking up some blood cockles there’s lots of green
onions going on top of them over charcoal and so it’s really smoky the
atmosphere is really neat and then there’s some there’s also some I
think looks like snails and corn being cooked in this little fry pan over here
it is all go a seafood feast has arrived on our
table so we’ve got four different dishes I’ll talk you through everything we’ve ordered so this one here is the snails dish so this is what we first
mentioned we wanted to get here so it’s snails cooked in some butter just grab
my chopsticks to show you look at that brown buttery sauce under there and there’s
some corn in there which should go really well because corn and butter is such a
classic combo and then to go with all that we’ve got these scallops and
they’ve got a whole lot of green spring onions all over the top and
peanuts sprinkled all over there which is really neat we’ve got this bowl of
clams which is in a broth lovely shellfish-y broth and a lot of lemongrass cooked
down in there and I can see chilli as well all that lemongrass oh that should
be really pungent and then we’ve got these which look very much like the
scallops I think they’re a type of clam cooked the same sort of way so the peanut
on top and the green onion and then to go with that you get some herbs and some
calamansi so some citrus and chilli and a little salt and pepper mixture so you
can make up a slurry another dish has just shown up on our table so honestly
we’re not quite sure how many dishes we’ve ordered so this is another type of
sea snail these ones are very pretty and cooked in that dark the
brown sauce so it looks like a butter sauce again the atmosphere is wild it’s brilliant,
very helpful staff but us with no Vietnamese and they have no English so
we’ve been trying to work out what they offer and what we’re going to get so so far we
have these five dishes there may be more coming I actually don’t know but what
we’ve got so far looks super good I almost don’t know where to start I
think the snails with the corn is going to be my my go-to first thing but I’m
going to make up a bit of a slurry so I’ll get some calamansi here and just oh
look how juicy that is and put it in with my salt and pepper just to make a
nice little slurry so I can dip the shellfish in there let’s grab one of
these snails I’ll find the biggest juiciest one I can look at that oh it’s
really hot yeah can I pull it out no let’s get rid of the chopsticks we’ll
go I think try and pull that out with my fingers oh yes a nice meaty bit get it in that slurry so that’s bit of salt and pepper we’ve got a little bit of fish sauce and vinegar here quite a chewy snail but the flavor is
amazing the butter that that’s been cooked in and she was putting a lot of
butter in the pan when she was cooking them up it’s very deep very rich so the
very strong flavour is the butter with that I want to follow that up with a
with a scallop because it’s one of my favourite seafoods and just look how
pretty they look with the peanut on top and all those green onions now I don’t
want any sauce or anything with this I just want the scolly you know what I’m
just gonna go straight on in Oh yum mmm
very soft very juicy scallop what I like about that is the spring onions
and the peanuts are a very strong bold flavour but they are the flavour I was
thinking there might be some chilli or something hiding in there which would
knock down those flavours but it wasn’t it’s just this beautiful boldness from the
spring onions good hit of peanut and then the scallop itself is beautiful
sweet and juicy the great thing about seafood is that you can just get in with
your hands so I’m just gonna dive right into these claims here so like Thomas said they’ve been cooked in lemongrass and cooked to perfection so
they’ve been whipped out just as they’ve opened because they’re really super
juicy and tender and that lemongrass flavour’s really fragrant
all right now we’ve got a whole plate of these snails to get into too so I’m going to grab
one of them whoa they’re nice and hot whip off that little
bit on the end oh he came right out very easily very meaty and tender and that
sauce is quite garlicky and very sweet this atmosphere is neat so all the fumes I shouldn’t say fumes the beautiful delicious smells and smoke that’s coming from the
cooking just wafting over our table and you’re just inhaling all those smells
tucking into the seafood it’s a great atmosphere

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