Upgraded my Wife’s Kitchen when She Wasn’t Home | A day in the life of an Engineer 02 – John Le AMWF

Upgraded my Wife’s Kitchen when She Wasn’t Home | A day in the life of an Engineer 02 – John Le AMWF

hey thought we’re back at the beach again weren’t you yeah ya hear that Beach sound you thought it’s another one of those vlogs about a beach but it’s not we’re back at home today and well it’s really hot out here check this out 38 yes which is roughly a hundred degrees Fahrenheit that is hot so let’s go inside [Music] [Music] so Margot had to work today which is a bummer because it’s a Sunday but I’m a surprise sir I’m going to show you how to turn my kitchen from this to this so Margit has been asking me for a long time now to add some lights underneath our kitchen cabinets cuz give a little asand as send to it since she’s at work today I’m a surprise her I bought some of these LED lights too today and I’m gonna installed underneath these kitchen cabinets and I think it’s supposed to make it look better and I’ll have a really surprise for her at the end I bought this kit on Amazon for 20 dollars just to see if it worked this kit comes with power supply adapter read mode do all these colors you can put on there check that out and the lights so this is 16 feet of light and my cabinets I measured this morning it’s like 15 so we should have some room to spare so I’m going install it what’s your surprise for this evening you see right now even with the lights on up top all this just look a little bland someone put the lights all underneath the cabinets and we should were to turn on with the remote so let me show you all right so these slides comes in a row like this on each of them it has some some 3m stickers on the back and LEDs on the front so hopefully we can just stick this across the bottom all the way across here there John yeah you have what do you need help with I mean help bringing groceries Margaret I’m busy right now I’m installing lights for Margaret there is something more just waiting for you and me I need help we get groceries come on just leave it there for a second I can’t I’m in the middle of something you know good about yourself no I can’t do it by myself it’s heavy you got it your big boy it’s really heavy [Music] and then I already need your help it’s a lot of stuff hey can you help you’re gonna eat – they’re gonna put it away we’ll leave that for later we gotta cook later are you not done yet no I’m still working do you not see this what do you mean how long does that take fine you come to it then come on man it wouldn’t take ten minutes look right here just stick it in right there look yep just typed it just like that see [Music] check that out she didn’t know she wanted blue lights is she I don’t think she wanted blue lights it’s really gonna surprise her isn’t it but see this comes with a remote and so you can go red green blue white you can control the strength of the light you can control orange orange yellow pink isn’t that awesome now there’s some DIYs in here which you can control the lights in there and you can control like that the pattern in it so you can do I think you can do some orange and some blue which would be really awesome Oh Oh No check this out so when she gets home tonight I’m a secretly recorded turn that on and see what she says look who’s home mr. little kid ah it’s a little woman what you doing cook it up your broccoli for the week just the way you like it no stems attached only the fluffy part mostly so it’s really crazy this is a no-brainer so that whole bag right there you can buy it for 3.90 eight cents comes with most of it or cutoff you buy it in the store it’s a lot more expensive you have to cut all the other things off and throw it away we’re grilling for dinner tonight that’s worth hamburgers and I’m gonna do one get some chicken for work for the week we usually grill for the week because so then we don’t have to worry about lunch for rest a week and then it’s cheaper than going out to eat so we save someone yeah only one of us get to do that so you know who’s doing it you did Burger King last week [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] this bad habit right here he does not mean anymore I gave him like 10 he takes on that back yeah he’s been a good boy yes mommy thanks making you happy yeah hey such a good baby and daddy sharing everything yes Tomer wasn’t obesity rate in Alabama it’s way too high right now hey it treats are just more fun when they’re in daddy’s chair I’d say yeah thank you good boy that’s a good boy all done yeah now good boy again look at that beauty look at that look at that what is that you could not get more perfect look yeah look okay oh my stars what you think you’re crazy that’s weird that’s creepy that looks like the devil your brother would die to solve it you were weird look look we can have that before Auburn football games wow that’s something else fun Wow hitting the kitchen and when we’re ready to have a party wow that that is just I’m speechless truly Wow you don’t like that I see if you own your normal love and then oh if that’s if that’s too bright you can bring it down it’s really not what I like but it’s really cute it’s really really cute we’ll leave it on this most the time War Eagle no give me thoughts about the lights um we’re gonna see what your mom thinks about the lights did you like them they are something else I mean honey something else entirely we’re gonna send a video and we’ll see what people’s reactions are how about that kind of like you know post comment tell me what you think since the videos and see what they think I think they’ll be on my side well I guess we’re gonna eat dinner enjoy the lights it’s pretty awesome I hoped you kept these will you sell for your kitchen it’s not a sponsored video by the way it’s not that for Margaret I hoped you liked the video hit the like if you do hit the subscribe button abuse it just take it out let me know what you think about this surprise and I’ll see you the next video bye come follow me to a secret place where only the moon can see beyond the shores there is something more

20 thoughts on “Upgraded my Wife’s Kitchen when She Wasn’t Home | A day in the life of an Engineer 02 – John Le AMWF

  1. Looks awesome John, I've put those lights by my desk in the office but didn't thing about using then in the kitchen oddly enough even though you need more light their than most rooms, I reckon a yellowish-white hue would work well as a natural light there. English pronunciation makes no sense but "ak-sent" is how we pronounce accent, appreciate your attempt. I think you look better than your "bro", more helpful anyway lol.

  2. I bought similar lights a few years ago and put it at the bottom of my car, and thought they were kind of neat. Cop pulls me over about a week into it and asked, " what's the deal with the lights, is it a gay pride thing?" 😣 I got home and took em off, the wife noticed and asked why I took it off. Just told her I don't want to talk about it.

  3. John, I’ve been planning on doing the same in my kitchen. Thanks for inspiring me. Margaret is gonna luv it a well, eventually. Imagine all the cool dance parties you wil bro hosting in the near future m. You

  4. I never knew I needed those lights in my life til I saw it right now lol. You should put your Amazon affiliate link to the product and get a commission in case others like me find it useful enough to buy it

    I don't mind u getting a commission coz if it weren't for u showing the lights, I would've never known about them

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