Value-For-Money Japanese Meat Buffets | Eatbook Food Guides | EP 25

Value-For-Money Japanese Meat Buffets | Eatbook Food Guides | EP 25

Hi guys, welcome to the episode of Eatbook Vlogs, I’m Chiara And I am Chow! And my hair is a mess. Sorry, one more time. Hi guys welcome to another episode of Eatbook Vlogs. Chiara: I am Chiara.
Chow: And I am Chow. And today, we are going to, EAT BUFFET! You’ve seen us have high tea buffet. You have seen us have dim sum buffets. Wah, even chocolate buffets. But today we’re gonna have some Japanese buffet! What’s your favourite type of Japanese buffets? Anything that involves beef or wagyu, especially? I like those sashimi kind, maybe some hot pot. So are you ready to have some buffet? I’m ready to eat until I am fat. Both: Let’s go! So first up we are here at ROCKU Yakiniku. It’s a Japanese, charcoal-grill buffet restaurant. And they have a variety of meat, as well as vegetables and sides. The display of vegetables that they had at the counters, looks so cool. Because they had those misty blowers going on. What do you look out for when you’re in a barbecue buffet? Well, I look out for meat! And what I love what this place is that, you don’t have to loiter around this single tray of beef to replenish. Because you can keep ordering whatever you want on the iPad. So the first thing that they serve when you sit down is this plate of meat selection! Shall we get cooking? PRO TIP! You start off with your meat grilling. You want to start with the fattier cuts first to coat the grill with some oil. If my mom sees it, she will say, “aiyo, so fatty.” But I see and I love it. Because I like fats; fats is flavour. Let’s get some vegetable. They have a lot of fresh vegetables. They have got capsicum, mushrooms, onions, and garlic. So while you let your meat cook, what you need to do is, go to the sides. Hey, eat like a true Asian. But Asians also use spoons. It’s really good. The flavors in this rice are just overpowering. And you get this little bits of deep fried garlic, so it’s crispy as well. You know when I go for buffets, I usually don’t go for the carbs. But I can’t help it! The rice is so good. Udon (You don’t) tell me what to do! I won’t tell you what to do. But, we are going to try the udon. Alright, so they actually have two types of udon. This is the soup udon that you have to order through an ipad. And with me you have the stir-fried udon that you have to get from the cookbook section So the soupy udon tastes very strongly of the Japanese soy sauce. Gives a very authentic feel to the bowl of noodles. For me it’s more on the sweet, which I love. Because I like eating sweet stuff. But if you’re a savoury person, you might want to get the soupy one instead. What do you have? The Japanese curry, and I drizzle it over white rice. Always a favorite. Really soft. Mildly spicy. But I think honestly choosing between the garlic fried rice and the japanese curry rice, I will still head back for the garlic rice. What do you have? I have chawanmushi! I think they infused the dashi stock into this egg, right. So the flavour is just very, very strong. The saltiness is just right. So it’s not over overpowering the egg taste as well. Can you hear the sizzle? It becomes so crispy! Let’s try the pork belly first. It’s nicely seared on the outside. A little bit of the crisp. And I find that the pork collar is more tender than the pork belly. I tried the pork belly with the sweet miso sauce. It has a very strong, sweet punch to it. I feel like if you like a little bit spice for your food right, just go straight to the spicy miso. Shall we move on? Both: TO THE BEEF! I like my beef to be medium rare. So I’m actually gonna pop all these out right now. I don’t want them to be overcooked. I tried the beef chuck tender and you can really taste the charcoal around the meat. So for the beef chuck short blade right, I really love how it’s tender and fatty at the same time. It’s a really flavourful. Again, I wouldn’t recommend adding the sauce. But if you want to make it a little sweeter, you can add the sweet miso sauce. That’s four kinds of meat that we have tried, there are also three others. There’s bacon, there’s beef strip loin and chicken. My favorite meat was actually the pork collar. Surprisingly, because I thought I would prefer the beef. I would say it the beef chuck short blade. Because it’s like more tender and flavourful. And you really don’t have to pair it with any sauce. Okay. What about your favorite side? I know what you’re going to choose! She’s going to go right for the garlic rice. This lunch buffet is very good for those who work around the area. Or for students after school, you want to feast out with your friends because you don’t really smell after the buffet. We have ventilation right at the grill. Oh, that’s why the smell retains. Because I expected to be very smelly, but surprisingly we are okay. I think they put on like a Mandopop playlist that goes for hours. And it’s all your favourite KTV hits. Yeah, it’s like, you double have your karaoke and your lunch at the same time. We’re gonna take a short break from all the grilling. We are here at Suki-ya now, and it’s a Japanese hot pot buffet restaurant. I think most of you would be familiar with Suki-ya. They have got so many outlets located all over Singapore, from Tampines Mall to Plaza Singapura— even, Safra Toa Payoh! So we have ordered all the meats on the menu. There’s chicken, there’s pork, there’s beef, and their latest addition, beef short blade. Shall we get grabbing for even more food? A very funny thing to add, I realise that a lot of that customers are all the beefy guys. So they go and gym and come here eat all the proteins. Show their arms. Like they reach out to take the food. Can we actually ask some of them to like. First up, we have the vegetables. I think this is a very typical spread of vegetables that they have. It’s very good for a foundation of your hot pot. Adds that veggie sweetness to your soup broth Chow: And if you move a little bit downwards, we have,
Chiara: All the balls and a tofu. They’ve got so many different types of sauces. Yeah, I love making sauces myself. You know, what is great about Suki-ya? You immediately get a duo of soups without additional charges. So I got the Sukiyaki broth because I find it pairs really well with sliced meat, because it is sweet and savoury. So the other broth that we have is the Butaniku which is a pork base. So if you want a richer and a meatier flavour. This is it. How I like to start my hot pot is to just add all the vegetables first. Because you want to add some natural sweetness to the broth. My favourites would be the corn. Another thing that we should put into our soup first, right, would be all the balls. Sotong ball, fish ball, squid ball, everything especially when you have those cheesy balls, right? I’m sure you want it to be really oozy and melty when you take it out later Yeah, look at our meat towers. The meat here is thinly sliced. You just need to swish swash for like 10 to 20 seconds. Then you can eat it already. So the first cut that we’re gonna try—maybe we’ll start with the beef. Both: Swish, swish, swish, swish, swish. That took like, really 10 seconds or less. Now that we’ve tried both, which do you prefer? Okay, on 3. 1, 2, 3. Chiara: Beef short blade.
Chow: Beef cube roll. Actually it is kind of expected. So far, you have always preferred a leaner one, and I’ve always preferred the fattier ones. Yeah layers of fat along the side which I have to say really helps to add the juiciness to the slice of meat. I feel like people who want a leaner cut, definitely order more off the beef cube roll. And those who wants to go for more flavour, order the beef short blade. Another way to eat this, recommended by Suki-ya, is to dip it in freshly beaten egg. Which is apparently a traditional dipping sauce. I actually like the texture that the egg gave to the beef. It is a lot silkier. Chow: Eventually when you swallow it, everything just.
Chiara: Glides down your throat. Can I just say that Chiara has already finished her entire tray of the short rib and my tray is still full? I didn’t even realised! Chiara: Now I’m gonna try to the chicken.
Chow: And I am going to try the pork! I think this is done? Both: Oof. I’m gonna try this pork with my saucy creation. Okay, so I just dumped a lot of garlic into the sauce. I will see how it goes The meat for the pork is really tender. It’s a lot more tender than the beef actually. Really? I actually prefer the pork over the beef. I think what’s great part about Suki-ya is that it lets you create your own types of sauces. Chow: Everybody has their own customisable sauce.
Chiara: I’ll try the spicy mala sauce. It’s very SPICY. I can actually smell how spicy this sauce is. Okay, I thought that it wouldn’t taste like mala because it looks so orangey. But well, this really packs a punch. Now this is a good pairing, the chicken and the mala. Try that, try that. Okay, now that everything’s cooked, I think we should try the soup right? You can never go wrong with Sukiyaki broth. It’s like so sweet yet savoury at the same time. I actually really surprised at how extensive the spread Suki-ya has. It has salmon ball, lobster ball, mushroom ball. And Suki-ya has a good variety of vegetables as well. I feel like the variety that they have makes this buffet so value for money. It’s only $18.90++! So ridiculous for the amount of things that you can have. So the broth that we have, it’s a bit on the richer side. If you want something spicy, you can go for the kimchi, which is sweet and sour at same time. As you can see we still have a wide spread here on the table so let’s dig in and finish up. We’ll see you at our next location Last but not least, we are here at Tajimaya. Tajimaya is another charcoal grill Japanese buffet restaurant. It’s like a level up from the previous two where we have eaten. Because this has Both: Wagyu beef Well it also says on the menu that it has free-flow sashimi and sushi. This restaurant is really value for money because it’s $49.90++ for lunch buffet. With free-flow menu items of over 50. Are you ready to eat? I am ready to order. Both: Let’s go! So before we start on all the heavy food we’re gonna go for the appetisers first. They’ve got cold appetisers, hot appetisers, salad, sashimi, and sushi! I want to go right for sashimi actually. Oh my gosh, this is seriously chopsticks. She’s really bad at using chopsticks I like how thickly sliced each piece of salmon is. It’s really fresh. The maguro is also very thickly sliced. And it feels so rich, like they are really pampering me. Just the best way to start your palate. Any buffet with free-flow sashimi is a good buffet. So what are we here for? We are here for the waygu! They have the tri tip, the short rib, and the ox tongue. So for wagyu right, you don’t want to overcook it. So as soon as you see a bit of pulling on one side of the beef, it’s time to turn to the other side. Okay. Are you supposed to cook this until there’s no more red left? No, actually, you are supposed to take it out now. Let’s take it out now. Can you see that it’s really dripping. We have the tri tip. Looks like a pork jerky coin. It’s so juicy and flavorful and oily, because #FatIsFlavour. I love it. When I first put it in my mouth. I was surprised by how sweet it was. I think the seasoning goes very well with this meat. And it just enhances the flavour. Yes. And it’s so tender! It’s very easy to chew. Wagyu is really just a whole different experience. The best way to eat it is medium rare. So this one that we have is the short ribs. This is better than the one before. I know why she prefers this one. With the fat layer, you can see visually. And you know that once I put in my mouth I can feel the difference because there’s just a lot more layers to it. You know, I have never felt so bad, eating while you are filming because this is really good. Shall we move on to the pork? The Iberico pork that you were raving right? This is the Iberico pork collar. And this is the pork belly, they use a kimchi marinade. While we wait for the meat to cook right, let’s pile on the veggies. I see why you said that Iberico pork is like the wagyu version of pork, because it’s very tender. It’s soft and easy to chew, and you can still taste the porky flavour. We just tried the pork belly. Something that took me my surprise is how strong the kimchi flavor is in this slice of pork. The first taste that you experience is this citrusy sourness, which is very refreshing. A bit spicy. So it’s a nice break. Oh, is it time for the seafood now? Oh it is! Can you don’t douse my excitement. First up for seafood, we have a platter of different fishes. And this thing: shishamo And they also have scallops and tiger prawns. I really like that they give a trio of fishes, because the salmon is really soft. The swordfish has a tougher bite and then the tuna is right smack in the middle of both. Look at the scallops, it’s like puckering in its shell. Sizzling with its juices. I’ve been eyeing this scallop since just now The scallop is sweet and salty at the same time. It’s like the best of both worlds. How about you? How’s the shishamo? Oh, wow. Okay. So the shishamo got cracked by the grill. It is full of egg. I love the texture. So it’s really crispy on outside and it has that really nutty flavor So very aromatic again, it’s really hard to go wrong with seafood because after grilling it on the charcoal, you can really taste the sweetness of the seafood and you don’t need any marinade or sauce to go along with it. I don’t know if you will agree with me on the fish, but grilling it makes it juicier. But I will still leave it for sashimi though. Because it is fresher. But I will still definitely eat the shishamo. Both: Everything. I mean okay for me I love that we can start off with free-flow sashimi. The meat here that they have, are all of premium quality. I think my favorite has got to be the tri tip. I’m definitely gonna bring my brother here, because it ticks all the right boxes. Actually this place is very good for big gatherings like a communal dining with a charcoal grill in the middle. I would recommend this to working adults because it’s located in VivoCity. Super convenient. The offices are around this area as well. And actually the ambience here, you know, let’s sit back and relax. And the best part is that after such a heavy meal, you can just walk out for a stroll along the Boardwalk. Eat buffet, but definitely eat until you’re full. Very, very full. Yeah, I feel like this episode is one of my favourites so far. Because we have eaten buffet the entire day. And the fatty meat. Oh my gosh, the premium Wagyu beef, Tajimaya, it’s my favorite. I’m going back for you. I would actually definitely go back to Tajimaya as well, but my preference has got to go with to Suki-ya, because it’s so value for money. And it’s a little bit on the healthier side, because you know, soup bases. Hey, but we gotta give it up for ROCKU Yakiniku. I mean their ambience is out of this world. Yes. All those Mandopop songs you can sing along to. Two in one, and I’m really happy that we get a share with you guys. It’s one-for-one promotion across all of the buffets that we have tried today because of the Maybank Card. So no matter which is your favorite Maybank has all these deals for you. Thank you for watching this episode of Eatbook vlogs! Don’t forget to watch all other videos over there, and remember to, like, share and subscribe. Bye Till the next buffet. Let’s go.

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  1. Tajimaya totally not worth it and the service suck!!! They takes more then 45 mins for the meats to come when the restaurant is not even quarter full. Even when the meats came, we did not get all those things that we ordered. Lastly, we only manage to order 2 rounds before we were told that was our last order. Will never recommend anyone to go there.

  2. Honestly, tajimaya is somewhere I will never go again. The food is still acceptable, but if you think of the price you are paying, it's simply not worth it. The service was horrible, I reserved a seat for 6, but was asked to wait for almost half an hour for an empty table. Furthermore, they spent such a long time to serve the meat when the buffet was supposed to last for only 1.5 hours.

  3. There is one at Orchard Plaza.. Its a japanese steamboat buffet.. free flow of iberian pork and australian beef. Yums. I bought the tics from fave. Totally worth it.

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