VAN TOUR | This Van Life Kitchen is INCREDIBLE! Sprinter Van Conversion

VAN TOUR | This Van Life Kitchen is INCREDIBLE! Sprinter Van Conversion

hello everyone and welcome to our much
anticipated van tour if you’re new to our Channel I’m Bee, this is tTheo and
behind us is our cat Ginjey bear we’re incredibly excited to finally put this
tour out there because I know like you guys have been waiting a long time for
it we actually moved into this van last November and we’re currently on our way
on an epic expedition all the way to the Arctic Circle putting videos out every
single week so make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss them it’s been an
amazing adventure so far and I can’t wait to continue our journey now let’s
get on with this van tour when we were planning the conversion of the van we
really wanted to make sure that we took the most out of every single square inch
that there was available in this small space so the Mercedes Sprinter step is
actually quite wide and it takes up the whole doorway we were planning our
kitchen to come all the way to the edge so what we did was we created a shelf
step on one side which actually houses things like sandals dry shampoo random
bits and pieces that we don’t necessarily need all the time but we do
need access to we also have underneath there the gas adapters for our LPG
filling point it’s a refillable bottle and we put the filling point on the edge
of the kitchen because it looks like when we go to fuel stations we’re
actually filling up the van with LPG because in some countries they really
don’t like you filling up refillable bottles in their fuel stations and then
above that we’ve got a lovely little spice rack I bought that from actually a
little thrift store in Billings in Montana where my family live in America
and when I got it I thought I want to use this as a spice rack and it fits
perfectly and just adds a little bit of charm to this side of the van so some
more information about our step areas actually a lot going on here we’ve got
one of our heating points that come out we’ve got quite a few of these and I’ll
talk a bit more about the heating later on in the tour along the side here we’ve
got oak which covers the edge of the step makes it look really
homely and is actually a really hard wearing wood because we walk in and out
of here so much every single day all three of us our cat as well even though
she’s got little paws she’s still wearing it away ever so slowly and then
along the edge here to cover up the original step we’ve got some really hard
wearing material and then some good old trusty IKEA floor matting which actually
works really well at keeping dirt out of the van welcome to the inside of our
wonderful home and the heart of any home is definitely the kitchen we really
wanted to create a country kitchen vibe inside our van she looked really mean
from the outside and then you step in and she just looks so cozy and
comfortable and it was such a challenge actually to create it like this we went
through lots of different ideas about how we could make it how exactly we
wanted it to be and actually we ended up having to chop up this beautiful piece
of furniture that we inherited from the Theo’s parents we did film the whole
thing and you can watch that video on our channel we had a lot of people
question why we did that but we had to make sure we would fit in with our van
after all building a van is quite tricky there’s a lot of different shapes angles
all these sorts of stuff to take into consideration and also weight so we cut
this in half we made sure that there was enough room to get through the partition
here this is our emergency escape hatch the only person who really uses it is
gingy bear our cat but it’s also a great way to have light coming in through the
front see what’s going on outside and also just have it as an emergency escape
hatch if we ever did need to jump out and into the cab and drive away in the
middle of the night the cabinet is definitely the focal point of the entire
kitchen and we put a lot of thought into how it would work with being in a van
because stuff moves around so we put this copper pipe right at the top here
that looks really nice and rustic and kind of we went with a bit of a theme
with the coppers you’ll see later on in the tour so this keeps things up here
like our tea my plastic plant because it’s impossible to keep plants alive in
a van unless they’re a succulent and my plates so those kind of things they
actually stay up there it’s amazing and then behind it we’ve got the overhead
store this is an area that actually gets
overlooked quite a lot and in the cab of the Sprinter there was so much space
above our heads it was insane so we put a shelf in there and it’s fantastic for
keeping things like towels spare jackets and ginjey bear our cat loves to sleep in
there we did really hope when we built it that she would use it as like a
bedroom area but cats being cats you can’t make them do anything but she
loves to go up there I don’t even know how she manages to jump up there but she
does so she spends time in there gets space away from us and we’re all happy
moving further on into the cabinet area I’ve got storage on both sides for even
more spices random things that you wouldn’t normally house together like
face wash spices maple syrup honey cactus and my multivitamins because when
you’re in a van things usually live together than they would normally because
space is such a premium and then below both those shelves I’ve got little
cupboards with the original doors from the original cabinet that we did cut in
half we had a lot of people confused about why we’d keep them because they’re
glass but it’s very robust they’re nice and strong they’re totally safe and they
keep everything King which is great we did add our own handles and this is not
the original pane work of the cabinet like I said we did film the whole thing
so you can definitely watch that and see how we made it go from drab to fab and
then lower down we’ve got an oak work top this is a solid oak work top which
is a little bit crazy for a van we went a bit overboard but like I said the
kitchen was the focal point for us so we really wanted it to be exactly how we
wanted it to be in the middle of the kitchen countertop is an oven this is an
actual dream for me and I know it sounds really weird but from having a VW t4
with only one ring in it and living in that for 18 months
cooking was very depressing so having two rings a grill and an oven is
literally like living in luxury I highly recommend an oven if you’re in a van
it’s a game changer it really makes it feel even more like home and you can
cook literally anything and I just want to keep my chopping board on there
because it looks good then we’ve got a really beautiful sink
now this is not a sink to wash up in as you can see I can just about get both my
hands in I do use it to wash my face and I do use it to empty water out of that’s
mainly what it’s for when we build the van we didn’t want to waste a load of
our kitchen space like I said space is a premium in a van
we didn’t want to waste it with a full-size sink so we have this small one
here which is fantastic it’s a gold waste pipe that goes all the way outside
from the van so I can pour our day wore out of there and I actually do all of
the washing up in a washing up Bowl that I keep under the side and that means
that most of the time that I have all this room here oh my gosh these
mosquitoes are insane right now I’ve got a swarm in front of my face and the tap
I love it it’s so beautiful it’s copper it fits in
with the rest of the theme that we’ve got going on here and we’ve got a really
really simplistic water system going on here it’s a foot pump there’s absolutely
no electrics involved and it works perfectly first because we know the
exact amount of water that we’re going to be using every time we pump down in
the bottom half of the kitchen here we’ve got a fridge in any decent kitchen
needs a good fridge they always come into their own when the weather’s really
hot and you want a nice cold drink with some ice which is what we have in here
this is an isotherm fridge it’s actually a little sparse right now but we’ve got
a freezer up here where I’ve got some frozen vegetables of frozen fruit and
the frozen yogurt and then just run them bits in here so I will be restocking it
but it’s really great i highly recommend ganga fridge they’re very useful and
then further along we’ve actually got two reclaimed doors from the same
cabinet that we used at the top of the kitchen there
these weep our own handles on and they house things like dry food and
vegetables behind this one and behind here we’ve got pots pans and also are
refillable gas bottle and now we’re in the living area of the van it’s situated
between the kitchen and the bedroom it’s got a fantastic seating area which looks
straight out of the side door when the door shut we’ve got massive window that
also gives us a fantastic view wherever we’re parked up now the flooring is
actually laminate it’s waterproof
and it looks like real wood obviously if we could have used real wood we would
have but doing of our milled you want to keep it as lightweight as possible and
laminate flooring just seemed way more realistic to use so we’re really happy
with it and because this is the only area of flooring we only had to use a
think about one and a half packs of laminate which was fantastic
the chairs are clad in birch ply which is such a beautiful wood to use we
sanded it back and covered it with ozma oil which Brad the grain and we’re so
happy with how it looks we’ve got a little magazine rack here we’ve really
made use of the space that we had available and like I said earlier space
is at a premium in a van so we made a little magazine rack here out of offcuts
from the birch ply that doesn’t get in the way when we slide out our toilets
so if you’re wondering about a bathroom yes we have a toilet and it’s underneath
there it’s a composting toilet it’s so good it’s so easy to use it means we
don’t have to worry about finding chemical toilet disposal areas or
anything like that so it’s great for us and then next to that we’ve got gingy’s
composting toilet so obviously traveling with a cat we can’t just let her out and
go to the toilet whenever she wants to because cats do not do stuff like that
so she has a little near tray all the smell stays in there and it’s really
hygienic and a good place for her to go to the toilet and then underneath there
she’s got a name badge just in case you forget swash is called and then the
final piece to the floor in the living area is gingy’s scratch post living with
a cat means that she can claw things and we did make a bit of a boo-boo when we
made the van we carpeted some of the walls which was actually really stupid
because hey it’s a fantastic scratch post for gingy bear so we have this
scratch post that she does use along with the carpet on the walls as I
mentioned when I was seeing on the floor we’ve got a really nice seeing area we
actually got our cushions from an old caravan and had them reupholster bike
upholstery who also added a layer of memory foam so they’re super comfy and
really nice to relax on our lighting system in the van is exposed conduit we
really went for the rustic comfy vibe in our van and we loved the theme of the
exposed pipe work on the wood the lights themselves
very nautical we used to live on a narrow boat so we went for a nautical
theme with the lights to really bring that memory with us in our van on this
wall here we’ve actually got our youtube plaque that we received when we hit a
hundred thousand subscribers it was a big milestone for us and we wanted to
keep it with us at all times so we actually built it into the wall of the
van it’s not going anywhere and then behind me over here we’ve got our
electrical system we’ve got our 240 volt plugs we’ve got our heater we’ve got our
battery monitor and we’ve also got USB plugs as well so everything’s there nice
and neat and as you can tell we’ve got copper themes with the electrical stuff
as well so as I’ve mentioned a couple of times now storage is super important in
such a small space and we have this area here under the bed and behind the chair
that we couldn’t reach from the garage but we didn’t want to let go to waste so
we pushed shelf in and four crates from Ikea that slide out super easy they’re a
great area to store more things keep them out of the way and just not let any
space go to waste and here we are in the final living area of the van it’s our
bedroom and it’s such a lovely place to sleep our bed is actually a doubled
mattress from Ikea it’s six foot long and so comfy it’s actually hard to go
out of bed it’s on IKEA slat so it’s a proper normal bed it’s really good to
have it on slats because it stays ventilated and our mattress is not moldy
at all next to the bed we’ve got a little window that’s kind of like a vent
in that when the roof vent in the kitchen is open we get a really good
draft comes through the bedroom area and through the whole van actually and just
move the air around and cool it down and then on this side of the bedroom this is
my side of the bed we have our custom-made cupboard
this was bit tricky to make because we had to go with the curvature of the van
but it worked out in the end and we’re so happy that we persevered with it
we’ve got copper at the top which matches the one in the kitchen
it keeps the random things on here like our speaker and books
Teddy’s makeup bags all of that kind of stuff they all stay up here which is
very handy and then down here we’ve got our own
sections of the cupboard so I’ve got all my clothes here Theo has his clothes
there I have a drawer of just cosmetic stuff probably too much to be fair then
we have electricals another random draw of notebooks and more books and then our
underwear drawer which is combined together so on the outside of our van
we’ve actually added quite a few modifications and the reason for that is
we do a lot of off-road driving but we also are planning to drive this van all
the way around the world so that’s a little bit of an exclusive for you so
make sure you subscribe one of the main questions we get asked is about this
snorkel it takes the cleaner air when you’re driving off-road and takes that
into the engine instead of taking over the dirty air from download’ like you
usually would we’ve also added a light bar currently we’re near the Arctic
Circle and in these sort of countries where it stays dark a lot at the time or
you’re driving around at night that can be moose in the road that can be
reindeer so from a safety point of view it’s really good to have a light bar
it’s also good at night when you’re pulling up to a location you’re not
really sure what’s around you your wild camping if you want to check out if it’s
a good spot or not the light bars really helpful for that as well so one of the
main things we had added to this vehicle is a lift kit so we actually have five
centimetres of extra lift and it makes it a little bit tricky climbing in and
out of the habitation area but it means that when we’re driving off-road it’s
really good because we’ve got that extra clearance so that’s really important if
we’re going to be driving around the world we also had these BF Goodrich
all-terrain tires that are ko twos and they’re 245 75 are 16s so coming around
the back of the van we’ve got this beautiful rear wheel carrier this is
made by a guy called Williams he’s on Instagram go check him out and as well
as looking beautiful it serves a purpose we can no longer fit this massive
all-terrain tire in the stock carrier under the van
so we had to fit this but I’m pretty pleased with how it looks
so one of the most exciting parts about this project for me was installing the
front run of roof rack this thing is amazingly well-made and allows you to
add so many different accessories so the other side of the van we actually have
an ax mounted on the side because we’d love a good campfire we’ve also have a
shovel if we need to get ourselves out of any situations or you need to go to
the toilet in the woods we’ve got a three hundred and thirty five watt solar
panel it’s a beast that is also on the roof rack and we have a storage
container we have our motorhome Wi-Fi 4G booster which is amazing
that gives us Internet pretty much anywhere we go and we also have a
jerrican holder this thing’s really important for when we need that extra
fuel capacity so last but not least we have our garage area in the back of our
van it’s absolutely massive and it spans the whole length of our bed we almost
don’t have enough stuff to actually store in here it’s so big – this side is
one of the most important parts of our van and that is power we went for two
times 100 amp hour lithium batteries because we work from the road it’s
really important that we stay connected we stay powered up we have a victor on
six hundred a watt inverter charger as well as a victor on MPPT for the three
hundred and thirty five watt solar panel on the roof we also have a split charge
relay that allows us to charge the batteries when we are driving which is
really useful it’s going to be useful in the winter when we’re really far north
and there’s not much daylight at all so we’re not going to be able to get much
solar coming in we also have Shore power so if there was a problem and we were
running low we can find somewhere that we can plug in maybe go to a campsite if
we really need to and top our batteries up but so far we haven’t needed to use
that over this side we have our water situation and you might be wondering why
didn’t we go for like a nice big underslung
t’ankin that is because we go to some very cold countries where it can get -20
degrees and you can weatherproof and winterize your water tanks but we just
felt it was safer for us to have the water tanks inside these water tanks are
brilliant because we can actually take them out and go to a water source to
fill them up and we don’t need to take the van
to the tap so in the middle of the garage we’ve got our retractable ladder
this thing’s great it fits nicely in the garage takes up hardly any room and that
is what I use to get to the roof rack we didn’t want a ladder on the outside
because the stuff on the roof is a very valuable and we don’t want people
wandering up and down a ladder without our consent so that is why we went for
the retractable ladder it’s also useful for getting cats out of trees
if odd cat happens to go up a tree which she does a fair bit so next to the
ladder we have our recovery tracks these are great for if we get stuck in sand or
mud we haven’t had to use them yet but I’m sure one day we will they’re always
useful to have in the back they also fit on the roof rack as well if we need the
extra space but like I said we’ve got tons of space so they’re in here for now
also we have heating duct that comes underneath into the garage and it shoots
warm air into this whole area so it never gets damp and also it keeps our
water tanks nice and warm in the winter so we mentioned in the tour that we’re
going to talk about our heater and it’s our batsto air top evo 40 and so far
it’s been absolutely incredible it’s a diesel heater and it’s plumbed straight
into our diesel tanks so we don’t have to carry any separate fuel it’s not gas
so it doesn’t give off a horrible condensation like gas heating does we
definitely recommend it it’s been amazing so far and we’re going to really
put it to the test when we hit the Arctic Circle if you’re interested in
anything that we’ve used in this van like the oven like the lighting like the
heater anything in it I’ve created a list of all the stuff we used in our van
conversion so check that out that’s in the description and I think that’s it
we’re really happy that you’ve watched it this far it’s been a labor of love
for us we’ve built our perfect home and we’re just so happy to be on the road
drop us a comment down below on what’s your favorite part of our van and we’ll
see you on the next video

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  1. Hope you enjoyed it! Tons more info about everything we used here, and if you have any questions drop them below!
    ↠ You can watch the entire build series here:
    ↠ Ways you can keep us on the road
    Cabinet – Second-hand custom made
    Oak Countertop
    Fridge (Isotherm) eBay: / Amazon USA / Amazon UK
    Oven and Stove
    Gas-it Refillable LPG kit
    Sink – made it ourselves
    Whale water Pump UK /
    Dometic ceiling vent UK / USA
    Paint used (Rustoleum Bramwell chalk paint)

    Living Area:
    Cat Upholstery
    Osmo oil UK: / USA
    Caravan cushions
    Wooden crates

    IKEA matteress
    IKEA slats

    Nautical lights
    Light switches
    Victron Smart Battery Monitor UK /
    Victron MPPT UK / USA
    Victron MultiPlus Charger
    Webasto Airtop Evo 40 heater

    Front Runner roof rack and accessories
    Light bar – bought from a friend
    Solar panel
    4g booster
    Lift kit
    Wheel carrier

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  42. Absolutely fascinating video Bee and Theo, really insightful to see how you’ve built normality into an unique way of living. It’s lovely to see how hard you’ve thought about how everything will work and to see you happy. Happy exploring guys xx

  43. I just Love you two! Absolutely welcoming. The little cubbies are to die for. Safe travels and good karma coming your way. Just redid my camper and I did keep the original oven and cooktop. 💕

  44. we have sold produce at the Farmers Market here in Idaho.. Organic blue eggs for 3$ a dozen, cucumbers for 25 cents each, and lots of melons. i also grow flowers and sold them at the Market. and we also sold veggie/fruit boxes with what ever produce we have at the time to sell Farmer's Market is the most healthiest place to buy produce. usually picked that day or the night before. do u grow a garden back home?

  45. Brilliant I love it. Can I ask what you do with the composting loo ? Very interested as we have thetford cassette but obviously need to empty it in the right places!

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