100 thoughts on “Vanilla Rice Crispy Treats With Leftover Halloween Candy As Made By Bliss & Baker • Tasty

  1. If you are reading this god bless you and your family Hope you are successful in life, Have a nice day beautiful souls ☺️♥️ Small artist here, any help is appreciated

  2. We love rice crispies..Totally gonna try these soon ☺ thank you tasty for always putting up great recipes ❤

  3. Those rice crispy treats look amazing! lol i'm going to have to try not to eat all the left over candy before i have a chance to try this!

  4. I don't know if I wanna make it this one.. It's just toooo much sugar in scared to feed this one to my children but I have to admit looks really yummy and sweeeett 😩

  5. That looks so good! When I was a nanny we were use the Halloween candy and roll the pieces into cookies. Bake them and make stuffed cookies. It tastes so good! I think you should try it on your show.

  6. She told us where her secret batch is😂😂😂, who those that, people who may be working there maybe watching this.

  7. I melt mars bars and mix them into Rice Krispies never once have I use marshmallows plus it tastes sooooo much better.

  8. Wow, rice crispy and Halloween dessert. That's my favorite style!!! I enjoyed it. It's Halloween soon. Thank you so much for posting this video.😍👏👏🎵🇰🇷

  9. If I ever have any leftover candy it's always the individually wrapped hard candy like peppermint, butterscotch, cinnamon and various fruit flavored. That cheesecake looking treat is worth an extra trip or two back to the store the first week of November for the Halloween candy on sale or marked down for clearance.

  10. It says to use leftover candy but they say use chocolate. My chocolate is gone on November 1st because it’s the best part of the candy

  11. Haha a great way for your kids to share Halloween candy
    To bad i will eat all the rice crispy treats >:3. Nice joke

  12. If you actually have leftover candy I’m like 98% sure that chocolate candies like the ones in the video wont be a part of the leftovers club

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