Variety Rice – 8 Dishes (Tamil Commentary) – English Subtitles – 1080p Full HD

Hello Viewers, Welcome to Anitha’s Kitchen. Today I am going to show you how to make 8 varieties of rice. We need plain rice for Lemon rice, Tamarind rice and Curd(Yoghurt) rice, so I am going to keep 3 cups of rice. For 3 cups of rice, add 6 cups of water. Let it cook in the rice cooker. First let’s see what the main ingredients are. First I taken lots of Curry leaves, Corriander, Ginger and Green chillies here. Then take dal varieties – whole urud dal and roasted channa dal, some red chillies and groundnut(peanuts) Also take little sesame seeds and black pepper. Fenugreek seeds Mustard seeds and spilt Urud dal Asafoetida We need lemon for our Lemon rice, so please take 4 lemons We need Tamarind for our Tamarind rice.. We need Ginger garlic for our Tomato rice and Vegetable rice For coconut rice, we need to extract Coconut milk, either you can grate the coconut or grind it to extract milk. First need to get a thick tamarind paste.. To extract Tamarind juice, first we have to add tamarind in hot water. Let it soak for sometime, meanwhile let’s fry the items without oil for our Tamarind paste. In a dry pan, first fry the following ingredients, Add 2 tea spoons for Urud dal and roasted Channa dal Let’s make a thick paste using the dry ingredients In another pan, fry the following ingredients, First add sesame seeds Then Black pepper Add red chillies and fry – to be spicy – add 8-10 red chillies based on the size. In another pan, fry groundnuts (peanuts), we need this to garnish in our lemon rice and tamarind rice. Adding little bit sesame oil while frying.. We have fried the ingredients for tamarind rice- Let it cool for sometime. For our lemon rice, we need to extract lemon juice. Cut the lemons into half, press and extract juice. Roll the lemon gently to get more juice out of it. Our lemon juice is ready now. Add some water and increase the quantity a bit. In another pan, add some sunflower oil, for our lemon rice, add 2-3 spoons of oil For our lemon rice, first saute little Mustard seeds and split urud dal. After the mustard seeds splatter, add 2 handfulls of Channa dal and urud dal and fry them. While the rice is cooked, add 2 spoons of oil in it – to separate out the rice and avoid stickyness. For our lemon rice, we need Green chillies, small pieces of ginger, curry leaves and corriander powder. Take 4-5 chillies

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