Veg Noodles Recipe | Veg Chow Mein | Vegetable Noodles

Veg Noodles Recipe | Veg Chow Mein | Vegetable Noodles

Hello ladies and gentlemen this is Chef Guru from with Veg Noodles, For the ingredients We have taken news boiled in Water with 1 teaspoon of salt green bell pepper or capsicum, green chillies cabbage, scallions or spring onions, carrots dark soy sauce white vinegar white pepper powder salt, tomato ketchup hot chilli sauce first begin by chopping our vegetables capsicum cabbage carrots and spring
onions that was pretty quick and once we got your vegetables ready
we would throw some light on the noodles, these noodles have boiled in hot water along with a teaspoon of
salt and then strain them using cold water what this does is, it keeps the noodles separate and doesn’t allow them to stick
together i have taken a wok in which I added 4 bulbs of spring onions 3 tablespoons of oil, to this we’ll be
adding 4 slit green chillies and saute them to this will be adding one carrot
chopped into long juliennes saute` it nicely in between you can toss it as well like
this. we are always going to cook Chinese dishes at high flame so through out this dish we’ll maintain a very high flame keep stirring it between keep tossing in
between keep sauteing it because you
remember you are cooking everything here at a very
high flame in case you’re not comfortable tossing
this I’ll show you some other way in a couple
of minutes from now to this we would now add 350 gms of
cabbage that has been Thinly sliced once again toss it to mix everything well and saute` it after two minutes we would add 1/2 green bell pepper or capsicum already
looks like indian flag to me with orange white
and green color like I said if you’re not comfortable
tossing it in a couple of seconds I will be sharing another way to do the same thing for now let’s add our boiled noodles to this wok and gently add them and saute’ this whole thing once again
like I said if you’re not comfortable in tossing it you can always use this trick that is very simple you can
just take too ladles together instead of just
taking one ladle which is something like this and then toss it all over so that’s simple way that we used to do at home, to this we will be
adding 1 teaspoon of salt to taste and 1 teaspoon of white pepper 1/4 teaspoon of MSG (optional) after all the spices time to put a few sauces to begin with half a
tablespoon of white vinegar followed by half teaspoon of dark soy sauce and now for one of my favorite sauces
this is Thasia hot chili sauce 1 tablespoon of this sauce will give the ultimate taste for this recipe in
case gather any hot chili sauce from your
neighboring supermarket that would do, most indians like a little sweet touch to their
Veg Noodles so I will also add 1/2 a tablespoon of tomato sauce I’m using Heinz ketchup here you can use any other brand whichever
you prefer let’s give it a toss once again now beautiful spices and all the sauces
we added giving a nice toss with two ladles
this time to this we will now add chopped green stocks of spring onions or scallions and a final touch of 1 teaspoon of Chinese seasoning in case you’re not having this Chinese seasoning
you can skip this step and I finally toss it for around a minute still cooking at a very high flame and after a minute this is what you get so we have this amazing basic veg chinese noodles right ready steaming hot ready to be digged in with your forks or chopsticks, thank you for
watching Veg Noodles

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  2. If msg is poison, then all the Chinese people and all the Japanese people are poisoned…why are there so many of them?

  3. Why ppl get all paranoid on MSG ?!? We all consume MSG one way or another… it's like saying I only eat organic when you know that is not exactly true[ it's just the labels]

  4. Hi Guru. Love ur recipe very nice i was looking forward for 1 thnx so much i will include my food love u.God Bless u

  5. I made it, added chings masala, soya sauce, salt because I didn't hv your kind of a sauces still it was too good thank you

  6. Calls himself a "Chef" but doesn't know the difference between a ladle and a spatula 🤣 What kinda chef promotes Msg ? Not to mention the creepy voice delivery. Avoid people….

  7. Hi Guru, the noodles look really appetising, thank you for the recipe. The colour is amazing! 👍

  8. The recipe is good..but his English is a bit too much..looks like he’s taking too much effort to make it sound perfect..but not really..he makes it sound very very stupid!! Like “the Indian flag colour”,etc., he also said “in a couple of seconds” & took minutes actually to do the tossing. So Mr. Guru..your recipes are good..but your English narration pathetic!🤦🏻‍♂️You are over doing it!

  9. Very nice
    Sir me Jb bhi noodles banati hu toh Wo kadhai me chipk jate h… Jal jate h… Pls ap suggest kre ki me Kon c kadhai use kru?

  10. Can you please transform this receipe and make it with vermicelli or sevai , actually noodles are not so good for health , so can you please create the same magic of flavours with vermicelli.
    Anupma Srivastav.

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