Vegan Grass Eaters? – Silly Meat Eater Comments #2 (Remastered Edition)

Vegan Grass Eaters? – Silly Meat Eater Comments #2 (Remastered Edition)

This week’s first comment comes to us from
Ali Babua, who said… Its great when people who know next to nothing
about what it takes to be a vegan makes such asinine comments. How little do you know about the caloric density
of fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds? 2000 calories is easily attainable on a vegan
diet. Ive never claimed to be a folivore (never
heard of this term so i had to google it: turns out a folivore is a herbivore that specializes
in eating leaves). I eat a wide variety of vegan foods, not just
leaves. I realize we aren’t gorillas, however we are
apes. Cows are not meat sources, but other sentient
animals that should not be killed unnecessarily. Eating animals is unnecessary for the large
majority of humans on this planet. I object not only to the treatment of animals
in the agricultural sector, but also the use (irrespective of treatment). I love to eat food, and i have not felt once
in all 11 years as a vegan that i was punishing myself. Rather it feels liberating to know that you
are not contributing to the 56+ billion animals killed for you human consumption each year. Lastly, on your mocking comment regarding
eating grass for a meal is both unoriginal and evidence of your ignorance. Im not a ruminant animal. 5p3nc312 said… Its pleasantly surprising to see someone actually
acknowledge that humans are animals. Ive had to actually defend that fact on a
number of occasions. This comment is very typical of someone who
has not really thought this through to the end. We are animals, and we are part of the life
cycle of this planet, however unlike a lot of animals that eat others, we do not have
a nutritional need to eat other animals. A lion or fox kills its prey because these
animals NEED to eat other animals to survive. You are equivocating humans killing animals
to predators killing prey, which is comparing apples and oranges. Onto the second half of the comment, if you
are implying that by being vegan microbes, viruses, and bacteria are dying, yes it is
true, however none of these organisms are sentient. That means they can not feel pain, or have
desires. If you are implying that some animals die
in the production/transportation of vegan foods, again you are right, however how much
care can i expect from farmers and transporters when they don’t care about minimizing animal
death? Being vegan is not about attaining absolute
purity. Its about not directly supporting the use
of animals as food, clothing, labour, or experimentation. We live in a world in which our very presence
kills and disrupts other life. There is a lot we can do to minimize our negative
effects onto others. The first step is to go vegan. conorefc86 made it onto this weeks comment
with this… It amazes me that even in 2013 we still find
people who are homophobic and discriminatory to people of their own species. I believe that for a lot of people its their
religious upbringing that retards the evolution of their worldview. Some vegans are homosexual, some are not. Some non-vegans are gay, some are not. I would encourage you to grow up and stop
being an ass. Enter the 21st century. the next stupid comment of the week comes
from The Kracker 69… I love it when we vegans get arguments from
both angles. Some non-vegans claim that humans are superior
and that we have the right to use and kill animals because we are more intelligent, more
capable, more entitled (i.e. religious indoctrination), and that since animals are unlike us, they
are worth less. On the other side, as we find in this comment,
we have the argument that we are an animal just like any other animal, and if its okay
for a wolf or cheetah to hunt, then its okay for us to do the same. This is called the appeal to nature fallacy. Wikipedia defines this as: “an argument or rhetorical tactic in which
it is proposed that a thing is good because it is natural, or bad because it is unnatural” You will find rape, murder, infanticide, cannibalism,
torture, and all sorts of nasty things in the wild. Would you than suggest that these should also
be allowed and promoted because they too are natural? no. We have the ability to reason and make decisions
based upon observation and evidence. We realize that these kind of behaviours are
bad for the social stability of a community. Animals that kill other animals typically
do so because they have a nutritional requirement to do so. Humans on the other hand do not need to eat
animals to be healthy, so our justification for killing billions of animals each year
is palate pleasure. Lastly, a misinformed confused Hobbs O had
this to share… How is it possible to kill billions of animals each
year humanely? The rate at which animals are dispatched in
slaughterhouses is well beyond any responsible speed that could guarantee a painless death. I would argue that there is no such thing
as humanely killing an animal, short of euthanizing a sick or distressed animal by administering
a lethal injection. We know that eating animals is not necessary
for our health. We know that a plant based diet is the healthiest
diet for us. So why do people still eat meat/dairy/eggs?
because they like the taste. People eat animals because they enjoy it. Why do people participate in dog fights? because
they enjoy the event, irrespective to the harm caused to the animals involved. In the mind of someone who supports dog fighting,
bull fighting, rodeos and hunting, the enjoyment of the participant or spectator is of paramount
importance. What is the difference between sitting around
the barbecue pit roasting an animal (who suffered tremendously in his/her life), and sitting
around a dog fighting pit watching two animals tear each other apart? Both stem from the self-centred pleasure seeking
at all costs mentality. Lastly, onto the point that animals were made
to be eaten. Would you support the notion that the children
of slaves should also be slaves, since the parents are the property of their masters? Just because we have placed artificial labels
such as “slave” or “meat animal” does not make them something less then what they are. This is no justification for continuing to
breed more animals into existence. There you have it. 5 stupid comments from 5 different youtubers. Which comment would you vote to win the Dumbass
of the week award? Would it be: 1)Ali Babua’s ignorance of the caloric density
of vegan foods? 2)5p3nc312’s cycle of life? 3)conorefc86’s homophobic views? 4)Kracker 69’s appeal to nature fallacy?
or 5)Hobbs O believing that animals are killed
humanely? Please leave your votes and comments below,
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17 thoughts on “Vegan Grass Eaters? – Silly Meat Eater Comments #2 (Remastered Edition)

  1. I really wish my friends could see all your videos and make the connection, I'm not that intellectual/quickly informative enough to respond to annoying silly comments/arguments against being vegan. lol

  2. If you have been to a slaughterhouse you can just hear screams of suffering animals and workers kick and smack them with electric rods.

  3. For comment 2, humans are meant to be vegan anyway. If you look it up, there are lots of examples showing were meant to be vegan and no examples to show we should eat meat

    Comment 5, the first line made me laugh soooooooo hard! 😂 😂 😂

    Dumbass of the week goes to comment 1

  4. Humans are animals and are omnivores. Now the omivore thing is a bit complicated. A brown bear is omnivore in a sense of 60% meat 40% leafs ad berries. For a bear eating meat is needed. A human is omnivore in a sense of 95% plants and 5% meat and insects (yes I said insects). That means that 1. a human ca do just fine with being vegan 2. that 5% is not even noticeble 3. too much meat (more than 30% to 50% of the diet) is detrimentsl to the human. How come humans and domestic pets are the only animals that suffer from obesity?

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