(upbeat instrumental) – Hi friends, welcome to my channel. If you’re new here, my name is Alyssa. Today I have got three vegan
Thanksgiving recipes for you. I’m calling this like the
perfect vegan Thanksgiving plate because I’ve decided to give
you like an entree style thing, a traditional side, and
then like a green side. So, if you made all three of these and put them on one plate, it would be the perfect
vegan Thanksgiving meal. So, we are making some herb crusted tofu, which is so good. We’re also gonna be making my
favorite new stuffing recipe, this is a vegan cornbread
stuffing, it tastes incredible. It has mushrooms and
just, ugh it’s so good! And then, we’re finishing things off with a green bean recipe. So like I said, it’s the
perfect Thanksgiving plate, and I hope that if you do
have people in your life that are vegan and they’re
coming for Thanksgiving that these recipes are
something that you can make. As always, the recipes are up
on the blog for you already, so if you’re interested in making them, you can find links right
down below this video, and without further ado,
let’s go ahead and jump in. We’re gonna start with our sides
and then end with the tofu. The first thing we’re gonna
make is the green beans. We’re gonna start by
adding oil into a pan, then you can add your
cleaned, trimmed green beans into the pan as well,
give it a quick saute, maybe just a few minutes
or so, and then cover this. And, we’re gonna let this steam until the green beans are mostly softened. That should take about
five, 10 minutes or so. Take the lid off, give the
green beans another stir, if they’re still not soft enough you can add a splash of
water and recover them. But if they are ready to be almost eaten, we are going to add in our sliced garlic as well as some pepper, tamari, and you’re gonna cook them for
about two to three minutes, and then we are actually
going to recover them and let them continue to steam
with the tamari and garlic, and get nice and flavorful. Once we’ve let them steam even more, we can just give them a saute and you can see that they’ve
kinda started to soften and they are almost completely tender, that’s where we want them. Once we get that, we are going
to add in our sliced almonds, and just combine that basically, we still want the almonds to be crunchy, so don’t need to cook them too much. We want them to still remain in tact. Once you have them all
sauteed, that’s pretty much it, you can just serve them right away, or if you want to reheat them you can put them in a sealed container, let them cool down before
you put ’em in the fridge, and then when you’re ready to cook them, just throw them back in a
saute pan and reheat them. Or, you could also reheat
them in the microwave. The next thing is our cornbread stuffing. We are gonna start by
cubing up some cornbread. So, I have a few different
vegan cornbread recipes that I’ve shared on the channel before. I will link them down below. This is the butternut and sage one, but also this works really well
with the pumpkin cornbread, so both of those will be
linked down below for you. But, essentially we’re just
gonna take that whole loaf of cornbread, and we’re gonna
cut them into one inch cubes. And once you have all of those into cubes, you can just throw them
onto a baking sheet, and we’re essentially
going to make croutons just by baking them in the oven until they are nice and crispy. While they are baking, we are going to make
the other ingredients, and we are gonna start by
adding oil into the pan again. Then, we’re gonna add
in some chopped shallot as well as some chopped celery, chopped mushrooms, and minced garlic, and we are going to saute
this until everything is soft and fragrant, and delicious. From there, we are going
to add in our seasonings, which is freshly chopped
sage, fresh thyme, and rosemary, either dried or fresh, as well as a pinch of salt
and a pinch of pepper. And again, saute this until the herbs are nice and flavorful and fragrant, and you can taste this, adjust
seasonings if necessary, but it should be good as is. Once this is all soft and the cornbread croutons
are nice and crispy, you can add those into a bowl, then just add in these sauteed vegetables. Then, we are going to
add in some almond milk and some vegetable broth, and we are going to
stir that all together. And, make sure that it’s as
evenly combined as you can. Mine, the bowl wasn’t big enough, so I wasn’t able to mix it quite as well, but just give it a good mix to make sure that everything is combined. Then, you can just transfer
this into a baking dish, smooth it over with your spoon, and pop it in the oven
until it is golden brown and most of the liquid has been absorbed. And that’s pretty much
it for our stuffing, it’s honestly so good. So now, let’s make the tofu. So, our third recipe is going
to be our herb crusted tofu. We’re gonna start with one
block of extra firm tofu, and we’re gonna slice it into steaks, so one block should get you six steaks, and you can definitely double, triple, anything this recipe that you need. Once you have it cut into steaks, we are going to make our coating. The coating is gonna be
a base of quinoa flour as well as nutritional yeast, garlic powder, a dried spice mix, I like
to use Herbs De Provence, or just like an Italian blend, as well as some dried sage, a little smoked paprika, salt and pepper, and we are going to stir that all together until it is combined. And like I said, this is our coating. So now, we are going to do
the whole drudging process. We’re gonna use oil to drudge this, you could also use almond milk, I haven’t personally tested
it, but I think the oil would help it stick better. But if you don’t wanna use oil, I think that you could use almond milk. So essentially, you’re just
gonna take one tofu steak and basically just dip it
and coat it in the olive oil, and then you’ll transfer it
over to our coating mixture, and just make sure that it’s
completely coated all around all of the sides, everything like that, and we’ll just repeat with
another steak of tofu. So I’m gonna just show
you a different angle so you can see what the
drudging looks like. But, essentially just use your hands to push it all over the piece of tofu. Make sure that the sides are covered. You can kind of press
it down if you need to, but just get as thick of a
layer as you can on there, and the oil will definitely help it stick. So once you have coated everything, you can just transfer
these onto a baking sheet, and just give them a little bit of space they’re not gonna spread or anything, so just add them onto a baking sheet. And then, we’ll pop this in the over, and essentially just bake this up until they are nice and crispy. You are gonna wanna flip
them half way through, but they’re so flavorful, and they’re just like a really fun and kind of simple
plant-based entree option. So now, I’m going to show you
the entire plate altogether. So we have our green beans on there, then we have a nice dollop of stuffing, then I like to do two pieces
of tofu for each serving, and if you had a vegan gravy like a mushroom gravy
or something like that, that would be delicious. I don’t have one yet, maybe
I’ll make one for next year, but I just did a drizzle of
like a garlic tahini sauce. You guys know the drill around here, but garlic tahini sauce is my jam with pretty much everything, so I just drizzled this
on top of the tahini and it was perfect, finished everything with some fresh herbs, and this is an awesome, simple,
healthy plant-based meal that would be perfect for Thanksgiving, but also perfect for like
any other time of year. So, hope you guys enjoyed it, and I hope it makes your
holidays a little bit easier. (upbeat instrumental) And there you have it, my friends. I hope you enjoyed our
vegan Thanksgiving plate. If you do end up making one
of these for Thanksgiving, I would love to know how they go over. I have made all three
of these recipes before for Thanksgiving last year, and Matt’s family really enjoyed them, so I would say that they are animal-eater meat-eater, non plant-based
eater people approved because they did really enjoy them. So if you do end up making
them, come back to this video, let us know what people thought. As always, I have put the
recipes up on the blog for you, so you can find those just
right down below the video in the description box. Otherwise, don’t forget to
subscribe before you go. You can just hit that red
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27 thoughts on “VEGAN THANKSGIVING RECIPES (EASY) ‣‣ the perfect plate!

  1. THANK YOU for these simple yet classy recipes for the holidays! We split the holidays between families so I'm bookmarking these recipes for our annual Christmas Eve dinner.

  2. Nice 😊 … but I would try it oil-free, most plant-based people use too much oil. One could steam and saute with water or veg cube or stock/broth.
    Olive Oil isn't healthy sorry… 😱
    What is the point of removing animal fat/cholesterol and then put it back thru oils?! Serious for us sports healthy plant based types.
    We can get all the healthy fats from whole foods avocado, nuts, flax seeds, chia, basil, beans, pumpkins, olives etc..

  3. Wondering if you've seen the "turkey" cabbage? There are those of us who don't eat soy and need an alternative. I'd be interested on your take on the cabbage.

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  5. The flavors in the stuffing sound amazing. I love that you used butternut squash/sage cornbread🌽as a base 😍

  6. For the cornbread recipe. Can you use dates to sweeten instead of maple syrup? If so how many? Do you soften them in hot water?

  7. Pitiful! Why bother to imitate meat in style or name (tofu steaks/cabbage steaks?). If you’re vegan, embrace it. I can understand wanting to emulate the flavors of the season, but really, vegan stuffing/dressing standing alone? Why not stuff a winter squash with it? Make some Imam Biyaldi. Winter food should be substantive and flavorful. Keep trying. You will get there.

  8. I loooooove your videos and Icare about gluten free recipes.
    Big thanks to you

  9. One of the worst things you can do to vegans is to expose them to the impurity of even trace amounts of animal foods, because vegans get superpowers according to their level of vegan purity.

  10. Wow this came just in time, I’m definitely making the tofu because I didn’t like a few loaf recipes from the past so I’m super thankful ( pun intended lol ) for this video.

  11. 💌 Happy Thanksgiving! I could not wait to try these recipes, Sooooo I did! Loved the sautee green beans and garlic with the splash of tamari, really good, in addition I added some smoked Field Roast apple sage sausages, tasty! Added the almonds too. Also tried the tofu and loved the crisyness! I am waiting to Thanksgiving to make stuffing but I had plans to make a slow cooker Vegan butternut squash sausage stuffing but I might do the cornbread stuffing too.

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