100 thoughts on “Vegans Try Meat For The First Time

  1. Why are u giving them the most disggusting food from animals, like really, even i wouldnt eat that as non vegetarian xD

  2. HYPOCRISCY at its finest!!!

    Studies globally have found 80% of vegetarians use getting drunk as a good excuse to fill themselves with a juicy hamburger or souvlaki.

    The worlds foremost vegan who hadnt eaten meat for decades challenged himself to eatng a steak… he said it was the BEST meal he had eaten in decades. He did return to being a vegan.

  3. No one eats this. Not vegans, not meat eaters no one. If y'all gave em some chicken nuggets this would have gone so much better.

  4. I don’t eat pork , pork isn’t a good meat to consume bc pigs are slobs they eat anything and eating an animal that is a slob you should know you are eating whatever they eat honestly when it comes to meat the best meat to eat is any animal that eats good bc you’re then consuming good meat and whatever they had that is good for you cows aren’t to bad bc they eat grass and a lot of vegetation if they have a good life and are taken good care of and not stressed or worried about death the meat is better but the bad slaughter houses aren’t so good bc their is fear and stress in the meat

  5. I'm not a vegetarian I eat vegetables and meat both but it's really gross omggg…… I would never had this I hope I'll not tooo

  6. Why the fuck are you feeding vegans with parts like these which a lot of the normal people wouldnt eat.. except the tongue its fkin amazing

  7. I have been vegetarian since June 2019 and iam only 12. I don't believe in vegans or animal rights…. it just that eating meat, is eating animal fat. Also it has SO much calories and disgusting.

  8. I don't eat pork
    I do eat meat
    You could have started with a porkchop and not traumatized the poor girls.
    Or went with a nice barbecue chicken or chicken noodle soup

  9. Saying vegans and vegetarians are not the same is like saying automobiles and vehicles are not the same. If you are a vehicle you are not necessarily an automobile, but if you are an automobile you are a vehicle. vegan is to automobile as vegetarian is to vehicle. Plus what is the point of this video? Why are these people not really disgusted? I enjoy a hamburger from time to time like the next guy, but I would be appalled to have these things in front of me. They say they are disgusted – but yet they are chewing and commenting on these items in a detached way like they have Asperger's Syndrome.

  10. I'm a petsitter I've taken care of chickens before 2 of them let me pick them and I whispered in their ears "Y'all trust me? You have very poor judgment" and I gently set them down still a hardcore chicken wing eater

  11. Click bait bullshit. Also, feed them shit that isn’t gross. “Yeah I’d like an order of the pigs heart and tongue please” fuck outta here

  12. I am not a vegetarian but all those cuts are disgusting they are for people with really strong stomachs serve some ribs or a fucking and juicy piece of beef wth

  13. Ok these people clearly don't give a shit about animals because no actual vegan would eat meat for a video. Once you make that connection you don't go back seriously wtf

  14. no wonder that poor girl was crying they gave them all the parts of the animal a ghoul would eat. they should have put a pork steak. and pork chops. and bacon on there plates i would cry to if i had to eat that slop.

  15. Vegetarian 13 years (since 15) nd I've been offered large amounts of money to eat one mouthful of meat nd I won't do it. I would probably get sick and I know I would feel severely depressed. I don't push my morals & choices like other vegans do, so I expect the same respect back. This video is interesting but I'm shocked they did that

  16. I know people are gonna say: bruh u are so disgusting and stuff. But listen! If u kill an animal i think u should atleast eat most of it! Instead of throwing like 70% away

  17. That all looks very disgusting like y'all could have gave them, bacon, ribs, pork chops, or like pork tenderloin but y'all have them all this weird nasty looking shit.

  18. the tongue was prepared incorrectly.
    You need to blanch it in boiling water, then pull the outer skin away, THEN season and cook it.
    If you leave the skin on, it's nasty, tough, and dry.
    Tongue, done properly, is incredibly tender and flavorful.

  19. I'm a meat LOVER and i wouldn't eat any of this shit where is the bacon where is the good stuff why they giving them fucking tongues xD

  20. Let's cook the most aesthetically objectionable parts of the animal in the most disagreeable way. Tongue is actually really really good if you cook it right, lengua tacos have some of the best tasting beef you will ever taste.

  21. I as a vegan myself can never understand how those vegans eat meat for a Video i would not even would do that for money..

  22. Vegetarians are just a cheap fake of vegans if youre vegetarian you can just eat meat bc it's the fucking same if you eat cheese or other products that contain animal products

  23. Your just feeding disgusting meat and not like the thigh or breast meat, you just want vegans to think this way so this isn’t an accurate video guys

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