w/ Elliott Hulse | meat, manhood, fasting, family

w/ Elliott Hulse | meat, manhood, fasting, family

all right what's up everybody welcome to another episode of primal edge health show here I got a legend in the room the man the myth the legend Elliott Hulse is joining us today I'm super excited to get started on this conversation but first let me make a little announcement from our sponsor this product this podcast by blue this podcast brought to you by ancestral supplements putting back what the modern world is left out ancestral supplements offers high quality grass-fed grass-finished bone-marrow nose-to-tail organ meats like liver heart kidney pancreas and brains in simple convenient gelatin capsules order yours today from ancestral supplements calm alright now that that's out of the way Elliot thank you for coming on man it's an honor to have you here my pleasure to be here yeah I'd say you're one of the most requested guests over the last few months lots of comments get Elliot on talk to Elliot and we finally made the connection and Elliot was Heidi and him on Instagram and I got the response so here we are guys with legendary Elliot you'll know him from yo Elliot on the youtubes he's been around for a long time he's also got a channel called Elliott Hulse and one of the hardest-working dudes on the Internet one of the most influential guys on YouTube been doing it for a long time so yeah man what's going on what are you up to today hmm well I spent this morning just working on him on a marketing proposal I've been doing direct response digital marketing for over 15 years like we were just describing before you know before we got on the call and so I have a friend he's got a really good company but there it needs a need of some help so this morning I've been putting together some ideas and proposals for him I say I mean you've you've been working so hard at this for so long I mean you definitely somebody who's inspired me I mean in the early days of YouTube back before YouTube was even monetized you were just popping content like no one else and so man you have 15 years of direct marketing on the Internet you ever get sick of it yes good answer yeah like I I stopped for like a good three three or four years you know I stopped making YouTube videos and I kind of had to take a break when was that when did you stop so like 2015 between 2015 there were a couple years there where I needed to need to get away I needed to break off I needed to stop I mean to recover needed some new ideas some new inspiration you need to just renew my commitment to what I'm doing here yeah talking to the camera is not easy you make it look easy you've been doing it for so long but I remember your early videos you would you'll be putting out a video almost every single day and I think I do remember when you took that break but you know the output that you've had on YouTube is just it's just crazy how did you uh how did you get in all this strength training no strongman stuff I know that's a lot of the audience probably knows you from from your strengths video strength camp and whatnot how did you get interested in all this stuff man I was born this way I was born strong yeah my parents are from Belize and my uncle lived with us my parents are from Belize but they moved to America shortly before I was born and my mother's brother my uncle Elroy was a beast and he was in martial arts he was a gymnast he ran marathons then later on he became a bodybuilder but when I was really young when I was like 4 years old he was still into martial arts and he would do like backflips and chop bricks with his hands and do all kinds of crazy Superman stuff right in front of me and so not only did I have this man's genetics you know because I'm built like my mother or my mother's side we're strong were where we're solid stocky and stalwart you know and I'm powerful and so now I'd only have had those genetics yeah but uh because I saw my uncle this way I believed that it was possible for a man to be a Superman like why shouldn't a man be able to do a backflip like why shouldn't you be able to break bricks with your hands why shouldn't you be able to not be able to lift the weights and beat the bags and and do all the cool things that he was doing and he was teaching me and my brother so like in kindergarten I was doing I was doing way more push-ups and pull-ups and I was faster than all the other kids I used to take punches in my stomach for for lunch the other kids lunch and be like whoever whoever may if you if you punch me in my stomach and I don't flinch I'd eat your lunch so I just stand there I'd line up one after the other I just take a beating in my thumb then I'd eat all the kids lunch and I get bigger and stronger playing football and so I mean I got a long history of just being in strength athletics being in footballs power sports when I came to Florida 15 years ago I discovered strongman I fell in love with that probably even more than I loved football and I competed as a strongman became a professional strongman beat the shit out of myself made some YouTube videos there you go well you were you born there 1979 yeah suppose 87 nice man so a long time on YouTube how'd you get started on YouTube like what made you decide to start putting out videos and and put in putting yourself out there because when you did it it wasn't like I'm gonna become a youtuber I'm gonna make money off an ad money when you started out there was no there was none of this monetization stuff it wasn't about views it wasn't about attention back then it was a different world for all you kids out there all you Jen's II there was a time when YouTube wasn't monetized right so this was when the internet was still here this was after you know flip phones and stuff still so the kids watching but yeah dude how did how did the whole YouTube thing come around well I moved to Florida 15 years ago I became a personal trainer I was working in a regular fitness gym I always knew I wanted to be a personal I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur my uncle again he had so much influence on me around like 1994 he quit his job as an accountant and decided he was going to teach people how to lift and that was gonna be his job he's gonna teach people on the lift and to lose weight and this was like before it was even a thing like you know there were no personal trainers back then there's one certification I think it was eight and he took the ACE certification I was in I was in ninth grade and not only did I fall in love with what he taught me with with the barbell because my parents bought me a barbell set but I fell in love with the idea that you could work for yourself I've never seen anybody do this before I'm in ninth grade he's my uncle makes his own schedule does his own thing has his own job his own business he's an entrepreneur he teaches people how to lift he does what he loves and so in that moment I was probably bout 14 years old I knew that that was what I was gonna do for us in my life I was gonna teach people how to grow stronger that's gonna work for myself yeah yeah man so way before it was even a thing so when I moved to of course you know fast forward I was 14 I moved to Florida about 24 so fast forward ten years later you know marrying my high-school sweetheart when we had our first baby and we moved to Florida I worked at a fitness gym I did really well for about six months and I had more clients than any other trainer there and blew all their sales records out the water and I was like this is time for me to go out on my own and in order to do that I had to study direct response marketing so I dive deep into marketing and I learned how to rank in YouTube when it was like not in YouTube there was no YouTube ranking Google personal trainer st. Petersburg Florida I learned how to you to gather leads and follow up with them I learned how to close people the only problem is I didn't have a gym and so after bouncing around from you know contract training in different places I just I was gonna start training people out of the back of my van in the park yeah and I called it I called it primal strength camp that was the name of it primal there we go yet man yeah we're just talking about this I didn't even know how much I was influenced by Elliot he was already wrapping the primal stuff back in what year was this that was my big brand that was 2006 2007 yeah yeah and that was my brand was primal strength and primal strength camp was the camp I had a book called the primal edge I mean I was already way before there were influencers I was doing all this stuff I know as a pioneer yeah so wit strength camp with the primal strength camps which I later on just cut the primal off and I started calling it strength camp I was training people in the park with trash they were I would fill up sandbags and I had tires we made tire sleds we'd push my van and because it was so cool and it was so unique and it was something that nobody else was doing I decided to pull out my handycam I this old you know where you put like the disc in it yeah my first camera was like this big and had like a disc and I put in it it was like where and I filmed the workouts like this filming workouts like while the guys were working out because I wanted them to show their friends and so I YouTube literally just came out they uploaded my very first video you can see it on my channel 2007 it's a bunch of guys flipping a tire at a park and I wanted them to take that video and show their friends so that their friends would come to my strength camps and do the cool things that we were doing so that's that's how I got started with my first look at all these people these people are spending like $1,000 to buy tires now if you see these people buying brand new tractor tires these gyms and you did you it was anyone else flipping tires back then and I'm sure somebody you think yeah I was deeply influenced and inspired by Zach Evan Esch do you know Zach evidence that sounds so familiar who's Zach hit the underground strength coach it's so funny yeah you got to check out Zach Zach's amazing Zach's and oh gee zach is gee that he owes heed me he's the one like I he had a website that was called the underground strength coach and he started making YouTube videos and he was training kids in his garage he was a phys ed coach at the time phys ed teacher at the time and he's training kids in his garage with trash and because I was broke and I couldn't afford equipment you know I left the the fitness gym I was like wow this guy's doing some really cool stuff with garbage he was filling up sandbags he was creating his own equipment he'd buy a bunch of you stuff and fabricate things so I didn't even have a garage at the time we were living in an apartment my wife and I so I just I I made all the things that I saw him making I put it in my van and he was the reason why I knew what he was doing this cuz he was making YouTube videos he's probably one of the first used before me by a few months because YouTube just come out and I saw him doing it I was like I think I can do that too and so I started doing it that's crazy man yeah the og tractor tire flipper isn't gonna CrossFit gyms buying these brand new ones now that that aesthetic it's funny because the aesthetic that you kind of pushed you can see it resonated with so many people and there's still people who may not even know that they were influenced by that same aesthetic who were putting out content and and going that same route so you literally pushing trash flipping tires and and working out in the back of a van like some creeper in the parking lot and and it resonated with people right like is that people like what's real people like was visceral and you didn't need a big budget but you built this business for yourself from the ground up don't we froze it was definitely raw dog and dirty yeah we're back now we caught raw dog and dirty yeah yes man nice so the early days of YouTube I mean you just cranking out videos when did you start kind of tying in more philosophy and stuff because that's something always resume resonated with me and your channel as you you were looking at more bigger picture things like it wasn't just okay let's get jacked for the aesthetics you were talking about mind state you were talking about the internal state and you would we've in it could tell you were reading poetry and stuff like that how did how did that aspect of your of your yourself come into the play and come into picture into the picture as far as you know marketing and and in your online presence well that stuff has always been there I you know I grew up on Long Island and a mixed-race and on Long Island New York it was its very segregated like you know who you are where you belong like on what side of the tracks like there are the Haitian kids or Jamaican kids there are the Irish kids there the Italian kids there the Jewish kids I mean is everybody there but being from Belize and being of mixed race I was posed the question very early Elliot what are you and where do you belong and I couldn't answer that question cleanly so I was led to philosophy at a very young age because maybe it or out about 12 years old I went to the library and I found the book called who are you or I think it was what what are you really by Rollo no it was not rather was a Apollo may who turned out to be a quantum physicist and a philosopher that led me down some deep rabbit holes at a very young age prior to the Internet there was no internet and I was I wasn't learning about Alan Watts and Taoism and there were so many things I was exposed to so I would say that right up alongside strength training was this search for self that was always there for me and I found myself a lot a lot of who I am through the barbell so when I started making so I really starts trading clients even when I was training clients I would create packets and book booklets and I'd give it to them that dived deeper than just nutrition lifestyle and fitness I really wanted them to be their strongest self right I wanted them to be not just better looking and more fit I wanted to discover themselves and be the most awesome version of themselves possible so again I was doing this before I was doing it on YouTube it was just a part a part of who I am when I learned about marketing I was highly influenced by Dan Kennedy and one of the in Kennedy's principles in marketing is that you can you can teach people everything that they need to know technically about your skill your craft your your your service or product in a matter of 10 weeks he's like once once you once you've got the word out there and you teach them what they need to know they really most people can learn everything that they need to know about say for example like not that I know everything but it probably took me about six weeks to learn about cut the carnivore diet I was watching your videos I was watching some other guys videos I bought a couple books and so within about you know less than 10 weeks people get it all they get it not like what can you possibly teach me I mean there's research things will change but basically I've got it all the reasons why people stick around the reason why you know 10 months later after I've learned everything that I would need to know about strength training from this guy he's because of how where else are you taking them you gotta you have to be able to take people different places so almost like dating you know like when you they say one of the rules when you're dating is that you meet at a particular place and you appeal to the person to the woman's you know whatever sense of whatever she wants from you and buyer at rancor I don't know but the whole idea is that that you then that's when the journey begins and so then you take them to the next step you take and you show them a little bit more about you here's what I look like when I'm in a different setting here's some a little bit of some deeper aspects of me that I think you might find interesting so people come for the technical information but they stay for the personality and that's what I learned yeah well said man that's an interesting concept right now you're taking the audience for a ride you're bringing them into your reality so certain extent right so so how did the fast income about like you mentioned Carnival which I want to get into that in a little bit and I've been kind of tuning in and out of your of your journey over the years right like watching where you're going as far as diet goes I've seen a lot of your a lot of your stuff on on fasting recently how did you become interest did in in like hardcore fasting could we talk – snake diet guy a few months ago maybe two months ago and you guys you two seem to have a very very similar interest in the fasting now what's going on with that well my first prolonged fast was was nineteen days in 2002 so I've been fasting since I was about 20 22 23 years old that was the first time I did it and it was a religious fast so again you know I've been for a long time for ever been into philosophy religion God spirituality these things interest me and so I came across the Baha'i faith and apparently they fast like the Muslims do once a year for a season so for a 19 which they're months based on the lunar calendar or 19 days and so from sunup to sundown you would you don't eat and you don't drink so it's a dry fast from sunup to sundown and it revolutionized my body changed my mind my character at the time the science around fasting was so minimal I mean just like the past three to five years all the science is coming out but back then no one was doing it unless you were religious right I mean those are the only people that were doing it why else would you do it why else would you not eat the making sense and so all the information that I gathered and all the inspiration that I gathered with regard to fasting came from religion so I'm I'm not eating and I'm changing my body's changing my mind he's changing my character is changing and all I could attribute it to is the blessings being rained down on me from the Lord above because I'm being obedient to the law of fasting you know I didn't know about autopsy I didn't know about the stem cells and brain rejuvenation and ketosis I didn't know about any of this shit in there those terms really didn't even exist back then so that was my first experience with fasting it's funny use the words like obedience and stuff because it seems like it seems like you've kind of taken maybe you're at like a fork in the road now like with kind of your philosophical outlook on life because there used to as I remember there was a lot of that rebellion synergy before right a lot of you know fighting against the system fighting the man and it seems like you've kind of taken an interest in like Eastern Orthodoxy and I've seen some of you were recommending that book the way of aesthetics and you mentioned the Jesus Prayer so I I think I know it's it's kind of interesting seeing see in this little turn what's changed lately and why using words like obedience instead of rebellious in this these days Wow cuz I'm not a kid anymore I'm a man now and men have boundaries and so I remember you know a lot of my disobedience I even have like a poster behind me with henry david thoreau and a lot of my videos that said disobey and I was libertarian and I still hold on to a lot of those values but I spent a lot of my early adulthood with a lot of anger and and fear and I let those things fuel me and I'm not really feel bad about it because I realized how powerful anger and fear really are but I realized as an adult now as a father to four children as a father figure to millions of men worldwide that I was fighting my father I was frightening against my father as a grown man and I think many young men end up doing that either consciously or unconsciously and it was for a myriad of different reasons including the fact that our Western society so anti authority so anti masculinity that the that there is a stigma against strong powerful rational alpha male leadership and my dad not being brought up in the beta culture that we are where you know it's a matter of be a good boy listening to your mommy and to your schoolteachers most of which are feminized or feminine the media feminized us the the the food feminized is us and anything that's even slightly smells like alpha male strength is is looked upon with suspect and I couldn't help it I saw my dad in that way also what you know I didn't like the fact that he so strict I didn't like that he had so many boundaries I didn't like that he spoke up so much and spoke his mine and my dad was a strong man and I did I didn't walk against that and so the I'd say these past five years or so as my children are growing up and becoming teenagers as I'm I've worked with and consulted and advised so many young men as I've explored my own weaknesses and vulnerabilities and the reasons why I did things the way I did them I realized that I was rejecting Shh from your leadership and when you can't when you when you don't respect authority it's hard to be an author in your own life and so I've said I've seen these past few years bring me back home to what is what is what is strong what is disciplined what is committed what is sacrificial I learned about King warrior magician lover in the end me and the masculine archetypes from Robert Moore and he see talks about how there's never a king without a sacrifice so life is about sacrifice life is about boundaries life is about devotion and I love it yeah that's interesting other meanings seem to change as we age right all right because I begin to see where in our world in our culture we're living in such a breakdown phase where nothing has any meaning nothing stands for it nobody stands for anything and you see it right down to the most minut fundamental aspects of what makes us human beings and that's our sexuality the polarity between the sexuality and now where there is you can be 40 different genders if you'd like man there's like this alchemical transformation where it's you know as magical alchemical transformation of the genders coming into into one and this kind of Baphomet type culture that we live in right masturbatory culture what does the Baphomet do it's jerking off it's an androgynous goat you know the satanic you know the pentagram inverted and and master making and that's kind of what a symbol for our culture today right you know actually where we are dude that's why we got to bring back the boundaries and bring back the shields and the swords and become warriors in our own lives and and share that I think it's going I think conservativism traditionalism these things are gonna come back I think they're gonna trend their way back but the pendulum has swung so far in this leftist breakdown aspect of society that that people they have to wake up because it's it's so wrong it's so painful you can you can sense how backwards it is hmm what do you think it started like what do you think the I mean this is obviously a not an easy quick sound by question but I mean what what do you think it is that we're really dealing with there you know where did this start Wow sorry bro yeah I mean we I'm gonna go I can't go too far back yeah because I mean I could but a lot of it's speculation I I am of the opinion that our history is a lie and that most of what we've been told is not true it has been fabricated but if you want to look in terms of when these big shifts started showing up culturally you have to acknowledge the 1960s and you know the the flowerpower sexual revolution burn your bra burned the American flag Woodstock generation we're not again nothing meant anything and everybody's on drugs right and that sexual sexuality becomes this divorce from family right it's like sexuality is no longer this personal thing this you know this procreative Act it becomes just masturbatory almost as we talked about a moment ago literally yeah promiscuity all that stuff birth control pills easy abortion easy divorce all these things destroyed the fundamental building block of the culture which is I said our sexuality but then the family right yeah because what is the perversion of sexuality do it just it it destroys the family like that's first and when you look at the breakout of civilizations that's one of the first things that's usually attacked right I mean the the Romans knew this they used to try and when they would conquer people they try to turn the women into prostitutes and then the feminized the men so I mean this is this is something that's been known by no conquering cultures for millennia yeah yeah interesting yeah I think the you know it's a really good book you might like it's called nihilism by Father Seraphim Rose he's an Orthodox guy all his books are really good it's called nihilism the the root of the revolution of the modern age and and his thesis and I tend to agree with him he kind of goes back to the Enlightenment right like we all think of the Enlightenment as this wonderful thing as this is this great amazing thing and essentially the Enlightenment just unleashed these forces of materialism and then so-called rationalism onto society and this resulted in the breakdown of of the entire orders so I think I think you'd like that one yeah yeah as much as I love science I'm not anti science a lot of people have told me you know Elliott you're anti science it's not that I don't love science and since you got to recognize that science has become the prevailing religion in the same way that religion was used to corrupt the people what it was in the hands of the politicians you've got these dark wizard scientists creating all kinds of false ideals that are pressed upon the culture to destroy us and I think you you can look at it the root issue is the loss of meaning we've thrown out meaning with religion and with mythology and if you can't and if you can't if something can't be seen taste touched and physically experienced then it doesn't exist and all meaning is is subjective all meaning is of the soul meaning is is what men attribute to the material world and when that is seen as as something that's dismissed when that's something that's dismissed well then we become addicted to the sensational world and we know that the sensational world is dust so we become addicted to dust and so we live in this world that's good this breaking down because Norden that dust all day right I won't snort in their lives away yeah that's crazy no it's exactly kind of where where Seraphim Rose was coming from in his book and he the Enlightenment not being bad because it brought us science the scientific method that's not the issue the issue is the assumption the metaphysical assumption the all-encompassing universal assumption that everything is just physical right because then that that unleashes you know you it creates a morality in an ethics that is just animalistic right if everything is just physical then everything goes you can rape murder steal and if actually if you do that if you believe that everything is just physical and that it's you know survival of the fittest dominance hierarchies and that's all it's about then it's just if you kill every other male and you take all the females for yourself then you are the Obermann you know you're that you're the Superman you're the the highest evolve creature and the peak of natural selection but yeah I think you'd really like that book the nihilism by Seraphim Rose and for the audience I've recommended that book several times he's also got another one called Genesis creation an early man I can just add it right next to the desk but this one's really good too it's it's not short but this is a really good book and he does a really good job of my he refutes evolution and a very very he actually scientifically refutes evolution as well as philosophically in the second half of that book for anybody interested in critiques on evolution which i think is a very silly worldview check that out but uh yeah man yeah so let's see we don't we don't want to get too deep here let's bring it back bring it back back to reality for some of the audience but you know we got a we got a real tendency to really go deep into some of these subjects on the channel here and I'm always down to talk about some of these things but you mentioned like you know media pushing the feminization of men I mean do you do you see this increasing like do you see this becoming more and more of a problem today or what do you think about the the feminization of men and the the destruction of manhood in general well what do I begin so you mentioned media you know so media is a matter of educating the public public relations you know the manipulation of the minds of the people and I it's so funny because I even watched a cartoon from like the 1950s like you know this is this is way back in the day and they were doing in this in this cartoon you don't even think they were like they didn't have sound but there was uh they they kind of followed around they followed a family what they were doing and like you know the kids were doing something creative and productive and the mother was again doing something creative and productive but then the father was just a buffoon and he couldn't get the lawnmower started and he kicked it and lawn mower ended up like running him over and so it's interesting that we had we live in the home or culture society today or what's the new cartoon with the Family Guy dumb dad big fat dumb dad I think we look at what happened with Bill Cosby like where are the where are the strong masculine alpha male leaders in the homes in our on our television shows they're either they're either acting like women or they're acting like one of the one of the one of the children or accurately they act like more like one of the children with the wife and the wife and the and the mother is and is oftentimes like the hero and the smart one even see it in the movies I was watching uh the new Incredibles movie with my kids not too long ago and dad needs to sit down and be subject and subjugate him his his need for strength and power to the mom who then becomes the becomes the hero and it's weird because it's like it's a it's a reversal of role it's a flipping of the rolls where like the culture teaches women that they need to be more masculine and then and then that seen as something that's great you know that you you need to reject your femininity it's not it's not enlightened to have children it's not enlightened to be a mom it's not enlightened to be a wife to be a wife and to be a mother is like slavery but it's enlightened for you to give all those things up so that you can so that you can fight it so you can compete with men and in the corporate world so that you can have a on mm-hmm have abortions like you know it's yeah having kids of slavery and and terrible and oppressive but having abortion is liberating for some reason as if that's going to really make women happy right right and then on the other end in spectrum we have men which I've been exploring this idea because you know I was wrong about this for a long time but this idea of a vulnerability for men and that we've been taught my generation and of course yours and and and maybe maybe just before my generation probably like the 1960s culture but my dad my parents escaped this because they weren't from America they were from Belize where my man had to be a man otherwise he didn't survive where it's okay for men to to cry into wine and to complain and to to feel I remember so vividly – yeah I was thinking about it yesterday like men want to feel sexy men don't write like look at men with their skinny jeans and their and their trendy clothing and like and their small waist they got a little thin waist and you see the models and again this is media you see the models on TV or in the magazines and they look like women and so man wanting to be like they want to feel sexy they want to be they want to they want to be appreciated the way women are appreciated they want to be loved and it all sounds really good it all sounds really nice but when it boils down to it what we end up with is a bunch of men who act like women and women who don't respect or trust the men because they don't respect or trust women to begin with well the men are just being women dude how crazy how crazy is fashion in the fashion industry you start looking at some of these like modern fashion these shows that they do and it's just it's full of a cult imagery I mean it's the men are always hyper sexualized as women right men wearing skirts now and then the women they cut the hair really short they were gonna mask you lies masculinizing the women it's yeah fashion people don't realize how powerful just the repetitive imagery of fashion is and you look at some of these designers like oh man let's say I wish I knew the guy's name there was a recently deceased fashion designer I used to wear gloves with the word leather gloves with the fingers open just real creepy and he had all these rings and what all leather and always wore sunglasses and he's got these videos of him just walking around with these little kids who weren't his holding their hands and stuff and the fashion world is is completely creepy and degenerate no I'm glad you brought that up man because that's a huge one right fashion the from the clothes we wear right these are like restrictive clothing that you can't move in skinny jeans and what the hell are these things all right men just for for utility we're we're like Jeeps but we want to feel sexy yeah trying to try to turn they're old they're old square bodies into a into a G ride a Mercedes G wagon or whatever yeah crazy so so the effeminate of men the masculinization of women like what what can we actually do about this so what can we what can we actually do to push back against this in a constructive way well the very first thing is like we were talking about before boundaries we have to be able to say no and be able to say no you got to be able to look at it and see it for what it is most people don't see it most people like you bring this up and there are a few different types of people there are people who will listen and be like wow I never thought of it that way that's interesting let me look a little deeper but a lot of people especially men who have become feminize they're emotional so when you attack when you bring up something like this that they they very quickly become emotional about it and tell you that you're wrong people attack the shit out of me all the time now and they call me misogynist and they call me all kinds of names for pointing out what is very obvious in plane and right in front of our eyes and how backwards it is so we got a number one be able to see it wake up look look just look look at how the men are becoming women and look at how the men the women are becoming men and you don't have to have an opinion about it you don't need to do anything about it you don't have to judge or evaluate it but you got to see it you got to be able to see it and a lot of people just can't freaking see it because it's been so beaten into their brains and deeply embedded into their consciousness since the time they were children and like I said they're emotional about it so a lot of times they are that and when you attack something like that or you speak like that people think that you're attacking them and so you got a we got to wake up out of it and then when we can see it I think it was I think Martin Luther King said something like there there is evil in the world not because they were evil men but because there are good men who sit by silently while evil is being done we're living in a day and age literally right now where the line is drawn in the sand and you're and you're on one side or the other there's no gray area if you're in the gray area that's like purgatory you're right in the middle you're just you're just in this that low heat cooking yeah you know so you got to choose like your Bible that says you know you're neither hot nor cold so I spit you out of my mouth well right now you got to be either hot or cold you're either with your daddy the devil and the degradation of the society and and and the degeneracy and the decadence or you're with righteousness with truth with boundaries with light with what's good Wow yeah yeah it's funny you know you mentioned like the vulnerability being kind of pushed right we're supposed to feel vulnerable you suppose feel emotionally vulnerable but it's it's funny it's like the cultures just gas lighting you ride like that oh don't you feel vulnerable don't you feel lost don't you feel confused hey look you came from a monkey here's your great-grandmother a fucking rat look you know it's like here here's here's what a man should do here's you know Will Smith open mouth kissing his son on television you know this is like this this is the imagery that we're given and then we're told oh it's okay to feel vulnerable don't you feel vulnerable right and it's it's kind of like an inversion right I mean instead of being you know open to you know being humble and realizing that we're not God that we didn't make all this that we're not in charge of all this instead of being humble and realizing that we've made mistakes and then we need to be better it's like it's just this this weakness that we're supposed to constantly feel right this that's broken down you just turn us into like a ball of goo that we can just be formed by you know marketers by you know Madison Avenue and by imagery on television it's a it's a science it's like the breakdown of the psyche and the molding of people it is a science the behaviorists believe that you don't have a soul you don't have an internal state and there's not even a reason to believe that man has his own thoughts there's just reactions and right everything we see today and you know the mass cultural programming this comes out of behaviorism which you know makes the same metaphysical assumptions of you know Darwinism and we're all just physical beings we're all just animals and I mean look look what we get we get this beast eale society where people are completely depressed and you know the kids are shooting up schools and and it's just it's absolutely insane so I don't have a question at the end of that it's just the Missis statement that came to mind yes we are and I think awareness is transformative in and of itself so that's really the place to begin is to be able to see what's going on and don't let the sunshine rainbow culture have you believe that it's all good because that's the all based on emotion when they try to when they try to shove that down our throats it's about feelings and when you make men vulnerable and you make men into women they're not they no longer think they're no longer rational they're no longer walking with God which means walking with logic walking with nature walking with the Dow they're walking like they're walking with with the serpent they're behaving more like women and so they make their decisions based on feelings and and and egalitarianism and fairness and yeah that's the funny things right fairness like oh that's not fair you know I I want what Elliott has look Elliott's got this cool chalkboard and I don't have one that's not fair give me your chalkboard Elliott it's a it's a funny jealousy envy culture that's being bred and it's and it completely destroys us spiritually Wow yeah so so the feminization of men the masculinization of women and we mentioned diet a little bit too now let's get into that a lot of people come here to talk about diet and we you know we talked about carnivore keto and low carbohydrate ways to improve performance improve just the basic functioning of the human body I know over the years that you've done a lot of different stuff you're always experimenting but how did you come into the the whole carnivore thing you mentioned that we talked in private messages on Instagram before you mentioned you were kind of trying out carnivore a few weeks back what's up with that how did you come upon this stuff dude so it's fascinating back in like 2002 once again I came across the work of Western a price a familiar yeah yeah we've done a whole series on basically read his book and a bunch of streams yeah and that was eye-opening big-time and and really colored my nutritional philosophy for many years so there was that there was I learned about Weston Price and I and I studied his stuff but then I experienced what he was speaking about in that book firsthand when I discovered that I was having gluten intolerance again this was back in 2002 nobody was talking about gluten intolerance back then now you know a lot of these words are catchphrases and people to get to the point where they're what's that word where they're apathetic about it they're just like oh that again she had a remember this is the this but no one heard this before I never heard this term before it didn't really exist only Internet well there was an internet but it wasn't really like it is today and so I was having some really bad digestive issues and skin issues and an a friend of mine who taught me about Western a price said you got to eliminate grains from your diet mmm you gotta stop eating grains and within a week I stopped eating grains and I'm healing I'm feeling better I'm having more energy I lost a lot of weight this is way before I even knew what ketosis was I didn't know was a thing I just knew that I was not eating carbs and I was eating a lot of meat and I was looking and feeling a shit ton better and I did that for quite a while until I became a professional strongman and when I became a pro strongman I decided to just throw it all out the window and eat like I was a I was a dump truck I would eat everything yeah and so I was fat I was bloated I was strong as hell but then when it was time for me to get back to my health I went back to eating mostly meat and it wasn't until like this year like maybe like January or February that I that I that I started googling and looking into carnivore we're like you guys are eating nothing but meat and I was like wow that's crazy because I was eating vegetables and I was still having some problems yeah I was getting I was getting some inflammation in my skin and I'm like I only eat vegetables I eat some nuts and I'm like what else so I got a freakin eliminate this is crazy and I heard like you know Jordan Peterson and and yourself and a bunch of other guys so I was like all right so given what I know about Weston Price and what he said about eating organs and bone marrow and like you know what Paul Saladino says nose-to-tail I was like I could see it being a viable option you know almost like the the Eskimos or the Masai to eliminate everything and just eat meat so that's that's right it's a crazy thought right and we were always told the vegetables are so good for us you got to balance out that nasty red meats gonna clog up your arteries you got to balance this out with the healthy vegetables and the healthy whole grains but it's it's like a complete shift in perspective did you get some pushback I know you you had Paul on South Paul salad do you know the he's talking about nose-to-tail which is really cool that other people are talking about notes because we've been kind of kind of pushing this like on the down-low because there really wasn't the receptacle for it for very long but we've been talking about this for four years and now everybody you know it's all hip to eat tea liver now everybody's like eating raw liver and they're freezing it for some reason but uh yeah yeah so uh you you started hearing about this and and you jumped into it did you notice immediate effects no I didn't I liked the idea yeah and so I explored it not with not like a a real practitioner meaning like I kind of did it yeah but I like blueberries there you go I didn't want to give up my blueberries like almonds and so there are a few things that I was just like all right I probably don't need it and I and I'm of the belief I faith my faith that carnivore would be perfect but but I'm not like a full practitioner I say I'm like a 90% practitioner that's cool so meat-centric diet some almonds some blueberries it sounds like you have a Aikido like Aikido approach with with a carnivore lean to it yeah my skin did heal though all the things that I was I was looking into it for I did heal but I attribute more of that to the fasting mm-hmm yeah so I mean the faster you mentioned like you did your first fast back in 2002 how did this come back into your life again like how did you why did you start thinking about fasting again I think you did like a 10-day fast recently and now you're leading people on these long extended fasts how did this come about well I started intermittent fasting in like 2008 when Brad Pilon book Eat Stop Eat came out so again this was like before it was popular again and and I I was doing it and I was getting great results and I put it in an e-book I wrote an e-book called lean hybrid muscle and I was teaching people how to build muscle on and get put a diet in there and stuff like that but um but I had one day where you didn't eat and people were freaking out what do you mean I'm gonna lose all my gains and you know this is crazy I've never gone I never skipped a meal before and but it turned out I was of course I had all the scientific research from Brad Pilon to kind of like give me the confidence that this is ok you guys you'll be okay you'll be all right I was all right to put it in there and then people loved it and and they were getting great results and so it made a comeback in my in my life and it made a comeback in my in my in my ministry in my teaching I taught people that it's good to go one to two days a week where you don't eat until dinnertime that's the way I was doing it it was oh man you do oh man so yeah I think also I was really influenced by um Ori HOF Meckler okay I really liked his warrior diet so it was kind of like a you know II stopped eat warrior diet thing I did that on and off for many years until like I said before I I had to take a break from YouTube I did take a break I had some soul-searching to do it some some tunnel work that I needed to do and I remember at that time like God was urging me and a lot of times you know I wish I could say I listen when God talks but I don't I need like I need to either get kicked in my head or I need like proof like come on god I don't trust you right now and I didn't trust and God was saying Elliot stop eating I remember vividly like it and I was telling people I was like I think I'm gonna stop eating I think I'm gonna like just not eat for days and I didn't have a plan it was just something that came up in me and I didn't trust I like advised I was doing coaching with like some I had coaching I had a code and I was talking different mentors and I was like this is what I'm being called to do and I think I want to do it and they all talked me out of it I listened to them and it was and I paid heavily for it because then my life really got dark and I started getting injuries I started getting sick I was having depression and I was a mess until last year fall of last year it was like the the the sense came back to me this still small voice whispered in my ear again it was like Elliott stopped eating and so I began with with like one first thing I did was a was a nomad I call it a nomad because it's no meal for the day and I don't know if I can do this and I went a whole day without eating and then I went three days without eating then I went five days without eating and I just built up some momentum between like november of last year and April of this year or I just kept pushing the envelope pushing it pushing it pushing it until I did a 10-day right before my birthday and and I loved it and I can't wait to make it a part of my life where every quarter I'm doing a prolong fast every week every day I do time restricted eating I've decided to go back to strongman I'm competing in strongman again and my goal was to is to get as strong as I can but stays light as I can through this practice of time restricted eating and prolonged fasting and so far so good so you want to be the only not fast straw man in the world well there are a lot of guys now like it's funny to watch a lot of the strongmen coming up that are they're lean they look like bodybuilders on their off season and a lot of them are doing they're doing intermittent fasting they don't they realize they don't need to be eating all day long to grow stronger they don't have to be grazing like a cow all day no I mean for some guys that may need it like that guy Eddie hall who's like you know 511 and 400 pounds like if he's gonna keep up with those guys who are genetically gifted I watched a documentary with him he's all day long but I'm not sure he'd be able to keep up with the with the true genetic beasts if he wasn't I mean guys like half Thor and Robert Oberst I mean those guys some of these guys are pushing 400 pounds to they're just so big you look at them in that like they with a shirt on they might kind of look fat but you look at him without a shirt and like there's just big barrels you know they don't have that much visceral fat like the some of these dudes are just they're just freakin monsters that's crazy to see the strongman stuff I mean you look into you just are competing against trauma yeah I'm looking into 2020 making a sort of a comeback we'll see I'm a masters now I'm right earned 40 this year Oh congratulations man you made it yeah starting all over again brand-new awesome yeah so the the 10-day fast that you did was that pretty profound was it was it difficult ah you know it's funny because I started it in March March first because that's when the baha'i fast is and I've been doing that for years only only difference is I wasn't gonna do eating at night I was just gonna do prolong fast straight through it was exactly 40 days from March 1st to April 10th which is my birthday and so it was my intention to do 40 days yeah yeah I am thinking I'm Jesus and I'm gonna do 40 days and and I primae have I may have been able to go longer but I did some things that cause me to you to to cut it short so I cut it short at 10 days namely because I was uh I was just still beating the shit out of myself I was training hard in the gym my kids were home for spring break and I took them to Disney World and we were walking around in the hot Sun if I were to do it again I think I would make sure that I was away from everybody and had zero responsibilities and I think I could probably make it to 20 yeah maybe further maybe longer my muscle loss a lot of people get concerned about muscle loss and you train strongman strength coach you mean you've been even packing on muscle for years were you worried about that well I wasn't it was nice to have the scientific validation of the increase in growth hormone and you know they say that it's muscle sparing and so I I believed that and and I and I guess it's true you know if that's what the scientists are telling us but I didn't really care to me it didn't matter to me again I was called by God to start fasting so it was more of a spiritual thing than anything it was a matter of renunciation and repentance and being reborn and so to be reborn means you got to die first so I was very willing to give up everything you know if it meant that well I mean I went down to around 160 pounds and I'm usually walking around at like 215 I was I was excited I wanted I wanted to give all that up I wanted to shed my own my old self my old skin my old costume so I was kind of excited to lose muscle that's part of the reason why I you know I mentioned that I did some things that made my fast a lot tougher yeah like during my long fasts I would train in a very catabolic way like I was doing like hit training and I was like yeah you're not supposed to do that right but I just tear myself down yeah and I knew better be able to build it back up anyway I'm you know the other day I was 210 you know I'm trying to stay under 200 so I know I can put the muscle and put the weight back on so it didn't really matter to me yeah that's cool so kind of detaching from the visions of your former self or the image of your former self there the what about the yeah I noticed you've been even kind of talking a little bit more about some Orthodox Eastern Orthodox ideas how'd you get interested in that I mean how did that come about because you know back in the day I remember used to talk a lot about things like Osho you know a lot of the Eastern spirituality and stuff but seems like you've taken a kind of an interest in in Eastern Orthodoxy lately you know I see the icon behind you as well mm-hmm yeah if you don't mind how did you become interested in that well sue the fasting so when I was preparing and I was doing all these prolongs fasts I wanted as much information and inspiration to to support me as possible and so you know I was getting all the all the you know new books from dr. Fung and dr. Mercola and Simla had a really good book so I was reading all these books about the science of fasting the practice of fasting and you know all these secular ideas but I also knew that for thousands of years our masters you know the the manifestations of God Buddha Krishna Muhammad Jesus these guys all fasted so I spent a lot of my early adulthood studying Eastern philosophy Eastern religion I was well aware of you know how the Hindus and the Buddhists would fast but I would something in me wanted to explore a uniquely Western approach to spiritual fasting and it's interesting because in the West Christians don't really fast and but even though Jesus fasted and Jesus told his told his students to fast and what the students didn't fast he would like chastise them or there's this one story where the students his disciples couldn't heal this person who had demons I think it's ever less epilepsy yeah but like had their conviction convulsions this person's all screwed up we now know that like epileptic seizures can be healed with uh with ketogenic diets and fasting and stuff like that but back then they didn't have ketogenic diets Jesus was like when they were trying to figure out why he couldn't why the disciples couldn't heal this guy Jesus was like these types of demons don't come out but by prayer and fasting and he's basically tell him if you want to heal yourself if you wanna you want to happen in many ways exhibit the power of God you got to fast so it was just so confusing to me I grew up as a Catholic and then you know being exposed to a lot of the the the Western church is really call them Protestant a lot of Protestant denominations I you know they they they do all the other things that quote/unquote Christians are supposed to do but nobody frickin fast and so when I really started digging I found this term the idea of asceticism and Western asceticism and how it began with the Greeks and how the Greek Orthodox Church develop the practice and how Greek Orthodox Christians and you know those who are practicing still fast up to 100 days a year you're supposed to past on Wednesday and on Friday and then there are all these seasons of fastings and and holidays for fasting and with that came all I discovered the the works of the patriarchs the fathers and the Philip the Philip Opia and like these writings and they were all like early like 1st through 3rd century monks writing about their experiences of fasting and asceticism and I fell in love with it I thought it was great stuff yeah it's interesting that it's as funny you start going back and you realize there's this whole history and ethernal Eastern Orthodoxy that we don't really learn about in the West right like the Western Church the Roman Church is it's very very different and everything from the iconography the the way the way worship is done you know it's there's there's a huge difference and then especially you know between Protestantism and uh and Eastern Orthodoxy very very different so yeah that's cool I think it's interesting I think you probably like this book the Genesis creation an early man as well by Seraphim rose definitely recommend that's why it's it's a big thick one but every everything by Seraphim Rose has got another one called orthodoxy and the religion of the future which is he wrote it in the 70s have you read that it's you know but I believe it like the whole pendulum swinging thing and I was living at the most broken down time and society I really believed orthodoxy is it I it is not even that I believe it if you look in Russia and you look at in a lot of the eastern countries you're looking like what's happening in Italy what's happening in some of the South American countries like people are either coming back to orthodoxy and conservativism they want it they're hungry for it yeah yeah it's funny yeah I think you'd like this book as well Orthodox new religion of the future I mean he gets into the UFO phenomenon how this ties in with kind of the modern zeitgeist the spirit of the age I think you would really like that that book as well but everything by Seraphim Rose think you definitely resonate with cuz he was like a modern guy he was around in the 70s you know he was giving uh he was giving seminars to a lot of the same kids who were going and and watch a no-show speak right like a lot of he was talking to a lot of these same people they're getting really into the Eastern religion and he was just saying look essentially you're gonna hit a dead end with this and you know there is something that's much more that is that actually can account for truth and can account for things like beauty and you know give us a solid foundation of reality but yeah I mean it so we've had the rug pulled out from under our feet and we were raised in this nihilistic culture and it's funny it's like you know it's it's it's edgy and rebellious now to you know have like a family or to believe that there is really morality or that we shouldn't you know kill babies in the womb it's like somehow this and you're like an edge Lord if you believe in God now it's pretty crazy complete reverse yeah but yeah it's it's fascinating to watch the the pendulum swing what do you think they're kind of going back to the other the changes over the ages and grounding it back in in the reality of YouTube whatever this is um what do you think about the changes on YouTube over the years I mean you've you've been in this game for a long time you were in it before there was even monetization what do you what do you see happening in the YouTube world lately and what kind of changes have you witnessed in your in your journey I know it's a very broad question but you could take it wherever you want well you got to understand that I always looked at YouTube as a lead generation source that's all it was to me it wasn't a matter of helping people of course you know when you're in when you're a trainer and when you're creating products and programs that help people lose weight and be the strongest version so you're helping people but I didn't see YouTube as a as a mechanism for doing that I didn't see YouTube as a business itself I didn't know about YouTube mana monetization and there was no such thing as YouTube well I didn't know about the fact that you could be a YouTube celebrity these things didn't exist for me but these are the things that most people hang their hat on with regard to YouTube is can I make money with YouTube and will I become famous with YouTube well to me it was just of a funnel and every video I made was a matter of can I get people to click my link and subscribe to my email list so that I can sell them ebooks and courses and so with that perspective I didn't care about YouTube monetization because I had my own business one of the things Dan Kennedy says is the worst the worst number in bit and marketing is one the worst business and the worst number and business is one I see all these youtubers who like that's their business is they build it and they and and they all their hopes fears and dreams are revolve around this one platform like YouTube or something like that to me it was just one more tool that I was using to put people on my email list and to get customers and so when I found out that you could make money for from YouTube I was a little bit late it was actually the hodgetwins one day I was talking to the hodgetwins you know I think they reached out to me because they made a made a video reviewing something that I did and I reached out to him and they were like why don't you why don't you monetize your videos and I was like I don't know I mean I own a gym I have a publishing company I'm like we're gonna earn a hundred bucks a month from people watching ads I was like I'd rather not even put the ads on my videos fuck it yeah as long as people are watching it and clicking my links so Keith goes alright just do me a favor try to do this one experiment turn on your ads attorney ask for one month and tell me what happens and turned on I turned on ads for the first month you know I must have been like two thousand and thirteen or fourteen you know I had already beers into the game and I ended up getting a check for like eighteen thousand dollars [Laughter] what the hell is going on here and it was very exciting and so back that just motivated me to crank out more videos because they were feeding they was doing two things it was feeding my publishing business and it was giving me bonus money so when so YouTube money to me was just bonus money and so when the when they started changing things and monetization started getting more difficult because number one there were more people in the in the pool there are more youtubers and the and the advertiser started realizing that you know they're they're overpaying yeah they weren't getting you know the ROI all the youtubers were complaining and they were making videos and they were pulling their hair out they were having heart attacks and they were getting depressed and anxious their lives were ruined because they weren't getting that YouTube money anymore and to me I was like ok well that's alright it was just a bonus anyway I really didn't care and so the same thing it's funny because shortly thereafter is when I took a break from YouTube so YouTube started going down in that way and it was about the same time where I was just called to take a break anyway so I was like I heard fuck it I don't need them I don't I don't need you to by still have this publishing business and all those YouTube videos are still there I'm making passive income from all the work that I did up until this point I don't have to make youtube videos to feed my family yeah like a lot of people had through then when I started to come back again you know my business is already doing well and I've already got a ton of momentum I decided I'm gonna come back just for fun so a lot of the videos I make now or for that like the past year or two it's just because I want to you know I'm making them because they're fun to make I have an opinion I want to share my opinion some people might like it some people might not but this was around the same time that YouTube started with its censorship yeah and so once again everybody's freaking out because they're getting D monetize or they're getting their video censored and to me again it's kind of like just a hobby and I don't care because if YouTube just disappeared I'd pick up right where I left off I've got a huge email list I've got other platforms I've got all kinds of assets so I don't care I don't get caught up YouTube could do whatever the fuck it wants it's YouTube yeah it's not me sir my how much did like the wood alright so the feedback you get from YouTube right like I mean you getting thousands of comments on all your videos I mean you've been putting out videos for years and going back to the you taking a break from YouTube you just kind of I mean I guess did you burn out on it would you would you consider it like you burned out on the YouTube thing um how much did how much did like just the feedback of YouTube affect you you know emotionally immensely at that time because I mean it's just something we see a lot you mentioned youtubers freaking out over monetization but it's funny to watch and study YouTube and kind of see how the comments and how the amount of views people are allowed to get affect psychologically you know how people feel right I mean people are wrapping up their whole life and how much attention how much feedback they're getting in from YouTube when you know in reality we would maybe have a small group of people that would be giving us feedback you know you bounce something off your friend he says yeah that's a good idea or yeah that's really cool I'd support you in this or you tell you know that's kind of fucking stupid don't do that now we have every thought we share you've got a thousand people telling you you're right or you're wrong giving you feedback how much did this like just the YouTube feedback the madness of the Internet and having all these freaking voices you know reading all these comments how much did that affect you back in the time around 2014 2015 as you know people were making videos you had like probably people making attack videos about you I'm sure mhm I'm sure like you know the the crazy vegans online probably made some videos Elliott Hulse a piece of shit cuz he's not vegan the you know durian riders and everyone's on steroids type people Oh Elliott hosts must be a liar he's jacked he must be lying about steroids no how much did this like just this push pool with the with the comments and with the madness of YouTube affect you well I'll be completely honest I was not prepared for it I I didn't set out to be a celebrity so it wasn't like I I was prepared I was not prepared for it and I live in I live in the swamp here down in Florida so it's not like I'm from California or New York where there are lots of other celebrities to bounce ideas off of or to mastermind where thoughts just even understand the culture I had no idea that I was a celebrity until I started moving outside of my city and traveling first time I discovered I was a celebrity of course there people are there so there are comments and there are numbers on a screen but the first time I discovered that there are actually real people behind those numbers was when I was traveling in Gatlinburg Tennessee of all places and like I took my kids to Dollywood and we're going like on a ride and like Oh like half of the rides the teenage boys that were like taking the tickets at the rides were asking me for my autograph wow this is amazing and so my head got really big really quickly my ego swelled the fuck up and I looking back now I realize I set myself up to be let down and so I really began to believe that I was what everybody was telling I telling me who I am you know I'm Elliott you're like a god Elliott you're the greatest thing that's ever happened to me Elliott you're a magnificent awesome good looking I wish I was you I wish you were my dad all these like amazing beautiful wonderful ego boosting comments I allowed to get to my head because I and it was also unconscious because I really began to believe that's who I was and it wasn't until and you know they say pride before the fall and and I realized that God put me through this so that he could show me parts of myself that needed healing it wasn't until other youtubers started making mean videos about me so here I am used to being liked everybody loves me very warships me and I can't do any wrong I was like on top of my game yeah and I never expected cuz I was I was never like a YouTube fan yeah I didn't become like I never watched other people's videos I never went to youtube to search for things I just I'm not I didn't consume YouTube or content to that great degree I was still a book reader you know I'm old school so I get all my information usually from reading books I'd buy books I was on Amazon attics but I didn't go to youtube but so I didn't realize how many other people were out there creating content until people my fans started saying hey look this guy made him me and vide and hey look this guy I made another YouTube and I'd watch it and I get upset or I'd be sad all right like I wonder why I like people or not don't like me and it really took it bursted my bubble it really humbled me and put me back in my place and so I did have that you know that pendulum swing in terms of all of the positivity that could come from it but then again that and I think it's for everyone because you live as an icon in people's minds and they don't necessarily know who you really are yeah and then I started identifying with the reflection in the mirror which is a very dangerous thing to do it's like no no you're I'm here that's just the reflection of you in the mirror Eliot don't get too attached to it and and then that that mirror was was shattered when people didn't like me and we're doing and were saying mean things about me was that thunder lightning bro I'm having a huge storm right now so if I glitch that's why yeah I saw the it was like rattling the the window behind you that's crazy what good timing man how funny yeah you see it a lot on YouTube though it's just something that this is the most fascinating thing about YouTube to me is the human aspect of it right like you get to watch these people over the years talking to themselves on camera and it's just it's a funny it's a funny process to see you're frozen on the video I'm not sure if you could still hear but I'll uh let's see we might be we might have been lightning and thundered out of this Google Hangouts guys yeah the the the YouTube madness is is real I mean you see it out there every day and I think the the vlogging is always a funny phenomenon to me Elliot you back people who are you know they're sharing their life they're sharing this false image of what they are this carefully selected and curated image are there you're back now right almost so yeah it's it's a funny phenomenon right you know hear me yes I can hear you now but videos frozen let me refresh the Hangout let's see what happens hmm just reload it all right well Elliott's still in the call we'll see we'll wait for uh for the internet to come back but what good timing what interesting timing they're talking about the madness at YouTube so you have the the vlogging for the audience there it was here listen to me babble into the dang mirror the vlogging is always an interesting thing i people curating putting up specific little clips of their life and presenting this nice cute little package and you start to wonder if people actually believe their own hype if they're buying into their own hype but they're buying into the own illusion and into the illusion that they're that they're portraying out there for everybody else and you know I mean it's it's sad when we do buy into our own hype we usually have to get a have to get taken down a notch and brought back to reality so let's see if let's see if if Elliott's able to come back there's a good conversation though guys what's got let's go let's see what's going on in the chat here you got a bunch of people in the chat a little under 300 people watching we'll see we'll see how this one goes the YouTube has not been given many notifications for the channel lately but it is what it is you got Aaron what's up Aaron I know you're a regular Jim D Jimmy's been around for a while she'll want so she'll let me throw out a little uh a little shout-out to to one of our sponsors this podcast is brought to you by ancestral supplements ancestral supplements offers grass-fed source bone-marrow nose-to-tail organs like liver heart kidney pancreas brain and more in simple convenient gelatin capsules they call it ancestral supplements but these are essentially foods throughout a lot of a lot of people out there trying to include more organ meats in the diet and they have a really really cool catalog of organs all grass-fed grass-finished high-quality stuff and so big shout out to ancestral supplements you can check them out at ancestral supplements dot-com their tagline is putting back in what the modern world has left out so funny we're so focused on the muscle meats we're so focused on the rib eyes we're so focused on the t-bones are so far on that ground beef a lot of people are forgetting about the most nutrient-dense parts of the animal all right you've got the kidneys the heart and liver the organs the glandular is the pancreas even the thyroid I mean these all have specific properties that you're not gonna find in any other parts of the animal these are the most nutrient-dense parts of the animals so Elia and I were talking a little bit about we were talking about the the book Weston prices book physical Manute Rishon and physical degeneration and now this is a book that has inspired both of us and all of these civilizations who were living healthily and happily before the modern Western diet before this destructive nihilistic Western culture and diet come about they were eating the whole animal nose-to-tail so we're all about that nose to tail eating we also if you want to check out the the carnivore cookbook zero carb recipes for people who really love animals the carnivore code book available at primal edge health.com it's in print and available as an e-book so you can check that out let's see it looks like Eliot's Elliot's power might have went out over there who knows Andrew Scarborough what's up Andrew good to see Andrew in the chat there's been a while since we talked my friend Andrew Scarborough he's a friend of the channel here andrew has been using a ketogenic and a carnivorous diet to manage epilepsy to manage his recovery from a brain tumor several years ago and he's been going strong man I've known Andrew for at least shoot at least four years now and he says he's better looking in real life I haven't seen him in real life so I I cannot I cannot back up that statement that he makes over here in the chat but uh you know we might might have to wrap this one up guys if if Elliot's unable to get back into the Hangout here let me see if I'm getting the ax nope he's back on hangouts all right let's see let's see if I can get into all right so Elliott's back on hangouts but I don't think he's back into the same hangout so I'll just said in my email here all right sorry for the technical difficulties guys see this is why I could have pre-recorded you have two pre-recorded ads so that I can run them if we're having technical difficulties now let's see it says he's in the oh wait wait join hangout all right there he is I'm back hey there it's funny because it man we got this huge storm coming through yeah knots all right gave me a chance to babble into the mirror at the invisible people on the other side so now that was very interesting timing we were talking about the kind of how YouTube affects people's mental and psychological health and I get mean that comes down to social media right like as as somebody putting out content on YouTube it's kind of like a lightning rod social media situations and it's accelerating for a lot of these like content creators with all the feedback with all the attention and I don't know what do you think you think you think YouTube is healthy for somebody's for somebody's just for people in general what do you think about YouTube and general health mental health psychological health spiritual health well I think as long as we remain detached from the icon like we all have a used word icon because it's literally like a like a version of ourselves a digital version of ourselves that people have a perception about that you you craft and used to portray but as long as as long as we keep a healthy detachment from it and realized it's not really who we are of course you know we're tricking the world making them believe that this is who I am and you can't really get away from with it anyway because it's just human nature to to put out your best qualities but then regardless of the feedback good or bad remaining detached from it and being able to walk away from it and realize like nothing that anybody says inside here actually means anything to me in my livelihood it used to bother me a little bit because I imagined that I would make less money because people don't like me but it turned out that I actually make more money because I would get more attention when people don't like me even better the more people that don't like me the more they're talking about me and the more traffic I get so the more money I get so to me the only thing that's real about it is you know what I can earn yeah yeah so you're not looking for validation from it you're yeah it's a business that's all I saw some lightning there yeah the business as long as you keep it keep business it's separated like as business you're good nice nice well yeah we going for almost two hours now I don't want to I don't want to keep you too long man but uh if you don't mind out sometimes like to do a little little rapid-fire word associations that's always fun so I'm gonna throw out a few words you just give me you know your one sentence or one word if you want or a paragraph response so uh yeah let's start with TV hate it social media love it Hollywood hate it strength love it failure medicine family love transhumanism weird soy estrogen Millennials I think of Nick he's my he's my copywriter and he's a millennial and he carries all of the beautiful and all of the negative attributes of a millennial and I love him so much because of it boomers think of World War two watch and see Gen Z I think is like my like my children right like teenagers now yeah yeah you know I recently read a report that Gen Z is statistically more conservative than the Millennials and Generation X so I think the word that comes to me is conservative they're the one that they're the generation where the pendulum is gonna swing is gonna be felt yeah you think they're gonna they're gonna push back against all the mistakes my generation made I hope so I see some yeah because every pushes against any obvious manipulation you know and the the leftist manipulation has become so obvious that just to rebel the kids are gonna become conservative they're gonna go the opposite direction they'd have babies and make families huh crazy yeah go back to traditionalism there you go yeah University to man we think about it I know you I think you skipped out on University right no you went to earn a football scholarship you know and I have like some useless degree like most of us do I think the term that comes up would be useless and a waste of money also ball-and-chain because people walk out of it tens of thousands of dollars in debt sorry yeah hey today marks on his way out it's just my wife out there I don't know what he's trippin about yeah yeah it's funny how much money we spend and how much don't we encourage just to get this piece of paper and then it ends up just locking us in to my identity too bad I mean now that you know how many people do you know that are just completely you know miserable but making you know half a million dollars a year working there awesome job as a doctor veterinarian or a lawyer but yeah they're the University System to me it seems pretty pretty damn outdated yeah I think it's gonna collapse just like the health care system as the collapse I mean a lot of these infrastructures that we rely so heavily on I don't think can just be reformed I think they needed literally to go away and be reestablished yeah so you see that happening anytime soon well for that to happen we'd have to go to the banks we'd have to we'd have to talk about monetary the monetary system and the collapse of the bank's if that's even a thing but I think they're preparing for that class by creating cryptocurrency yeah and so yeah so you know it's not necessarily like these industries will collapse in and of themselves it'll be because of the the shift in the way we we deal with money in the monetary system we like everything is subsidized all these industries like the health care industry and education industry they only survive because they're monetized there because they're subsidized by the government taxpayer tax payer funds mm-hmm yeah the universities yeah otherwise they would have to compete in the marketplace just like you know cell phones and automobiles and you know if you look at both of the education and the and especially the health care industry they don't need to compete because they're subsidized they're propped up they're inflated by the government yeah it's funny when you look at you know health care I mean health care defense contractors the the university system I mean it's in the university system is propped up by all these you know multinational corporations as well just reading this this book called Caltech let me see what it's called the molecular vision of life Caltech the Rockefeller Foundation and the rise of the new biology and it's it's really interesting it's a it's not just some kook that wrote it this woman lily ek and it's basically about how the university system especially a Caltech was so heavily influenced by you know this generational money through the Rockefeller Foundation and like all the sciences that we see today the modern medical system it is propped up from you know big foundation money that was funneled through these universities like Cal Tech and Stanford Harvard University of Wisconsin to to create what what we see today in the modern medical system the the modern you know the biological sciences and the roots of it are in eugenics and the people who were into this stuff who started in molecular biology system they were heavily involved in the early eugenics movement it was basically a pivot from eugenics to what they call genetics and I mean you get plant genetics GMO and you know ultimately cybernetics and Google and all that stuff but uh ya know it's it's a crazy the history of these institutions that we take for granted that we pretend or so are so great I mean the most of these are recent you know this is this is not a this is not an ancient thing the the university system it's a very recent idea yeah how crazy is that when kids go to university to like the dorm room system what do you think about that did you ever live in the dorms no my wife did at the time so and I'd spent a lot of time with her there yeah it's uh it's this big Yolo party it doesn't make any sense that's it I think it's made to to dig degradation sexuality and consciousness yeah it's crazy and then you you put them in a room it's like most of these kids are growing up they probably have their own room at their parents house and then suddenly they turn 18 and they're sharing a room with like five other people so it's you've got suddenly your personalities being mashed in with all these other people's personalities around you everybody's policing each other's thoughts and yeah it's uh that's crazy what you think about the whole Yolo thing did she only live once I think that's one of you mentioned earlier the the Renaissance and this whole the idea of materialism it's just born out of that it's a life style that is born out of the philosophy of materialism which basically offers us zero meaning so if you only live once you do whatever the fuck you want to do right I think means anything there's no purpose how depressing is that like that actually I mean I'm sure you've been in I've been in places in my life where I was you know I thought that that was cool you know 17 18 years old it's like a you know just is what it is I'm just gonna I'm gonna get mine but damn it sure ends up being dark and depressing if you take that route long enough yeah and I'm happy that we're figuring that out because we're you know we're the were the trendsetters for the upcoming generations and it's not it and like you said it before it's like cutting edge and it's gonna be cool trendy to be conservative and to go back to traditional values I think religion is gonna make a trendy comeback yeah I know it is because you know some of the research I've done so it's cool to be a part of that that swing back but I see it cuz I was there too when I was it wasn't very long ago you know where I was I I was of that mindset because I grew up in this culture but now I see its ills and I'm so happy to be speaking against it yeah yeah it feels good right even even though you get a lot of pushback against you and a lot of people will really hate you for pointing out what's really going on it's there's nothing more freeing than being able to tell the truth or not give a shit about what other people say well Elliot I don't want to keep you any longer man we try to wrap this up it's been it's been an honor talking to you you old school oh yeah yeah dude it's it's it's been really nice getting to know you thanks so much for coming on and for the audience you guys can find more at primal edge health com make sure to check out Elliott Hulse where can they find your stuff Elliott oh just google my name e ll IOT t hu LSE YouTube Instagram I got a web site I live in the clouds just like everybody else my cloud icon up there there you go you find him on the cloud I'm on the Google's all right guys we're out of here

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  1. Oh man I had forgotten about pre money youtube. I think gamers were the first ones offered monetization through partnerships with IGN or socialblade. Monetezation was so good tho, 100 views = about $1 for the average youtuber. Of course views were scarcer too tho. I remember getting 1000 views thinking I had a viral video. Now I could get 1000 views in a week as a nobody.

  2. Tristan, you MUST introduce Elliot to Jay Dyer! Haven't listened yet, but Elliot has been exploring Eastern Orthodoxy. I actually live and work a stone's throw from Strength Camp. It would kick ass to have Jay there on Elliot's channel learning how to deadlift while schooling everyone on Orthodoxy and philosophy.

  3. I just started OMAD so I fast for 18 hours a day, My staple food is eggs which I get from my own backyard, fish witch I pull out of the lake myself and swedish mushrooms and berries which I harvest myself.
    I keep it keto and now a few days in I have to say I feel releaved of stress already and my energy levels are stable as crazy during the day.
    My grocery bill is cheap I must say.

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