We Got Crabs! 🦀 Ft. Justina Valentine | Basic to Bougie Season 2 | MTV

We Got Crabs! 🦀 Ft. Justina Valentine | Basic to Bougie Season 2 | MTV

– What’s up y’all? Welcome back to Basic to Bougie. – I’m Darren “Big Baby” Brand. – I’m Timothy DeLaGhetto. – And I’m … Don Vito. (laughs)
– [Darren] Aye. – [Timothy] Basic to Bougie. So we’re gonna try three
different versions of one food. Determine which is the cheapest and which is the most expensive, ready? – Bougie side, blindfolds on. Hey, can we bougie one
time, basic to bougie! – Basic to bougie. (tires screeching) – You see what I been going through? – [Justina] I feel your pain, baby. – It’s just so unnecessary. Don! (beatboxing) Don! What’s up my boy? Huh? – Ooh, Don’s sexy ass is back? – I smell it, take it, take it. I smell it, what is that? – What is it?
I gotta, what is this? – [Darren] What is that?
– Oh it’s fishy! – [Timothy] I feel mini sausages. – That’s my hand.
– What is that?! – Oh, it’s a crab. – That’s a (beep) crab leg. – [Justina] I’m not gonna
lie, a bitch is hungry. – [Timothy] (laughs) Oh my god. (bell ringing) – [Justina] Yes!
– [Darren] Bougie! – [Justina] Yeah.
– Can we just bow our head and give thanks? – Yes, please.
– Yes. – We thank you for these
wonderful crabs legs. – Yes, Lord. – ‘Cause Lord knows we
couldn’t afford this on our own money so you just blessed us with a show that let us eat for free. – Amen! – Praise him! – I’ve had crabs before. – You’ve had crab before? – Yeah. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’ve had crabs. – In more ways than one. – We all got it from Justina, yeah. – Yeah, yeah, she delivered it. – What are we going with? Let’s save this for last. – Why?
– Ah! – ‘Cause it’s the monster. – Why are you touching all three? Why are you touching all three?! – Are you going to lick the shell, Darren? – Oh my god.
– No. – Did you see this? – Oh, it’s juicy.
– Don! Let’s touch, let’s get these. – What is it? – [Justina] I don’t care who touches what, I’m still eating it.
– Do you lick the shell? – God.
– God damn. – God Darren, you weird this season. Justina, you throwing off … – [Timothy] Darren’s mean to me. – [Justina] Am I throwing him off? – Let’s start with the ones right here. – Okay.
– Let’s start with these. – [Justina] Cheers, (speaks
in foreign language). (chewing) That’s good. (tires screeching) You didn’t like it? – It’s last. What is wrong with you, saying
stuff is good and it’s not? – I’m not hard to please. – I’ve been avoiding making
the white girl seasoning joke but after a few of these-
– It is true! – I’m kind of like … – I gotta tell you something. – The reason why white people can’t season is ’cause you can’t taste (bleep). Justina, what is wrong with you?! – The thing is, number one, I’m not gonna lie to you, I’m hungry. Number two, I have never
complained about food. Whatever my mom made as
a kid, you (beep) ate and if you didn’t like it, don’t eat. You know what I’m saying? – But you not little no more! – I know but my tongue never changed. – Nick has been paying us enough to at least get some decent meals, man. I wasn’t a fan.
– At all! And she says, “It’s okay.” – It’s okay! I mean. Hey man, when you’re hungry- – Let’s move on to the toes, to the toes. – [Timothy] They’re not
toes, they’re claws. – [Darren] Gotta make some
real obnoxious noise with this while I’m sucking the meat out. (slurping) – Definitely better than that. – It needs butter but it’s still good. – It tastes better ’cause it’s like, it feels fresher than that,
you know what I’m saying? – This is really good though. – Yeah.
– I’m liking it. – I’m on my second one. (cracking) – Ugh.
– Ah! – Ooh! – Ah!
– Oh, it’s everywhere. – Oh!
– Oh! – It squirted on me! – It’s so inappropriate, this episode! – Yo, right off the bat, this is fire. – [Justina] I’m not gonna
lie, this is so good. – Why do you need to lie?
– I don’t know. – I’m not gonna lie. – See, this how you get it done. – Oh, that’s a big piece of meat. – Poppin’. – Oh my god! Now that’s a crab, that’s a crab. – And it’s so big, I feel like I’m eating a (beep) turkey leg of crab. – [Justina] So good. – Turkey leg of crab. – It’s the turkey leg of the-
– Of the crab family! – Y’all know we could pick, right? – [Justina] Yeah. – [Darren] Cheapest? – [Justina] Cheapest? – [Timothy] Mm-hmm. – Middlest.
– Middlest. – [Timothy] Middlest. – [Darren] Most expensive.
– [Timothy] Mm-hmm. – Don, my boy! Anybody got free hands? – Let’s do it the right way. (laughing) – Let’s cut it out.
– Cut it out, cut it out. – Peel it, peel it. – [Justina] Lump crab meat,
like we said, cheapest. – [Darren] $25 a pound. – [Justina] Jonah crab
claws from the Gulf- – [Darren] Of Maine!
– [Justina] The Gulf of Maine. So that’s $35 a pound. – [Darren] Alaskan king! – [Justina] $45 a pound. I think we’re good, we did it.
– We’re pretty bougie. – [Justina] Yeah, this was easy. – We ain’t basic, we’re bougie. – Look. – Oh, we can’t snap? – [Justina] Oh, oh. – [Darren] We can’t snap. – Crab juice all up and down my arm. – You are feeling that (beep). – Stop, stop, stop. After you had that, have this. – Don’t make her do that, ugh, look you can’t even, ugh. (laughing)
– See what I’m saying? – It’s not good anymore! – This is another episode
of Basic to Bougie. – Bougie!

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  1. I go to a partly diverse school most of it is white, 2% Indian, 5% black, 10% Hispanic, and the other 83% is white. Most of the staff is white no joke I haven't had a black teacher yet, now the lunch ladies are white and my school makes a Thanksgiving feast the Friday before Thanksgiving week cause we have off. This year I and my other three friends brought seasoning for the turkey, mash potatoes, stuffing, and corn. Everyone looked at us funny but that stuff had, has, and will never have any seasoning because no one complains about it. and by no one, I mean the white people, cause they make a majority of the school so they don't listen if 17% or 15% complain over this isn't seasoned. This year and my next 2 years at this school I'm bringing seasoning forever because they don't know the miracle of seasoning or as I like to call a "Black Person's Touch"

  2. Glad you liked the king crab cuz I'm born and raised from Alaska and my dad catches king crab and he's gone right now and I loved this episode and I love the show

  3. All that shit nasty to me. I'm from bmore! Yeah we have the best crabs everywhere try to bite our style of the dishes but can't. Come to Bmore and try our crab dip!

  4. So did justina actually have crabs before or was she just jokin either way I’ll still smash 🤷🏿‍♂️

  5. I’ve had Alaskan king crabs and they are so good 😊😋🦀but love y’all videos please keep the Basic To Bougje coming 😂😂😂😂

  6. Big baby: what are you touching all three
    Tim: are you going to lick the shell Darren>>1:19

  7. So glad I live by the ocean. I get king crab anywhere from 12.99-19.99 a pound. Most expensive during off season is 22 dollars a pound.

  8. I wish this was its own channel because I have to search it every time, but I love this, you guys are so funny 😂.

  9. I love king crab and snow crab one of my faves I don’t care if it’s a bottom feeder I love it my little crustacean or that piece of meat in his mouth is so big

  10. I wasn't a fan of justina to be honest because of the whole "all Asians are Chinese" comment/mentality. But after she said whatever her mom puts on the table, you eat. That is love and respect. Now Daren, he complain and bitches about so much of the food!

  11. Justina: it's good
    Big baby: "last" what is wrong with you saying things are good and there not 😂😂😂I love him man

  12. I know someone who cooks the chicken and then put garlic on it when it's done cooking. I pray 🙏🙌🙏🙌🙏🙌

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