We made a Giant Olaf from Frozen out of Rice Krispies! | Super Size Guys

We made a Giant Olaf from Frozen out of Rice Krispies! | Super Size Guys

[dodgy frozen style entrance]
Do you wanna build a snowman, come on lets go and play I never see you anymore.
Mate what are you doing? Are you coming in? Giant food. Coming in, yeah alright.
That is right guys if you have not guessed it we are doing a frozen themed video today
although we kind of look like Vikings. I feel like I particularly look like thor, the dresses
of Elsa and Anna did not fit us but this is James, hi welcome, how are you doing, I am
alright mate. It is a year to the date that we did the oreo pretty much, it was we have
done so much giant food if you have missed any hit the button up there to watch the full
playlist and get involved in the whole curfuffle that is giant food, basically we have been
to the shop already got all of our ingredients. [shopping trip montage]
We have a whole load of white chocolate and rice krispies here because do you wanna build
a snowman? I do, oh yes. Lets go, let it go, lets let it go, where you going?
So we are starting off by melting up some white chocolate and marshmallows right Jimmy,
loving that look man, it looks like a biker, hey man where did you park your Harley. So
yeah melting this up over a bowl of simmering water and yeah we will show you how we get
on in just a minute. Ah man! There is not much else to show you right now
guys we have the bowl of marshmallow and chocolate melting together. Right guys the gooey mixture
is gooey amazing times that is ready to be receptive of rice krispies right? It is a
lot of steam so be careful, steam lots of facial going on right now, oh yes. A whole
bag of crisp rice, crisp rice, rice krispies, mix it through right Elsa oh!
Oh my god so it is not the cleanest task I may transfer it to a bigger bowl, yeah? Yeah
we are going to do that. Oh because putting it in a bigger bowl is going to prevent the
mess. So mix it through oh yes, sticky times it is going to make the snowman, the feet
first of all the feet. The first bit is ready to be moulded guys
we have some greaseproof paper down there guys because it is very sticky. We are going
to mould it into feet so this is one foot being made. Moulding it up using the greaseproof
paper, it is cooling down super quick so all we are doing is pressing it down into shape
to get the foot mouldy bit, looks like a giant wart thing but we will get there.
So that guys will be olafs foot they are quite round and stumpy almost like a brain that
has set so hard so quickly so we will repeat those steps and any minute now you should
see two feet. Ok folks so there are our feet for olaf looking
good right dude, tasting good man, so we have another batch going on right there. Right
here is a terminator style hand with a bamboo skewer in it, what we are going to do is fill
this with melted chocolate and it has finger dividers we have made and by filling it with
melted chocolate that is going to make some hands, every body needs hands right.
James you know what while we are doing the whole melting and moulding thing we have not
had a chance to say our catchphrase in these videos today. Weelllllllllllllllllllll we
can always do it next time, yeah good point. Alright guys I am just melting some white
chocolate on the snowman because nobody sees a rice krispie colour snowman right. Melted
white chocolate to add strength but speaking of strength James has inserted these bamboo
skewers oh yeah check out Elsas guns right there. Bamboo skewers have gone in so we can
wedge our body parts on to help them hold even more. But will seal with chocolate too,
alright, yeah. Guys we are just spooning down this hot marshmallow
mixture this is going to start to form our body it is big baby needs to be big. Making
a body baby, a body baby, out of rice krispies I cannot get them off of my hands though!
They see me moulding, they hating, trying to catch me moulding rice krispies. We have
been using the greaseproof paper again to mould it that is one big body going on the
olaf right there, good times. Finishing off putting the melted chocolate into the first
arm cast spreading it round like that, it has to go in the fridge for a fair old while
mind, so we will keep working away alright. It feels quite nice, it is going down guys,
[sing timber song] here we go come on olaf we are building him slowly. Thoughts Jimmy
seems to be holding, it does yeah, happy, I am happy may need some structural things
before the other body, maybe some more white chocolate on that too strengthen these bits,
we are getting there son. Ok folks we have just put the neck on and
we think it is going to break, so we are going to lie olaf down and need to do this quite
quickly. Otherwise we are worried the weight of the head will just crash. So lets lie it
down. Yeah! So we are trying to make olafs head
right now, sort of sculpting it, he has a funny shape head sort of like yours! [laughter].
So yeah it is coming together looking kind of like an urn shape yeah it is getting there
I have been melting up some chocolate to go in his head as twigs too lollypop style with
some bamboo skewers in although it is looking like an alien autopsy right now, I am feeling
confident you feeling confident mate, wheyyyyy! Just going to pan up the head is on alright
dude, yeah I can see it [sings I can see clearly now the rain has gone] so white chocolate
going all up on there then it is decorative finishes right mate.
Making a mess mate, this is crazy what happens every giant food video right, so what we have
done we have forgotten about the schnoz (nose) of olaf he has an orange nose, so this is
white chocolate melted again this is food colouring oil, which is great if you melt
white chocolate and do not use the oil stuff it can curdle, so use this stuff this is orange
stuff going in, and we will mix with some rice krispies. So this should get a real nice
vibrant orange colour any minute now. Lovely orange chocolate there guys so there
we go, orange krispies going in, mix it through and we will have some nice rice krispies which
we are going to put into a piping bag like that to create the schnoz, schnoz (nose)!!
So we will jump to that any minute now. [decorative finishes]
So there we go then guys the giant olaf snowman is all done. 3foot it is 3 foot high too so
so good amazing times, look at the scale difference there. You know the only thing that is missing
is if we had actual Elsa to share it with, yeah I wonder what she would make of it. Guys
hope you enjoy this video if you have not seen the others check out the rest of the
playlist let us know down below what you want to see next time and we will see you again
next time right. That�s it, cheers guys, see you next time, olaf!

100 thoughts on “We made a Giant Olaf from Frozen out of Rice Krispies! | Super Size Guys

  1. hmm how bout a lemon Grinch or a figgy pudding scrooge Mc Duck for Christmas? XD the ants in that house must be incredibly happy …mmmmm

  2. I need more James in my life……..do another giant food video with him…..
    when its possible for you obviously….XD

  3. top tip: wet your hands when handling sticky marshmallows and rice crispies it stops it fron sticking to your hands

  4. Major Tips for you. Besides the grease free paper which you did use. You should of used the largest pan you had or several even if you had to borrow a few and a you didn't need the boiling water or the bowls. All you would of had to do is lower the temp on the stove and melt the Marshmallows to start and then slowly add in the chocolate. Your major mistake was that you didn't oil your hands. If you had put a little bit of oil in a bowl and coated your hands the "Rice Krispy Treats" wouldn't have stuck to your hands so badly. Just make sure the oil isn't one that has a strong taste like olive oil. And, NO on butter. You need a higher burn point oil that isn't lard or butter. So, Vegetable Oil is great for this.

  5. That checkout lady has the fastest scan in the west, no ones ever survived a scan duel with her, Sainsbury's finest.

  6. So I've been doing a Giant Food Barrython… and hasn't anyone told you that if you wet your hands before forming Rice Krispie cake the marshmallow won't stick?

  7. Just found you, and started watching all your giant stuff so not sure if you know this tip by now or not but butter your hand when working with the marshmallow Rice Krispies combo to keep from sticking to you!

  8. I think they look like Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World. I watch My Virgin Kitchen all day long. It never gets old.

  9. Was wondering why they bought chocolate when they were going to make a LOAF, looked at the title again and oh, it's O-L-A-F.
    (Children would have me for dinner for that.)

  10. Well that's twice that Barry has fallen in the grocery store…
    That's fantastic! Laughed so hard!!!
    I'm klutzy myself!!!

    Love the videos guys!!!

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