100 thoughts on “We Tried Taiwanese Street Food in Taiwan Night Market | Kaohsiung, Taiwan

  1. Welcome back to Taiwan everybody!! You have sent through some such amazing things for us to do and eat here in Kaohsiung! The number one thing you recommended was for us to check out the street food scene! What's your favourite dish?

  2. You guys surely figure out quickly which night market is the good one. Your recommendation is right on the spot.

  3. loved the video! I am going to Taiwan next year for foreign exchange and this looks amazing!! 🙂 keep up the great content guys!

  4. Wow, I don't care the food, I just can't take my eyes off that beautiful girl. Anyway, the couple is perfect, hope you two enjoy the trip in Taiwan.

  5. Street food is pollution, one simple question, after they are closed they first wash equipments, where will the dirty water go? They also dump yucky things on the rain water collect system. They will go to our river without purify the water. If you are into fishing, you will care our water

  6. When play the throwing cycle game in the night market, ALWAYS throw triple cycle at once, you also can found lots useful tip on youtube by the keyword: "套圈圈 教學", hope you can beat the Taiwan classic night market game next time.

  7. 這字幕是誰打的???怎麼會出現"台灣食物超棒der"這樣的用詞XDD 不會說中文的外國人怎麼可能會這樣用"der(的)"

  8. Taiwan is a gourmet paradise, where various Chinese and Western cultures and food can collide and develop here.

  9. There are many differences in food culture between southern Taiwan and the north or the east and the west.

  10. It all looked fricking delicious! We'll be hitting Taiwan too next month, any suggestions for where to start in Taipei? 😋☺️

  11. Thank you for came to Taiwan and made the fantastic video. Hope you had a great time and definitely come back again!

  12. 觀光夜市總歸只是專給觀光客的,雖然也有好吃的攤位,但同樣的地雷也很多,尋寶的樂趣就在這裡,而真正的好料與美味只有本地人知道…

  13. Been to Taiwan twice from Australia. Last time me and my family stayed for 5 weeks. We love Taiwan, its beautiful people and amazing food! Can't wait to go back!

  14. If you want to come to Taiwan again , I think I can introduce more unique food you might not find in all the other place .For instance, stincky tofu , sesame ball , Bien Dong , some snacks …

  15. Why did I watch the video in the night? I felt so hungry. Welcome to my country and I hope you enjoy the time. 🙂

  16. wow nice vblog new friend nice night market
    I'm here also in Taiwan thanks so it's like I there for night market God Blessed

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