Weekly Produce Prep | Meal Planning: Part 2

Weekly Produce Prep | Meal Planning: Part 2

hey everyone staff here so this month I am really working on my meal planning but I wanted to go a little bit further and just really organize everything to do with the food that my family buys and consumes and just wastes I'm really trying to get away from wasting food we're not that bad but I'd still like to be better because wasted food is wasted money and quite frankly it's bad practice and it's not something I want to teach my kids so in my family we eat an insane amount of fresh produce especially in summer in the winter it's pretty expensive so we're kind of limited and we're always limited for a selection but in the summer it's so bad fun I'm sure it's the same where you live produce is cheap and there's just everything available so we buy up a ton of it so one thing I started doing in the last few months as I started getting more organized because you know as you get more organized it's easier to get more organized I started prepping some of my fresh produce as soon as I buy it so I did my meal plan a couple days ago and then I did my grocery shopping yesterday brought everything home and instead of what I used to do which is shoving everything in the fridge well I shoved it in the fridge yesterday knowing I would do this today I usually though as soon as I bring it home or soon thereafter pull it out and wash it all and and wash it all and kind of just kind of pre prep it I'm finding that especially with fruit my family can just grab it and go it just makes it so much easier and things don't go to waste as much you know the easier you make it for yourself the more likely it is you're going to use it or eat it or whatever and I'm just going to show you really quickly how I kind of just wash and prep everything so it's really easy to grab and go my reasoning for this is you're going to have to wash your fruit anyways well I hope you are and why wash them one time every time you need something when you can just wash it all at once so here is my fridge without any of the fresh produce it's basically empty and here's all my fresh produce that I have for this week I'm gonna show you really quick how I get everything washed and prepped and kind of ready to go so it's easy and accessible and nothing goes to rot at the back of the fridge because that was a problem before okay so a couple of things I always have when I do this is my colander in the sink there or my strainer and I can just quickly wash things and dry them off with a tea towel there the other thing I like to do is fill my little bowl with cold water and a splash of vinegar you can see the vinegar behind me and then I put all of my berries in there and let them kind of sit for about five minutes then I strain them all out and put them in a bin that I put in the fridge this week I ordered way too many baby carrots so I'm just gonna wash them all at once cuz I find if they stay in the bag too long they get that weird slime on them so into a bin I always put paper towel at the bottom of the bin it really helps prevent things from getting slimy you can use a tea towel too but I don't have one I do the same with my grapes and just put them in a bin and they are good to grab and go okay so I have washed and put away pretty much everything there was to wash it away the last thing you want to show you and this is like the biggest thing for me is chopping up fruit that needs to be chopped up so I'm talking about watermelons and pineapples have you ever bought one of these things and let it sit on your counter until you finally cut it open it was just rotting inside that has happened to me way too many times and so this summer I decided that it's not happening and so I always chop my fruit up right away and this one oh yeah she is ready to go and watermelons well you never know until you cut them open but I just bought it yesterday so it should be good and water will it taste like a thousand times better when it's cold so I'm gonna cut it up put it up in and put it in the fridge I always cut the rind off my watermelon first because it takes up way less space and then same with the pineapple I cut off all of the bits that little kids wouldn't want to eat or would possibly leave laying around the house if they were carrying a piece of pineapple around so it's just all ready to eat and ready to go so you could throw this right into a fruit salad if you wanted to okay that's it done and it was a little bit of work took me about 20 minutes but it was gonna take that time anyways this week or the food is gonna go to waste and then it's just money in the garbage so it's better for me to just get it done ahead of time if you find this works for you whether you even just do your fruit or you just cut up the big things like this so they don't go bad on you definitely add them into your routine I did my grocery shopping yesterday so I usually do it the same day I grocery shop so that all the fruits and vegetables are good to go that day and the next morning so I hope you've got your meal plan done you made a really great grocery list and now you're able to get some of that stuff kind of just pretty prep this is tomorrow morning me saying thank you to today me for getting all this stuff chopped up because I know I'm going to be super happy when I wake up in the morning and I can pineapple for breakfast and all my blueberries and strawberries on my yogurt so I hope you have a wonderful day I hope you are sticking with your meal plan let me know how it's going for you what meals you have on you are playing this week and just how your weeks going in general I will talk to you soon bye

27 thoughts on “Weekly Produce Prep | Meal Planning: Part 2

  1. Great idea to prep as much as you can ahead! Like cutting big fruits up etc. Watermelon definitely tastes better cold! And taking baby carrots out into another container with a paper towel is a great idea bc they do get slimy otherwise.

    Something to note though is that some fruits, like berries and grapes, should only be washed right before eating or cooking with. Washing them ahead actually invites moisture and can decrease their shelf life. I think harder fruits like apples and pears are probably be fine.

  2. Loving your videos! I recently found a new way to cut my watermelon 🍉 search “watermelon sticks” and you’ll find a 2 minute video, everyone loved it! Thanks for your tips!

  3. So impressed with how healthy you guys eat. I wonder if you would be interested in my channel because you are my inspiration. Its called Zero Waste Wiltshire.

  4. Yes! My kids will not eat fruit unless it's already prepped and they can just grab and go. Love your attitude! Because yes I have grumbled about my children being lazy lol But it's true spending the few minutes of work is worth not letting it go to waste.

  5. Peaches and strawberries don’t tend to do well in my house if I wash them ahead of time. I wonder if putting paper towels underneath would help…

  6. You should totally get a pineapple corer lol I think that's what it's called but OMG, huge time saver and only good parts get cut!

  7. I am so bad at prepping produce! Thanks for the motivation. You should look into how to cut watermelon into sticks, my kids love it cut that way, they just hold the rind and eat it. It’s so easy and convenient to eat that way!

  8. Your house is so beautiful and immaculate! You're definitely not a slob anymore!! 💕 *Please keep the name though–love it lol

  9. Ps. I’ve been cleaning! Had cousins over Wed night and one joked “ are we at the wrong house?” Nope! You’re at my much cleaner house! And I’m keeping it up, too. Thanks!!!

  10. Ps. I’ve been cleaning! Had cousins over Wed night and one joked “ are we at the wrong house?” Nope! You’re at my much cleaner house! And I’m keeping it up, too. Thanks!!!

  11. I need to do this more! Can’t tell you how much lettuce and peppers I’ve thrown out in the last 6 months! I like to take salad to work daily but if it’s chopped too soon it’s brown by end of week. So I’ve started just cutting the heads into 1/4 chunks and putting each in a container washed. I take that to work and cut it up there. Have a great day! I enjoy your motivation! Hugs!

  12. Thank you! This was very helpful!! You look super cute! 😉❤️ 🙌 I can't tell you how grateful I am for all the flylady videos! They truly changed our home, on so many different levels. I count what you have done as a blessing to our family. Keep on, keeping on!

  13. you are such a great motivator! After watching your last show, I did my meal plan; then had a major cook up yesterday. 👍
    Now I dont have to cook until next week….and… I have already started my next meal plan…
    xx 😘 💕🌷☕🌹

  14. I buy fruit just for the bin. I really struggle to get my kids to eat it and im not great at eating it either. Would your daughters eat a whole peach or do you chop it up and put it in a bowl for them? Or as a desert? I think im not creative enough to tempt them. X

  15. This is such a good thing to keep in mind. I always get so over zealous buying at farmers markets in the summer and then it goes to waste because I forget I have it!

  16. Great Job, Steph! Funny, you were in my dream last night eating at a restaurant. I saw you and recognized you and came up, fumbled my words and then said "You're adorable!" Hahahahahaha! Have no idea why I dreamed of you, but it is true… You are adorable! 😁👍🤣😉😊 Thanks for the great videos. I enjoy watching them!

  17. Hi sweetie love your videos, you ought to buy a pineapple peeler , they are cheap and much faster to peel, also if you knock on your melon and it sound hollow it's still good to eat ,if it's a dull thud throw it out . Love and hugs as always xx

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