Weird Slime Recipes Tested! //Ashlelayy

Weird Slime Recipes Tested! //Ashlelayy

hey guys what is up is actually here so I don't know you can tell by my setup today or the tide of this video but today I'm backing it again with the slime videos so I just assigned video a long time ago like last year I think around this time and today I'm going to try to test out some slimes on my families on YouTube and Pinterest so I'll leave the link to the authors or the videos on watch down below and also it's very exciting because today I'm going to be clapping with my favorite youtuber Freddy Garcia I'll leave her video down in the description box make sure you guys go check Brown she's amazing she makes the coolest flan videos as well so yeah and I'll actually be testing out what I've heard yellow eyes as well so I'm gonna see that just keep watching okay let's start off without girl Karina's butter farm it's been super popular instagram for some reason and we attempt to make and see if it works now i'm just going to wing the internet because I really don't want to measure it out so you also need some shampoo I got my winter candy apple or bath and Bodyworks I gotta show you got my GoPro here so you can film like two dimensions all right look at these looks like butter salon doesn't it okay guys so later that night attempted to make the butter slam again because I wanted to get a different color and I use a regular like light shampoo and it turned out so nice as you can see like the lines is kind of mimics the butter slime like when you cut down a stick of butter and I think it's super satisfying to cut and amazing so just definitely worked next time is a classic I'm gonna make some food slime so I think I got my glue just like the basic ingredient and it doesn't for my table cause like yellow huhu with the sticks like a ball okay I whatever I just did it I did it so I got my saline solution or contact solution y'all did add too much okay I can definitely feel the slot consistency for me oh okay okay I definitely see it coming okay don't go this is fail okay so as you can tell I made a huge mess and I don't know my way it up I just want to do my slime what the heck okay wait you guys I haven't given up yet almost it okay so I made a huge mistake of not adding baking soda Oh oh my gosh I missed the step and now I just played with glue in context solution for a while but amy has added some baking soda let's pretend like I never happened I'm so stupid I thought it was this glues problem but I just missed the step when I'm reading them when I rewatched a video I'm just like oh wait I'm supposed to add freakin baking soda oh my God look at my ratchet setup huh I'm gonna try to add in some food coloring and go with them yellow I try this again in the bathroom before this is some baking soda now this is my childhood it's okay look at that it's a very flowery or rubbery very nice I like this oh so sad funny oh you know I suck at making slime so I don't think I'm into the pancake shape or whatever I want but hey this is a nasty color I gotta sing I'll give this one a thumbs up because it definitely works and I still got my little butter here this butter definitely works and you don't want to snack use this that's my pancake a butter on top there you go pancake all right moving on next I really wanted to make like a galaxy unicorny slime and I wanted to get the clear ones but they were out of stock so I guess we're just going to use um the white one again and I actually got a lot of like litter stuff that I'm going to add into it oh so pretty look at it I put it and in contact solution bacon throw that yeah the Queen will make it okay this is bad ah the clear one would make it way prettier swear okay so thank you so much for watching today's video of all of you slug definitely where does it give them my big fat thumbs up but um yeah I'd listen the trout two different methods I guess so hope you guys enjoy the video be sure to leave a comment down below and tell me what route next and yeah it's really fun and satisfying and make sure to check out Caritas video because i'll link her video down below and check out the video she made because she's amazing and yeah i hope you guys enjoyed the video and i'll see you guys next time hi oh by the way look at my pancake it's so pretty take seven i thank you

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  1. You don't have to add baking soda to a glue slime it works just fine with um food coloring and the contacts solution I know cause

  2. She's such a bad YouTuber.😥😫😴😣She had a terrifyingly boring voice. So bad. Everyone give her a thumbs down. Never have seen anyone as bad as her.😑How old are you!!! You are so dumb too!!! Use your head! And yes, your stupid like you said.

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