64 thoughts on “What I Eat In a Day | Easy Plant-Based Comfort Foods

  1. I saw the health food that Beauty makes so well. I am a South Korean. I'll be your fan. Can you give me permission?

  2. u come off as the person who just wants to dictate what ppl should do. u need to be aware of everyones needs, such as ppl with injuries or those who dont like plant based meals and etc. for example im not a big fan of pilates, u dont need to inspire ppl to be exactly like u. instead, help ppl be the best versions of themselves. this will take u farther than the regular aproach u take.

  3. Do you have a video for the gluten free flour? Or is it in your cookbook? These recipes looks amazing! Is your cookbook totally vegan?

  4. I've never seen ketchup on mac and cheese but I LOVED hot dogs and mac and cheese as a kid and I still eat ketchup with scrambled eggs, it's like comfort food to me 🙂

  5. I want to see try a egg day. Deviled eggs lunch and dinner eating outside. Also hard boiled eggs for breakfast. One flavor for the lunch i s going to be what you want. Fir dinner 2 two types curry
    Apricot and haleznut
    One last thing I like to see you eat outside. This is just an idea and this would be a challenge and I like to see eating whole meal.

  6. I recently just purchased your code book it is going to help me out a whole lot a month ago I was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer on November 11th I had surgery to remove the lump out my breast that were cancerous now I'm on the road to recovery and your cookbook is going to help me I have been a year now doing a planet based diet and I will continue to do it thank you so much for sharing all your recipes

  7. Great video. I just love watching what I eat in a day content…. I have similar content on my channel. Thanks for sharing 😊

  8. Hey , please write down the ingredients or say them while preparing the meal. I know you linked the recipes down below but it was overwhelming seeing you preparing the meal like the cake or the veggie chili for example with no clue what this ingredient is and just hearing music in the background.

  9. If anyone would live to see a veganized pumpkin bread please go like and subscribe on my channel. Make suggestions

  10. People who have A blood type like me should not so much red meat. So I am trying to abstain from eating red meat (of course food that might harm my health) and striving to stick to my desicion.I feel high and relaxed

  11. Everything is Plant=Based except the the orange pumpkin chocolate bread (eggs added) but I can add a flax egg. Sounds really good.

  12. Try this on top of your mac n cheese. Pasta sauce it is really good on top of it. Years ago there was one day I was just in a odd mood and I wanted mac n cheese but I also wanted sauce. So I looked at my mom and said can I put sauce on top of my mac and she said yes lets do that. It was so good that we ate it all and made more because it was that good. My brothers make this meal all the time. Now i went vegan back in 2015 and finding a good vegan mac n cheeze is hard and I have tried the whole make your own and its not going well. I do make a good white sauce mac but cheddar I have not found the best just yet. I have been trying to make one with cashews and chickpeas for years and I kinda just stopped trying and gave myself a brake on it for a year. Next year i'll try again on perfecting it. I do like the amys dairy and gf mac n cheese but its still not the best. I grew up on KD and I want some thing like that but vegan and gluten free so I don't die!

  13. I finally have your book here in UK, and it’s beautiful!!! So nice to see some recipes I already now and can’t wait to try the new ones 🥑🥑🥑🥑

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