WHAT I EAT IN A DAY TO LOSE WEIGHT! – Total: 1500 Calories

WHAT I EAT IN A DAY TO LOSE WEIGHT! – Total: 1500 Calories

hey nobody’s welcome back to my channel
today we’re gonna be doing another wedding in the day did my kind of
morning skin routine and I’ll be doing makeup a little bit later it was the
first night that I had to pull out my warm blanket so fall is coming you guys
I can’t believe it I kind of like fall I’m not gonna lie but I just wish I can
go from fall to spring I just want to eliminate winter in
general next week I’ll be sharing with you guys where I’m going I’m so excited
I was filming like all weekend for you guys today is Monday we’re gonna be
doing a breakfast sandwich with a couple of new things that I bought from the
grocery store I belong that for you guys so don’t worry if you guys are not
following me on IG make sure you guys do it is at stock G Macedo do you guys like
my little philodendron in the back there he is just such a cutie and he’s growing
so fast and if you guys are brand-new to my channel thank you guys so much for
stopping by if you just newly subscribed welcome to my channel if you guys have
not subscribed already make sure you guys do and also click that little bell
right next to the subscribe button so you guys get notified for all of my
brand new videos I also want to mention I recently have gotten back you to the
gym more often now I was telling you guys about how my journey and how there
was just like a really long pause and I needed to get back in love with the gym
which means I’m able to eat a little bit more now when I wasn’t I had to really
lower down my calories because it wasn’t active so for me to kind of maintain if
I was going up then I would have gained more weight so I maintain my way from me
gaining my 10 pounds I know I got some questions on that so I maintained it but
now I’m just kind of on track to losing it again and I feel like my body is just
changing in general by me going back to the gym I think calories will be a
little bit more this time it’ll be probably around 14 to 15 closer to the
maybe the 15 range mark and some people think that that’s really low but you
guys have to understand my height I’m really really short
I wasn’t being active if I wanted to raise that up I would have to go in a
bulk gain weight and then come back down and I just wasn’t gonna do that
I wasn’t starving people think that they’re like starving under those
calories I’m not I’m fine I’m healthy it’s just I wasn’t active so I couldn’t
really raise up my calories and not be working out at the same time they got
President’s Choice ones if you guys can find I think the blue menu are a little
bit less I just couldn’t find them also going to be using dad today the reason
why even though the sandwich is not begin we’re gonna be using day is
because I’m just trying to eliminate dairy as much as I can when I can just
because it helps with my bloating I don’t do well with dairy a vegan butter
these bacon rounds that I found at the grocery store and what I loved is that
number one they’re in a circle so they’re super easy to put inside of your
English muffin calories were kind of similar to doing like two bacon strips
don’t forget that those are the raw calories so when you guys cook in all
the oil thumbs oh you are eliminating a lot of calories so this is gonna be
around like 50 to 60 calories per slice I’m never put the oil down your drink I
kind of just like wipe it while it’s wet and a little bit hot with like a paper
towel and you can throw it out two of them you guys oh yeah honey
like my little coffee container thank you grab two CBS this morning because
I’m not gonna be using my creamer morning what is the morning without
coffee seriously my unsweetened almond milk I have to get this soap one cuz
they didn’t have the ones that I wanted we’re gonna pop down our toaster right
now grab a paper towel want that access oil to come off and again you’re just
removing calories so I like to put a little bit of salt on top of my egg
we’re gonna wait until this is kind of well done on each side so that the yolk
is not spilling out of your sandwich we’re just going to put a little bit of
butter on each side this is also what I love about the day is that there are
little tiny circles which is perfect our egg over top cuz it’s nice and hot so
this guy’s gonna melt this I’m so excited that there’s two pieces in here
like that is just life that’s just what makes this entire thing our coffee on
this side and this is our completed breakfast
I’ll leave the calories on this side over here for you guys I cannot wait to
just go watch my show now and eat this up because I’m so hungry
you can even wrap it up and take it with you to work
that’s what I love about it because I you should do that I’m back you guys it
is we’re cooking a little bit early because I have to finish editing a video
for you guys my pantry video if you guys have not watched how I organize my
pantry make sure you guys check out that video so it’s 11:40 right now we’re
probably gonna cook around 12 anyways so that’s okay too guys like my little set
my Rockstar hair my Rockstar kind of tea I’m like obsessed with graphic tees
right now and like Mandy’s even though I don’t listen to rock but it’s all about
the aesthetic young and I’m ready to cook a lunch with you guys we’re gonna
be cooking with hellofresh you guys thank you so much – hello fresh for
sponsoring this video I love hello fresh as you guys know they’ve kind of just
been this really fun addition to my lifestyle the meal that we’re doing
today is BLT pasta when I saw this one I was like okay we have got to try this
because I’ve never heard anything like that before in my entire life it also
had family plans you guys vegetarian calorie smart plans they always have
something for everybody no matter what your diet is or your lifestyle so
everything that comes inside is individually labeled and packaged for
you pre-measured the one thing I have to mention about their meats is that they
are all raised without antibiotics or hormones this is basically a recipe card
that comes inside of your box and they’re basically a step-by-step
instruction card where you guys will follow there’s only six steps you guys
it is so super easy I kind of want something really heavy right now because
I have to go out after this that’s can change the delivery day you don’t have
to have it the same day every single week you guys can skip a week and also
change your food preferences this saves you time if you guys are having a really
crazy busy week like I have all the time and hellofresh is now from 566 per
serving so it is super super affordable and I used to think all these services
were so expensive that’s why I didn’t used to bother in the past you can still
kind of fit inside of your weight-loss journey and your deficit I just don’t
want you guys to think that these recipes you can’t eat if you’re trying
to lose weight you most definitely can it’s just all about your portion and
kind of making little tiny adjustments to the recipes while you guys are
cooking them if you guys think you guys want to try them out for the first time
you guys will get eight meals for you with
promo code step Macedo 80 that is $80 off your very first month with them so
make sure you guys check them out a hellofresh calm and use my promo code
Stephanus little eighty we want to boil some hot water for our pasta I’ve just
put some salt and some there in between I’m always drinking my water I will
leave a link for this tumbler cup down below for you guys I’m pretty sure I’ll
be able to find it on Amazon I like to have three litters of water and keep it
close if it’s on the counter in your kitchen you’re not gonna be drinking it
because this guy is your best friend okay finely chop the basil peel the
garlic and shallot and then we’re going to cut the bacon up so that’s pretty
easy go grab our scissors have fun with it that’s what I love about this whole
entire process what I like to do which what I feel like makes it more simple is
really crushing it using this little rocking boat sort of method yes girl our
boiling water is ready and we’re just gonna add our torque of beanies in there
so it only it’s gonna take about two to three minutes inside of here I’m
actually going to put them inside of here and love this chopper you guys cut
up the bacon into quarter inch slices add your goat cheese and basil to a bowl
it’s a stir and season with salt and pepper I love goat cheese by the way
it’s actually very important used to like goat cheese because we have it with
bread I actually put our pimento sauce over top and kind of like use the go
she’s is like a spread and the basil inside of there black pepper and salt
stir all of this up make sure the salt gets in there the pepper so we pre lined
a plate with a little bit of paper towel because we’re going to bring our bacon
over once it’s crispy and let the oil kind of jareno and then over here we
have our bacon that’s kind of getting all nice and crispy for us they also
mentioned to leave some of the bacon fat inside of here but we’re actually going
to remove all of it just so that I can reduce the calories so now we’re going
to add tomatoes my garlic add our shallot so I’m gonna let this cook up a
little we until these Tomatoes get a little bit
softer I literally wish you guys could smell
this this is smelling so good and it’s definitely the garlic and Michelle is I
never cook with kale as you can tell because there’s nothing on my channel
but I love like this idea it kind of shows me how I can use it now in my
pastas instead of spinach all the time so I’ve already kind of drained most of
the water it’s okay if you have a little bit because that’s just gonna become a
part of our sauce so but I drained literally like 95% of it little packets
of sour cream so we’re gonna add some sour cream in there and it says to put
half of our goat cheese mixture and that we’re gonna use it as like a topper
after but I’m just gonna go ahead and use all of it inside of here I just kind
of like my sauce really creamy and it kind of combined all together I like to
say marry each other let them marry each other cuz right now they just they just
started dating right like this is date one actually I think we’re on date three
right now let it sit kind of on low heat don’t worry all the bacon it’s coming
today I know I have a little bit of room so I really also want this pasta to like
fill me up gonna grab some of our bacon and put it over top oh my god guys look
how delish I’ll put the approximate calories over here for you I have a
little bit of everything the cheese pasta is a big thing literally
everything I love that it didn’t take that long to cook that pasta alright I
don’t have some bacon I love that I’m having kale this is gonna keep me full
for a good couple hours but I’m gonna go finish this up you guys if you guys want
to try on all the fries don’t forget to use my promo code I think you guys are
gonna love them cuz you guys will learn so many new
recipes before you go I want to marinate our shrimp so that they’re kind of
sitting in the fridge first thing we’re gonna do is use our little olive oil
spray bottle I love this guy I can leave a link for you guys down below and we’re
just going to spray it already so that we don’t have to spray our pan salt of
course paprika is gonna give it some beautiful color I really want these
shrimp to have this really rich red color or if you guys are new to my
channel our new almost every single time they’re my first time make
the actual recipe one of them were just ideas that I found got inspired by I
actually have this packet of Mexican seasoning that I just want to use up so
we’re going to put actually put all of it in there because I really want to
coat these up really nicely so that they’re full of flavor a little bit of
black pepper not a lot maybe even a little bit of tumeric there’s always
guitar anywhere you can and of course some garlic powder like come on I’m
gonna put a lot of it in there just a little bit of onion powder and this is
the first I feel like one of the only what I eat in a day is that I’m actually
gonna be making dinner at dinnertime so I’m gonna leave these guys inside of the
fridge to kind of marry with each other they’re just dating right now we’re back
you guys and it is 5:14 so I cannot believe in it’s still bright outside now
it gets dark at like 7:30 I’m glad that naturally is still here to bless my
video thank you thank you Jesus okay so we have some flour over here I
actually just stopped at the grocery store and I decided I kind of want to
dust my shrimp with a little bit of flour it’s not gonna make it like super
fried up or crispy or anything cuz we would have to add a lot which I don’t
want to do guys our shrimp I swear it go deeper in color or something so good so
I have this little guy with your a little sifter and you just want to like
put this over like that oh my god how perfect is this look at that it just
sits on the top of here and then I just grab it awesome love when things work
out coat it a little bit and since the flour is there once it fries up its
gonna just give that little extra texture like I was saying a little bit
more and honestly the rest of the taco is just putting all of the toppings that
you want there’s really nothing to this entire recipe a little bit more mix this
up one last time and our little pan over there is nice and hot and we’re gonna
put these guys in there right now you’re just having on medium right now
oh I can start hearing that sizzling by the way I forgot to mention if you guys
already noticed that these ones are already deveined and they
don’t have the tails on them and they’re peeled so it just will save you a lot of
time wait until they get kind of golden brown on each side so these are the corn
tortillas that we’re going to be using I got these many ones and these ones say
three tortillas is 120 calories they’re actually a really low in calories but
what I’m going to do is I just have my pan kind of heated up and I’m just gonna
put them for like 15 seconds on each side to kind of warm it up we’re gonna
be having three of these guys so I’m going to just lay probably just two down
for now and quickly just warm them up in here because I actually just looked up
shrimp I actually thought I was hiring calorie there’s seven calories in one
medium shrimp and let me show you guys our shrimp they do have that breaded
sort of look on each side so the flour did add this extra texture to them and
we’re basically ready to put everything together you guys first thing we’re
going to be making right now is a little Kadena on the side I bought this organic
sour cream so we’re just going to take a bunch of sour cream since we’re having
three of these then we’re gonna grab some sriracha we’re just gonna make it a
little bit spicier little Kodama whisk this all up I put some water at
the bottom just to make it a little bit more creamy cuz these sour cream is
really thick for sriracha cuz your girl can handle some heat you know what I’m
saying yes she can this is our little dressing that we’re
gonna add over top grab a shredded iceberg lettuce I like a lot of lettuce
in my talk with you those shrimp ease and put I’m gonna use three of them in
each look at the color already a little bit of well let’s come on let’s not play
any games here step we’re gonna grab cilantro that I’ve just cut up with my
scissors your curl buff cilantro guy stop making fun of how I see cilantro
okay like if you’re like me a pound of cilantro vert ah that’s right our little
crema like guys I’m already dying at how this plate looks and it looks like so
much food but do you guys see that even when you’re on a deficit how much food
you can honestly consume if you’re just smart about how you cook it back and
forth with it how good I wanted to add some color and
try something a little bit different you guys I got red cabbage from kind of a
jar my first time I literally tried it off camera cuz I wanted to see how I
like it just got an idea gonna grab some supper cream there and
we’re gonna grab a bunch of the cabbage and add it in there it’s really good
advice it’s not pickled by the way this one is not at least it’s just a very
mild taste look at the color you get when you do that with the sour cream and
I just really love this purple rich color that you get with it like it’s
just so different from anything I’ve ever done before
like who doesn’t want this little pop of color on top of their tacos and that’s
our tacos you guys if you want to add some red hot Tabasco a little bit more
sriracha over top you can do so really the calories over here for you guys so
you know how much is on this play I know it looks like a lot of food but you have
to understand how actually the low-cal the shrimp are and all of these toppings
are really little cows so you can make a plate look like it has a ton of food hey
baby I’m ready I’m ready to try this out I also want to get those like taco
holders watch yourself look at her she’s super cute oh my god
slow fire guys I forgot to put the lime over top I had lime slices that I
pre-cut to show you guys okay let’s try it again I got a tea stuff sitting on it
goes shrimp get back in there don’t don’t do that to me oh my god my nails
are already so messed up oh my god you guys I just licked my now I did I did
that it’s mine now I can do that it’s finger-licking good
that’s basically it you guys I’m gonna go and chill out right now I’m already
in my lay Kalonji clothes I’m gonna go watch a show kind of relax now but this
is our last recipe of the night I hope you guys try this out I think you guys
are going to love them this is so so so fuego like I cannot wait to have this
tomorrow and the next day in the next day so I’m going to pack up my shirt
kind of meal prep it if you guys love this one I in a day
leave some love down below in the comments if you guys are not subscribed
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are vegetarian or vegan that is one of my recent ones that I just posted so
make sure you guys check that out thank you guys so much for watching and I will
see all of my beautiful babes in my next video mmm kind of another friend I think
I’m gonna add another shrimp in here

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