WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | Vegetarian meals + staying healthy around the holidays! ✨

WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | Vegetarian meals + staying healthy around the holidays! ✨

Hello friends its Allison so today I’m
doing a fun at little what I eat in the day video I know this time of year is
truly so special and full of so much fun and lots of treats but today I just kind
of want to show you how I balance my eating and meal idea healthy meal ideas
to kind of help you find that healthy balance of fueling your body with
goodness and nutrients but also having fun and treating yourself to this
special time of year and all of the goodies it brings so I really hope this
video helps you with that because I really do believe that when you feel
good on the inside you look good on the outside so I think a big part of that is
eating healthy as well so I’m just going to take you through all my meals so this
morning I woke up at 5 a.m. as always with my husband Brandon cuz he goes to
work super early and so I wake up with him to help him out with breakfast and
coffee so I actually don’t eat my breakfast until 8 o’clock around 8
o’clock it’s not the same every single day but just like 7 or 8 o’clock 7:30
I really just depends how hungry I am but today I waited until 8:00 and I
already made our eggs but I’m gonna like jooge it up a little bit and add some
more so I’ll show you that in a second but I did already drink my coffee so
today we just make our coffee is like an organic dark roast just like a generic
brand and then when you make it in the pour over and today I added some
cinnamon and I added some frost pumpkin spice
creamer which I know is like not the flavor for the season but I just had
some left over from fall and and I know it technically is still fall but you
know what I mean I still had some left over from like Thanksgiving time so I
just wanted to finish it up so I added some of that and I frost it and then I
sprinkled some cinnamon on the top so I do like little sweetness in my coffee so
I usually sprinkle cinnamon in it every day and this this time of year I also
really really love to mix in hot cocoa and sometimes top it with a few
marshmallows but I try not to do that every single day just because that is
like straight-up sugar hot cocoa is just cocoa and sugars so yeah I it’s all
about balance so what I’m saying people you can treat yourself but you also want
to make sure you remain healthy so that’s what I did and now I’ll show you
what I’m going to make for breakfast also something worth noting is that I
absolutely love water and you’ll see in one of my first clips of this video that
I filled up my water cup from night and I added some ice cubes water really
helps me wake up and kind of feel refreshed in the morning since it’s so
cold so I go through probably what we’ll try to count but it is kind of hard with
the ice because you know the ice um is higher volume so it takes up a lot of
the cup but I probably drink like 10 of these a day 10 of these big cups full of
water never you’re sick or anything like that one of the biggest tips is to drink
a lot of water so I think that helps you not to get sick as well okay so I just
toasted a thin slice of whole wheat bread grain bread and I cut up an
avocado so I used to make this all the time in college and they still make it
now brandon and i we rotate oatmeal and eggs so one day we’ll have oatmeal and
then the next day we’ll have eggs and we just go back and forth so both of those
are super super simple eggs are my favorite though I love eggs and avocado
toast together oh so good and so filling and I had lots of hot sauce and
seasoning and when we cook our eggs we always add
chopped bell pepper and onions and add so much flavor and I also add red pepper
flakes sometimes I add cayenne pepper and then I’ll add this chili and lime
seedling from Trader Joe’s and then what else do I add oh god black pepper I
already have some of my eggs I don’t need to vet too much actually that’s
kind of a lot but it’s so yummy it’ll be delicious and then usually I do lime
juice but lemon juice it’s great as well I just put a tiny bit of this it’s
seriously adds so much flavor it’s amazing you love lemon juice I like to
pull em and juice in my water sometimes as well so if drinking water is trickier
for you try doing that and then I add some Tapatio hot sauce we like pretty
much every single hot sauce in this household we are obsessed but I actually
like to put them on my eggs not all my avocado tips but oh well I’m gonna mix
it all together when I eat it so no biggie and wallah that is my breakfast
so colorful and yummy it is so festive it’s red and green for Christmas I love
it and usually I’ll eat fruit as well I’ll probably have a banana but I think
I’m gonna wait until like 10:30 to eat that cuz I think this is gonna fill me
up quite a bit and I always get hungry around 10:30 so that will be perfect
ok I’m gonna eat this and get some work done but I will check back in with you
at nighttime or at lunchtime okay so it’s only been like 30 minutes
and thank you breakfast but I have one of the windows open in our apartment it
is so cold I have my heated blanket wrapped around me and I’m gonna close
the window soon but I like it it’s like cozy to be cold and warm at the same
time you know like wrapped up all snuggly so I’m having fun with it but
I’m craving another cup of coffee so I think I’m going to make some French
press coffee and sip on that and my coffee this morning was so good with
that creamer all broth but I I finished slack creamer this morning and I don’t
have any more creamer but I think I have some coconut milk so I might just like
froth that a bit too and I do have peppermint extract um and I I don’t want
to do a hot cocoa yet in my coffee because I know I’m gonna want something
for dessert tonight and I wanna again balance myself and eat healthy um so I’m
gonna try to add a little peppermint extract to the coconut milk and then
have that on top I don’t know if it’ll be good but we’re gonna try it pretty
soon this is for coffee I usually buy us it’s from Walmart but it’s this organic
dark roast from Sumatra should be cool okay sorry I just smelled this mint
extract that I have I use it in a peppermint mocha but I just don’t think
it’s gonna taste good by itself without like any cocoa or anything chocolatey
but honestly I’m like really not in the mood for straight-up like cocoa sugar
even though it’s festive I’m just not in the mood for it so and sad because I
still want something a little like sweeter and stuff with like a froth top
so I’m going to make one of my fall coffees and it is with maple syrup and
sea salts and I know maple syrup has sugar in it like I know that but I don’t
know it just is like what I’m in the mood for so I’m gonna go for it and I’m
just gonna add a little little little tiny bit to this frother machine with my
coconut milk and then I’m going to sprinkle a tiny tiny bit of sea salt as
well so it really isn’t that sweet at all but it does have that little flare
to make it more exciting for your taste buds yum-yum-yum look at this big ol cup of
coffee so so good and so cozy coffee really does keep me so motivated and
productive throughout the day I usually only do two cups a day but wow it makes
such a difference and I’m such a copy love it Wow let’s see the time
12:24 and it is time to cook up some lunch
I’m hungry usually I eat earlier but I was just like caught up in work and I
filmed a video so why have the hiccups I have been hungry two cups so yes I am
ready to eat also I’m making a hello fresh meal today and I’m so excited I’m
like tempted to make it now but and walk right in to have it – so nice and fresh
so for lunch I’m gonna just have a random combination of food we have in
the fridge this is usually my typical lunch situation I’ll just have like
random stuff that I have leftovers hummus and veggies but I made this
lentil like stew / soup on Monday me um so I just have some leftovers and I’m
just gonna add a little bit more and eat that because again it’s like chilly
outside so that sounds really cozy and and then I’m going to add some carrots
and cucumbers just to add some more veggies you gotta get your veggies
people I always try to have some veggies cut up and ready and washed in the
fridge so that when I want a snack or a healthy lunch but I’m too busy I won’t
have to like cut it up or anything it’ll just be super easily accessible my
hiccups and then I have some mango so I’m gonna heat that up and then
eat their spinach so on my lentil soup I like to put a
little bit of this organic plain a Greek yogurt
I still eat sour cream like all the time but this is a really good alternative
and I always like to have this around because you can also use it to make
smoothies creamier because it’s just like plain yogurt it doesn’t have any
flavor or anything so it’s really versatile okay it’s almost 2 o’clock now
and I’m ready for another pick-me-up but I’ve had my coffee fill for the day so
I’m gonna have some kombucha I love kombucha it’s actually really
good for your gut health and it has other health benefits you want to make
sure you get one with good ingredients and not a lot of added sugar I mean this
one does have seven grams of sugar and it’s 2 servings but what I like to do is
I’ve had this bottle for over a week and I just savor it so I pour it into a
glass cup with ice so what kind of get gets watered down and I don’t drink it
all at once so that’s kind of what I do and it’s still super yummy and I even
have a kombucha making kit haven’t gotten to it but I am okay hi I’m just saying getting some
work done I wrap myself up in a blanket because it’s so chilly I open to the
window for a bitch but that was kind of a mistake because it’s so cold outside I
am getting a little hungry though it’s about 4:15 right now Brandon will be
home soon so I think I’m gonna put together a little apple and peanut
butter plate and he can share it with me because I think we’re gonna go to the
gym today I’m not feeling it cuz it’s so cold I don’t want to leave the house but
I think we’re gonna go to the gym and so I want to have a little more fuel for
that before I make tea hey we just got home from the gym had a
good workout and I am so excited to cook dinner I’ve been looking forward to this
all day tonight I have a hello fresh meal you
guys know I absolutely adore hellofresh so much their meals are absolutely
delicious delicious delicious and they make home cooking so incredibly simple
so let me show you what we’re cooking up to nights this Hall of Fame veggie
chiles rellenos with avocado salsa and zesty crema amazing I’ll show you the
other two things we have for the week so we get the veggie plan for two and it’s
just the best they have so many great vegetarian options that are also like
super creative which I appreciate so we have the creamiest mushroom ravioli with
parmesan and heirloom grape tomatoes which I’ve had before and it’s so so
good and then we have does it I don’t receive it the Attar crusted grilling
cheese with sumac roasted veggies over couscous and oh my goodness I’m super
super excited for this one as well seriously so unique and amazing for
chief lovers like Brandon and I so let’s get started cooking this one
this recipe is only supposed to take 30 minutes which is amazing because I am
quite hungry and like I said a hellofresh
is seriously so delicious and I like to think I have really good taste but if
you don’t believe me they actually have a more five-star rated recipes than any
other meal kit so that’s seen something also hellofresh is flexible so if you
need to add more meals to your week or you want to add some other things to
your subscription like garlic bread or cookie dough which I still need to do I
mean they need to do that for so long I’m using you guys know I’m like cookie
obsess you can do that so they’re really flexible and like I said delicious and
they just make your life so much simpler because you know I love to cook but it’s
nice why I’m still gonna cook which I love but it’s nice to like not have to
put a lot of thought into it you know you just come home a perfect little bag
and use the blue recipes there’s two other vacuum the fridge but this is just
for tonight’s recipe and you just make it and have a delicious five-star meal
right there in the comfort of your own home is watering and we are eatin good – nice
okay it’s time for a taste test Brandon’s shaving but I know he’s gonna
love this I’m good you’re gonna love this babe
yes so good so if you want to try hellofresh or yourself it’s actually
only five dollars in 66 cents per serving now which is such an incredible
deal for literally a five-star meal amazing so to get started you can get
nine free meals which is a $90 off your first month of hellofresh
which also includes shipping so just go to hello fresh calm and use my code
Allison 90 for your discount so excited to eat this all and it’s such a fun meal
idea even if you don’t it’s like a creative thing that you can make for
dinner so now we’re gonna eat and then I’ll catch up with you at dessert again
you can get started with Hollow fresh with mine three meals which is 90
dollars off your first month including shipping just go to hello fresh calm and
enter the code Allison 90 so for dessert tonight we are having a
little treat yourself moment and I just popped in for these Christmas cookies
we’ve had these for about a month and my biggest tip on trying to balance
being healthy and also eating some treats is to just cook a few cookies at
a time so like I said we’ve had these for over a month but we still have like
a bunch left in both packs so if you just cook like a few at a time as much
as your eat as you’re gonna eat you’re less likely to kind of over eat them if
that makes sense and make your tummy hurt so that’s my little tip and then
I’m also gonna make a little tiny hot cocoa I have this mug I need Brandon to
reach it but it’s this tiny little month actually I think I got it it’s this tiny
little mug that we bought from colmar France when we went in September and
it’s so precious and it’s such a perfect size for just like a little sweet treat
but not overdoing it I just dropped my cute little spoon on
the counter and it bro sad I’m gonna try to superglue it but we’ll still use this
tiny little part in the meantime all right here we have it folks our
sweet little dessert but I’m going to share with Brandon such a great way to
end the night especially this time of year okay so that’s all for today’s
video I really hope you guys enjoyed it and had some meal idea inspiration I
hope you have a happy holidays and stay healthy and balanced and I just love you
guys so much and can’t wait to see you soon bye yes I was able to fix my sim
with some hot glue I’m so happy you can tell a little bit but it’s
actually really good so yay thank you be back you

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