what i eat in a week as a college student

what i eat in a week as a college student

Day 1 Special K fruit & yogurt cereal
+ vanilla soy milk outfit is from YesStyle 🙂 And that’s all I ate that day because I took a fat nap. Welcome to the college diet 🙂 It gets better. I promise. Day 2 cereal… again. watching kdrama “when the camellia blooms” it was such a good drama :’) I’m so sad it ended… strawberry + blueberry yoplait the blueberry tastes better imo I’m full. premade sweet thai salad whoops too much yogurt flavored drink the salad! the beans + rice made it rly good 🙂 Day 3 cutting spam into small cubes my signature fried rice Day 4 white beech mushrooms making mushroom spaghetti Day 5 special K caramel pretzel cashew protein bar King Oyster mushrooms
product of Korea from Green Co. I’m making spaghetti again but with more mushrooms brown beech mushrooms golden enoki mushrooms the mushrooms definitely add more texture and taste phone case is from YesStyle I’m chopping up the bases of king oyster mushrooms You can get these mushrooms from HMart. grape tomatoes + mushrooms + lettuce It was actually pretty good.
Very proud of myself for making that.

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  1. Consiglio tecnico, quando usi un barattolo di salsa e non riesci a far uscire quella poca che rimane mettici un pochino d'acqua, chiudo col tappo e agitala, poi la metti nella padella💪.
    Technical tip, when you use a jar of sauce and you can't get out the little that remains, put a little water in it, close it with a cork and shake it, then put it in the pan

  2. I love watching you Yoora, realistic and simple..!

    im starting a channel (it's final) almost, help me 😭 -subscribe AND GIVE IDEAS; college student, exams, cooking ✨

  3. as a college student myself im proud of you cause i be forgetting to eat or i dont have time😂 also theres this korean drama i love called 12 years promise if you havnt seen it you should check it out!

  4. Hello Yoora! I have been subscribed to your channel for some time now, I have been accompanying you to know a little more about the life of foreign countries, such as the United States and South Korea. I am Brazilian :>

  5. If you eat spam, rice, and eggs together then yall should try potatoes, eggs, and spam. And like wrap it in a tortilla. You wont regret👌💕💕it smacks

  6. Watching this near lunch time and i haven't eaten breakfast yet just laying on my bed makes me wanna get up and make my own food ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  7. Real cooking question: do i have to wash my mushrooms before using them when they're packaged like the ones in this video? (Normally i use canned mushrooms so I'd rinse them to get rid of the excessive brine)

  8. Well you know isn't it weird that by looking at a Korean you can tell they are Korean…I mean ..you know right …this ain't racist though.😂
    Love U yoora …..you made my day🥰

  9. When you were making the mushroom spaghetti the first time, all that I could think of was that the mushrooms looked like little people. 😂

  10. pleasee dont say you are fat ..you are beautiful and please eat healthy and love yourself !! i love your videos grettings from poland

  11. Pasta with cream-milk and mashrooms, it's easy and tastes good. I love it❤️
    By the way Yoora's video is peaceful as always✌️🌸
    But I'm hungry 🤤

  12. i recommend mixing the rice and egg in a separate bowl, and then put it in the pan, it helps to coat all the rice grains better 👌🏻 just a tip

  13. I love you very much nice follow you from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia I hope to be in Arabic translation me your passages are all I wish Ttto Lake in order to see my words😔🖤🖤🖤

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