What Pro Bodybuilders Eat For Breakfast | Logan Franklin’s Offseason Breakfast

What Pro Bodybuilders Eat For Breakfast | Logan Franklin’s Offseason Breakfast

good morning guys Logan Franklin here
with MHP and muscle and strength this morning I’m gonna show you guys what I’m
eating on a typical offseason morning Let’s see I’m eating three whole omega-3 eggs
these are the highest omega-3 count that I could find in the grocery store so 300
milligrams of omega-3 per egg some liquid egg whites I’m gonna do three
packs of grits for all of you out there that are sick of eating egg whites you know
cracking an egg and cooking it and you just don’t like the bland taste of
an egg white cooked I recommend drinking it to me it tastes
like milk so it’s it’s a good replacement and I drank a lot of milk
whenever I was kid a kid so it works out 200 grams of liquid egg whites
essentially and then I do three of these you can literally taste the difference
of this egg and just a regular egg I mean this is the highest quality egg I
can find it at my grocery stores going through the offseason a lot of
people tend to you know replace a lot of their meals and and you know eat a lot
of frozen stuff maybe or or they’ll have a meal prep company send them stuff but
I’m literally cooking and finding the highest quality meats and the highest
quality proteins that I can carb sources and I’m cooking everything
myself and that’s my diet every day so three packs of grits I’ll probably bump
it up to four packs of grits here pretty soon because I’m losing weight for no
real reason like I’m not doing cardio I’m not cutting calories I’m eating a
lot of food so if I don’t meet that range of carbs you know that I’m gonna
essentially probably lose some weight and that’s not what I want to do I’m
trying to keep the weight on and eat as much food as I can before I start
getting into prep right now I’m just making sure that
there’s no clumpy grits so therefore whenever I microwave it are heat it up
it’s not you know chunky and having hard spots in my grits
smooth and soft another trick that I just did keep an eye on your eggs and
whenever you see that they’re close to being cooked
I just turn the stove top off so I’m pretty much just using ah shit I waited
a little long so it’s a little bit crispy on one side but you can see what
I’m saying like whenever you’re you’re close to getting cooked just turn it off
and then you can finish cooking it literally like this or set it to the
side and let it cook on the side like that I’m gonna add some pink Himalayan
sea salt to my whole eggs now when the grits come out I’m gonna
add some more pink Himalayan sea salt to this just to get some sodium in my
body you know and start getting that sodium level high and get ready for
today’s workout all right so grits came out nice and hot lump-free
as you can see I mixed that sea salt in there
and it’s ready to eat no I ah shit bear or moose yeah see he gets it first
all right moose got it all right so now that everything’s prepared it’s ready to
be devoured I like making sure all my food is ready
before I eat everything so I don’t like eating one thing while another thing
cooks and then eating something else and you know splitting up my meal I like
just kind of having one big feast ah dude when you live that that single life
for so long and you’re tired of washing dishes this will
this’ll cut cut back on the dishes and cut back on the water so I was a bachelor
for a long time alright guys so that was my breakfast
thanks for watching and subscribe below

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  2. Drinking egg whites makes no sense. Just drink whey protein shake LOL. Taste is better and doesn't contain avidin…

  3. Eggs and a form of toast oats grits cream of rice
    Zest would be some turkey bacon or added cbicken or steak
    Maybe some berries

    Outside of that
    Probably doesnt bb
    So why
    1839272748th differenr dude

  4. If you're going to drink your egg whites make sure your getting lots of fiber or your poops will be water. Warning!

  5. He forgot to use cooking spray. Now he has to spend time scrapping it off.
    I am obsessed with Muscle and Strength videos. They are doing a hell of a job.

  6. New series: Contact pro's and see when the next time they will be doing a full cheat day and record them and the total calories consumed.

  7. Wouldn't be losing weight if he fixed that orthorexia and stopped considering a 600kcal breakfast "a lot of food" for a jacked-out-of-his-mind 220lb man lol

  8. I thought the bioavailability in raw eggs/egg whites is lower so you don’t get as much of the protein as you would when you eat them cooked?


  10. steroids do help these fellas. ive been eating like this everyday and wont stop until I can get better than these fellas naturally because I think no I know I can become better. mentally and physically

  11. Thanks Muscle and Strength Bodybuilders l like your bulking meals and recipes and your full day of eating with recipes I am so much like

  12. Let me explain something to you bums, GRITS are the truth PUSSIES. Eat grits bitch. HOWEVER. This guy put me to sleep. 🤣

  13. Another idiot who makes eggs for the first time and pretends he does it everyday. If u can’t make eggs u ain’t a bodybuilder

  14. I can tell he is not from the south. U are supposed to mix the scrambled eggs and grits up in the bowl together! And u can thank me later! Lol

  15. All pro bodybuilder eat the same shit. Oats eggs milk chicken breast. Everyone knows that. But what we doesn't know is.. how y'all stay consistent and motivated for a year or more

  16. Logan : i want the highest quality egg from the grocery store with maximum available omega 3 fatty acid
    Also Logan : i keep them in heat cause i love them crispy

    For gods sake, omega 3 fatty acid breaks down in heat, why the f*** extra crispy?

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