What To Eat In Taiwan Night Market (Street Food)

What To Eat In Taiwan Night Market (Street Food)

good day guys it’s Jay here so if you’re new to my channel help a brother out and hit that
subscribe button down below currently we are actually here in Taipei
in Taiwan so we’ve got a hotel booked I’ve novotel just near the airport we’ve
got about a 14 hour layover here so we’re just gonna see what we can check
out for about 14 hours obviously we do need to sleep so probably wandering
around for about three to four hours and just see where it takes us we’re just
checking in here at novotel Taipei and then eventually hit the night market we’re now here at the night market in
Taipei and the atmosphere here is very different basically shared walked a pot
with people driving scooters turns into nightlife it’s quite lively
actually now in every couple of meters this street there’s actually a lot of
massage parlors and nail parlors here we happen to see a restaurant selling snake
snake dirt roads new well they’re a Copeland snake and they’re actually
cutting up some turtles maybe some turtle soup I have no idea yeah yes that
is a turtle so I guess there’s Turtles yes this is what they serve we’ve got snails I think it’s a balloon makes us see through here
now the food here that night market is very foreign to us
that looks like Missouri this is what we’ve got so far to try out
the street here a night market in Taipei so I’m not sure I guess this is about
the article court yeah you believe is maybe all pork from
the picture from the stalls let’s just try these out for now bones here no bones credible
it’s very fatty so and there’s this little bone in the
middle so not quite sure what this is but it’s been really fatty I’m switching
to another stick here this one’s a bit more better more tasty
less fatty very tender I really like this one now the third
stick basically looks like a hot dog really a sausage what it kind of reminds me along the
leave sir catch ariza based locket insertion Yeah right I’m gonna hand texture the
first thing that I had was out very fatty the butter chicken the second one
they had a texture of beep a tender beef and then the third stick
it’s a saucy truly with a bit of a ham plate I lack the second stick the best this is the way spy things spice alright good thank you let’s try this with that
which sport the first one we’ve tested was kind of
sweet bass this one apparently is not sweet but she added a bit a bit of spice
a chili Nessen to it so you’ll know a space bike I think I need a drink okay I’m just
gonna get a drink that that wasn’t that wasn’t no no is it little spicy that was
that’s quite a punch that squid had a punch a lot of punch it was quite tasty though not too salty
yeah fight night it’s nice and tasty and then this we’re moving on to the dessert
we’re mixing it up with a dessert so our red bean squid squid red bean dessert tastes like cough drop considering the
rain we got ourselves some raincoats trying to battle through the rain here
in the night market we decided to line up and try this kind
of crepe crepe version of what they’ve got here in Taipei there’s a line here
so we’re shipping it let’s try this time one Taiwanese
Taiwanese omelet with egg and some secret sauce it’s like soft naan bread
jump only where I can experience off naan bread a little crunchy outside very
fluffy inside with a bit of savory taste and egg inside we’re finishing up here at Washington
Street night market we’re now heading to Sheol in night won’t you we are now in
shilling market apparently one of the popular night market here in Taipei kotero Easter massive
with we’re basically just food tripping
tonight here in Taipei trying out all the streets we can fit in our stomach so
a lot of deep-fried food BBQ sticks desserts and trying their iced tea here
all right let’s try some of the food here this one has bread crumbs with
efficiency really salty really fishing in as out
fish eggs Oh Rico got blood not black noodles
blood doodles now that’s various ventures we’re very adventurous in our
crude tripping tonight eating a lot of foreign food here this one’s not too
foreign more deep fried goodness I was waiting for that super juicy
chicken row we also got ourselves some deep fried mini preps manna familiars salty crunchy there so thank you
and this is the super juicy chicken row this is massive this is real talk
big this chicken is it doesn’t even fit in his bag you’ve made a super heart
deep fried goodness right here they weren’t lying very juicy inside the
chickens not dry at all Susie whose flavors well here I had to
choose which of the deep fried food was the best out of all the dishes that we
had here I’m gonna say the super juicy chicken it was salty Tana sweet but not
too sweet kind of tastes like barbecued flavored chips agency thank you I mean
the chicken was very it’s 12:40 here just in case you’re
wondering why there’s not many people around 12:40 in the morning

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  1. Thank you for watching guys. Hope you enjoyed our food tripping. Comment down below where you had the best street food experience.

  2. You are awesome seriously! I love your vibe!!!! And your video style! Great tracks by the way! Loving your style!

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