What You Should Know Before Eating IKEA’s Vegan Hot Dog

What You Should Know Before Eating IKEA’s Vegan Hot Dog

The veggie hot dog from IKEA is not only delicious,
it’s also gone viral. Selling out from one country to the next,
getting your hands on this decadent dog may alone be worth the trip to your local, or
not so local, IKEA. But what makes it so special? Lucky for you, we’ve got the scoop. No one is going to tell you that hot dogs
are good for you. They’re an indulgent snack like any other,
and you’re not going to shed any pounds by eating one type over another. However, the veggie hot dogs at IKEA are slightly
better for you, and way better for the environment. IKEA is always looking for more sustainable,
natural resources in its products, and that includes its food offerings. According to IKEA, “Simple mathematics tell us that plant-based
foods need less resources, less water and less soil to feed just as many, while making
a smaller carbon footprint.” And it doesn’t hurt that the veggie hot dogs
are also delicious. So why not help save the environment and your
arteries at the same time? IKEA’s veggie hot dog is made of plants, so
it doesn’t need all the mechanization that traditional meat-based hot dogs need in their
creation. Less factory time means less emissions, which
is good for everyone. “Well, it does seem too good to be true.” “It is too good to be true.” Despite the naysayers, it is true and veggie
hot dogs weren’t even the first plant-based item on IKEA’s menu. Veggie balls were introduced into the Swedish
superstore’s meatball family in 2015 and they were an instant hit. One of the reasons that the meatless balls
were so popular was because IKEA didn’t compromise on the taste or texture. The sauce is slightly different, being a sort
of curry sauce with a sweet potato puree because those flavors simply go better with veggie
balls. IKEA wasn’t forcing a vegetarian copycat of
its classic meatballs on its guests; they were just making an alternative that was equally
delicious. Once IKEA was sure that its consumers wanted
plant-based versions of its popular meatballs, they went on to see what else they could develop. Reinventing their traditional hot dog was
the logical next step. In addition to the actual veggie dog, IKEA
also tweaked a few standard hot dog traditions for their latest meatless creation. Their veggie dog is topped with pickled red
cabbage, spicy mustard, and fried onions. The result is a flavor bomb that’s the perfect
blend of salty, sour, and crunch. The actual veggie dog is softer than a regular
hot dog and it doesn’t have that snap of a typical hot dog casing. So, the added texture of the fried onions
and pickled cabbage are very much needed, and a perfect compliment. The only bad news concerning the veggie hot
dogs is for those who suffer from gluten allergies. “Are you really allergic to gluten? “Well, I just ate some bread, and I just s—
my pants.” “Hmmm.” Unfortunately, the veggie dogs at IKEA aren’t
gluten-free. Wheat protein is a major ingredient in not
only the buns, but also in the veggie dog, itself. Considering how long they took to perfect
the recipe and test it, don’t expect a gluten-free version any time soon. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. The gluten-free options at IKEA aren’t very
plentiful. However, if you’re a vegetarian and gluten-free,
you can always grab a plate of the veggie balls. Those are entirely gluten-free. One thing to note is that IKEA is very good
about labeling the allergens in their food. So if you’re not sure if an item is gluten-free,
chances are it’s labeled – so read closely, or simply ask a member of IKEA’s staff. “Silence prisoner! I mean, can I help you valued customer?” Clearly, IKEA’s veggie hot dogs are extremely
popular. So popular, in fact, that within just two
months of being available in Europe, they sold over 1 million of them. A lot of this might be because of the hype
that IKEA was selling plant-based hot dogs, but sales haven’t exactly slowed down. Since they were first introduced in 2018,
IKEA has sold over 5 million veggie hot dogs worldwide. So the next time you’re at an IKEA, making
a mad dash for the latest Liatorp bookcase and Fargrik mugs, be sure to take a break
and order a veggie hot dog or two. As we all know by now, they’re delicious,
good for the environment, and one of the only things at IKEA that’s easy to pronounce. “Yes, I will have the puplalugen and don’t
skimp on the doodlemoonsch.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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23 thoughts on “What You Should Know Before Eating IKEA’s Vegan Hot Dog

  1. I have been all over Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and have eaten many strange and terrible things. Nothing, NOTHING, is worse than the Ikea vegan dog. It is a horror!!!

  2. Got excited when I first saw this but quickly became disappointed! There’s sooooooo many options nowadays that are wheat and/or soy based. It’s extremely disappointing that they would stick with the same allergy laden options and not try to create something that everyone can safely enjoy! I don’t need yet another option that I can’t eat! Ugh… 😒

  3. I tried going vegan with my wife, I only lasted 6 months. I craved eating greasy food daily. I couldn't take it anymore… now I'm back eating meat and everything greasy

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