What You Should Know Before Eating The Fries At Five Guys

What You Should Know Before Eating The Fries At Five Guys

The burgers at Five Guys might be the star
of the show, but let’s face it, their french fries are a fantastic supporting act. French fries are a tough racket in the fast
food industry, but Five Guys have nonetheless emerged well ahead of the pack…and according
to some, they’re the most popular fries around today. When you walk into any Five Guys, you’ll notice
right away that huge bags of potatoes are stacked everywhere. Those bags of potatoes aren’t a fast food
prop, either, they’re just the fries that haven’t yet reached their final form. Whereas most fast food restaurants receive
their fries already sliced and frozen, that’s never the case with Five Guys. Five Guys get all of their potatoes from northern
Idaho, and they slice and fry them up fresh in each restaurant. Using the so-called “monster cutter,” employees
are able to quickly turn each potato into sliced fries, which are then pre-fried. The fries then get a “mush test” to determine
if they’ve been undercooked. If everything checks out, the fries go back
in the deep fryer for around two and a half minutes. “If you see, there’s a slight change in color,
they’re firm on the outside, and the goal is to have a baked potato inside.” Every order of Five Guys fries also gets an
extra “topper” of more fries, leaving a bonus pile at the bottom of each customer’s bag. But there’s obviously one major consequence
to all this, all those fries equal a lot of calories. Most people probably won’t exactly assume
that the fries from Five Guys are good for them, but even then the actual statistics
can come as a bit of a shock. A small serving of Five Guys fries contains
530 calories, while the large size contains an incredible 1,310 calories. If you were going to burn off all those calories
from a small order of Five Guys fries, you would need to walk for around 143 minutes. But hey, a little bit of exercise is a small
price to pay for perfection, right? “Hahaha, no.” Actually, one of the best parts about getting
an order of Five Guys fries is that “topper” of french fries waiting for you in the bag. All those extra fries in the bag make it feel
like somehow you’re getting a bonus from Five Guys just for being your awesome self. But the truth is that Five Guys knows exactly
what they’re doing, and you’re actually not getting more spud than you paid for. One former Five Guys employee told PopSugar
that the topper is accounted for in the item’s price. The employee confessed: “When you order a small fry you are paying
for all of the fries that go into the bag. That ‘extra’ scoop is kind of an illusion;
they told us during training that it’s to make customers think they’re getting a big
bargain. And you can ask for the cup with no topper
if you want.” While the topper may be a “free fry” illusion,
it’s certainly a smart marketing tactic that encourages customers to think of Five Guys
as a generous chain. despite not actually offering anything extra. So here’s the real question: what about upgrades? Well, while the fries at Five Guys are already
incredibly good by themselves, it doesn’t hurt to try to give them a little kick. If you really want to push the limits of what
a fry can handle, there are numerous food hacks out there that can be applied to your
Five Guys fry order. The first one is pretty simple: you can get
a crispier order of french fries if you simply say that you’d like your fries “extra well
done”, meaning no limp, soggy fries at the bottom of your bag! “How’s that for a slice of fried gold? Yeah, boyyy!” A Five Guys employee on Reddit also recommends
trying them “confetti style.” This simply involves mixing BBQ sauce and
mayo and sprinkling in Cajun seasoning. The user wrote: “Dump your fries in a bag, dump the sauce
in, and shake it up. They come out delicious, lightly coated and
speckled with Cajun.” You won’t get that at McDonald’s. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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  1. Five Guy's burger is a work of art.I listened to it until the end. Your brand is popular in Korea.This video is so fun.It looks so yummy.It's a happy video even if you make me hungry. It's an honor to be ranked first in your Korean comment list that makes us happy. I am a South Korean. I'll be friends with you if you let me.

  2. Five Guys is a legit amazing fast food burger. Not cheap but not overly expensive. The burgers are thick and heavy so it's not like you need to eat 3 or 4 of them like a tiny measly McDonalds burger. French fries in peanut oil = best tasting fries EVER

  3. I'll never understand people who complain about calories at a fast food place. Unless I'm at Subway I'm more than ready to dog down 1000+ calories at least.

  4. This method of cooking is called Belgian fries. They are the best and served all over Europe like this but without the seasoning (except salt). I have never even seen a 5 guys.

  5. Dont have to worry about that for very long there closing all the stores around me i know of 10 that has closed last three years

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