What's For Dinner? | Real Life Meal Ideas | Cook With Me

What's For Dinner? | Real Life Meal Ideas | Cook With Me

hey guys welcome back to my channel and welcome back to another what's for dinner if you're new here I am Taylor and I share these what's for dinner videos every week to give you guys some dinner ideas tonight is Friday and we are having tacos spaghetti if you've been here a while you've seen this before I will leave the link to the full recipe down below in the description box and up in the cards today I am doing a little bit differently and because I have so many people here that man I've seen this before I'm gonna like walk you guys through it so I'm gonna go ahead and show you the ingredients and then we're gonna get started okay so I have a one box of spaghetti noodles that I have already cooked I just did this about an hour ago because I wanted it to be quick because I also already cooked my ground beef yesterday we bought a bunch of ground beef at Sam's Club and when I divided it up to free some I was like let me just go ahead and throw this on the pan because I know I'm gonna be making it tomorrow so I cooked that up with just plain cooked ground beef I'm gonna heat it up over here I'm gonna heat it up with some taco seasoning and then original recipe I use Greek yogurt but sometimes I just don't have it on hand and I usually always have sour cream so I used sour cream with slit I'm pretty much the same flavor but yeah so I'm going to use half a cup 3/4 a cup somewhere in there of the sour cream and then usually I use Rotel or the generic Rotel if it's a smaller can but we're gonna do this bigger can of red-gold petite diced tomatoes and green chilies and then as always our favorite enchilada sauce old El Paso red enchilada sauce mild and then the big thing that's different is the Velveeta usually I use the blocks of Velveeta she takes a little while to melt and it's a little bit more expensive so overall I like take it makes the dish cost a little bit more and it makes it take longer to prepare because you want the cube Velveeta to be fully melted before you put in your casserole dish and bake it so I had the idea to try this cheese sauce I know that I like the cheese sauce but I've never really tried it in any recipes and Tamara is always talking about the cheese sauce so it made me kind of think this not sure if I'm going to do two packets or three packets we will see usually I do 16 ounces of the big block of velveeta so we will see how it looks as I mix it together and see if I want to do two or three and then we just need some cheddar cheese to top it with okay what do we think yummy yep just as good as it always is yeah that's how I think Jim the cheese worked out pretty good and at first I was thinking it wasn't as spicy as it usually it is and I was thinking it was because of the different Tomatoes it's usually like I said I used roto but after a couple more bites it tastes a little bit more spicy so maybe it's fine the way it is that is what's for dinner for Friday bye hey guys it's Saturday and tonight for dinner we are just having leftovers I planned it this way because I knew I would not want to cook dinner after we came home for my cousin's play so this is the kids I just topped it with some extra cheese and then mine I topped with some extra or take a taco sauce the manipulated Cape talked Ortega taco sauce and then we are going to have it tonight with some guacamole so I'm probably gonna put mine on top of my noodles but the kids are probably just going to dip some chips in it we have these as like a salted white corn tortilla chips pick these up at Dollar Tree they're pretty good $1.00 for a big old bag of potato chips a bad deal yeah that is our dinner for Saturday it's Sunday and tonight for dinner we're having breakfast if you saw the meal plan back on Monday you know that I said that Andy had a store manager meeting and they were like gonna go have dinner and have their little meeting at dinner so that meant that me and the kids could have whatever we wanted and we never had breakfast because Andy doesn't really like breakfast for dinner he likes breakfast for breakfast so that's I mean the kids are having tonight I'm gonna make some blueberry waffles with the last of some blueberries I have the airfryer is going right now with some bacon I'm gonna make probably some scrambled eggs and maybe even some hashbrowns we'll see okay so here's everything we made we made bacon blueberry waffles the first two ended up not coming out very great they're like falling apart I realized before I made the third one that I didn't have it on high and usually I cook it on high and never have a problem so they were like coming out underdone that was having a hard time getting them out of there even when I cooked it more the third one I was already so frustrated that I accidentally overfilled it so we have a mess but that'll be an easy cleanup and then I did make hash browns in the airfryer those cooked for 11 minutes and I turned them half way through there's this and then some cheese eggs I'm gonna make our plate right here is Lily's plate she does not have syrup because she doesn't like syrup because she's straining i watch sad oh I just had a syrup on it and then my house syrup on it and that is what's for dinner for Sunday guys it's Monday and tonight for dinner we are having a one-pot barbecue chicken a pasta we've had this before it's really good it's from damn delicious and it is damn delicious so for this you're going to need some Rutina noodles so I have these some milk cheese pepper and also calls for salt but because I'm not using chicken broth I'm using which you can bullion I usually leave out the salt so that 2 cups of water with the chicken bouillon some petite diced tomatoes barbecue sauce sweet baby Ray's got some minced garlic it calls for an onion but I do half an onion diced and then four slices of diced up bacon and one chicken breast cut up into about 1 inch pieces I'm going to start off by cooking the bacon until it's nice and brown and crispy and then we're gonna add the chicken to that once the chicken is mostly cooked through you're going to add in the garlic and onion and cook stirring often until the onions have become transparent then we're going to stir in the chicken broth tomatoes milk red pepper flakes pasta salt and pepper bring to a boil and then cover and reduce heat to simmer until the pasta is cooked through for me this took about 10 minutes then you're going to stir in the barbecue sauce and cheese until heated through about one to two minutes all right and here is dinner we were just having that with the salad so I've got that green leaf lettuce some ranch some shaved carrot and some tomatoes these are the snacking Tomatoes from Kroger they're really good and there's Lily's plate and there is pledged plate he likes salad a lot so use a lot of that and just a little bit of the noodles and some carrots and that is stinner for Monday hey guys it's Tuesday and I for dinner we're having spaghetti and meatballs I am using this an air fryer Parmesan meatballs recipe again it's pretty quick and easy to put together so for that you're going to need two pounds of ground beef which is what I have in here you could probably cut this in half pretty easily and then I've got some minced garlic back here some Italian seasoning some plain breadcrumbs it called for Italian seasoned breadcrumbs but I'm just gonna come guesstimate I think that's what I did last time got some Worcestershire sauce two eggs some Parmesan cheese and some onion powder and some salt and pepper and basically I'm just gonna mix all that together I'm gonna use my KitchenAid for that because it makes it easier just getting our mix together and I'm gonna roll them into balls and put them in my airfryer for I think I did about 14 minutes last time on 350 so we're gonna try that and see how it goes in my new ever okay so this is the first time I'm making the meatballs and the Sakura airfryer and I love it it's so big so I was able to fit all of the meatballs in there they are touching some which doesn't bother me I will just make sure that like I check on them and stir them some so they don't like cook together because they will shrink down and then they will kind of stick together so so just stir them up then it'll keep them separated so I'm going to go ahead and start them I have 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 meatballs in there that is awesome because I think I was only able to fit nine pack to this tightly in my small Kasturi one okay because I had the meatballs in there so jam packed it took 18 minutes and I didn't really have to stir them they didn't really stick together I'm about to scoop them out and go ahead and place them in the sauce and let them simmer in there for just a few minutes and then we'll be ready to eat here's my plate I just have the balls and sauce on how some spaghetti noodles and then I topped it with some more of the shredded Parmesan cheese just being into eating right now Lily went to dinner with her grandpa earlier this evening to Mexican and Elijah requested leftover mac and cheese so that may be easy for me and now me and you're having this for dinner we have plenty to have meatball subs in the next couple of days that is what's for dinner for Tuesday hey guys it's Wednesday and tonight for dinner we are having these Cuban pork burgers this is actually recipe from hellofresh I was planning on showing you guys me putting this together but I was having technical difficulties with my SD card and I wasn't able to get it like working before I started dinner I got to working like in between me making dinner but yeah so I didn't get to film much but I will let y'all know if we like it and I will of course have the recipe linked down below but this is ground pork and to it we added some cumin season salt and pepper and then I have some Monterey Jack cheese on top and then some dill pickle slices and then a sauce that I made with mayo Dijon mustard some sugar and some pepper and to go with that on the side you're just having some fries and I will of course be adding some ketchup with some black pepper and here are the kids plates as well and for dessert what do we make for dessert some pies this is for our kids cooking video which by the time you're seeing this what's for dinner video it went up on Thursday so if you're interested in seeing how we made these they don't look the greatest or they're going to taste great yeah we're interested in seeing that go back and check out the kids cooking video it'll be like down below as well and that is what's for dinner for Wednesday hey guys it's Thursday and tonight for dinner we're gonna be having meatball subs I'm going to try to make some little sub rolls for the first time ever should be pretty much like making regular bread but I've never tried it thought I would try it this week but before we get into making the bread I wanted to update you all on last night's burgers they're pretty good I didn't mind the pork as a burger my only complaint is that they were pretty heavy on the cumin so if I do make them again I would probably cut the amount of cumin that we added in half because they were basically cumin flavored burgers it was a little overwhelming but we we liked the pork and I actually ended with the pickle and the sauce that went on it was really delicious so I will make sure I leave the link down below so you guys can check that out but now let's go ahead and get into this bread okay I found this recipe for some rolls on Pinterest it says it is homemade subway Italian bread adapted from bless this mess I will link the link to it down below for that we will need a 1 cup of warm water because we are going to dissolve the 1 tablespoon of sugar and one and a half tablespoons of yeast in that we're gonna let that sit for five minutes so it's bubbly now that that is all foamed up we are going to add the salt olive oil and one cup of the flour and start mixing it and then I'll add another cup of flour mix it and then we're going to add the rest of the flour 1/4 of a cup at a time until a soft dough is formed [Applause] all right I formed the dough into a ball and now I'm going to cover it and let it rise for 30 minutes okay the dough has arisen for the 30 minutes I'm gonna take this ball of dough out I'm gonna divide it into four pieces then we'll roll them into rectangles and then kind of like roll it up into little bread loaves and I'm gonna cover them and let them rise for another hour okay it has been 35 minutes and these have already doubled in size so I am preheating my oven and I'm gonna get these in there for 25 minutes until they are golden brown okay bread is out of the oven it's nice and golden brown and now I'm going to brush them with butter and cover them again and let them completely cool before slicing them open and making our meatball subs here is dinner so I just took the meatballs and sauce from the other night and put it in this pan on the stove and reheat it everything and then put it on the sub holes that I couldn't have topped it with some mozzarella cheese and those are our meatball subs and then for the broccoli I just roasted it in the airfryer with some olive oil salt pepper and garlic powder and since the kids have been eating sandwiches so good recently like sloppy joes grilled chicken sandwich the burger last night I decided to let them try the meatball sub because usually when we have meatball subs they just have leftover spaghetti but there are no leftover spaghetti noodles because Andy took that for work so I decided we're just going to try a meatball subs tonight and if they don't eat it they can just pick the meatballs off and eat it with a fork and then used to brought on the side whatever they want to do and broccoli as well this is Elijah's play because he is my broccoli lover so he has a ton of broccoli that is going to wrap up this week's what's for dinner if you like my what's for dinner videos and you like getting dinner inspiration make sure you hit the subscribe button down below as always thank you guys so much for watching and I will see y'all in the next one bye

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  1. Ok I gotta try the meat balls in the air fryer!! How cool! Ooh you went fancy with the rolls girl! Delicious!! 💕

  2. Taylor, those meals looked amazing!! Those two little ones are growing way too fast 🙁  Love your what's for dinner videos, thanks so much for sharing!!

  3. Great Ideas…. I'm gonna try the taco spaghetti tomorrow night… all credit to you girl if I film it for a whats for dinner lol… just depends on my time situation…. it allllll looks good…. you rock!!!

  4. Oh my goodness those meatballs look absolutely delicious the only thing different I would do is add some mustard powder. Far out those homemade sub breads looked amazing I was imagining the smell though the screen 😂 so going to give these a try only thing is my daughter is allergic to tomato so she will just have meatballs and cheese subs not sauce for her 🥰🥰

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