What’s going on in your kitchen?

What’s going on in your kitchen?

[laughs] Oven! Looking hot today! Oh, Grater. Thanks.
You look… Grate? Yes! I know.
What’s cooking, good lookin’? Nothing yet! What about you, FFF-Fridge?
Got some fff-food for me? Get lost, Grater. I refuse to get hot and bothered
because of you today! Oh Fridge!
Why are you so cold to me? I’m a fridge,
I’m supposed to be cold. Always under 5 degrees
to prevent bugs from growing on food inside me. Thanks for the science lesson, nerd!
[Fridge grumbles] Chopping Board!
Why the long face? Look who’s talking. Tin-grin. Washed your mouth out recently… Wash? Who wants a wash? I’ll wash it, rinse it! Swill it!
CLEAN IT! Plug it, Sink.
Nobody’s talking to you. – Behold!
– Dad… ALL: The wise and strong… Ah ha! MasterChef’s home. We’re having chicken.
I wasn’t told. This is a conspiracy! Urghh!
Don’t touch Chopping Board. She’s contaminated. Yeah right, me spread germs?
Think not. Dad’ll keep me separate from everyone
till I can have a proper wash. I wish someone would clean me… Lovely steaming-hot soapy water… Mmm! Spreading bugs
can make everyone very sick. That’s why Dad washes everything? – Yes!
– Even the chicken? – What?
– Nooo! Don’t wash the chicken, Dad! I’ll rinse it, wash it, swill it!
GIVE IT TO ME! ALL: Aaargh! ALL: Aaargh! When you wash raw chicken you can splash harmful germs all over you,
your clothes and your kitchen. Germs are especially dangerous
for young children and elderly people. The only way to kill germs
is to cook chicken thoroughly, making sure it’s steaming hot
in the middle. I don’t feel so grate anymore.
Uh-oh! Someone… …get Dad! Just because you can’t see the threat
doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

12 thoughts on “What’s going on in your kitchen?

  1. Oooh, so that's why everyone tells me to take a piss in the toilet and not everywhere around it.

    Thanks UK, your simple knowledge is well needed.

  2. The other germs might not be killed by cooking!!!! Yes, wash the chicken carefully without spraying water around, then wash your sink and cutting board with soap or even bleach it. That's it!

  3. looooooooooool but you're not supposed to wash it like that, of course the water is going to splash every where if you let it hit directly o the chicken.

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