What’s the best street food in Israel?

What’s the best street food in Israel?

Falafel, by far. Shakshouka.
-Sabich. Falafel.
-Shakshouka. Falafel.
-Sabich. Falafel. I really really like falafel, because of the tahini
and pita bread. When the tahini is dripping… It’s really good. You can have a lot
of things and a lot of choices. Everything is inside
the pita bread and it’s… It’s so Israeli,
I miss it when I go abroad. In the falafel we have
hummus, falafel balls, salad, lettuce
and tahini. I like sabich, because
I love eggplant. If you’re in a hurry,
going to work, you don’t feel very heavy. I like the taste. Sabich, you have it
in a wrap or pita bread. First of all we put hummus,
tahini, spices, garlic, boiled egg, eggplants,
fried potatoes, parsley, salad and tahini. I eat so much
Israeli street food, and I love shakshouka. It’s delicious. I can even justify
it on health grounds, a cooked tomato is actually
really healthy for males. It reduces the possibility
of prostate cancer. I think this is the best
way to start the day, with tomato sauce, I really love
the tomato sauce. Hot bread next
to the shakshouka… You cut it… How we make the best shakshouka, we take tomatoes
and garlic and chili pepper, put it together… When the sauce is ready
we break the eggs and that’s it.
Perfect shakshouka.

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  1. Before all the Arabs going bananas over these being Arab foods – Yes, of course they are. What, you really expect us to eat Ben Gurion's Couscous as a national dish?.. It doesn't work. So all right, we don't have a national dish. But at least we love your cuisine, so we copy it. Make peace with that already. The only dish in this clip which is Jewish in ancestry, is the Sabich, but that's not such a far cry from falafel. Only use eggplant dipped in yolk instead. And besides, most Israeli Jews are descendants of Jewish immigrants from the Arab nations of the ME. So you cannot expect them to forget how to cook, the moment they cross the border.

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