When Eating Contests Go Wrong

When Eating Contests Go Wrong

yo what is good guys it’s just me dom and
I kidnapped the channel for the day but don’t be worried the other guy is just fine. /inaudible voices come from a box/
I said he was fine! So before we dive into the dark side of eating
contest – Hi, my name is Dom from the channel justDOM and I’ll be your host for this episode. To find out more about who I am make
sure to stay tuned! So speed eating is a competition just like
every other sports, only that people don’t really lose weight while doing it. In fact it’s a race of who’s the fastest
at getting fat. It started out in county fairs before it gained
popularity and it was centered on eating pies. Nowadays it’s almost like an olympic event
with prizes – usually lots of cash. You know so contestants could pay for their
medical bills. Because it might seem like a lot of fun eating
food in large amounts but there are certain health risks that people don’t even consider
before devouring those hamburgers. You know nothing serious tho, just death to
mention one. number 5 On our list of eating contests that went wrong,
the first victim was caitlin nelson. She was a 20-year-old college student at sacred
heart university in connecticut and she belonged to a sorority called kappa delta. Now, usually tragic events associated with
sororities involve alcohol and drugs. Not this time! She was one of the nice ones and she only
participated in a kind pancake speed eating competition. She must have not practiced a lot of uhm..
well, swallowing in her sorority because after about four pancakes she started choking and
even though she received help by two nursing students immediately, unfortunately she couldn’t
be saved. Speed eating contests are most popular in
Japan, canada and the United states. In austin, texas there’s also a vegan hot
dog eating contest even tho I think every vegan “meat” food is blasphemy but I’m
just a kid from Hungary what do I know about it. So if you’ve never seen or participated
in something like this, here’s how it usually goes down. There are judges that count the amount of
food consumed by the contestants- they’re like dogs when they’re staring at you while
your eating. Quick tip, before you go being a judge at
an eating contest. Have breakfast. They also make sure that the rules are respected. The menu for these competitions usually stands
of a single type of food but that can vary from hot dogs to ribs and burgers and technically
anything that’s not poisonous – most of the time. Contestants are allowed to dunk foods with
doughy parts in to liquids so that it’s easier to swallow but if they throw up during
the contest or right after they finished – it’s game over. Also if you leave too much debris on your
plate or around you, that’ll be deducted from the final amount you had eaten. I don’t know how they calculate that tho..
do they form hot dogs from the leftovers like those pet owners that “make” dogs of the
comped hair of their dogs? number 4 Number 4 is not only an eating contest but
a popular youtube challenge which I actually did a few years back – you can find it on
my channel at youtube.com/justDOMOfficial, the link is in the description. It’s no other than the chubby bunny challenge. It’s simple. you need to stuff marshmallows into your mouth
until you’re no longer able to say “chubby bunny”. I went as far as 11. But poor 32-year-old janet rudd quit after
4 on a marshmallow stuffing contest at a fair in ontario, canada. As she was leaving the stage she collapsed. Even though she received first aid immediately,
she was pronounced dead by the first responder on the scene. As we learned so far, there are certain risks,
the most common being choking. I’m really not surprised by that. But I don’t think you’ll be very shocked
neither when I say that speed eating can lead to obesity, increased cholesterol and blood
pressure, it can mess with your stomach functions which can lead to nausea, vomiting, and indigestion. These alone are enough for me not to participate
in one – but the list goes on! At some contests drinking large amount of
water is allowed during the race, which can lead to water poisoning. Furthermore, if you have ulcer, don’t even
consider trying yourself out because you can get stomach perforations. Oh yeah, and there’s a social stigma so
speed eating won’t make you cool. Just sayin’ number 3 Number 3 will make you throw up. Twice. So, when you’ve gotta eat hamburgers that’s
one thing. When it’s chicken wings on the menu, that’s
another. But when fucking worms and bugs are crawling
on your plate. That’s a big fat no. (Literally)
Yet, people like Edward Archbold are not disgusted by anything. Like even if I got a $1000 per bug I woudn’t
eat any. But this Edward guy he was a real one. He wanted to win the prize an Ivory Ball python
for a friend on the midnight madness bug eating competition that was held by Ben siegel reptile
store in derfield beach florida, in october 2012. I guess he didn’t mind if something went
wrong as the world was ending on 12.12.12 anyway. Don’t tell him the truth, tho because he
collapsed before he could claim his prize and died at the hospital. The cause of death was asphyxia but an allergic
reaction may have also been a factor. What a fucked up way to go. As crazy as it may sound, speed eaters actually
train. I will never understand why people would wanna
get fat on purpose but, well, dad body is great again after fat thor and fat hoppers
so… They basically need to train two things. Their stomach elasticity and the strength
of their jaws. So they drink lots of water during short period
of time to stretch their stomachs and they chew gum to train their jaws. However the international federation of competitive
eating doesn’t recommend training at all mainly without medical supervision. Number 2 Number 2 is another unfortunate event where
walter eagle tail passed away on a hot dog eating contest in south dakota in 2014. He choked on a hot dog and died at the age
of 47 even tho an onsite medic performed cpr on him immediately. I don’t wanna be a know it all or something
and I’m not a doctor, but normal CPR probably doesn’t work on someone who’s respiratory
tracts are closed by hot dogs. In a case like that hey need to cut a hole
on their throats here and place a tube in there so they can breath. Not like I could do it or something. I’ve learned this from my dad and he’s
a doctor. Before I say my goodbyes with our number 1
listing, make sure to check out my videos at youtube.com/justDOMOfficial and consider
subscribing, if you like my videos. I make comedy videos and I appreciate every
single one of you joing to my squad. I hope to see you there! number 1 We had enough deaths for the day so we’re
gonna finish up with one of if not the most popular eating competition around. It’s the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating contest
which is held in the US every year on independence day. The location is in Brooklyn, New York in the
original restaurant of Nathan’s famous corporation. It has played a huge role at popularizing
eating contests and in recent years it has been aired on ESPN. As of the making of this video, the defending
men’s champion is Joey Chestnut, who ate 71 hot dogs in 10 minutes during the 2019
event. How do you enjoy those hot dogs like that? He’s been the first since 2007 when he stopped
Takeru Kobayashi at his 7th consecutive belt. These 2 are superstars in the speed eating
world and Kobayashi is crazy motherfucker if you ask
me. the guy destroyed the previous record in 2001
by eating twice as many hot dogs and he holds 15 guinness world records including among
others, eating 93 hamburgers in 8 minutes, 62 slices of pizza in 12 minutes, 150 rice
balls in 30 minutes and 13 grilled cheese sandwiches in 1 minute. I only wanna know one last thing before I
go. How the fuck is he not fat?!

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