Why…( Laughs) Why y’all… Please explain this to me Good morning, so I may or may not have been sitting in the car for a good 30
minutes trying to find a reason why I should not be going to the gym today (Workout Begins) Okay, you guys. I could only do 6 minutes on the stairmaster because this thing is killing me. Plus I’m hungry, but whatever! Well you guys I am
free… free from the gym about to go home and get something to eat
I couldn’t even drink water like I wanted to at the gym because some odd
reason the water tasted so horrible and I was like I’m not drinking this! I went
to Kroger real quick got some bacon, I’m getting some pepperoni slices, some vegan Daiya cheese, and some sugar-free syrup it is currently 1:41 and y’all I’m
cooking but your girl is hungry, so I’m about to snack on these little pepperoni
slices if you’re interested in the nutrition facts is 14 grams of fat, zero
carbs, and 5 grams of protein. Ok y’all, finally done cooking here’s my first
meal of the day I have two Keto friendly pancakes with sugar-free syrup then I
have one sausage patty two pieces of bacon and two scrambled up eggs and I am
ready to eat this and do not judge my keto pancakes because they’ve been
coming out different like every time I could get like I don’t know I need to
get like… I don’t remember how I use to make them. whatever ok let me eat this
food though hopefully the pancakes is good though hopefully So you guys my mom went into the store I
was feeling somewhat anti-social so I decided not to go I did get this rip it
energy drink it’s zero calories, zero carb, it’s sugar-free
It say power on here and so I mean I don’t know what’s that supposed to taste
like I don’t even know they had sugar free
drinks my mom loved these drinks and I was like oh let me try this okay you
guys so let’s see what this smells like it smells like an energy drink I would love to
drink this like right before I go workout. Like yeah unfortunately today is
Friday so I’m not going back to the gym until Monday because Saturdays and
Sundays are my rest days so I don’t know am I gonna save this drink and
put it in refrigerator until Monday or am I just gonna go ahead and drink it So, this is my tuna salad with my Daiya vegan cheese this is the American style slice and I am currently working on a YouTube videos yeah
I’m trying my best to be consistent with my videos for a moment I was slacking I
was doing like maybe one video a week if that but now I’m trying my best to get
either two or three videos in one week in. So yeah if I don’t do it y’all
y’all better get on to me and be like girl where’s the video. To make this meal more Keto friendly… I did add in my plant-based avocado oil butter. I’m
currently making some vegan dairy-free cheese chips y’all I used the cheese Chao it is they’re creamy original one and yeah the butter
I use is the avocado plant-based butter I honestly flip them over a little bit
too soon but that’s cool so yeah once you see that one side is good or
somewhat good you can flip it over and yeah you let it sit for a little bit and
then eat them with whatever you want to eat them with and guys here is the avocado
oil plant-based butter that I’m using it is from Pure Blend’s. You guys my naked
wings from Pizza Hut just came in… Yayyy! and I’m going to be drinking a little
bit of this Diet Pepsi and watching Gilmore Girls and this
is what your girl is going to be enjoying for this moment and yeah I’m
gonna go to sleep maybe afterwards, yeah! well you guys I put a cap on my hair
because I have my hair all over in braids and I did I want to scare you all so
yeah you’re welcome this is the editing version of myself
coming in I don’t know why I always forget to close out my videos I gotta
buckle down and do better on that I hope you guys enjoyed this video because I
really am trying to buckle down on this keto weight loss journey and be more
accountable and just you know get my life together and hopefully inspire
others as well. As always you all if you don’t hear from anyone else… I love you!!!! so stay blessed and I will see you in the next video! BYEEEEE : )


  1. The weather lately will make you want to stay home and eat junk. Good workout. Breakfast looks good. One of my favs. Lol you jamming. Nice meal. Lol I never close out vlogs lol.

  2. New Subscriber here! First of all you are beautiful! 2nd love your energy! 3rd lol I am on a empowering women movement, I would love if we can support one another? Sending you positive vibes! 🙂

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