White Fish with Orange Sauce

White Fish with Orange Sauce

You picked a lot of oranges! Time to load these up in the truck! Thank you! No problem! Wow, I got a whole bunch of oranges. Yay! Hey guys. This time I’m making one of my favorite
fish recipes with oranges. You can use any type of mildly flavored white
fish like cod or tilapia for example. I usually use isaki. If you like oranges, the combination of the
orange sauce and white fish is pretty good so please give it a try. First, I’m going to prepare the vegetable
mix that goes on top of the fish. If you push the stem part like this, it comes
off easily so you can eat the pepper without wasting anything. Putting the avocado pit back in, reduces the
amount of oxygen that comes in contact with the avocado flesh, meaning it won’t turn
brown as quickly. Many recipes involving oranges cut away the
pith like this to improve the texture and taste, but of course this is not necessary. Next, I’m going to fillet the fish. The fins are very sharp so please be careful. There are bones here that you can slice off. You can use a pair of tweezers to remove the
bones in the middle. I want to keep the skin of the fish, so I
score it like this to prevent it from shrinking while it cooks. If you don’t want the skin, you can skip
this step. Salt the fish. Next I’m going to make the sauce. Heat up the onion and wine in a pot and simmer
with thyme or sage for a few minutes. Then, add heavy cream and butter and mix
it well. Add orange juice to the sauce and adjust the
flavor with sugar and salt if needed. Then strain the sauce to make it smoother. Next I’m going to fry the fish. Coat the pan with olive oil and place the
fillet, skin side down on high heat. Gently press the fillet with a spatula so
it doesn’t curl up. Fry the fillet about halfway, and then flip
it and fry for another minute or so. Before it finishes cooking all the way, put
it in an oven at 180 degree Celsius for a few minutes to finish the cooking process. Fry any vegetables you’d like to eat with
the fish. Mix pepper, avocado, and orange pieces in
a bowl and add some salt and the orange sauce. This goes on top of the fillet. Prepare any herbs or “erbs”. I’m going to add some orange liquor but
it’s totally okay without the liquor as well. Rachel, dinner’s ready! That was delicious. You done, too? I actually have some more fish.
You want some more fish?

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  1. Thank you so much for watching the video and supporting me on Patreon! I was able to make my room into a kitchen studio thanks to you all! Our cats love sleeping on the tree as well. 🙂
    Special thanks to Mr.Nagano and Takashi for all the mikan!
    ご視聴ありがとうございます。^ ^ 皆様のご視聴のおかげで、自室を料理部屋にすることができました。猫たちもキャットツリーを気に入って、よく寝ています。また、みかんを沢山分けてくださった永野様、ご助力くださったタカシ様ご夫婦には格別の感謝を!山川みかん、とても美味しかったです!ではまた、次回の動画で。^ ^

  2. This place looks like it has been in an anime before….. detective conan?? i think… IT really looks like that first place where you picked fruits

  3. That rubber lid that seals with the bowl! That rock salt lamp then casually grating it(I didn't know you could do that!)! The pan you put in the oven and removed that handle part so its oven is safe! Japan is so cool! You're so cool!

  4. This is literally the most relaxing cooking I have seen in so long. Also Jesus Christ that knife has to be extremely sharp! I have some sharp knives of my own, but I would be so scared to have that in my kitchen!

  5. omg this is my first time seeing your new kitchen!! I love how it looks soo natural and warm, it looks kitchens from fairytales! It is suprising when the decoration like salt lamp and the plants are actually seasoning!! Soo amazed

  6. If you think about it, using saltstones and a micrograter to salt your food is way more useful because if we use the usual salt it could easily spill and harden or whatever and It'd be hell to clean up, and we can also easily season our food using the grater without having to pinch salt and spread it around with our fingers. Saltstones are useful.

  7. That was lovely to watch. There was a time when you were using hard core music but, I much preferred this type of production. Thank you

  8. Hola, saludos desde México.
    1. No lavas los cuchillos??
    2. No lavas y desinfectas las hierbas??
    Cómo haces que estén limpios?

  9. Jun's Kitchen and Liziqi are my two go-to's in youtube to relax and unwind to, whilst simultaneously getting inspired to cook and experience other cultures and environments. Ahh, and the cute animals are such a bonus!

  10. Did Jin look really frail and unwell while making the food or is it just me? Anyways, food presentation is always on point👌🏼 one of the main reasons why i subscribed.

  11. Jun teaching us how to make fine dining, neatly arranging the food.

    Me: … meh {chucks all the fish and stuff onto the plate}

    I didn’t even make it but yeah. You get it. Love ur vids Jun. Nice work

  12. Is it alright to omit the avocado? Or is there a substitute that you kn now would work?
    I'm allergic to it, but this recipe look like a lot if fun!!

  13. i feel like i’d def still watch these videos without the cats ….. like sushi shefs just cook so beautifully. it’s calming

  14. Some men be like :
    Dress accordingly if you want to be respected. So that you won't be raped etc.

    Jun's cats:
    Can't relate.

  15. Awesome video. As usual the music and editing was flipping awesome. Love seeing your life evolve and seeing all your fucking awesome gadgets.

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