Why vegans eat meat substitutes (hypocrites?)

Why vegans eat meat substitutes (hypocrites?)

Hello to everybody who is watching. Today I want to talk about why do vegans eat fake meat. What is wrong with them, are
they hypocrites or are they, like, they want meat, but they restrain themselves
they don’t let themselves eat meat for some ideology? Okay, so we all grew up
eating meat and the tastes that we acquired in childhood they stay with us
for most of our lives, for example if you ask any Korean person, he will say: “Oh, I
cannot live without rice and kimchi”, if you ask Indian person, he can say: “I
can eat only spicy food, spicy food is my food”, so it’s for everyone, for every
nation, whatever you were fed in the childhood will stick to you, those tastes.
We also, we Russians eat some weird fermented foods which other nations
wouldn’t understand and we think: “Oh, it’s tasty, my mom used to cook it”, so the same
with animal products. So vegans, they ditch animal products not because they
don’t like the taste one day, but because we feel it’s wrong to kill somebody for
the taste. So we start exploring our alternatives and cooking different
things, different products and add similar spices to them and look for similar
textures, just to not to change too much in our lives, just to have similar food
and tastes. So taste is just taste, most of the things we feel on our mouth while
eating animal products in dishes it’s spicy sauces, this kind of stuff, which
can be recreated very easily. As for vegan meats, they are made from soy, wheat
protein, pea protein, like different kind of kinds of beans and they resemble the
taste because they also have a lot of protein, so that’s a good thing to
have a lot of protein, and also when we buy meat substitutes, it’s a lot for
convenience reasons, because it’s already pre-prepared
and we can just cut it on our sandwich and don’t worry about cooking, just the
way we did with animal foods. So what’s the difference, the difference is animals
not being killed, but the taste is similar or the same and, to be honest, I I really
like fake meat much more than real meat I’m honestly telling you,
not just because I’m vegan and I love animals, but it’s true, it doesn’t have
some weird aftertaste and I’m not scared to touch it with my hands and then get
my table infected with bacteria, because I never cooked meat by myself, I
felt strange. Now I feel totally say, I can eat even raw soya chunks, soya
meat, because it’s totally safe and… So we are not hypocrites, we can have the same
taste without killing… so can you! You can try at least, you maybe you will
lose nothing, for example in Russia we don’t have a lot of alternatives,
but in European countries, in America, in English speaking countries you can go to
any shop and find so much of stuff, just try one-two things, maybe you will not
miss your meat at all after trying, not a scary thing. So keep living as you live
but stop killing animals, that’s the point of veganism. So thank you for
watching and see you next videos. Bye bye!

4 thoughts on “Why vegans eat meat substitutes (hypocrites?)

  1. “Somebody” they are called animals. Maybe in the next video you might want to explain why vegans have to redefine very well-known and established terms in order to make their case appear strong and valid. Thanks.

  2. No. The right answer is that genetics from our ancestor who ate a meat diet and it is a necessity and your body craves it. It is your body telling you that you need to have meat in your diet. You are trying to trick your body into consuming something that is unnatural.

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