Why Willpower Isn’t Enough When It Comes To Emotional Eating

Why Willpower Isn’t Enough When It Comes To Emotional Eating

Hey Fitlifer, Drew Canole, back again with
Christine Hassler, best-selling author women’s coach, helped thousands of people
all over the world phenomenal, inspiring woman. Thank you for
coming out today. Yeah and today we are talking about
emotional support. Now a lot of people email in and they’re like “Drew, I just, I
have all these cravings. I crave sugary things, I create fat – there’s a different
reason for each one of those of why you crave it and Christine’s gonna get to
the bottom of it in this Mindset Monday. A lot of people try to solve emotional
eating by willpower alone. I just won’t do it. I’ll put a NO on the refrigerator.
I won’t, oh yeah I don’t chain, I won’t have chocolate in the house anymore.
But willpower isn’t enough because there’s there’s always a reason why
we’re doing something and the reason why we’re doing emotional eating is because
we’re trying to heal an emotion deal with an emotion through food. So for
example, a lot of people that are really really hard on themselves that have
negative self-talk crave sweetness, crave sugar. They crave that kind of
sweetness and that upper. When you, a lot of times when women are stressed or
they’re angry about something or they’re not speaking their truth,
they crave crunchy, they crave salty, they crave something that kind of like makes
just chew a lot. And it can get some of that stress out because they just want
to say their piece, they want to speak. Exactly, exactly, exactly.
Oftentimes, if we’re craving just fat, just food that’s just bad for us,
something that’s gonna make us feel full is because we’re not fulfilled in some
aspect of our life. There’s something that we feel is missing. That’s all
entertaining to know, but what do we do about it? Let’s go in order.
The sweetness. If you’re craving a lot of sweet and you can relate to having an
inner critic and your self-talk is negative. Where most people trip up in
self-talk is they think they have to go from being a fierce critic and negative
self-talk to talking to themselves like I’m the most amazing person in the world
like I’m beautiful, I’m empowered, I’m successful and that’s a really hard leap for our conscious mind to make, it’s a
big pendulum swing. Yeah. So you can go from being awful to yourself to “I’m
doing the best I can.” “I’m willing to grow.” Do you know the Ho’oponopono? That’s a great one! Do they know that one?
“Ho’oponopono” means “I love you thank you I’m sorry”.
So say that over and over and you’ll feel this gentle coldness start to come
over here. Yeah! It’s just, it’s just shifting, it’s not me. And and know that
the thing about the inner critic is we think it helps us, we think we’re gonna
motivate ourselves by being hard on ourselves. We think that that voice
inside our have been telling us, you know, “you need to go to the gym and you’re
overweight”, “you’re not prettier” – whatever that is – we think that’s gonna motivate
us to not eat or to exercise or whatever, and it does to a certain extent, but it’s
depleting and it’s not sustainable and it doesn’t last. So we have to find that
inner coach, you know we have to find that voice inside of ourselves that is
kind to ourself. I dealt with depression. I dealt with a lot of stuff that a lot
of people’s out body-image stuff, health stuff, financial stuff, relationship stuff,
I mean I checked all the boxes. And the thing that has moved the needle most in
my life is changing my relationship with myself, and really being kinder to myself
and gentler to myself and knowing that that inner critic who thinks she’s
helping me actually isn’t. And if we’re not giving to ourselves what we so
freely give to other people, you know, so many out of you out there might be
people pleasers, you might be so generous to other people. You deserve that same
kind of treatment so you can do it because you do it for other people. I
feel like she’s talking to me right now. What about how do you say she hate
yourself like if you’re the type of person that craves fatty stuff? Yes, so
you need to look at the areas of your life where you’re not feeling fulfilled,
and start to take actions in those light in those areas of your life. Even
starting any kind of creative project ,a lot of times we eat and we don’t feel
full because we’re just bored. Start some kind of hobby find another way to fill
your life other than food and social media and yeah. I think a lot of people
disconnect when it comes to eating. It’s like they just disconnect from their life like they
want a different reality so they binge eat in front of Netflix for hours upon
hours. Yeah! You know one thing that we all want and need is pleasure.
another thing we all want and need is feeling relaxed, feeling soothe, feeling
comforted. So how do you soothe yourself? So there’s a couple ways. One is – there’s
simple ways you can just put yourself back into your parasympathetic nervous
system, right? So show me. So okay so taking a really deep breath and most of
us we breathe. We’re good at breathing into our throat or our chest ,not so
great at breathing into our lower belly. You mean, this right here? Yeah, that right there! I
always do think about breathing all the way into my toes, it’s like any of my
breath all over my toes. Oh, there you go! Yeah! What about touch? We talk about soothing
touch? So just doing this on your arm is incredibly soothing, it calms down your
nervous system. This is, this is backed by science. I’m not just making this up. It
does feel really good. Yeah! It’s just it’s just a way to like be gentle with
yourself and touch yourself and tell yourself you know “I’m safe!” So thank you
so much for the techniques. Oh my gosh, my pleasure! So let us know what you crave in the
comments below and yeah! Christine’s gonna look at the comments
I’m gonna look at them as well. Thank you so much for tuning in to another mindset
Monday. You guys are awesome! Thank you for coming on. You have my pleasure. My
pleasure Yeah. I’m Drew Canole. I’m Christine
Hassler. Remember, we’re in this together!

28 thoughts on “Why Willpower Isn’t Enough When It Comes To Emotional Eating

  1. great topic thanks for sharing , I do have a problem with negative thought patterns that I don't chose to entertain nor think it's coming from me I do separate myself from it , and chose to stay positive but I do feel like I have no control over it no matter how much I try to meditate and be in the moment or eat healthy . I would be appreciative to some advice . thank you


  3. As I have ulcerative colitis, and overeating is a major trigger for an attack, I just don't do it!:)
    It took me years to discover this. I was first diagnosed in 1981. At the time, it was thought that emotional stress was the primary trigger for everyone. I was told I should think about changing jobs, and given hydrocortisone enema bottles to treat the ulcer.
    Fast forward 18 years. After several different treatments, including asulfadine, a sulfa based oral medication which made me jaundiced, I went to an alternative health care physician. He put me on an elimination/reintroduction diet. I had no solid food for a month. I was placed on a medical food supplement that I mixed with liquid, usually water or apple juice. It was tough. I was hungry all the time. And I'm a pro tree climber.
    I didn't feel a lack of energy, though. And when I got to the reintroduction part, I learned a few things.
    I have a sensitivity to wheat and corn products. I can have some, but not as staples. Pasta gets stuck. High fructose corn syrup causes inflammation.
    However, my major triggers are overeating, overheating and dehydration. If I hadn't had that treatment, I might have kept stuffing my face and making myself ill.
    Now when I work, I allow myself more breaks and make sure I drink plenty of water. I eat sensible sized meals of nutrient dense foods. I snack frequently on dried and fresh fruit, tree nuts, whole grain chips and hummus.
    I seldom eat dairy; milk and ice cream are triggers, too. I have a bit of cheese and/or butter sometimes.
    I haven't had a sustained attack in several years. I'll have a flare up here and there, so I make adjustments. Usually it's over within a day.
    The thing is, this disorder is different for everyone who has it. What works for me might not work for anyone else. It's a minefield of discomfort and messiness. The embarrassment part faded away years ago; It's just something I have to live with.
    I wouldn't wish it on anyone, but it's not fatal, just inconvenient.
    It can be difficult for others to understand. People who don't have colitis tend to think you're making it up. It's not as uncommon as all that, though. It's estimated that as many as 200k people have some form of inflammatory bowel disorder, abbreviated IBD. That's just in the U.S. That's not to be confused with IBS, irritable bowel syndrome, one subset of IBD.
    I hope this helps clear things up. Not all of us can overeat. You won't see me at an all you can eat buffet!:)

  4. Thanks Drew & Christine, this was exactly what I needed today! I luv y'alls videos. Y'all inspire me to get back to the person o want to be again!

  5. Hi Drew. I like your video. I want to know if you know about Miswak stik Nutural toothbrush. I watched your video about the coconut and turmeric for brushing teeth. I use it it really works. Thank you. Can you find out about Miswak and make video please. Thank you.

  6. Love today's topic! Things we crave has a meaning behind it. True, we think through eating we can satisfy certain problems. When in reality that's not good. Thanks for addressing all this. Sometimes I crave sweets or chocolate with almonds. Or salty, sour foods or spicy…interesting to think about why I crave them. I will be more aware of it now. Love you D. Love Christine Hassler too! She is so knowledgeable!💖😄

  7. I currently have been over eating because of the stress of being a caregiver for my dad who has dementia with aggression. It is emotionally draining, physically exhausting, and mentally exhausting as well as taking a toll on me and my mom financially. My dad has aggressive behaviors and can be very defiant causing him to sometimes hit, shove, curse, or just refuse to listen to me or my mom. We cannot afford a nursing home for him which would cost $5,000 a month, so we really don't have a choice but to take care of him at home. So it is like we are in a prison too. That is why I now turn to food more often than I ever have before and eat foods like pizza and then a dessert like ice cream. So I tend to go to carbs and sugar. I will try some of the things in this video. But unfortunately the stress that I am in right now is out of my control, I can't get out of it unless I win the lottery.

  8. Christine thankyou for your words of wisdom. You are completely right. I really needed to hear exactly what you said. You woke up my core of, "living better at living life." I am worthy.

  9. I appreciate your education on all of these topics..very useful.. But on the word HO'OPONOPONO …not sure who taught u this word, but as a part Hawaiian, born n raised in the islands… U butchered the word AND the meaning.. Just a suggestion.. Don't use it because it isn't correctly said or interpreted.. Other than that, keep up the good work

  10. What about crunchy? What are her tips for that one? You only covered sweet and fatty/filling. Maybe it accidentally got edited out, as she said she was going to cover the three in order. I am interested in the crunchy craving.

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