100 thoughts on “WiLL THE MiRACURL EAT or CURL YOUR HAiR? | Fab or Fail | Cute Girls Hairstyles & Kamri

  1. What other products would you like to see me try? Also, be sure to watch our other "FAB or FAIL" videos, HERE! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_SCossQygjukquCQBEfnCuO3fkfREWT7  💋's -Mindy

  2. I had a black version and it had gotten stuck in my hair and my mother had to smash it off my hair it was so painful i suggest making sure you know how to use it before use (I don’t know if mine was babylis or how ever you spell the name) x

  3. Does it for some random reason bother anyone else when on every video that their family puts out on any of their channels they don’t capitalize the “i” in the titles when they capitalize the other letters? For example the title would normally be “ BAILEY GOT A NEW HAIRCUT!!!” But they would put it as “ BAiLEY GOT A NEW HAiRCUT!!”. I don’t know if thats relatable but it bothers me lol. I love this family despite what the title says 😂 lol. This was a great video!!

  4. why does this channel especially the girl look soooo simular to brooklyn and bailey
    IM CONFUSED😨😨😨😨😱

  5. In my country you can get it for 20 dollers and it workes really nicely and am a child and i can do it really easly

  6. I use one of those tools right before a show to curl my hair and ended up with my hair stuck in my hair with a show in less than four hours. After ringing the manufacturer we found out that you were only ment to use it on bra strap length hair and the only way to get my hair out was to break the tool in half. The worst part was that it wasn't even mine! It was a girl's in the cast, and she had only gotten it like a month before. What a waste if €160 euros.

  7. I actually got one of those for Christmas one year and wondered if it actually worked. I never actually used it because I already have curly hair lol…… But my sister seemed to be really excited to use it

  8. Omg I have the same one and I used it for about a few months and while getting ready for a wedding, my hair got stuck in it and it was impossible to get it out so the only option left was to cut my hair

  9. Why do you say course hair thats disrepectful to all the black girls who need to use 450 very thick was good enough and then you say fine when it comes to her hair this video was made in 2018 they deff had/have much nicer words for different textures of hair at that point😒😒😒

  10. my friend used this for the school dance and she got her hair stuck in it and they had to cut her hair

  11. I got a different version of the MiraCurl and it ate my hair. I lost about four inches of my hair to that thing. My hair was pretty long and it was faster and more efficient to take small pieces of my hair and MiraCurl them instead of using a manual curler cause my hair wouldn't fit on the curling rod.

  12. Guys DO NOT USE THIS!!!!! My mom was using this on my hair and it sucked it in, but it got my hair stuck in the inside of it!!! Luckily we were able to get my hair out but we had to hammer the thing open!

  13. I was going to buy this until I realized it was $179!! 😂 Would absolutely love this. Kamri's hair is just so long and gorgeous!!😍

  14. FYI Conair is the parent company of Babyliss… So they are the exact same products, only the Conair version is less expensive since Babyliss is their "higher end" brand… So basically don't get this one… Unless you like throwing $60-70 away for no reason…

  15. My mom recently bought this..I tried it..at first it was good then my hair got stuck in it I wouldn't come out until my sister disassembled it and took my hair out using a comb

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