Wolf Range Buyers Guide | The Luxury Standard for Your Kitchen [REVIEW]

Wolf Range Buyers Guide | The Luxury Standard for Your Kitchen [REVIEW]

Hi this is John with Designer Appliances.
Wolf ranges are one of the most recognizable luxury appliances in the
world. With their signature red knobs and pro style design, they make an impact in
any kitchen layout. But Wolf ranges are so much more than just a visual
centerpiece. In this video, we’ll walk you through what makes wolf the gold
standard in kitchen appliances while giving you all the info you need to
select the best wolf range for your home. When it comes to day-to-day usage, the
three most important aspects of a quality range are build quality, cooking
performance and design but before we dive in it’s important to note that wolf
offers their ranges in both all gas and dual fuel. All gas simply means both
the cooktop and oven are powered by gas the duel fuel lineup also has a gas
powered cooktop however the oven is powered by electricity. This gives you
the instant control of gas on the cooktop with a more consistent heating
capability of electric in the oven. There’s also a few other minor
differences that we’ll cover later on as well. When it comes to judging the
capabilities of a range you’ll need to look at both the cooktop performance as
well as the oven performance. Ideally with the cooktop, heat delivered to your
pots and pans should be even and consistent while also providing a wide
range of operating temperatures. The problem with most cook tops especially
those with high output is they’re unable to handle delicate simmering tasks that
require a low controlled flame. For example, typically arranged with a 15,000
BTU output will at its best be able to achieve 1500 beats to use on the lowest
setting. Not low enough for delicate items. Wolf has solved this issue with
their dual stacked burner. Each burner consists of an inner ring and an outer
ring that operates independently. The inner ring is for delicate cooking and
can go as low as 300 BTUs perfect for simmering sauces or melting chocolate. As you turn the control knob to higher temperatures the inner ring will shut
off and activate the larger more powerful outer ring capable of achieving
up to 20,000 BTUs perfect for searing and boiling water. When comparing the all gas and dual fuel ranges, the duel fuels cooktop has a maximum output of 20,000 BTUs while the all-gas has a maximum output of 15,000 BTUs.
Higher output beats you burners are capable of reaching a higher overall
temperature and they’ll heat your items faster as well. This comes in handy when
doing stir fried type cooking and you’ll also be able to boil water slightly
faster with a higher output burner. Now we’ll shift our attention to the oven
performance – when it comes to the ideal oven you’re looking for even heat
throughout the entire oven cavity. For example, have you ever baked multiple
trays of cookies just to find out that the cookies on the bottom cooked faster
than the ones on top? This is due to inconsistent heating. Wolf ovens are
incredibly precise when it comes to temperature control, both the all gas
wolf range as well as the dual fuel range have convection fans which further
help circulate air evenly. This results in up to a 25% reduction in cooking time
as well as more evenly cooked foods. The all gas range is pretty basic when it
comes to features. If you’re the type of person who typically turns on the oven
and doesn’t think twice about which setting to use, then the oil gas range
should meet your needs. This version simply has two functions – you can either
set a temperature from 150 to 500 degrees or turn on broil. You’ll also
have a button to toggle the convection fans on and off. The convection mode will
typically always produce the best results however if you’re cooking
delicate items such as cakes or custards or souffles then you may want to turn
off the convection fan. The all gas oven is lacking a timer or meat probe and
does not have a self-clean function which could be a deal-breaker for many.
If you’re looking for these features and much more, you may want to consider the
dual fuel range. Again the oven and the dual fuel range is powered by electric
which provides more consistent heat. The reason for that is electric elements can be precisely controlled whereas gas burners need to be cycled on and off to
maintain a consistent temperature. As an example, in a gas oven if you’re cooking
at 350 degrees the oven temperature may need to cycle between 340 and 360 to get
an average temperature of 350. With an electric oven you can keep an even
consistent temperature of 350 degrees without cycling up and down. This
provides incredible consistent results especially when it
comes to baking. The dual fuel ovens also comes with many more settings to allow
you to cook those dishes you’ve been meaning to try. These include bake, roast,
bread proofing, and broil. Different types of food require different types of heat
and these settings ensure the ideal cooking method is applied. The dual fuel
range also has an improved dual fan true convection system. Whereas the convection system in the oil gas range is simply two fans that circulate the warm air
already in the oven cavity. The true convection fans in the dual fuel range
actually have heating elements directly in the fan enclosure. This provides a
whole other level of heating consistency. At the moment many
manufacturers are focusing on incorporating the trendiest newest
features while sacrificing quality on the things that matter most. Years ago, a
new appliance could be expected to last for about 15 years. Nowadays that just simply is not the case. Typically a new appliance will last
for a lifespan of about five to ten years. For wolf that type of disregard for quality is simply not an option as their
entire brand is built on being the best of the best. For starters wolf ranges are manufactured entirely in the United
States in their Wisconsin manufacturing plant by a highly skilled
workforce. Appliances are tested throughout the manufacturing process – at the end of the process they’re put through a final test to ensure quality
standards are met. This dedication to quality allows wolf to stand behind
their products by offering one of the best warranties in the industry. Even
with the best of intentions from the manufacturer occasionally an appliance
will require a service repair a call. This is typically what molds your
overall impression of a brand and most brands get it wrong. Wolf is the
exception – if something goes wrong with your wolf range, Wolf will go above and
beyond to make sure that your needs are met their call center is available 24/7
365 days a year. So if it’s Thanksgiving and you’re
cooking that turkey and your ovens not working, Wolf will be available to answer
your call. Also since Wolf is a US based company parts are always readily
available. We hope this video has been helpful, at Designer appliances we offer
the best prices on high quality appliances. Visit one of our NJ
showrooms or give us a call and our trained staff will help you find the
right of appliances for your needs. Our brand-new
Bedminster New Jersey location has the area’s most comprehensive display of
sub-zero and wolf appliances to make designing your dream kitchen a breeze.
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  1. Visit us if you are in New Jersey area. Our showroom has the largest display of Wolf appliances in the tri-state to make shopping for your dream kitchen appliances a joy. https://www.designerappliances.com/locations/appliance-store-bedminster-nj.html

  2. I was hoping to see the Wolf Induction range IR304TE/S/TH  in this segment.  Especially how the burner controls work; ie. how many times/buttons have to be pushed to start at high or switch control from burner 1 to 3.   I'm already an induction fan so I understand the technology.

  3. I have a wolf range out back, i want to install it and use it but I cannot find anywhere to help me with the problem, no one I I have located will help me with the problem it has, the door will not close all the way and I cannot see what the problem is. Every time I do find someone affiliated with wolf, they seem to only be interested in selling me a different range.
    I have always wanted to use wolf and now that i have one I see how the support is for them. do you know of somewhere I can get a hold of someone to tell me what I need to do use the oven on my range? It's a 36" 4 burner the door is slightly open at the top , I have never brought it in the house because of this, I cook every single day for a large family, I cannot be without a stove if i can help it but i am sick of my old kitchenaid knock off. I want my Wolf in here working.

    help if you can

  4. Probably the worst appliance I have ever purchased, essentialy every component has failed, the igniters for the burners, the oven and broiler, when the igniters did work they would all be fireing if the oven was on, avoid at all cost unless you are not planning on using it, looks awesome though

  5. just make sure you have a 30 ft long wallet because you will be paying anywhere from 2.5 – 20.5 grand for a cooktop/range or standing 6 burner with griddle.

  6. The only thing "baked" in this "review" was the script that Wolf wrote themselves for this guy to read. This is not a review at all. Not one negative comment, obvious sham. It talks about missing items but just recommends the other model to get those features.

  7. 6:12 thought Wolf would be coming to fix the oven AND make us an amazing massive supper 😀 then they just mentioned a call centre

  8. All the negative comments here. I suggest you all buy Samsung so you can "really" have something to complain about!
    I have been using WOLF for many many years with no issues! I also install them in houses I build, again no issues!

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