Wonderful Afghan Cuisine in Toronto

Wonderful Afghan Cuisine in Toronto

naan and kebab has a wonderful array
of Afghan cuisine all the flat breads and naan are made in house the tea room upstairs
is a great place to sit down and enjoy your food among friends the way a meal is supposed
to be we’re gonna open more location and celebration
it’s and Ronnie this is a veggie food it’s like appetizer and it’s made of
themed eggplant with tomato sauce on top and some yogurt on top of that it’s with
all the beds like the name is NaN and kebab
so nan is bread so we made the nun here like it’s all fresh now any of these
topping separately if you’re alone and you want to have one option so you don’t
have to have this mix now you can have a little girl and with a soliton our
Spanish on table is like representing our rice basically so we have one
popular wise and the others like simple rice we have like two requests from
other cities and they’re like oh when you’re opening in this city in that city
we’re working on it and inshallah we’re gonna open in there like more locations
and you guys are all welcome in any location you want with your family with
your friends will be so happy today thank you for watching let us know of
your favorite spots to grab middle-eastern food in the city we’d
love to hear from you until next time

37 thoughts on “Wonderful Afghan Cuisine in Toronto

  1. I've noticed a lot more Persian and middle eastern eateries and influences popping up lately. Its an interesting trend I'd keep an eye on.

  2. I've walked past a couple fo their locations – keep meaning to add them to the list to try. On another note; was this a 'JoJo Insta meet'?

  3. Food was about the only thing I really dug when visiting Toronto, truly a cultural melting pot with every type of food you could want from around the world. Hockey Hall of Fame was awesome too.

  4. Various countries have various kinds of food habits. Thank you for sharing. Liked and subbed. #1702. Keep the good things up. Cheers.

  5. Dude the afgan food in toronro is no joke!! I need some of those kebabs and hummus.. I love now its placed on a board to eat off it

  6. Oh, my goodness, a new friend, I found your comment on TG1M & thought I'd check out your channel.AWESOME! This looks so goood!!!! I'll check out more videos when I have more time…Promise! Peace to All! ; )'

  7. Hey Toronto Eats!!! Love that you went to an Afghani food stops! . It looks like such an amazing food adventure!!! We have so many different ethnic foods in LA as well.. so you can have a new cultures food any day of the week!! We will have to check out Afghani food!! Thank you for sharing!! <3

  8. Wonderful environment, Thanks for sharing it, I'm your new subscriber, friend stay connected.

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