World Record – Hamburger Eating World Championship VS Molly Schuyler – Can I defend my Title?

World Record – Hamburger Eating World Championship VS Molly Schuyler – Can I defend my Title?

baba Baba Baba Baba Baba Baba Baba Baba Baba Baba Baba [Music] sixteen pounds of Kennedy’s in 15 minutes [Music] recently traveled to South America to be Campina meeting three-time returning tasted hamburger festival [Music] [Music] notorious nation thanks for coming to another one of my videos this is the world hamburger eating championship out of a town called Hamburg PA this contest might be I know at least fifteen years old I’m the only person to win it three years in a row and so I’m coming into this contest as the defending three-time champion I’ve even won this contest once using only one hand about a week or so after I got my shoulder operated on you can see the video playing there so this year we have some extra competition Molly’s in it for the first time ever you can see me eating next to her speaking of which the I apologize for the video there were some discrepancy on where you would stand in the contest typically the defending champion stands in the middle of the table and then it’s already back and forth between the next ranked eaters so I would typically maybe to be between Dan and Molly in this contest Dan wanted Molly next to him for some reason but I didn’t settle my cameras and then when I went back to set them up the crowd just surged and there was just a ton of people watching this contest I couldn’t get my camera set up right so I apologize for the footage my son is taking that he shot in the upper left away and sometimes the camera gets into view and then the other one of course is a steady shot from the table where we’re eating at this contest is about an hour away from my house so as far as contests go it’s very easy for me to get to and I’ve been doing these type of contests for going on 20 years and I as admit that contests are getting a little bit old I’m starting to tire of these contests all the time and I really haven’t even focused on any kind of training whatsoever since about May when I went to Brazil which I did train very heavily for to compete against Corbucci in the hamburgers down there this contest though I just really wasn’t motivated for this year and I think I need to take a break maybe from eating contests for a little bit just to see if I get any kind of motivation back to train for them at some point I should figure out how many eating contests I’ve been in but it’s really a huge huge number and it’s hard to stay focused and just get up for eating contest year after year after year but this is a local one and I did have family members there so I was excited to be there it’s a good crowd a lot of cheering going on I even had some heckling from the crowd this year so it was fun but because I noticed all that stuff I knew that I was not doing that well in the contest typically were in an eating contest and don’t hear anything from the audience occasionally a shout might get through or you might hear a comment but typically I’m just focused in the zone and this contest I heard every single thing from the crowd I heard people walking by making comments for against me for Molly just and everything in general that people were yelling out for some reason I could not block it out and I just really felt like I was going through the motions so it’s kind of frustrating and I take that as just kind of a burnout of being in these contests all the time so I definitely think I’m taking some time off from eating contests just to see if I can stepping away from it will make me be interested in coming back and preparing for them or it’s just something that I will just pick and choose contests from here on out I did try something in a last Friday’s video if you notice I post videos every Tuesday and Friday like clockwork 8 at 8 o’clock Eastern Time and I tried to do a bigger video on Fridays in a smaller video on the Tuesday videos it doesn’t always work out that way so this week you’re getting a 10-minute hamburger contest in this contest you have 10 minutes to eat these 1/2 pound hamburgers and then afterwards you only have 1 minute to finish everything that’s in your mouth you’ll hear the announcer say that so it’s kind of an 11 minute contest 10 minutes to put the food in your mouth and 1 minute to clear the food from your mouth and I show that here then there’s an extra 2 minutes that you can’t get sick so it’s kind of like a 13 minute contest or 10:1 and too many contests so last Friday did something they don’t normally do I put an Easter egg inside the video and I’ll show it to you now it’s that thing in the logo there it’s Randy santel food challenges logo and they had a little contest first person to comment on it got a BtoB sticker which is not for sale anywhere in the world and that was won by gentleman by the name of Anton Lindstrom thank you very much Anton for being the first winner I appreciate that and it seemed like people were having some fun with that so I did it again this week somewhere inside this video there is a logo of another channel or a picture of a person from another channel it’s another youtuber is inside this video somewhere so the first person to comment with what it is or the time stamp that have happened they will also get a b.o.b sticker sent out to them so please put in the comments below if you find it as well as other things you’d like me to eat I’m gonna let the rest of this video play out enjoy this there was a good competition a lot of fun I’ve met some old friends at this table that I’ve eaten against before as well as made some new ones there’s a lot of good eaters of this table which you don’t always see it eating contest so I had a lot of fun let’s play this through and see if I can win four years in a row take care and I’ll see you guys in the next video [Applause] [Music] [Applause] thirty Seconds [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] No we do [Applause] keep it down there one minute let me see my back there one minute and then they have to keep the job for two minutes visit your blog your daily [Applause] [Music] we speak we speak the previous world record of 14 liters in 10 minutes [Music]

93 thoughts on “World Record – Hamburger Eating World Championship VS Molly Schuyler – Can I defend my Title?

  1. Você é incrível B.O.B. e talvez um tempo seja necessário pra ti. Mas não nos deixe sem vídeos ou sem novidades.

    Um abraço do Brasil, amo o teu país!

  2. For the Easter Egg contest, post the answer in this comments section. Thanks for spending some of your day with me. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day.

    Para o concurso de Ovo de Páscoa, poste a resposta nesta seção de comentários. Obrigado por passar um pouco do seu dia comigo. Espero que todos aproveitem o resto do seu dia

  3. Não coloca legendas no vídeo atrapalha muita gente assistir, deixa pra vc falar no final em uma parte do vídeo separada ficará melhor!

  4. I’ve watched twice with much forwarding and reversing but I can’t find the Easter egg 😢 is it the main screen or the one on the corner? I’m desperate to get a win!!

  5. I’m so confused I thought the blue numbers were yours ? And how did you only eat 15 when it said 20. So confused and the Molly chick they were adding her # up when she wasn’t even finished with the burger in her hand I dunno I smell foul play

  6. Excellent job Bob! You did beat your record from last year though! Molly is from another planet! Her and Dan have been really hitting it hard with the competitions! Just remember to keep your chin up and smile BOB and the whole world will wonder what you are up to! Deuces my friend!

  7. Muito bom comentário e suga sobre o ângulo da câmera. Agradeço a Dan que está ao lado de Molly por seus propósitos de câmera para obter um vídeo para os dois. É um ótimo jogo, aqui e, como sempre, algumas cenas são ruins, mas você fez bem em fazer isso acontecer.
    Very nice commentary and sucks about your camera angle. I thank Dan is next to Molly for their camera purposes to get 1 video for the both of them. Great game you through in here and as always sometines we get poor shots but you did well to make it happen

  8. sensational BOB, 20 burgers was an amazing brand! just do not be discouraged, we like you and the challenges, take some time to rest and come back with everything !! and thanks for subtitling the videos, we from Brazil follow everything! YOU ARE THE MAN!

  9. love you bob best video of the contest …your still the champ ….molly is great but your the original gangsta eater

  10. Desanima não BOB, gosto muito do seu canal e da sua simplicidade, sem conta que você é monstro nos campeonatos, só um tempo depois volta! Abraço 🇧🇷

  11. Hi B.O.B.!! You did Awesome👏👏 and you have a lovely family of Eater's around you of course..take a brake but come back👍

  12. I so want that disgusting Molly to puke. All she does is gag. Yuck. A. Total pig and disgrace to eating competitions. Love you BOB!!

  13. It's at 9:39 in lower left corner, but the wifi overseas isn't the best and I've PAUSED then SCREENSHOTTED it and blew it up, but to pixelated for me and I know almost all the big eaters ok the Tube?!?! Guess it's not a clear-cut will, but if I can make it out I'll shout back at ya my man!! Be stateside in TWO DAYS!! I want that B.O.B shirt!! I've put a bunch of my military buddies into your channel!! Keep it beast nose like away partner!!

  14. No small feat to beat the standing world record while out of training and off your game. Molly's tough competition even on a good day. Still an impressive showing. I don't blame you for taking a break if you're just not feeling it.

  15. Good one b.o.b. As much as you eat it has to get old that girl can eat I've watched a few of her videos hang in there love the baseball game videos

  16. Você é fera bob, já tinha visto em matérias da televisão sobre seus recordes, mas conheci seu canal através do Corbucci, continue fazendo vídeos, você é fera de mais, tomara que seu canal cresça, sou um de seus fãns, abraços br, bob bob bob bob bob kkkk

  17. B.O.B as you know im a fan of yours . ( if you look through my comments ect ) but not long in all i could hear was words of excuses . It's ok not to be consistently N°1 . But like a boxer , runner . Or a guy/gal who is champ for collecting leaves from a tree . If you lose you think why n make a change n smash it again . The worst thing for you Molly turned up & she is a monster in eating challenges …. also did you puke at the end ? Either way you still a champ don't give up .

  18. All I can say is wow… You did this contest knowing that you were burnt out. All I can say it that you still did great. Take the time you need to get rejuvenated and we'll be waiting there for you (even if you decide that no more contests is the way to go for yourself). Please keep up the great videos! I know I'm fairly new to your channel (and I'm trying to catch up) but you are truly a legend and need to do the right thing for yourself.

  19. B.O.B. you're a great eater. Molly is a beast, I think she was watching you just to stay close and not whoop you and make it respectful. When I seen her eat 3 of the "big Texan" challenges in 20:00……..

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