World’s Biggest Snickers Bar Recipe 5lbs HOW TO COOK THAT giant candy bar Ann Reardon

World’s Biggest Snickers Bar Recipe 5lbs HOW TO COOK THAT giant candy bar Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon Today we are making a giant snickers bar,
with chewy caramel and peanuts at the top and peanut nougat at the base. It is over
a foot long and weighs 2 kilos or 75oz so is definitely not something to eat on your
own. To start with you will need to line a suitable
container, I am using one that is 35cm by 9cm. And then put nonstick baking paper on
the sides and base. Then we can make the caramel. If you’ve bought roasted peanuts you can use
them as they are, if they are un-roasted place them on a tray in a moderate oven for about
5 minutes to roast them then take them out and let them go cool.
Place your sugar, milk, cream and glucose syrup into a large pan. Go to the website for a written recipe with all of the ingredient quantities that you
need. There is a link in the description just below the video.
Stir those together and keep stirring over high heat until the sugar is dissolved. Add
a candy thermometer. Adjust your thermometer so that it is not touching the bottom of the
pan. You’ll see the mixture bubbles up when it is boiling which is why we are using a
large pan not a small one or ti would boil over.
Keep heating it, stirring occasionally until it reaches 115C or 240F
Remove it from the heat, immediately stir in those roasted peanuts and then pour the
hot caramel into your container and level it out as best as you can.
Then we are going to place the whole container into a sink of cool water, because we have
such a large quantity of caramel if you don’t do this it will continue to heat up and overcook
and then your caramel will become solid and we don’t want it to be solid we want it to
be gooey when you bite into it. We don’t want the water to go into the caramel you just
want it on the sides of the container to help cool it down faster. But it will still take
a couple of hours for it to cool down. For the peanut nougat measure out your ingredients
and then put the sugar, water and glucose syrup into a pan. If you don’t have glucose
syrup you can use corn syrup instead. Stir over high heat until the sugar is dissolved,
lift up a spoonful to check that you can’t see any more sugar crystals. Then using a
wet pastry brush wash down the sides of the pan. Add you candy thermometer and make sure
it is not touching the base of the pan just like we did before.
While that is boiling whip your egg whites to soft peaks.
Once your sugar is at 250F remove it from the heat and with the beaters running pour
in half of the sugar mixture just a little at a time into the whites. Add your salt then
return the remaining sugar syrup back to the pan and heat it up to 305F, then whip that
into the egg white mixture and you can see it starts to get thicker.
Once it is nice and thick but not yet cooled add the peanut butter and mix it in on low
speed until just combined you don’t want to over mix it. Spread it over the top of the
cold caramel and squash it down to level it, then leave it to cool for a couple of hours.
Use a knife to release the bar from each end of the container. Then using your baking paper
lift it out . Fold the baking paper down and trim it off, I am leaving it on the caramel
so we can handle the bar without getting sticky fingers and finger marks all through the caramel.
Spread out some chocolate quite thickly. I am using a silpat because I want the pattern
on the base, but you can use baking paper or foil. Then flip your bar over and place it onto
the chocolate nougat side down. Let the chocolate start to firm up and then trim off the excess.
Now peel the baking paper off the caramel. Then smother the whole bar in chocolate and
spread it out smoothly and even. Check the ingredients if it contains cocoa
butter you will need to temper it if you want it to be set at room temperature. If it contains
vegetable oil it is not real chocolate and does not need tempering. There is a video
explaining tempering on this channel. If you just click on howtocookthat you’ll find it
there under the chocolate playlist. In the comments some of you have said you
are subscribed to how to cook that but don’t get emailed when a new video is up. You can
change that in your settings, in youtube click on subscriptions then up the top on the right
click on manage subsriptions, there you can choose do you want to be emailed when there
is a new video, do you just want it in your feed, or do you want nothing at all. I upload
a new video every Friday so if you think you may of missed some just click on how to cook
that to go to the channel and you can watch them there. One the top of your snickers bar you can add
a pattern in the chocolate by gently toughing it with a knife and then lifting and bringing
it forward, repeat that the whole way across the bar. Remove any excess chocolate.
Set it aside to set and then you are ready to slice and share you giant snickers bar. Thanks for clicking like and sharing, add
your requests in the comments below and subscribe to How To Cook That for more cakes, chocolate
and desserts. Have a great week and I’ll see you Friday.
Wow, that’s cool. Oh my goodness ann reardon you are a genius.
It looks so real. It is real, it is real.
I’ve got snickers in my beard. Tastes Amazing.
Oh Wow. That’s good.

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  1. I relly wanna do these things!! Only problem is that were i live. We dont have glukossyrap or corn or anything that amerikans and other contrys have

  2. The one how has the brown beard is Mr Green I know him because he is a teacher in our school MPPS. Hi Mr Green! I am Mirna from 3J

  3. Hi ann. I am a student from mpps. It was great to see Dave and Matt. Also Matt gave me a high five. Love your channel

  4. when you do something nice and expect a good gift but instead you are gifted death by diabetes 😂😂😂

  5. now………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..I get a snickers bar!!!!!!!

  6. It’s been about 3 years when I watched this video and I still come back and watch you make this again and again and again 😂 I’ll always follow you channel 😀 it brings me joy

  7. My favorite candy!!! Can't wait to try it. Can you make a tutorial with skittles candy? Like the red bag with the candy spilling out. Thanks.

  8. It's interesting how there are so many weird (to me) combinations to make the snickers, i have never tried any of these things. In Norway, our peanut butter isn't just a smooth butter made out of peanuts, we have some peanuts in it. So, the way me and my family makes a snickers/snickers cake is quite different than what i've seen here. All we use is: Cornflakes, Peanut Butter, Light Syrup, Sugar, and Chocolate bar. (if you don't have the type of peanut butter we have, you can probably roast the peanuts, chop it up and add it together.
    We melt a bit of sugar and syrup together, you don't want to boil it. Meanwhile you melt that, you take cornflakes, and a whole peanut butter jar and mix together gently so you dont crush all the cornflakes, and when the sugar syrup mix is melted, you add that to the mix, you mix it all together. That is the base, you let that cool. Take your Chocolate bar and melt it, you might need a decent amount of chocolate. Once the chocolate has melted, let it cool off a little bit, while you are waiting for the chocolate to cool, take your snickers mix, put it on baking paper/wraps, and just make a row of snickers base, when you have done that, and the chocolate has finished cooling off, you take the chocolate and pour it over the snickers, (no, nothing underneath it) and spread it evenly and nice. Let it rest for 20-30 (or less in Fridge). Then you have a nice snickers cake/roll, what ever you want to call it.

    This may be hard to understand, some day in the future I can post the recipe on my youtube channel and a picture of how it looks. I hope you guys enjoy my family's version of a snickers cake 🙂

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  11. Hi ann so i tried the mars bar and would love to do these but handeling the glucose syrup was really hard. U have any tips of measuring it? (I live in belgium)

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  13. It's been years but this is stii my favorite YouTube video. So much fun for everybody! Its the first food video I've ever watched

  14. I come back to old videos and have little marathons of how to cook that before bed, with my boyfriend, while i’m cooking… These videos are the best!

  15. Am i the one who keeps watching this over and over its been what 4 years already

    Edit: Eating mini snickers. Bar while watching

  16. shhhiiiiit….. i actually tried this and it is now a disaster…. i just turned it into a whack ass pie full of peanuts and chocolate….

  17. I made that nougat after 4 attempted fails it finally worked and it was the best dam nougat I ever had in my life! I spread mine on a baked chocolate chip cookie bar then covered it in chocolate and omg.. best dam desert I ever made thanks to Ann’s amazing nougat recipe! 😋

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