100 thoughts on “WOWWW!!! EXTREME 500 KG Lamb TUB + INSANE Street Food in China | Going DEEP for Chinese Street Food!

  1. @The Food Ranger please separate things like lamb head etc in different video with a warning. it was gross and seemed barbaric. i enjoy ur videos but whenever such things pop, it makes me sick 🙁

  2. Trevor you have to talk about the opression going on in Xinjiang and with the uighur Chinese Muslims! They are being forced into concentration and reeducation camps just because they are Muslim! Please talk about this opression!

  3. If you woud give the food ranger
    Some 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
    He would try it out, and say
    Wow. Woooooo.!

  4. Now you know how great about china,we have 56 different rises and lot of different religions,but we love each other and we feel happy about it!

  5. You are so cosmopolitan with different foods, I have my admiration for you. Chinese people can not bear the fishiness of some Muslim food like lamb heads

  6. I was watching almost your food travelling, and finally, I got the first 0.5 rate food in your food travelling, and it was a lamb brain 😂😂😂

  7. During our childhood days one of our teacher told us that chinese are worshiping ying and yan(sun n moon)…..so which corner of chinese follows that religion can anyone tell me coz i am indian but we are very different from indiana and we follow sun and moon religion

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  9. the reason why you didn't like the brain because the way they made it, it needs some spice and another way rather than boiling it

  10. you don't find any taste in lamb head(brain) stew ,,, all time it comes to you with very stinky flavour or taste… at that time this was unacceptable… specially the lamb's brain

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