today we’re in the amazing city of
Istanbul, Turkey we are here to eat and we can’t wait to share this Istanbul
series with you it’s all about finding the best food the city has to offer
Istanbul’s food culture is reflective of its diverse past and draws influence
from each region of Turkey this is our fourth video from Istanbul and we’re
travelling all over the city to bring you the best local food
we eat the most unusual Turkish street food you’ve ever seen a gigantic kebab
feast and loads more in this four-part series we’re hunting down Istanbul’s
best food from unusual Turkish street food to local favourites you don’t want
to miss this series get ready for some mouth-watering food I’m Thomas and I’m
Sheena and we’re Chasing a Plate we hope you’re hungry, let’s eat! we’re really excited about this video
because we get to show you around the neighbourhood of Kadıköy which is on the
Asian side of Istanbul where we’ve been staying for the past two and a half
months now this area has a great local feel about it it’s quite residential but
there are some great cafes so lots and lots of bars and shops but it also has
tons and tons of really traditional and local restaurants and little shops it’s
just got a really great feel about it we love it now our first stop is for kahvaltı or Turkish breakfast now in our last Istanbul series we did the whole
shebang we ate a really full on Turkish breakfast it was amazing we’ll put the
link up there but this time we’re going a little bit off piste we’re going to
eat something called muhlama which is from the Black Sea and it is a type
of cheese fondue this is like fondue on steroids there is
a ton of butter that goes in and then a tonne of cheese this guy is an
absolute expert I love breakfast time in Turkey because
it’s a particularly social meal it’s sharing style so you’ve got a few
different platters on the table and you just pick away and share all the food on
the table and okay we have got a full on spread here this is the muhlama so
the cheese fondue so it’s made up of cheese, butter and cornmeal really really
simple ingredients but just look at that ooze and check out that layer of oil on the top from
the butter and from the cheese Thomas was just showing me the footage that he
took when he was in the kitchen and the amount of butter that went into the pan it was like this big, this thick insane now in case we’re not cheesed out
we’ve got a platter with more cheese so we’ve got beyaz peynir which is a
hard white cheese some yellow cheese here it’s another hard cheese and then some
soft white cheese we’ve got some olives some cucumber and then some tomato and
then to wash it all down of course a çay, çay is the thing to
drink when you’re in Turkey the Turks love their çay they’re drinking it all day
morning, noon and night I’ve got to get into this muhlama so we’ve got a
basket of bread here so I’m just gonna I think try and scoop some onto that bread, look at that, holy moly that is so cheesy all right let’s try
and get this in in one bite, impossible! impossible oh my goodness if you love cheese you need to come to Istanbul and you need to
eat this dish it is phenomenal it’s actually got a really subtle flavour
it’s not overpowering so the cheese is quite subtle still has obviously a great flavour about
it but it’s not too rich although that was the first mouthful so it’s probably
going to be pretty intense by the time we finish it
oh man it’s like the most beautiful cheese sandwich and the texture of it is so insane it’s
very very soft and gooey sort of just melts in your mouth I’m really glad that
we’ve got the tomato the olives and the cucumber because they’re very fresh and
vibrant and they cut through the richness of the muhlama it’s really
really cheesy and intense but it’s so good we can’t stop eating it and then out of the three cheeses here
this has got to be my favourite it’s very sharp and it’s got a really pungent
flavour mmm you only need tiny bits of it at a time with this Istanbul food series we want to show
you some unique and more unusual Turkish Turkish food so foods that you might not have
seen before this next dish we’re gonna have is called şırdan and it is one of
the more unique looking dishes I have ever seen so I’m not gonna tell you what
it is I’m going to show you some shots see if you can figure out what it is so this is the şırdan and it is
definitely one of the most unique street foods I’ve ever seen such an
interesting looking thing this is şırdan eşo, eşo, ohhhh because you’re from Adana obviously cause şırdan is from Adana and so this is him right there this is his shop now these are the şırdan so they’re an incredibly
strange looking street food so I know what I think it looks like but I’ll let
you make of it what you will but what this actually is is intestine so it’s a
sheep’s intestine and what they do is they stuff it and that’s why it’s all
bulbous looking so they stuff it with with rice and other things and then it’s
boiled or cooked very slowly in a broth then once it’s served they’ve covered it in
some salt some chilli flakes and a whole lot of ground cumin so really nice and
basic the way they’ve served it I don’t know which end to go with first I mean
let’s go with the let’s go with the little end first yum you get a massive hit of that cumin obviously because that’s a strong flavour
and there’s a lot of cumin over there but then the intestine is really well
cooked intestine can be tough if it gets overcooked it’s really not but it’s
stuffed with a beautiful rice mixture so it’s a spiced rice mixture so
you can see a really neat colour in that rice I want to rip into this wider bit
so we can get a good look inside whoaaa look at that so there you go you can see all the rice
really clearly now and so how they do this is they tie it all together so when
they served it they pulled a string out for us so that’s what holds it all
together in this pretty unusual shape but look at that rice so you see
little bits of tomato in there and stuff so it’s full of a few different
ingredients really good a very simple flavour so the
chilli flakes are not too spicy the cumin is very strong really nicely
salted the intestine is really well cooked it’s got a little bit of an offal-y
taste so after your mouthfuls you’ve swallowed and you’ve let it sit for a
little while you get a good little offal-y taste quite strong but nice and I
like that this is a legitimate street food I mean we’re literally sitting on
the road there’s a bus right there that’s really good now you might notice
that I’m dressed differently and I have a different haircut to when we started
this piece and introduced what we were doing next that’s because this is a late
night food so it’s it’s known as like a drinking food and a always a late night
food so last time we came it was actually a little bit early in the day
by about an hour so they didn’t have it so we’re filming
this a few days later so that’s why I look different so if you want this one
you’ve got to come late afternoon or right into the night time now it wouldn’t be a Turkish food video
if we didn’t eat kebab so we are off for a kebab feast this is a type of meal that
is really good to share with people ha we found friends perfectly these are
Josh and Ashley from The Way Away our YouTubing friends so they’re gonna join
us for this feast now we’ve had a couple of months here in Turkey so we’ve had a lot
of time to research about what food we want to put into these videos this place
really stood out we’ve actually eaten here I think three times since we
arrived because it is so good so we really can’t wait to show you guys this
insane meat feast so there’s a serious pit of charcoal here
to cook and this is all the meat that’s going with our giant platter Abi it looks so good
we’ve just ordered three cups of ayran now ayran is like Turkey’s national
drink it is so delicious it’s a runny water and yogurt salty drink and
restaurants will sometimes have this machine which keeps the ayran churning so
it creates this beautiful foamy delicious texture so this is the fresh
ayran and you’ve got to order it if you see it it is so good holy moly our kebab platter has arrived
and it is humongous let me talk you through what we’ve got so in the middle
here we’ve got some şiş kebab that are pieces of lamb which have been put on
a skewer and then grilled then we’ve got some tavuk kanat which are grilled
chicken wings then we’ve got these minced kebabs along the side here and they are
Adana and Urfa so minced lamb we’ve got a bunch of different salads we’ve got some
blistered peppers and in then some stacks of lavaş which are flatbread all right I’ve loaded up my plate but I
just want to rewind and talk about what a kebab actually is if you don’t know
already so a kebab is just a general term for any type of meat which is
fashioned onto a skewer and then cooked over the grill and usually over charcoal
so we’ve got all types of different kebab here on this platter and I love this style of eating in
Turkey it’s very convivial you often share food and so it’s just a really fun way
to eat so enough talking though let’s get into this food so I’ve popped onto
my flatbread some onions and they’ve got a tonne of sumac over the top sumac is the
spice here it’s actually the dried crushed up berry from the sumac bush and it tastes
a little bit like lemon and it also adds a great hit of colour to food I’ve
got parsley I’ve got tomatoes I then I think I’m gonna put some of this Adana kebab
in here as well so Adana is just minced lamb and it’s spicy so it’s got some
chilli flakes in there alright let’s give this thing a taste oh man that Adana is so smoky its minced
lamb but it’s minced quite rough and it’s loosely packed so it’s quite light
there’s a really great mix of fat and lean meat in there and it’s spicy so
it’s got a great hit of chilli and I love the fresh vegetables they add a lot of
tanginess especially those onions and then the tomatoes are really sweet if you’ve
watched our videos before you’ll know that I am a massive chicken wing fiend
and so we have basically eaten well I have eaten my weight in chicken wings
since we’ve been in Istanbul I love the way that they do them here so chicken
wing it’s got a beautiful crispy charr on the top where it’s been over that
charcoal and then it’s just got a bit of chilli over it this is very good it’s not heavily marinated so you can really just taste the chicken flavour it’s got a great smokiness and
the meat is super tender now to go with out kebab feast we got a plate of
pickles so if you’ve seen our first Istanbul video we take you to a pickle shop so
pickles are very very common in Turkey some gherkins cabbage some chillies and
some carrots and then ezme which is the type of salad so it’s got pomegranate
molasses on the top there’s some tomatoes parsley and chilli and it’s a great
accompaniment to the meat, the pickles are especially good because they cut through
the richness of the meat we are slowly making our way through the huge huge tray of food I’m so glad that we’ve got friends to help us with this one because it is a
serious plate of food but like Sheena said it is the best way to have a meal
like this when you have more people you can get a bigger size you can order
these in a personal size but definitely having friends to enjoy it with you it’s
the best way to go about it it’s a video what a meal and a huge thank you to
Ashley and Josh from The Way Away go check out their channel it’s going to be
down in the description and we’ll chuck it up on the screen they were a very big
help with eating that absolute feast, it was delicious

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  6. Sirdan is not intestine. You are wrong. Its a part of lamb stomack (or beef). The stomack consist of 4 different adjacent parts.

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