Xinjiang Street Food Tour | Delicious Uyghur Cuisine introduced by a local Uighur

Xinjiang Street Food Tour | Delicious Uyghur Cuisine introduced by a local Uighur

[Speaking Uyghur Language] Sure you’ve probably heard of Central Asian
pilaf or famous kebabs in Xinjiang. But what about the Uyghur lamb stuffed intestine? Join
me as I give this dish a try for the first time and let you know what I think. Alright, so I’m here with my friend Waris,
who’s my Uyghur friend. We’re here on just a traditional alleyway back here behind the
Grand Bazaar and you’re going to introduce me to a new Uyghur food. I mean everybody, everybody’s familiar with
kebabs. Everybody’s familiar with laghman, Dapanji. But this is something that not many
people know. Can you explain what is this food? How do you say it in Uyghur? Ok. We’re going to call it “Opke-hisip”. Opke-hisip…ok.
Alright. So it’s mainly made out of sheep’s lung and
intestine. Ok. So we’re going to be dealing with a sheep
lung and intestine. I’m going to try this out for the very first time and we’re going
to see. I’ll let you know how it is. Well, we’re going to try a plate, I’m going
to let you try to see this. It’s a plate of…how do you say this? Opke-hisip. Opke-hisip. Right? This is basically sheep lung. I mean, you
told me before but can you explain again what…this is, sheep intestine, right? Yes. And inside
of it is mainly rice. And inside of it is mainly rice, so…yea,
I’ll go ahead and give it a try. You like it? Mmm-hmm. Ok. Great! Yea, a little spicy but…yea, it’s good! I mean, the outside has a different texture because, of course, it’s a lung. No, no, this
is an intestine. But I mean everything on the inside – it’s rice. It’s kind of like
having polo wrapped up in like a sushi. So this is…I will rename this “polo sushi”! Go ahead and have some, let me know what you think. [Would you say this is good “opke-hisip”?] [Mmm…it’s ok.] [It’s about average?] [Yea.] [Ok.]

4 thoughts on “Xinjiang Street Food Tour | Delicious Uyghur Cuisine introduced by a local Uighur

  1. Wow ! Really interesting !! Didn't know that Uyghurs have their own way to do it. Actually, it just reminded me of " Mumbar dolmasi " in Turkey, they also make the same food (putting things into intestin) near Diyarbakir or Gaziantep.

    I laughed so bad when you said it is polo sushi ahahha thank you so much !!

  2. Dude, so happy you made a video about this. I remember eating it a couple times back in summer 14,' when we met, and loving it, but never really being sure what it was. Thanks for shedding light on Opke-hisip, and hope all is well!

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